Max-Level Comprehension – Face The Wall For 80 Years Chapter 158


Chapter 158 The Ninth Life (Subscription)

Coming to Westland, Li Qingshan’s goal is the Amitabha in the hands of the Buddhist monk something left.

Amitabha is at least an expert at the Supreme level, and is a genius born in Immortal World. He founded Buddhism, based in Westland, and inherited Bandai.

He also landed on Supreme Road, and was still behind, returning Fairy Maiden Hua.

This speaks volumes about the power of Amitabha.

The whole Immortal World can help him live the ninth life, only the message left by Amitabha.

So Li Qingshan came here.

Drinking tea and chatting, Li Qingshan and Monk Foyin exchanged their experiences about living the second life, the third life and the fourth life.

Then, Monk Foyin brought Li Qingshan into his Buddhist hall.

The Buddhahall has a statue of Buddha Ancestor, but it has long been cracked and a large part is missing.

Monk Foyin pointed to the statue and said, “This is the Dharma body left by Amitabha.”

The Dharma body was placed in the Buddhist Monk Temple, and he worshipped it day and night, but after all After a long time, it looks like it is now well preserved.

Li Qingshan carefully observed that there is still a lot of information hidden in Amitabha’s dharma body.

“This Dharma body has scriptures written by Amitabha. You can comprehend it here. I won’t disturb you.” Monk Foyin turned around and went out, leaving this temple to Li Qingshan .

Li Qingshan stood alone in front of the dilapidated Buddha Ancestor statue, and the Primordial Spirit jumped out of the Niwan Palace and went deep inside the statue.


Great Thousand Worlds, many changes appear in front of Li Qingshan’s eyes, all changes are so beautiful, what Li Qingshan entered does not seem to be a statue, But a thousand Buddha Country.

Inside the statue, the world unfolds, it is very huge, and there are Zen machines everywhere.

In this world, the mountains are carved with demons, the earth has a Buddha Country, all beings worship, and the sky lives with a group of Buddhas. Everything shows the prosperity at the beginning of the birth of Buddhaism.

Li Qingshan set foot on this world, based on the earth, looked towards the distance, opened his eyes.

The Buddhas, people, and demons of this world are all Amitabhas, but everyone is different, doing different things, and having different ideas.

They exist in the Dharma body and cannot communicate with Li Qingshan. Li Qingshan watched silently and found clues.

“These…all are Amitabha’s thoughts.” Li Qingshan murmured.

There are innumerable thoughts in one’s life, and when the thoughts come together, an Amitabha will be born.

The Buddha Ancestor is also a human being.

He also has thoughts. In the Dharma body, there are different thoughts of his life, good and evil, good and evil.

There is a saying in Buddhists that a lifetime of cultivation is the constant surrender of Heart Ape.

Heart Ape is called Goku.

Everyone has a Heart Ape in his heart, which changes in a thousand ways and changes with his thoughts, so Amitabha’s life is the process of surrendering to the Heart Ape.

The Buddha Country in this dharma body, everything in it, the billions of people absolutely, are the thoughts of Amitabha’s birth in this life.

Li Qingshan walked all the way through Amitabha’s youth.

This time period is the most intense and unpredictable time for Amitabha’s Heart Ape changes.

There is good and evil. During this time period, Amitabha created 18 Layer Hell with his own evil.

Li Qingshan passed by 18 Layer Hell and saw a lot of ideas, each of which can be called Demon King.

The Buddha Ancestor is not invincible.

The Buddha Ancestor is not perfect.

Amitabha himself, when he was young, too, he was swaying, he was lost, he was having evil thoughts.

This is Heart Ape.

Heart Ape Italian Horse.

Only by subduing Heart Ape can you control yourself.

Amitabha passed the confusion of youth and began to surrender to Heart Ape step by step.

After going through his middle age, Amitabha in this period was less confused than when he was a teenager, but more firm. His thoughts gradually came to his own thoughts, and the Dharma was brewing in the heart. , he began to realize.

In this period, Amitabha had fewer thoughts, so that Heaven and Earth were vast and white clouds were long, but there were not many thoughts of Amitabha.

Li Qingshan walks and watches all the way.

This world is big, but again, this world is small.

After Amitabha’s middle age, into old age, Heaven and Earth are vast, the mountains and rivers are unharmed, the rivers are galloping, the sun and the moon are forever, but there is no single thought.

Amitabha in old age, locked Heart Ape, controlled himself, his thoughts no longer fluctuated, his goal was clear, he went from man to Buddha Ancestor.

Buddha Ancestor is human, but human is not Buddha Ancestor.

This is the dharma body of Amitabha.

Li Qingshan walked for a long time in the open land, mountains and rivers. He watched Amitabha’s life all the way. At the end, he saw a temple.

The temple is located in the center of the earth, but there is no one.

After Li Qingshan approached, he opened the half-closed door and saw a statue of Buddha Ancestor.

This Buddha Ancestor statue is lifelike, without a single flaw, which is the real Dharma body of Amitabha.

And this statue, perfectly sculpted like Amitabha.

A thin old man, wearing a cassock, with a peaceful temperament and warm eyes, is placed here quietly.

Li Qingshan put his hands together and paid Amitabha paid respect. He really learned a lot and gained a lot from this journey. What he saw and heard was an eye-opener.

Li Qingshan’s previous understanding of Buddhism was only superficial. He never knew that Amitabha’s Tao was actually spiritual power.

Lock Heart Ape, let your spiritual power burst out, find your own way, climb all the way without being influenced by the outside world, Amitabha deserves to be a pioneer of dao lineage.

[You walk all the way, watch all the way, stimulate max-level comprehension, comprehend Amitabha’s Heart Ape control method! ]

A line of words suddenly appeared in front of Li Qingshan’s eyes.

His expression changed, which is something he really cherishes. Amitabha’s Dharma is all based on Heart Ape. What he cherishes most is the way to control Heart Ape.

Li Qingshan has lived his eighth life to this day, and he still knows Heart Ape.

He has been cultivating the Fa, cultivating the spirit, cultivating the body, but not once cultivating the heart.

This Heart Ape control method is exactly what Li Qingshan needs now.

Li Qingshan immediately accepted the Heart Ape control method. After reading it carefully, he felt profound. This is Supreme’s method, and Emperor’s cultivation is an extravagant hope.

But after a closer look, Li Qingshan was excited.

“The ninth life is the power of the mind!”

He saw the hope of living out the ninth life.

For Li Qingshan, that’s enough.

Close his eyes, Li Qingshan’s Primordial Spirit broke away from Amitabha’s body and returned to the real world,

It was still the temple, the scenery was as usual, Li Qingshan got up and walked out of the temple, I saw the Buddhist monk who was sweeping the floor in a washed and whitish monk’s robe.

“Li Qingshan donor, you came out?” Monk Foyin looked at Li Qingshan in surprise.

โ€œHow long has it been?โ€ Li Qingshan asked.

“Three months,” said the monk Foyin.

Li Qingshan was suddenly nodded, looking at the mountains and valleys, his mood was agitated.

For three months, he watched Amitabha’s life and also comprehended Heart Ape Control Act.

“Senior, do you know the Heart Ape control method?” Li Qingshan thought for a while and asked, if monk Foyin didn’t know, he could teach him this.

After all, it is the dao lineage cultivation technique founded by Amitabha and passed on to Buddhist monks, which is just right.

Who knew that the monk Foyin waved his hand and said bluntly: “Don’t learn!”

Li Qingshan was stunned and asked, “Why?”

This But Dao Law created by Supreme, everything about Buddhism is derived from Heart Ape. Only after subduing Heart Ape Wukong can you feel the power of the soul.

“I learned that when I was young, Fairy Maiden Hua also wanted to pass on the Heart Ape control method to me, but I was not suitable.” Monk Foyin said slowly.

Li Qingshan looked at Monk Foyin in confusion, what’s wrong with this?

โ€œCultivation is the surrender of Heart Ape, but I donโ€™t want Heart Ape to be surrendered. I follow the path of Ancient Era, which is incompatible with the dao lineage handed down by Amitabha,โ€ said the monk Foyin.

“Then you still learned the Dharma body of Amitabha and lived four lives.” Li Qingshan asked, looking at the monk Foyin in surprise. This person who has guarded millions of Westland is Amitabha. The guardian of the legal body, Fairy Maiden Hua Guardian, does not have the strongest cultivation technique of cultivation Amitabha?

“There is no conflict between the two, it’s just that when I was a teenager, I got the inheritance of Ancient Era, and I couldn’t cultivate spiritual power, so I learned everything except Heart Ape control method and Amitabha. That’s it.” Monk Foyin said.

Li Qingshan understood now, he didn’t say anything and chose to say goodbye to Monk Foyin.

“I’m going back,” Li Qingshan said.

“Are you sure you can live out the ninth life?” Monk Foyin looked at Li Qingshan enviously. He knew that this innate talent was unmatched, even Amitabha could not do it. Why is he optimistic about Li Qingshan, can break the current Immortal World’s shackles.

“I’m a little emboldened.” Li Qingshan said confidently.

“That’s good, I’m looking forward to seeing if you, who lived out the ninth life, can change the current situation of Immortal World.” Monk Foyin said expectantly.

“The current situation of Immortal World…” Li Qingshan pondered. He thought about a lot. The biggest problem was that the mound kept Immortal World in captivity.

“Didn’t you find that Immortal Qi seems to have recovered a little in the current Immortal World?” Monk Foyin asked.

Li Qingshan was stunned for a moment, then shook his head and said, “I’ve been working on it for a long time, but I haven’t paid attention to this.”

“The Immortal World now, Immortal Qi’s increase is only one time in millions of years, and it has never happened before.” Monk Foyin said with a complicated expression while holding a broom.

“This is a good thing.” Li Qingshan looked at the monk Foyin, not understanding why his expression was complicated.

“until now is slowly decreasing, suddenly strengthening, very abnormal, I’m still continuing to observe, if there is really a problem, I will immediately notify you.” Monk Foyin said solemnly.

“Okay, senior will continue to investigate, I will live out the ninth life first.” Li Qingshan solemnly nodded.

“Well, let’s go, I’ll keep an eye on it.” Monk Foyin said with satisfaction and watched Li Qingshan leave.


After returning from Westland, Li Qingshan did not immediately retreat, and he also seriously understood Immortal Qi of Immortal World.

Li Qingshan felt it in different places, and found that Immortal Qi of Immortal World has indeed risen a lot, which is 1% of the previous level.

Although this is not much, but looking at the huge Immortal World, it is a huge improvement.

“Why?” Li Qingshan didn’t understand. He kept this matter in his heart and didn’t delve into it. His current goal is not this, and there are still Buddhist monks watching, Li Qingshan. The most urgent task is to live out the ninth life.

He returned to Immortal Court.

But closed without immediately, he opened Emperor Space to Immortal Court expert.

The current Emperor Space has been restored to the Peak period, and other Emperors can be cultivated. Li Qingshan naturally wants to open up to the outside world, and handed over the control to Zhang Family patriarch and Dean Mu Ran. They picked it up, made their home near them, and let their cultivation speed up.

After doing this, Li Qingshan was relieved to retreat, ready to live out the ninth life.

According to the custom, Li Qingshan prepared a coffin for himself, and then lay in it, quietly and peacefully, waiting for death to come.

In the process of waiting for death, Li Qingshan devoted himself to the cultivation Heart Ape control method.

He was also examining himself, and began to surrender to Heart Ape, slowly touching the energy of his heart.

In this way, the prototype of the ninth world slowly emerged.

The power of the mind constructed his ninth life. During the process of breakthrough, Li Qingshan waited for the years of baptism.

This time after death, he saw a little light.

The rays of light originally came from the mind, and guided Li Qingshan to move forward, and finally saw a piece of dazzling.

In dazzling, Li Qingshan walked out of the ninth generation.

The ninth life is an unprecedented achievement for Li Qingshan. Maybe in the entire Immortal World, no one can live out the ninth life.

Now that Li Qingshan has achieved the ninth life, he feels that he seems to have broken an unprecedented shackle.

“Maybe it’s the power of the mind.” Li Qingshan walked out of the bamboo house and muttered.

The ninth sun, or the previous sun, fell on him, emitting gentle rays of light, and enveloped Li Qingshan.

Not far from his bamboo house, there are seven tombs, where the body of his previous seven lives is buried, and now he is burying his eighth life aside.

The eighth past, the one present.

Li Qingshan looked at everything in the past, in a good mood, ten thousand zhang proud, and said: “this life, I want Rule Perfection, I want to set foot on Supreme Road.”

Li Qingshan knows that when the moon is full, he will lose money, and when the water is full, he will overflow. He has reached the limit of being able to live out his ninth life.

In the tenth generation that followed, Li Qingshan would not be able to survive.

It’s not that he doesn’t have that ability, but that Immortal World can’t support Li Qingshan to live out the tenth life.

So, everything, everything, must end in this life.

After living out the ninth life, Li Qingshan didn’t do anything else, and didn’t publicize it everywhere, he continued the days of the previous life.

Quietly comprehend the Rule.

In the last life, the last three million years, Li Qingshan still has two hundred kinds of Rule comprehension.

He wants to hurry up.

So after living out the ninth life, Li Qingshan just enjoyed a sunset, a morning sun, and then began to continue to improve himself in an extended period of time.

Understand the Rule.

Li Qingshan thought that the last two hundred kinds of Rules would be very difficult, but he didn’t know if he broke through the shackles of Immortal World and lived out the ninth life, or if he controlled the power of his mind and realized it. , it is not particularly difficult.

Basically, 10,000 years of comprehension.

In this way, Li Qingshan spent two million years in an extended period of time.

His Three Thousand Rules, complete Perfection.

When he got up and listened, he could hear the pulse of the world, see the rays of light of the sun and the moon, and capture the essence of the Immortal World.

With Three Thousand Rules in his hand, Li Qingshan is still the Emperor Realm, which is outrageous.

Li Qingshan stepped out of the bamboo house and saw the prosperity in the Emperor Space.

He lived out the ninth life, plus the 200 days of retreat, together, it has been a year.

A full ten years!

Li Qingshan, from the first to the ninth generation, spent tens of millions of years quietly in ten years.

Ten years are just a youth for a child, but an old age for an old man, but a number on the cultivator’s retreat, but Li Qingshan’s ninth generation.

He stood on the top of the mountain, hands behind ones back, and looked into the distance, seeing the prosperity inside Immortal Court.

In Emperor Space, there are also 3,000 people cultivating here, Zhang Family patriarch and Dean Mu Ran have also started cultivation rarely, and there are signs of breaking through the Emperor.

The whole Immortal Court looks thriving and youthful.

Li Qingshan felt relieved when he saw this scene. He suddenly thought of Daoist Long. If he saw this scene, he should be very relieved. This is his lifelong dream. Li Qingshan accomplished it by himself. .

“Wait until I find Spring of Life on Supreme Road, and I will resurrect Daoist Long.” Li Qingshan’s eyes were firm, no matter what, Daoist Long must be resurrected.

One more person.

General Bai!

Li Qingshan also wants to resurrect him. He was the first person to take care of him when he entered Immortal World.

How can Li Qingshan forget.

Keeping these things in mind, Li Qingshan walked to the area where Xiao Jiu and the others were.

After entering the Emperor Space, their cultivation speed also accelerated. After ten years, they all entered the Immortal King Realm.

This is under the premise that Li Qingshan conveys Grand Dao insights to them.

Without Li Qingshan to help them, give them a hundred years, or in Emperor Space, they may not be able to break through so quickly.


When Xiao Jiu saw Li Qingshan, he stood up in surprise, then smiled happily, hugged Li Qingshan’s arm, and said coquettishly: “big brother, you have always been Why is there time to come out this time during the retreat?”

Li Qingshan rubbed Xiao Jiu’s head and said, “After the retreat, I will come out naturally.”

“The big Brother, I’ll make tea for you.” Xiao Jiu happily released Li Qingshan’s arm and ran to make tea.

Li Qingshan then looked towards Hua Xiangrong on the side.

“You have made great progress during this time. Is there any difference?” Li Qingshan asked with concern.

Hua Xiangrong is still female beauty captivating even the birds and beasts, hearing this shaking his head: “I’m fine, nothing is different, but my brother-in-law feels different.”

“Why am I different?” Li Qingshan asked with a gentle smile.

“I can’t tell, it’s not the appearance, it’s the temperament. It’s like the temperament of my brother-in-law, which is becoming more and more dusty, and is already different from other Emperors.” Hua Xiangrong said seriously.

“Is it different from the Emperor?” Li Qingshan smiled and asked, “How many Emperors have you seen before you dare to say that I am not the same as the Emperor?”

“Indeed it is. It’s not the same, an Emperor has also come to Immortal Court recently, and your temperament is completely different.” Hua Xiangrong pouted, sitting next to Li Qingshan, said.

“Immortal Court came to the Emperor?” Li Qingshan raised his brows, a little surprised, and asked, “Which Emperor came to Immortal Court?”

“I don’t know, but Xiao Jiu and they know each other, their name is Xia Wuji.” Hua Xiangrong held his chin with his hand, sexy bearing and charming temperament, staring at Li Qingshan and said.

“Xia Wuji!” Li Qingshan’s eyes lit up, he didn’t expect that he was here, and Xia Wuji also broke through Emperor. He just watched Emperor Space, but he didn’t check it carefully.

โ€œWhere is Xia Wuji?โ€ Li Qingshan asked.

“It’s been a month since I was retreating elsewhere. Xiao Jiu often went to him to play. He asked us not to disturb you.” Hua Xiangrong said.

“Awei, go and call Xia Wuji.” Li Qingshan ordered immediately.

“Okay.” Awei immediately turned around and called out to Xia Wuji.

“Don’t shout, I’m here by myself.” At this moment, a heroic voice sounded, and then a burly silhouette appeared, with strong muscles and a firm face, black hair like waterfalls, tied up Up, very stylish, a middle-aged uncle figure.

“Have you absorbed all the inheritance of Kunlun Immortal?” Li Qingshan looked at Xia Wuji, the cultivation base has indeed broken through the Emperor, and there are quite a few Rules under his control, there are hundreds of them, all of which are powerful. Not weaker than those sleeping Veteran Emperors.

“I have absorbed it all, the inheritance left by Kunlun Immortal, there is no repercussions at all, there is no obstacle in my absorption process, and it will not affect my breakthrough Supreme in the future, it is just feeding my mouth It’s over.” Xia Wuji sat down opposite Li Qingshan and said with emotion.

“That’s true, Kunlun Immortal is very kind to your descendant.” Li Qingshan nodded and said.

“But even if I am the Breakthrough Emperor, I can’t see through you, brother, what kind of realm are you?” Xia Wuji suddenly approached, carefully observed Li Qingshan, and asked curiously.

โ€œEmperor!โ€ Li Qingshan replied.

“Fuck, if you are the Emperor, then what am I?” Xia Wuji shook her head, not believing Li Qingshan’s words.

“But I am really the Emperor Realm. Although there is a million miles apart between your Emperor and mine, I am indeed the Emperor.” Li Qingshan spread his hands and said helplessly. .

This is also the current shackles of Immortal World, unable to break through Supreme.

If Immortal World can break through Emperor and enter Supreme, then Li Qingshan is now Supreme.

With Three Thousand Rules in hand, Li Qingshan wants to step into the Supreme Realm, it is really very simple.

Leave the Immortal World range, go deep into the universe, and cross the mound. As long as he wanders around in the universe, he must be able to break through the Emperor and enter the Supreme.

“Well, anyway, since Dimensional Battlefield, I know that I can’t compare with a monster like you, so I’d better be myself.” Xia Wuji stopped discussing this.

At this time, Xiao Jiu brought out the brewed tea. After seeing Xia Wuji, he said happily: “Xia Wuji big brother, I haven’t tasted your barbecue for many years.”


This big brother made Xia Wuji feel comfortable all over his body, his smile was brighter than the blooming flowers, he patted his chest and said, “Younger sister, I promise you to eat big brother’s barbecue today, I am here. Just go get ready.”

Hua Xiangrong watched from the side, envious of this kind of feeling, an Emperor grilled meat by himself.

Li Qingshan said with a smile: “Awei, take Five Ghosts to fight, let our Emperor chef bake a little more, I haven’t eaten it for many years.”

Li Qingshan’s has not been eaten for a long time, it is really many, many years.

In the ninth generation, Li Qingshan has never eaten anything for tens of millions of years. Now that he suddenly mentions it, his appetite explodes, and he wants to eat something.

Awei immediately took Five Ghosts to fight and prepare the ingredients.

Xiao Jiu giggled aside and said, “It would be nice if Small Fox was there, she likes it too.”

“Small Fox has been in the past ten years, and it is not Do you know how to change shape?” Hua Xiangrong also misses Small Fox, she doesn’t have many good friends, Small Fox and Xiao Jiu are the only two.

โ€œThinking of Small Fox?โ€ Li Qingshan asked, sitting on a chair.

“I haven’t seen you for ten years, so I must think.” Xiao Jiu nodded.

Li Qingshan didn’t speak, just raised his hand and lightly tapped the space in front of him.

Suddenly, waves appeared in the space, dizzy like a lake, and soon, a space channel appeared, and at the other end of the channel was Monster Realm, Fox Race.

Small Fox is opposite.

It’s just that she is no longer the way she was before.

Now Small Fox, female beauty captivating even the birds and beasts, covering moon, shaming flowers, white skin, it’s really Fairy coming.

“It’s so beautiful.” Xiao Jiu and Hua Xiangrong sighed together.

“Xiao Jiu elder sister , Hua Xiangrong elder sister…” Small Fox also watched with joy. He hadn’t seen each other for ten years and was very excited.

“Master, take me back quickly.” Small Fox shouted while looking at Li Qingshan.

โ€œThis passage is free to come and go, you come by yourself.โ€ Li Qingshan said.

Small Fox said goodbye to Madam Hu immediately, and without hesitation, entered the passage opened by Li Qingshan and returned to the Emperor Space.

This time, Small Fox, Xiao Jiu, Hua Xiangrong hugged each other, excited and very happy, and chatted on chirp chirp twitter twitter.

Li Qingshan smiled slightly when he saw this scene, picked up the teacup, and took a sip.

Thousands of years of loneliness and loneliness before him, these are the motivations to persevere.

Family and friends, get together, be happy, and be safe.

On the other side, Xia Wuji took Awei and the others, they were cooking barbecue, dinner, they were busy and happy.

Li Qingshan was the only leisure person left in the audience. He was leisurely blowing the evening breeze and drinking ancient tea. He was in a great mood.

Soon, at night, the bonfire was lit, Xia Wuji was roasting meat, everyone formed a circle, the fire lit up everyone’s face, and everyone was very happy.

Xia Wuji said with emotion: “It’s been thirty years since the last time we had barbecue together.”

“Yes, thirty years, Immortal Bei Chen and Heavenly Emperor elder sister , I don’t know where to go.” Xiao Jiu nodded and said.

“Immortal Bei Chen knows where he went, but Heavenly Emperor, there is no news.” Xia Wuji shook his head.

โ€œThey will all be fine.โ€ Li Qingshan comforted Xiao Jiu.

“Yes, we are all people with Great Destiny, and we all turn peril into safety in the end.” Xia Wuji laughed, enlivened the atmosphere again, and handed the roasted meat to everyone.

Li Qingshan is unceremonious, eating meat and drinking with Xia Wuji, very comfortable.

A carnival, in the dark, everyone happy laughter and cheerful voices, very happy.

Small Fox brought everyone a dance after the transformation. Under the moonlight, she sang and danced happily.

In the second half of the night, only Li Qingshan and Xia Wuji were left, sitting under the moon and chatting about something.

(End of this chapter)

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