Max-Level Comprehension – Face The Wall For 80 Years Chapter 161


Chapter 161 Demonic Frog (subscription)

Chapter 160 Demonic Frog (subscription)

In the cold and quiet universe, there is a mound of countless roads ahead, extending to the unknown, very majestic and huge, cutting off the road ahead.

Standing in front of the mound, Li Qingshan and Xia Wuji looked very small, like trivial ants.

“It’s too big,” said Xia Wuji in amazement.

Li Qingshan is also very surprised. He has never seen such a majestic building. Every brick on this mound is a rare treasure. The materials used can be used to cast the Emperor’s Grand Dao Weapon.

The civilization behind the mound is also doing its best to block the Immortal World.

Staring at the mound, Li Qingshan looked left and right, there was no sign of life.

โ€œWant to go up and take a look?โ€ Xia Wuji pointed to the mound summit.

“Let’s go and have a look.” Li Qingshan nodded, and immediately took Xia Wuji to the top of the mound.

With his current strength, it took him a minute to fly to the top of mound.

Came to the top of the mound and looked up, as if seeing a vast land, Li Qingshan only remembered that he had seen a World in Monument in the forbidden area of Defying Heaven Family, There is this mound in there.

Exactly the same as here.

In the original World in Monument, Li Qingshan saw that Barbarian Race expert brought out Qingqing’s mother’s body and buried it in the forbidden area of Defying Heaven Family.

It has been many years since then.

There was no sign of life on the mound. Li Qingshan and Xia Wuji walked on it without attracting any attention. After all, on the vast land, no one would pay attention to two ants.

Xia Wuji even went all out, strikes mound.

bang! !

He inherited the inheritance of Kunlun Immortal, the strength is deep and unmeasurable, and at this moment, he strikes with all his strength, strikes mound, and the sound of the fight spreads.

But there is no trace on the mound.

“How is this possible?” Xia Wuji couldn’t believe it, but he inherited the inheritance strength of Kunlun Immortal, far from being comparable to that of ordinary Emperor. Even if he couldn’t destroy the mound, he left some traces on it. Can’t it?

Li Qingshan watched silently beside him, noticing the vigorous rune that flashed past on the mound just now.

“no need to waste your strength, this mound is engraved with a huge array of Magic Talisman texts, which cannot be destroyed by the strength of one or two people alone.” Li Qingshan said, asking Xia Wuji not to In vain, it can’t cause any damage to the mound, but instead exposes them and attracts the attention of the civilization behind the mound.

After Xia Wuji knew about the situation, she didn’t do anything anymore. If she couldn’t break the Formation, she couldn’t easily destroy the mound.

“Immortal Bei Chen where are they?” Xia Wuji is looking around on mound.

Li Qingshan is also watching and searching.

The huge mound across the Universe Galaxy is like a vast plain. The Emperor Primordial Spirit searched cautiously on it, but did not find the whereabouts of Immortal Bei Chen.

“Look carefully along the mound, there should be their whereabouts.” Li Qingshan said softly, not disappointed.

The mound in the universe spreads for thousands of miles. Immortal Bei Chen and the others are not here, so it is understandable.

Walking along the mound, Li Qingshan and Xia Wuji were fast and saw some traces on the mound along the way.

“These traces are all left by the weapons of the past. Even with the protection of Formation, the mound is still washed away.” Xia Wuji watched carefully and recognized it. Li Qingshan nods permanently

, although the mound is protected by Formation, the Ancient Immortal Court once did its best to cause damage to the mound.

Now what they see, the scars of the densely packed mound are the traces left over from the battle.

A long time ago, the Ancient Immortal Court, led by Kunlun Immortal, stormed the mound and fought the civilization behind the mound.

That battle left mound with permanent and indelible damage.

These injuries persist to this day.

Xia Wuji reached out to touch these sores, and said with emotion: “If the Masters and the others succeeded in their impact, the Immortal World would be a new look now.”

Li Qingshan patted his shoulder, and said, “What the predecessors have not done, we will do it.”

Moving forward along the mound, Li Qingshan and Xia Wuji did not see any life, in the vast universe , the sky is not as high as the sky, the earth is not as high as the lower, and the four directions are all over the place, and I donโ€™t know what time is.

They kept going.

Finally, they saw a Dao Body shadow.

In one part of the mound, there was a terrifying scene.

An ancient great monster is coiled on the mound, swallowing the sky and the ground, covered with breath, hidden in the darkness of the universe, Faintly discernible, and its scales exude amazing baleful aura.

This ancient great monster has a very terrifying strength. When Xia Wuji saw it, his heart trembled and he quickly stood behind Li Qingshan.

“It’s terrifying.” Xia Wuji said very seriously.

Li Qingshan was covered in breath, covering the two of them, watching this ancient great monster from a distance, not daring to approach, for fear of causing something.

The strength of this ancient great monster is very terrifying even from Li Qingshan’s current eyes.

He is hidden in the darkness of the universe, like a huge mountain, imposing in a thunderous manner all over his body.

Li Qingshan observed carefully, and suddenly found that the shape of this ancient great monster turned out to be a huge frog.

“This is an ancient Demonic Frog!” Li Qingshan whispered.

Xia Wuji stared at it carefully, and suddenly exclaimed: “This Demonic Frog seems to be empty and real.”

Li Qingshan approached slowly and watched carefully .

Suddenly, his pupils contracted violently, and he saw the other half of the Demonic Frog.

No more.

Yes, in the surprised eyes of Li Qingshan and Xia Wuji, this Demonic Frog standing on the mound is only half of its body.

The reason why it is hidden in the darkness of the universe, Faintly discernible, is also because it is only half body.

The other half of the body is missing.

As if being split into two by someone with a sword in the middle, Demonic Frog did not die, but survived.

The scar at its break, drenched with blood, even after endless years, the years still haven’t healed, as if it was just split open in the last second, the bright red buds are squirming frantically, wanting to be reborn with flesh and blood, But without the other half, Demonic Frog can’t recover.

“With only half of the body, the breath is so terrifying?” Xia Wuji said in amazement.

“This is a Supreme!” Li Qingshan said solemnly.

Only Supreme, after being cut in half, the breath is still so terrifying.

โ€œWhy is he here?โ€ Xia Wuji asked curiously.

“He’s locked here.” Li Qingshan observed keenly and pointed out, there is a Divine Chain in Demonic Frog’s foot area, binding it.

Be bound here.

“Good terrifying, a Supreme was split open, half of his body disappeared, and the other half was bound here to endure, eternal torture, who is this?” Xia Wuji exclaimed.

โ€œWant to know?โ€ Li Qingshan asked.

“Of course I want to know.” Xia Wuji nodded.

โ€œBut how do we know who this Demonic Frog is?โ€ Xia Wuji asked Li Qingshan.

“It’s very simple.” Li Qingshan strode forward.

“Isn’t it enough to ask it in person?” Xia Wuji was stunned when she heard Li Qingshan’s answer, and then looked at the huge Demonic Frog body, still a little scared, but Li Qingshan strode toward him. Before, he had to follow.

bang bang bang!

When Li Qingshan and Xia Wuji approached Demonic Frog, the dense breath like a lead cloud rolled quickly, angered the sea, and slapped a thousand times Like a wave, the momentum is huge, sweeping Li Qingshan and Xia Wuji.

dong! !

But Li Qingshan went straight forward and stepped out, just like the Sea Calming Divine Needle, directly offsetting, smoothing, and suppressing the imposing manner of this crazy surging and the momentum of the stormy sea.

in an instant, peaceful.

Li Qingshan looked at Demonic Frog calmly.

One of Demonic Frog’s eyes trembled and opened slowly, looking down, like a giant dragon looking at ants, staring at Li Qingshan.

“How dare you disturb your grandfather Demonic Frog’s sleep when he is young?” Demonic Frog made a deafening sound, his voice lazy, as if he had just woken up from a long slumber.

โ€œJunior is from Immortal World and has seen Demonic Frog.โ€ Li Qingshan said.

โ€œImmortal Worldโ€ฆโ€ฆโ€ฆโ€ Demonic Frog muttered and fell into memory, as if searching for Immortal World in the dusty memory.

“I remembered that there was a group of people from Immortal World who wanted to attack the mound, and they promised me that breaking the mound would give me freedom, so I could help them with my strength.” Demonic Frog recalled the past, with one eye fixed on Li Qingshan and Xia Wuji.

Xia Wuji looked overjoyed, and immediately said, “My Master, Kunlun Immortal, led the group of people from Immortal World.”

The reason for Xia Wuji’s joy is naturally It is because this Demonic Frog is related to his master Kunlun Immortal and Ancient Immortal Court.

Then he is also a Junior.

But before he was happy, Demonic Frog opened one eye, and his voice was as loud as thunder: “So you are the recipe of that Kunlun Immortal, when he lied to me that he could destroy the mound by impact, and persuaded me to do so. I got involved, and they said they could give me freedom, it’s all bullshit.”

“The mound didn’t wash it out, but they were killed and I was implicated because I participated in that chaos. During the war, half of my body was cut off and I fell into a realm. Today, I am still trapped here. My Master is gnashing teeth, he is a bastard, and he is half responsible for my miserable appearance. , I thought he was dead and couldn’t take revenge, didn’t expect his discipline to be delivered to the door by himself.”

Demonic Frog said with a grim expression, laughed, and was very happy, as if he had a big revenge Gotta pay.

Xia Wuji’s smile stayed on her face.

He wanted to pull together, confirm the identity of the seniors and juniors, and then let Demonic Frog give him some pointers.

didn’t expect some words, but brought a terrifying enemy to himself.

Xia Wuji was about to cry without tears.

He looked at Demonic Frog whose imposing manner became more and more terrifying, and turned his head towards Li Qingshan.

“Brother, save me!”

Li Qingshan looked at Demonic Frog and said, “Since it was the last time the mound was hit, other people suffered heavy casualties, and it was only cut off for Senior He. Half of my body?”

“hmph, I am Demonic Frog of the universe, from a higher civilization, he dare not kill me, only dare to imprison me here, once I die, the civilization of the higher world will Be aware, come here, and destroy everything.” Demonic Frog coldly snorted, proudly said.

Universal Demonic Frog in Advanced Civilization World.

Li Qingshan looked thoughtful, this Demonic Frog seems to have a lot of origin, so that the civilization behind the mound dare not take its life.

No matter what he said true or false, but at present, he was only imprisoned on the mound, half of his body was beheaded, but he could still survive.

“Go away, boy, he has deceived me, he has cheated me for millions of years, I will take his life, you don’t get involved in it, otherwise, don’t blame me for vicious and merciless.” Demonic Frog He said in a cold tone, and got up slowly, even if he was only half of his body, he was still like a mountain in the sky, imposing in a terrifying manner.

The Divine Chain that bound him also crash-banged at this moment.

Li Qingshan looked at the Divine Chain and suddenly said: “Senior Demonic Frog, the Divine Chain traps you in a square inch, you can’t move, you can’t kill him.”

Xia Wuji’s worried heart dropped instantly and looked towards Demonic Frog.

Demonic Frog’s angry expression froze. He lowered his head and looked at the Divine Chain that locked him tightly. With a bang, he sat down and said ill-humoredly: “You guys go.”

As Li Qingshan said, Demonic Frog was locked by the Divine Chain, he was trapped in a square inch, unable to move, so that the civilization behind the mound was very relieved and did not send anyone to look after him.

“Senior, do you want to leave the Divine Chain and gain freedom?” Li Qingshan thought carefully, and then asked with temptation.

Demonic Frog suddenly looked at Li Qingshan, his eyes were sharp, his nose exhaled a strong smell, like the smell of sulfur in lava, very huge.

“Boy, are you making fun of me?” Demonic Frog said angrily.

“Why should I make my seniors happy?” Li Qingshan asked rhetorically.

“You know I can’t move, and you think I can’t make a move, so you’re making fun of me?” Demonic Frog gritted his teeth and suddenly approached Li Qingshan, a huge, terrifying appearance with only half of his face, staring at him. Li Qingshan, drenched with blood, looked like he was going to eat people.

Xia Wuji took a step back in fright. From a close distance, the visual effect was too shocking and impactful.

Li Qingshan’s expression was the same as usual. Instead, he was watching it carefully, carefully looking at the severed part, and made sure of one thing in his heart.

That is, Demonic Frog was not only cut off half of his body, but also his Supreme Primordial Spirit was cut off in half, so he is now only half of his strength.

“Senior, do I really want to cut off the Divine Chain?” Li Qingshan looked at the mountain-like Demonic Frog and said seriously.

“This Divine Chain is made of Heavenly Azure Rock in the universe, and Xinghai cold iron, depicting Supreme rune, very terrifying, even a Supreme expert can’t break it, you are an Emperor, dare to boasted shamelessly?” Demonic Frog coldly snorted, dismissed, staring at Li Qingshan, his pupils widening.

But Li Qingshan still saw a trace of nervous anticipation in his eyes.

Demonic Frog’s heart is different from what his mouth says.

He is also looking forward to it.

Although this expectation is not big.

But…what if?

“No matter what the material is, it can be cut off.” Li Qingshan said earnestly and firmly.

With Three Thousand Rules in hand, Li Qingshan looked at Divine Chain and had a feeling in his heart.

He can cut.

The feeling is so strong that Li Qingshan has no doubts.

He just can.

“Can you really cut off?” Demonic Frog looked at Li Qingshan seriously.

“Of course!” Li Qingshan seriously nodded again.

“What price do you need me to pay if you can cut off this Divine Sense?” Demonic Frog was excited, Li Qingshan was so determined, the more he believed.

That’s why he asked the price.

Li Qingshan impossible to help him cut off Divine Sense for no reason and release his freedom must have a price.

โ€œMillions of years ago, Kunlun Immortal invited you to attack the mound together. That time ended in failure. Now, I invite the seniors to attack the mound again.โ€ Li Qingshan said.

Demonic Frog looked at Li Qingshan, shook his head and said, “You’re in a whim.”

“Why do you say that?” Li Qingshan asked in confusion instead of refuting in a hurry.

“The civilization behind this mound is the Peak of Level 1 civilization history. With two or three cats and dogs like you, it is whimsical to break through the blockade of the mound.” Demonic Frog without the slightest Hesitation said.

Level 1 History of Civilizations.

Li Qingshan blinked, remembering the word in his heart, without rushing to ask about it, he said, “If several Supreme experts attack the mound together, is it possible?”


“You mean those who have been wandering around the mound all this time, those who think they are well hidden, experts?” Demonic Frog said disdainfully.

Li Qingshan was convinced that the group of people that Demonic Frog was talking about must be Immortal Bei Chen and the others.

Trapped on the mound, Demonic Frog in a square inch of land, although it seems to be sleeping normally, but with keen observation, he has long noticed Immortal Bei Chen and the others spying on the mound.

“Senior Demonic Frog thinks they are impossible to succeed?” Li Qingshan, slightly frowned, asked directly.

“Back then, the damned Kunlun Immortal hit the mound with a lot of experts, split up and in pieces, and almost succeeded, but it failed in the end, do you know why? “Demonic Frog asked Li Qingshan.

Mister Li shook his head and asked humbly: “What’s the reason?”

“Because they are just attacking the mound, they did not go deep into the civilization behind the mound and destroy the most core things. ‘ said Demonic Frog grimly.

“What is the most important thing in the civilization behind mound?” Li Qingshan’s eyes lit up and he immediately asked.

Xia Wuji also listened carefully.

Demonic Frog said: “The reason why the civilization behind mound can grow into Level 1 civilization history Peak in this barren Star Domain is because of the Fountain of Rebirth!”

“What is the Fountain of Rebirth?” Li Qingshan asked immediately.

“Ordinary warrior, after death in battle, Divine Soul will return to nothingness in the universe, even if it is a Supreme expert. But once there is Fountain of Rebirth, as long as there is a battle near mound, even after the fall, Divine Soul will It will not dissipate in Heaven and Earth, but will return to the Fountain of Rebirth, rest in peace, and after recovery, reunite the fleshy body and resurrect again.”

“Back then, Kunlun Immortal led a large number of people, I was told to attack the mound together. At that time, I didn’t know that this civilization actually had the Fountain of Rebirth. Even if the Kunlun Immortal killed several Supremes with its powerful strength, they finally perished together. But the Supreme he killed, he recuperated for a few days. It can still come back after a million years, but the Kunlun Immortal is gone forever.”

“That’s why we failed back then.”

“Now you want to hit the mound, even if you No matter how much you kill Supreme and Emperor of this civilization, you can’t change the fact that they will be resurrected.”

“I really want to break the blockade of mound breakthrough and face this civilization head on, you need All it does is smash the Fountain of Rebirth.”

Demonic Frog is serious about a secret.

After listening to this, Li Qingshan stared at Demonic Frog with bright eyes and said, “Senior, you should know where the Fountain of Rebirth is?”

Demonic Frog looked at it puzzled. Li Qingshan asked: “Why are you asking this?”

“I broke the Divine Chain and released the senior. The senior helped me break the Fountain of Rebirth, one move, two gains.” Li Qingshan earnestly said.

“Half of my body is broken, I don’t have the strength.” Demonic Frog refused directly.

“Then take the money with half of your body first, and then go straight to destroy the Fountain of Rebirth, fight, fight harder, make trouble, make him Heaven and Earth turning upside down, The civilization behind this mound has been arrogant and despotic for so long, and they should also pay the price.” Li Qingshan said firmly.

Demonic Frog looked at Li Qingshan in surprise and couldn’t help asking: “Are you serious?”

“Of course!” Li Qingshan raised his head and said firmly.

“You’re just an Emperor.” Demonic Frog couldn’t help reminding Li Qingshan.

Li Qingshan smiled slightly, then looked towards the mysterious chain that bound Demon Frog.

This mysterious chain is extraordinary, even the soldiers of Grand Dao can’t smash it, but Li Qingshan stretches out his hand.

Boom boom boom boom…

In an instant, three thousand muffled thunder blasts, under his Palm Blade, intertwined with each other, merged and converged into a blade Qi, which directly slashed chopped on this mysterious chain.


The Divine Chain shattered immediately, Demonic Frog stared wide-eyed and looked at Li Qingshan in disbelief.

Then, he jumped up on one foot excitedly, and with a bang, his terrifying imposing manner was like a black cloud destroying the city and suppressing the village, covering the mound.

“I’m going to get the other half of my body back!!” Demonic Frog, like a world-beater, roared the Star River with arrogance.

Li Qingshan smiled happily when he saw this scene, and said to Xia Wuji: “Let’s go, let’s keep up, this time will be bigger!”

(End of this chapter )

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