Max-Level Comprehension – Face The Wall For 80 Years Chapter 16

Chapter 16 Vigilant Small Fox

Li Qingshan took Small Fox back to the wood house, wrapped it in a towel, watched Small Fox shiver coldly, Li Qingshan typed in True Qi, Relieve her cold.

When Li Qingshan entered True Qi, he realized that there is a huge true essence in Small Fox’s body, wrapping her dantian.

That’s why she hasn’t been born in 40 years.

“Before this true essence is absorbed, she has always been in the form of a fox, poor little girl.” Li Qingshan touched Small Fox distressedly.

The whole body is snow-white, without any impurities, as pure as the first snow, because it has just been born and has not opened its eyes yet.

Under Li Qingshan’s gaze, Small Fox’s eyelids trembled and seemed to open.

Li Qingshan watched with a smile, the first person Small Fox saw was not father and mother, but him.

Sure enough, Small Fox opened his eyes.

It saw Li Qingshan.

Its pupils were pure from the beginning, and quickly changed to panic. It was covered in frizzy hair, its body arched, and with a sharp cry, it escaped directly from Li Qingshan’s bamboo house.

Li Qingshan complexion changed, he used the movement method and quickly followed.

Small Fox escaped from the bamboo house, followed the smell, and came to the parent’s monument, screaming softly, like a baby crying, very sad, scratching the stone tablet with his paws.

It smelled deep in memory on the stone tablet.

It knows that its mother has moved away from it.

It is different from other new Monster Races, Small Fox was born with spiritual wisdom and agility.

It is afraid of humans.

Li Qingshan saw this, he stopped far away and watched silently.

Small Fox screamed miserably, but instead of waking up his sleeping parents, he ran outside Thinking Cliff.

Li Qingshan followed immediately.

Small Fox ran and came to Thinking Cliff, surrounded by cliffs, white clouds floating and sinking, and the west wind breaking wild geese.

Thinking Cliff’s chains are closed, and it’s an island with no way out unless you fly over it.

But Small Fox is a new born, can’t fly, standing on the edge of Thinking Cliff, shiver coldly.

Li Qingshan watched from a distance of several hundred meters with a thoughtful expression.

Small Fox saw Li Qingshan approaching, became fierce, and looked at Li Qingshan angrily.

Squeaky squeak…

It screamed loudly, expressing its anger.

“This Small Fox has been in the mother’s belly for 40 years. Although it has not been born, I am afraid that it has long been conscious. It has been in the Refining Monster Tower and saw the punishment of the mother. Naturally, it is afraid of and hates humans. “Li Qingshan analyzed it from its behavior.

He stepped back slowly.

Small Fox put away his fierce milk expression and stood alone, pitiful, and helpless beside Thinking Cliff.

Li Qingshan has been taking care of it with the Grandmaster domain, making sure it is all right, and then backed away step by step.

Until the end, Li Qingshan retreated to the wood house.

Small Fox had a little sense of security. He came to his parents’ monument from Thinking Cliff, curled up into a ball, shiver coldly.

I don’t know if I’m hungry or frozen.

Li Qingshan estimates both.

He thought for a while, and went out of the wood house to collect flower dew water, which is a treasure.

These flowers grow in a place where Spiritual Qi is abundant, such as Thinking Cliff, accepting Sun and Moon Essence baptism, the dripping dew naturally also contains Spiritual Qi, flower dew water, and putting it outside is also a cultivation Great help.

Seeing Li Qingshan leaving the wood house, Small Fox fled at the speed of light, hid far away, and then watched secretly.

Poor and weak.

Li Qingshan ignored it. The current Small Fox is like a frightened bird, and can’t stand a little fright. Li Qingshan collected the flower dew water, took out the blanket and quilt, and came to Wu Shaobei and his wife’s house. before the tomb.

“Your daughter is very wary of human beings, so let her stay here for now.” Li Qingshan sighed and looked at Small Fox who had opened several hundred meters away again, he shook his head helplessly .

Put down the blanket and quilt, and put down the flower dew water, Li Qingshan returned to the wood house.

He closed his eyes for cultivation, no longer cared about Small Fox, and didn’t even look at it.

Li Qingshan believes that Small Fox is hungry and cold now, and he will definitely eat when he is sure there is no danger.

Instead of looking at it and increasing Small Fox’s sense of crisis, he might as well cultivate.

As expected, Small Fox made sure that Li Qingshan was in the bamboo house and came back cautiously, at first it wasn’t going to use blankets and quilts, nor was it going to drink flower dew water.

But in the end, the stomach rumbling with hunger, it still couldn’t help the aroma of flower dew water, licked it, and then narrowed its eyes comfortably, it was really delicious.

Drinking flower dew water, Small Fox didn’t forget to monitor the bamboo house to make sure Li Qingshan didn’t come out.

Finally, Small Fox finished drinking the flower dew water. Li Qingshan didn’t come out during this period, so he let go of his heart. He was ignorant and hid under the blanket and quilt, curled up in a ball, and was quiet. fell asleep.

Inside the house, Li Qingshan is quietly cultivating and improving realm.

Outside the house, Small Fox was just born and needs more sleep to grow up slowly.

This busy day has just passed.

Li Qingshan cultivated overnight.

Small Fox got a good night’s sleep.

Both are comfortable.

Second Tian Yi early, Li Qingshan stopped the cultivation and pushed open the bamboo house.

Small Fox was awakened immediately, turned into a white lightning bolt, and quickly disappeared.

Li Qingshan didn’t care, each minding their own business to collect flower dew water, then called Five Ghosts to build a small wood house on Small Fox’s side, so that it could be protected from wind and rain.

Five Ghosts moved quickly and built the wood house with ease, a suitable place for Small Fox to live without much effort.

Li Qingshan prepared the flower dew water, and the wood house was ready. He spread the blankets and quilts again, and then put down the flower dew water. Then he went to wipe the Monument Forest from afar, and realized the cultivation technique.

Five Ghosts clean up the rest of the place and become still, quietly comprehending five emperors Great Demonic God.

Small Fox then slowly approached, following every step of the way. He was very timid. He was really sure that there was no danger. Li Qingshan was also gone. He approached the wood house and smelled the flower dew water, and was happier.

gu lu gu lu.

Small Fox was also hungry, so he drank the flower dew water, saw the wood house, and turned around, it didn’t get used to it, and tried to pull the blanket and quilt out, but it had little strength, and in the end it didn’t. Success, crouched down in the wood house.

After a while, lightly snores.

Small Fox fell asleep from exhaustion.

After Li Qingshan realized that the stone tablet came back, he was restraining aura without making any sound or disturbing Small Fox’s sweet dreams. He entered the bamboo house and started cultivation.

“Now I can only change it with unnoticeable influence. The encounter in Refining Monster Tower made Small Fox have no trust in me at all. I need to slowly gain its trust.” Li Qingshan murmured in his heart .

This is a long-term affair.

He also has enough time to do this.

In this way, Li Qingshan returned to the bamboo house for cultivation, and Small Fox slept in the wood house without disturbing or interfering with each other.

(End of this chapter)

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