Max-Level Comprehension – Face The Wall For 80 Years Chapter 159


Chapter 159 The Past Mi Xin (please subscribe)

Under the moonlight, Li Qingshan and Xia Wuji were sitting together, Behind them was a bonfire that stretched out their shadows, and the evening breeze brought a touch of coolness.

Xia Wuji carried the jug, took a sip, and said: “I was in Human World before, Immortal Dao Gold List came, and evaluated you as Divinity of Human World. I thought it was a joke, but didn’t expect, it turned out to be true. It has become a reality. Now whether it is Immortal World or Human World, you are already invincible.”

“Divinity of Human World is the best evaluation for you.” Xia Wuji looked at Li Qingshan , said with admiration.

“These are just outside evaluations, they are not worth anything.” Li Qingshan said calmly.

“How powerful are you now?” Xia Wuji asked seriously, looking at Li Qingshan very curiously.

Li Qingshan thought about it seriously, but he didn’t have a definite answer. He didn’t try his best, how would he know, so after thinking about it, he still told him the evaluation of Immortal Dao Gold List. : “Divinity of Human World!”

Xia Wuji stretched out his hand and said: “Look, the sky is full of Star River, dazzling, mortals can’t see the starry sky change, our future road , right in the Star River.”

“But the Star River is blocked, and our way out is blocked.” Xia Wuji lowered her voice.

“Yes, the way out is blocked.” Li Qingshan nodded.

“Everyone is expecting the Supreme Road to come, but no one knows when the Supreme Road will come. We will spend countless years waiting for a Supreme Road in vain?” Xia Wuji looked towards Li Qingshan, no asked willingly.

Li Qingshan looked at Xia Wuji with calm eyes and asked, “What do you want to do?”

“I want to break through mound, I want to break the shackles, I want even Supreme If the Road does not come, the people of Immortal World also have a way out, and we also have a way out, instead of waiting for an uncertain Supreme Road for a long time.” Xia Wuji said firmly, looking at Li Qingshan with fiery eyes, he was persuading Li Qingshan.

If you want to break through mound, just rely on himself, that’s definitely not possible, even if he is the Emperor, even if he inherits the inheritance of Kunlun Immortal, but facing the civilization behind the mound, it is also impossible.

“Shocking the mound!” Li Qingshan raised his head to look at the sky, his eyes were deep, and he looked towards the distant Star River. With his current strength, he could see that a huge mound lay across the distant universe, Blocks the communication between Immortal World and other cosmic civilizations, trapping them.

“But can we succeed?” Li Qingshan asked softly.

He wasn’t sure.

Although he holds Three Thousand Rules in his hand, Li Qingshan is only one person.

“Immortal Bei Chen!” Xia Wuji said firmly.

Li Qingshan’s expression changed and asked: “What do you know?”

Xia Wuji said this to himself now, he must know something, otherwise, why does he have confidence To shock mound?

“Before I came to Immortal Court, I received a letter from starry sky.” Xia Wuji slowly said.

Li Qingshan’s eyes lit up, a letter from starry sky, he thought for a moment, and immediately said: “Is it Immortal Bei Chen?”

“That’s right.” Xia Wuji Nod, I’m not surprised Li Qingshan guessed it.

β€œWhat did Immortal Bei Chen say?” Li Qingshan asked.

“He was planning a big plan and asked me to help him. He passed his plan back, fell to my ear, and explained his plan clearly. After listening to it, I was very surprised. , I know that relying on myself will not provide much effect, so I will come to you immediately.” Xia Wuji said seriously.

β€œWhat plan is he planning?” Li Qingshan asked.

“This plan, called the Great Destruction, has a very clear meaning. He wants to destroy the mound,” said Xia Wuji.

“How can I do it, relying on him alone?” Li Qingshan asked.

β€œHe reincarnate and recultivate, gathered the power of the two worlds, penetrated into the civilization behind the mound, attacked the Supreme Realm, and wanted to cut off the mound in one fell swoop.” Xia Wuji said.

“Can you do it with just one Supreme?” Li Qingshan asked in confusion.

“Of course not, he also has helpers, not alone.” Xia Wuji shook his head.

“All ears.” Li Qingshan listened carefully and was very interested.

He also hates that mound. If there is an opportunity, Li Qingshan will not miss it.

But only if there is a chance!

Although Li Qingshan is very confident, he can still block the civilization of Immortal World by dealing with a civilization alone. Li Qingshan is not too sure.

β€œDo you know the Primordial Heavenly Concubine?” Xia Wuji asked.

Li Qingshan expression changed.

The Primordial Heavenly Concubine.

I haven’t heard this name in years.

As Li Qingshan came to this world for the first time, the first name he heard was Demon Sect Heavenly Concubine.

Demon Sect Heavenly Concubine, also known as Primordial Heavenly Concubine.

Li Qingshan’s life can have changes now, and she is inseparable from her, and it is also because of her that Li Qingshan is now.

But Li Qingshan never saw her once.

Only in the original body’s memory, I saw that girl.

After I came to Immortal World, I thought that there was not much intersection, but didn’t expect, I could hear this name occasionally.

As he lived out his ninth life, didn’t expect to hear it again now, and was implicated in Immortal Bei Chen.

“What happened to the Primordial Heavenly Concubine?” Li Qingshan suppressed the ripples in his heart and asked calmly.

“She recovered from Human World and came to Immortal World. Originally, everyone in Demon Sect was waiting for her to reappear, but until now, Primordial Heavenly Concubine has not shown up. If there is no news, you will not. Doubt, where did she go?” Xia Wuji asked.

β€œWhy should I doubt it?” Li Qingshan asked rhetorically.

What is the matter with Primordial Heavenly Concubine, and what does it have to do with him, there is no intersection between them.

“Well, it seems that other than the Demon Sect people, other people don’t pay much attention.” Xia Wuji smiled awkwardly, but then straightened her attitude and said seriously: “What I want to tell you is that Primordial Heavenly Concubine is also in Immortal Bei Chen’s plan, she can wake up the Primordial Heavenly Demon, this is the Demon Path Supreme of Immortal World, born before the Ancient Immortal Court, it is a generation of Great Demon.”

Li Qingshan muttered: “Primordial Heavenly Demon, after so many years, is he still alive?”

Everyone knows that Buddhaism was founded by Amitabha, and everyone knows that Demon Sect was established by Primordial Heavenly Demon , it can be said that he is the First Demon in the world, there is nothing wrong with it.

“I don’t know, but it should not be dead. Immortal Bei Chen told me that Primordial Heavenly Concubine is sure to bring Primordial Heavenly Demon, and he is two Supremes.” Xia Wuji said excitedly.

“Two Supremes, it’s not enough to deal with one civilization!” Li Qingshan shook his head and said.

“Have you heard of Defying Heaven Family in Immortal World?” Xia Wuji asked again.

Li Qingshan was stunned, looked towards Xia Wuji, Defying Heaven Family, of course he knew, Qingqing’s family.

The girl who stole Li Qingshan’s first kiss will never be forgotten in his life.

“Isn’t the Defying Heaven Family gone, completely gone?” Li Qingshan asked with a frown.

“No, they have clansman alive, and like Immortal Bei Chen, they are planning this thing,” said Xia Wuji.

“Well, it seems that the experts in Immortal World are not all hiding. There are still some people who insist on something.” Li Qingshan said softly, a smile appeared on his face, and motioned Xia Wuji to continue Say.

“Do you know Fairy Maiden Hua?” Xia Wuji asked again.

Li Qingshan suddenly looked straight at him with a hint of uncertainty, and asked, “Who are you talking about?”

“Fairy Maiden Hua!” Xia Wuji said proudly: “You must not know this. She is an ancient powerhouse, almost the same era as the Primordial Heavenly Demon. If it wasn’t for this time reincarnate and recultivate, I would not know.”

“Tell you, Fairy Maiden Hua is very powerful, so now there are several Supremes, are you confident now?” Xia Wuji looked at Li Qingshan proudly.

Li Qingshan looked at Xia Wuji and suddenly smiled. There was relief in this smile. He suddenly realized that the reason why he couldn’t find Hua Yun for so many years was because of mound.

After Li Qingshan came to Immortal World, Hua Yun awakened the memory of his past life, left the Boiling Water Prison, went deep into the universe, went to the mound, and began to regain his strength, and reached an agreement with Immortal Bei Chen and the others. Construct Immortal World’s biggest obstacle, mound!

So, Li Qingshan turned Immortal World upside down and couldn’t find her.

Because Hua Yun is not in Immortal World!

“Also, I also heard that in the civilization behind the mound, there is Spring of Life that you have been thinking about all the time!” Xia Wuji once again threw a thunderbolt, which made Li Qingshan look serious.

“Are you serious?” Li Qingshan asked seriously, he had been looking for Spring of Life to resurrect Daoist Long and General Bai.

“Of course, I can lie to you about this. Immortal Bei Chen told me that one of his friends wanted to break the mound, get Spring of Life, and resurrect his younger brother.” Xia Wuji seriously nodded.

“Resurrection of my younger brother…” Li Qingshan’s eyes lit up, which shows that the civilization behind mound really has Spring of Life.

“The expert who wants to revive his younger brother seems to have only risen in the last tens of thousands of years. He is very powerful. Immortal Bei Chen said that innate talent is no worse than you.” Xia Wuji said.

“Innate talent is no worse than mine, and it has risen for tens of thousands of years. Who is it?” Li Qingshan asked curiously, because if it only rose in tens of thousands of years, he should know.

“Immortal Bei Chen said that, like us, they all rose from the Human World, advanced by leaps and bounds all the way, very powerful.” Xia Wuji said, thinking seriously: “I think about it, What’s his name?”

A thunder flashed in Li Qingshan’s mind, he looked towards Xia Wuji, and said slowly: “Is it called…Chu Xiangyu?”

“Yes, that’s the name, Chu Xiangyu, an expert who has only risen in the last tens of thousands of years.” Xia Wuji nodded and looked at Li Qingshan excitedly, but was suddenly stunned: “How did you know?”

Li Qingshan didn’t answer. He closed his eyes and sorted out the information he knew in his mind.

“The big brother who wants to revive the younger brother!”

“The expert who has only risen in tens of thousands of years.”

“Breakthrough all the way from Human World to come Immortal World’s genius.”

“These news combined, isn’t it General Bai’s big brother, Chu Xiangyu?” Li Qingshan smiled bitterly, he didn’t expect, he thought he knew Immortal World very well , but every time he’s full of confidence, a lot of new secrets emerge.

General Bai’s big brother didn’t die in the Emperor Pass defense. Instead, he escaped and walked away from the starry sky, growing rapidly under the starry sky, at least he was the Emperor.

“I once saw in the books of Immortal World that Chu Xiangyu and the Primordial Heavenly Concubine seemed to have had a past. If I guess correctly, Chu Xiangyu learned something from the Primordial Heavenly Concubine’s mouth. The secret is to walk away from the starry sky, dormant by the mound, and wait for the opportunity.”

“That’s why Big Brother Bai thinks that Chu Xiangyu is dead, and will tell me who is new to Immortal World. , so important.”

“Big Brother Bai didn’t know until he died, and his big brother Chu Xiangyu didn’t die.”

“I’m afraid Chu Xiangyu didn’t expect, himself The suspended animation finally made Big Brother Bai die in the Emperor Pass defense battle, so he also needs Spring of Life to resurrect Big Brother Bai.”

“It’s all right, I want to verify my guess. That’s right, you just need to open Big Brother Bai’s tomb and see if there is his body inside, then you can find out.”

Li Qingshan was filled with emotion.

I thought that the next thing to do is to wait for the Supreme Road to come, but didn’t expect, Immortal World has a group of top experts who are trying their best to break the mound and let Immortal World’s One can go and see the vast universe.

“Brother, I’ve said so much, why don’t you agree?” Xia Wuji looked at Li Qingshan and asked.

β€œImmortal Bei Chen knows about you in Immortal World, let me try my best to invite you to participate, we need to make a lot of friends to be successful.”

β€œDon’t refuse. It’s over.”

Li Qingshan opened his eyes, looked at Xia Wuji strangely, and said, “When did I refuse?”

Xia Wuji was overjoyed and said, “Then you are Agreed? Then let’s go to starry sky, meet Immortal Bei Chen, and communicate with him.”

“Wait a minute, don’t worry.” Li Qingshan raised his hand to stop Xia Wuji.

“What are you waiting for?” Xia Wuji asked incomprehensibly. Now his heart has already flown to the starry sky, and he wants to fulfill his Master Kunlun Immortal’s last wish.

“A lot of things haven’t been resolved yet, just wait for me!” Li Qingshan shook his head, telling Xia Wuji not to be impatient, destroying the mound.

Li Qingshan stood up, ready to leave Emperor Space.

“Okay, then I’ll wait for you here, what are you going to do?” Xia Wuji had to relax and asked curiously.

“To verify some things, to meet a friend.” Li Qingshan said solemnly, he stepped out and left the Emperor Space.

The next moment, Li Qingshan descended on General Bai’s homeland.

General Bai, who was once buried by Li Qingshan himself, has long since turned into a dense forest. Li Qingshan reversed time at that time, folded this space, and buried General Bai in front of his hometown village. Let him see his hometown.

Now more than 20 years later, Li Qingshan is invincible in Human World.

He came this time just to see if General Bai’s body was still there.

General Bai is not a weak person. After tens of thousands of years of death, the body will not rot. If it is still there, it means that Li Qingshan guessed wrong.

When Li Qingshan came to a lush forest, he saw the folding space he had arranged, and when he entered it, he saw General Bai’s small village and General Bai’s tomb.

This tomb was buried by Li Qingshan himself.

Nowadays, Li Qingshan is just watching, not digging, and already knows the result.

The tomb is empty!

General Bai’s body is gone.

It was taken by Chu Xiangyu, he wanted to break through mound, find Spring of Life, and revive General Bai.

The holes dug in the past can be considered to be filled.

Next is a climax plot, trying to code words.

(End of this chapter)

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