Max-Level Comprehension – Face The Wall For 80 Years Chapter 160


Chapter 160 mound (please subscribe)

Standing in the hidden time that I once laid out, watching my old big brother’s grave , Li Qingshan fell into thinking.

Now everything is clear.

General Bai wanted to be buried in his homeland after his death, so Li Qingshan brought the body back to his former homeland and buried it here, but then Chu Xiangyu took General Bai’s body away.

Chu Xiangyu is also looking for Spring of Life.

Like Li Qingshan, he also has people who want to be resurrected.

General Bai’s body disappeared, Li Qingshan was not in a hurry, he looked all around, in this hidden timeline, there was no General Bai anymore, Li Qingshan waved casually, the space rippled, time quickly Dial back to the normal trajectory, and this hidden space disappears.

“The old man is no longer there, and the hidden time is meaningless. Maybe in the near future, we will meet in the starry sky.” Li Qingshan stood on the Savage Mountain peak, looking up at the starry sky, his eyes were infinitely bright.

Confirming the conjecture in his heart, Li Qingshan hurried to Westland without hesitation.

Yes, he’s at Westland again.

This time, Li Qingshan brings accurate news from Fairy Maiden Hua.

The monk Foyin was very surprised when he saw Li Qingshan: “Benefactor Li, why does it come so often?”

Li Qingshan said: “I found the whereabouts of Fairy Maiden Hua.”

Monk Foyin immediately looked towards Li Qingshan solemnly, and asked earnestly, “Are you sure?”

Li Qingshan firmly nodded.

At the beginning, I made an agreement with the monk Foyin that as long as the whereabouts of Fairy Maiden Hua were found, the trace would be told to him.

After all, Monk Foyin has guarded Westland and Fairy Maiden Hua for so many years, he should have the right to know.

“Where is Fairy Maiden Hua?” Monk Foyin took a deep breath, not letting himself get too excited. After millions of years of protection, this matter has become a knot in his heart, only to see It can only be unlocked by the real living Fairy Maiden Hua.

“starry sky, at the mound.” Li Qingshan said seriously.

“The mound…” Monk Foyin looked up at the sky, his eyes were deep, he saw through the Immortal World, looked towards the depths of the universe, and saw the huge mound far away.

To Immortal World beings, this mound is Myriad Evil Origin.

“The civilization behind the mound is very powerful, why did Fairy Maiden Hua go there?” Monk Foyin asked puzzled.

Li Qingshan told the monk Foyin everything he knew, about Immortal Bei Chen’s plans, about the plans of Peak experts, whether it was the survivors of Defying Heaven Family or Primordial who created Demon Sect Heavenly Demon, or the rising star Chu Xiangyu, everyone is working hard for the future of Immortal World.

Even if there are people with different ideas, different paths, and different views, but in the face of big right and wrong, everyone can stand on their feet. Everyone knows that only by breaking this mound, Immortal World has the future, they have the future.

Otherwise, the origin of Immortal World will continue to be lost, and Emperor will not be able to break through, let alone Supreme.

Monk Foyin was shocked when he heard Li Qingshan’s plan, and murmured: “No wonder I feel that the origin of Immortal World has recovered a little recently, and I thought it was a precursor to Supreme Road, Didn’t expect it turned out to be the plan of the Immortal World experts.”

“Instead of putting all hope on Supreme Road, it is better to participate in this plan and break the mound. In the future, the people of Immortal World will If you want to enter the universe, you don’t need to be bound by anything, and the future is bright, what do you think of the predecessors?” Li Qingshan asked, and he also wanted to include the monk Foyin into this plan.

Immortal Bei Chen They may not know that there is such an expert as Immortal Bei Chen on the land of Westland.

The Buddhist monk who lived out the fourth generation is deep and unmeasurable. Although it is not as powerful as Li Qingshan, if the Immortal World at the moment allows breakthrough Supreme, he will be the second.

First is Li Qingshan, of course.

Therefore, Li Qingshan hopes that the monk Foyin will participate, and with more strength, more confidence.

The monk Foyin nodded gently and said: “When there is a need, this poor monk will take action.”

Li Qingshan smiled and said with satisfaction: “Then I will first I left.”

“Li Qingshan, where are you going?” Buddhist monk asked curiously.

Li Qingshan pointed to the sky and said: “Except when I was fighting, I haven’t raised my head carefully to take a look at the vast stars universe, I want to see it.”

Li Qingshan wants to go to the depths of the universe and see the mound that blocks Immortal World.

The monk Foyin didn’t say anything, he stood there and watched Li Qingshan leave, his eyes were deep, looking at the sky, the faintly discernible mound in the depths of the universe appeared in his eyes.

“Are you sure how many Supremes will act together?” Monk Foyin whispered softly.

He doesn’t know.

He only knows that he is very old, and there is not much time to waste. Supreme Road does not know how long it will take to come out, it seems too ethereal and illusory.

Instead of pinning your hopes on it, give it a shot.

Of course, what impressed the Buddhist monk the most was that Li Qingshan also agreed to take action.

The Buddhist monk who lived out the fourth generation knows how powerful he is and how terrifying Li Qingshan, who lived out the ninth generation.

Since Li Qingshan is nodded and participates in the behavior of impacting mound at this time, what is he afraid of?


Back from Westland, descend on Immortal Court.

Li Qingshan and Xia Wuji looked at each other, gently nods, did not say anything, turned around to accompany Small, Xiao Jiu and the others.

Xia Wuji smiled happily, and Li Qingshan nods it.

I don’t know why, after Li Qingshan’s resignation, he was very certain in his heart and full of confidence in his behavior at this time.

As long as Li Qingshan participates, as long as Li Qingshan makes his move, nothing can trouble him.

In Xia Wuji’s mind, I don’t know when I had such a concept.

Li Qingshan didn’t say much, and didn’t immediately go to the starry sky, go near the mound.

He spent three days in the Emperor Space at Immortal Court.

In these three days, Li Qingshan walked with Small Fox, accompanied Hua Xiangrong in cultivation, and talked with Xiao Jiu. By the way, he pointed out the cultivation base of Awei and Five Ghosts.

Li Qingshan takes them seriously.

These are all following him step by step from Human World to now, not relatives are better than relatives, without them, Li Qingshan’s goal would be less than half.

So I am imparting my cultivation insights about Immortal King Realm and Emperor Realm to them without reservation.

In this way, Li Qingshan was relieved to leave.

In the early morning of the fourth day, Li Qingshan and Xia Wuji left quietly.

This day is as usual, it’s an ordinary morning, Xiao Jiu and the others are in the cultivation, and they are instructed by Li Qingshan. Everyone is very diligent. Seeing Li Qingshan and Xia Wuji leave, they are not The thing is, I just thought it was an ordinary outing.

No one didn’t expect Li Qingshan and Xia Wuji to leave Immortal World.


After exiting the Emperor Space, Li Qingshan and Xia Wuji didn’t stop, and went directly to the Foreign Domain.

The icy universe, silent and dark, with occasional starlight flickering, is also fleeting.

After leaving Immortal World, Li Qingshan stepped out a long distance and stood in the vast starry sky. When Li Qingshan looked back at Immortal World, he realized how small it was.

Xia Wuji and Li Qingshan are also watching Immortal World.

“When I was in Human World, I was always imagining how huge and great Immortal World was, and how I would travel, how to work hard, and how to improve myself by cultivation. After progressing to the Emperor Realm, standing in a higher universe, looking towards Immortal World, only to find that it is like a well.” Xia Wuji mocked and said, “The two of us are like a frog in well. “

Li Qingshan looked at Immortal World calmly, not angry at Xia Wuji’s words.

He was right.

Two a frog in well.

It makes no difference, maybe one is stronger and the other is weaker.

But in terms of vision, realm of thought, they are all a frog in well trapped in Immortal World.

It is only now that I have jumped out of Immortal World, a real and complete ideological transformation.

“I used to fight someone out of the starry sky, and it was indistinguishable, but I didn’t find the Immortal World so small.” Li Qingshan said.

“Because in the past, we didn’t look up at the starry sky or spy on the universe. We decided in our minds that Immortal World is Supreme’s Great World.” Xia Wuji said seriously.

Li Qingshan nods, no longer looks at the Immortal World, and turns to look towards the vast universe.

The starlight flickers, and the Space Node flickers in the distance. There are too many secrets in the dead universe. No one knows what is ahead, and no one can tell where the starting point and the end point are. .

The same is true for Xia Wuji. Like Li Qingshan, it is the first time for him to get to know the universe seriously. He follows Li Qingshan and looks into the distance.

Standing in the universe, Li Qingshan discovered that human beings are really too small. Compared with an ancient star, an individual is as tiny as dust, while an ancient star is in the boundless universe, but even dust. Nothing compares.

The Star Domain is too vast and the distance is too far away. Even the smallest galaxy is measured in tens of billions of kilometers, not to mention the mighty Star Domain and the legendary Othershore, the chaos where life is born. .

Li Qingshan and Xia Wuji are moving fast in the dark and bleak universe.

Humans are insignificant, flying on their own cultivation base alone, it is difficult for immortal to fly out of a small galaxy in his entire life, let alone a huge Star Domain that is infinitely immeasurable one after another.

The Emperor Realm can.

Li Qingshan and Xia Wuji are both Emperor Realm, now across the universe, the starry sky continuously stretches forward, moved towards the mound they sense forward.

Hundreds of millions of Star Domains, the boundless universe, everywhere is desolate, Li Qingshan passed the Star River Xiaohan, and saw several ancient stars, very huge, some of them are not much worse than Immortal World, but There are no signs of life.

These ancient stars have no signs of life and are slowly floating in the boundless universe. Perhaps one day in the future, they will hit another ancient star, crash in pairs, and dissipate in the vastness of stars.

In the starry sky of the universe, Li Qingshan was constantly hurrying, and suddenly a Space Node in the distance trembled, as if some ancient star had been destroyed, and a brilliant wave of light flashed out here, forming a six-pointed star , flashed before Li Qingshan’s eyes.

“That’s a sign of life.” Li Qingshan was very sure that he felt the sign of life in the twinkling heart of Liumang just now.

But immediately flew with Xia Wuji, moved towards the Space Node in the distance.

β€œDid Immortal Bei Chen tell you where they are?” Li Qingshan asked Xia Wuji while rushing on the road.

“I didn’t say, Immortal Bei Chen just told me to come to the mound and find them.” Xia Wuji replied.

Li Qingshan remembered in his heart that he moved towards the place where the hexagram flickered, with full strength and energy surging all over his body, forming a circle, wrapping Xia Wuji in it, and quickly splitting the universe.

bang! !

At this moment, Li Qingshan seemed to be performing Spatial Teleportation in the universe, and at the next moment, he appeared at the twinkling position of the hexagram.

Here, Li Qingshan found a space channel.

He immediately probed the space channel for any danger.

Li Qingshan, who has mastered Three Thousand Rules himself, is very good at space. Even if the Three Thousand Rules he masters belong to Immortal World, it is not particularly terrifying in the universe, but in Emperor Realm, Li Qingshan is very good at space. Qingshan is God.

His Emperor Primordial Spirit is rapidly exploring in this space channel. In a short moment, like thousands of years have passed, Li Qingshan embarked on a boring journey, accompanied by loneliness, in the dark Going forward, through the space channel, I saw the huge mound behind the channel, like the ancient city gate.

“This space channel actually leads to mound, which can save us a lot of road.” Li Qingshan said to Xia Wuji.

“Are you sure it’s safe?” Xia Wuji looked at this space channel worriedly.

“Follow me, make sure you’re fine.” Li Qingshan said solemnly.

“I have no opinion.” Xia Wuji resolutely nodded, Li Qingshan dared to say this, then he has nothing to say.

“Let’s go, this space channel can save us a long time. I feel that it will take at least three or five days to rush from Immortal World to mound. This is still Emperor rush. Change to Immortal King. , no one hundred and eighty years, it is impossible to reach the mound.” Li Qingshan said that when he really came to the universe and felt the distance between the Immortal World and the mound, he understood why the people in the Immortal World could not notice, any Weird difference.

It’s too far away.

Now there is this space channel, shortening the distance, Li Qingshan will not let it go.

He took Xia Wuji, wrapped it in his own energy, and rushed into this space channel quickly.

bang bang bang! !

The space channel was originally very calm, but after Li Qingshan suddenly broke in, he quickly walked past, bringing a storm of energy one after another terrifying, and behind him, a mountain cry out was formed and sea howl the general imposing manner, followed, very terrifying, the Immortal King encountered, passed by, will be destroyed in a bit.

This is the danger in the universe.

Li Qingshan was unmoved by the momentum behind him. No matter what, the disaster was always one step behind him. He led Xia Wuji forward with great ease.

This space channel is extremely long, but driven by Li Qingshan’s tyrannical strength, in less than one hour, they have completed the starry sky road that they have to travel for three days.

After rushing out of the space channel, Li Qingshan quickly reached out and pinched the space channel.

bang bang bang bang bang bang !! !

Then a series of explosions were generated in the space channel, and hexagrams flickered one after another, like fireworks, blooming in the universe.

Because of Li Qingshan’s obstruction, these air waves did not cause much storm.

But Li Qingshan knew that the air waves he had brought by walking through him were enough to destroy Emperors like Xia Wuji.

Destruction without any suspense.

The Emperor is in the Immortal World, aloof and remote, commanding all the people, but when he comes to the universe, if he is not careful, he will fall.

After everything was gone, Li Qingshan let go of the other mouth of the passage, and looked towards the back.

A huge endless meander, like an ancient dragon-like mound, traverses the universe, imposing in an ancient manner, exuding a vigorous and powerful momentum, which makes people feel awe at a glance.


The mound that has plagued the Immortal World for millions of years has finally appeared.

(End of this chapter)

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