Max-Level Comprehension – Face The Wall For 80 Years Chapter 162


Chapter 162 Devouring Heaven And Eating Earth (Subscribe)

Chapter 161 Devouring Heaven And Eating Earth (Subscribe) )

After getting out of trouble, Demonic Frog was so arrogant that he didn’t even see Qingshan and Xia Wuji, and rushed directly into the world after the mound.

bang! !

The monstrous arrogance, like wings hanging from the sky, heaven shaking, earth shattering above the mound, this momentum has surpassed the Emperor Realm and reached the Supreme.

Xia Wuji watched in horror: “Demonic Frog, whose Primordial Spirit was cut in half, actually entered the Supreme Realm?”

Li Qingshan couldn’t help but marvel: “This The head Demonic Frog is very terrifying. Although the catastrophe of this time has deeply hurt him, it is not another kind of tempering.”


Flying by The huge mound, Demonic Frog kept roaring, and in the universe, the magic sound rolled, like thunder, his terrifying strength continued to rise, and the imposing manner continued to superimpose, among which was the imposing manner of the Demon Lord descending on the earth.

The imposing manner caused by Demonic Frog shocked countless people in an instant.

Besides the mound, there is a hidden world where many Peak experts live.

Immortal Bei Chen is here.

At this moment, he looked at the mound in surprise, frowned and said, “This sound is very familiar, it’s the Demonic Frog, he’s not locked on the mound and won’t be able to escape for millions of years, why? Are you free now?”

Behind Immortal Bei Chen, a mass of energy condensed a silhouette, a young girl, dressed in red-clothed, beautiful and flawless, said: “Demonic Frog moved towards the civilization behind the mound. , he will alarm that civilization.”

“Primordial Heavenly Concubine, it seems that our plan is ahead of schedule, Demonic Frog is out of trouble, obviously he is looking for his other half, the civilization behind the mound. It will not be given to him, it will definitely cause Heaven and Earth turning upside down, this is an opportunity that we must seize.” Immortal Bei Chen said immediately.

The red-clothed maiden heard this silent for a while, and after thinking carefully, opened her eyes, nodded and said: “Okay, I’ll wake up the Primordial Heavenly Demon.”

“All that The plans are all in advance, this time must break the mound.” Immortal Bei Chen clenched his fists and said firmly.

“It’s time for the mound to disappear for millions of years,” said Primordial Heavenly Concubine, beautiful pretty face complexion grave and stern.


Li Qingshan and Xia Wuji followed Demonic Frog and broke into the Civilization World behind the mound.

The upper and lower squares are called cosmos, and since ancient times are called cosmos.

In the universe, there are major Civilization World starry sky, behind the mound, is such a Civilization World.

This Civilization World is completely different from Immortal World.

Immortal World is a civilization that exists in a world. There is a barrier between it and the universe. Only those who have the strength to reach a certain realm will cross this barrier and enter the universe.

But this world is different.

This world directly borders the universe, with vast plains and dazzling mountains and rivers. It has its own sun and moon, a completely different way of operation from Immortal World, and a special cultivation way.

This world is huge.

At least a hundred times as big as Immortal World.

Demonic Frog broke in unscrupulously, losing half of his body and he was extremely angry. This anger has been suppressed for millions of years. He is accumulating energy and venting it now.

This catastrophe is not nothing for Demonic Frog.

He was originally a Supreme Realm. After being cut off in half of his body and Primordial Spirit, he fell down. He had only Emperor strength and was still trapped on the mound. In an environment with only a square inch of land, he silently accumulated thoughts. .

After millions of years, he broke through himself and set foot on the Supreme Realm again with only half the Primordial Spirit.

bang! !

Nowadays, the place where Demonic Frog walks seems to have brought a vast black ocean surging.

“My other half body, where are you!!!” Demonic Frog roar towards the sky, shaking the universe, and in the civilization behind the mound, several Supreme breaths rose.

“Demonic Frog, you can break free from the Order Chain and set foot on Supreme, it’s really incredible. Sure enough, you are a special breed, and you are considered a treasure in this universe. The decision to save your life was correct. An excited voice sounded, and in the center of this civilization, a five-meter-high silhouette appeared and immediately speared, like Divinity and Demon descended from Heaven Realm, wearing armor and black metal clothes covering both head and feet. Now, the whole body is shrouded, full of mystery and oppression.

In his hand, holding an ancient war spear scarlet as blood, exuding a monstrous killing intent, like drinking the blood of hundreds of millions of living beings, the cold breath makes the Emperor Chill for it.

Xia Wuji felt this power and chill, and she felt chills all over her body, almost trembling.

“Damn it, this guy is so scary.” Xia Wuji couldn’t help but approach Li Qingshan to get relief.

Although his strength is not bad in the Emperor Realm, he is completely incomparable in the face of Supreme expert.

Only when he was close to Li Qingshan could he feel the breath of life, otherwise the chill just now, even if it didn’t intend to target him, would stifle his throat when it radiated out.

Li Qingshan diffused the breath all over his body, enveloped Xia Wuji, and looked at that powerhouse seriously.

This was the first enemy he encountered after entering the universe. This peerless killing intent became stronger and stronger, and it passed by, causing Li Qingshan’s hair to stand on end. He also felt the cold and biting, murderous intention. unlimited.

But that’s about it.

Ordinary Emperor standing here, I am afraid that he will be shattered by these breaths before he starts, and he will not be able to get close.

But Li Qingshan is different, he is slender and strong, with loose black hair and deep eyes, let the cold and biting killing intent sweep past, Motionless As Mountains.

Li Qingshan was still watching, but Demonic Frog made a direct move.

bang! !

Even if it’s only half the body, Demonic Frog is still strong, and the anger that has been suppressed for millions of years is surging out at this moment. He carried a piece of ocean, the Great Lake, which was pitch-dark, swept out directly, ran through the cosmic starry sky, hiding the sky and covering the earth, surging, and the ten-direction starry sky collapsed.

“Rosen, you will die today!”

“You cut me in half back then, but today I will tear you to pieces.” Demonic Frog roared, all over the body The splendor is scattered, and there are thousands of threads. If the silver waterfall hangs down, it will set him off like an unparalleled murderer fighting across borders.

The Demonic Frog, who is only half-length, is filled with a peerless fighting intent, and his body is like a mountain. At this moment, there is a power that swallows mountains and rivers, facing Rosen, such as Ancient Divinity’s comeback.

“I was able to cut you in half back then, and I can still do it today. Don’t think that you are a rare breed, so I won’t dare to kill you.” Rosen’s tone was cold, calm and calm, standing under the starry sky, Standing still.

The scarlet’s lance still exudes a chilling killing intent.

“Hahahaha, kill me again? Who do you think you are, a Supreme, nothing at all. Back then, I was only a juvenile, and you were hard-pressed to fight. Now I’ll kill you with ease!” Demonic Frog’s indifferent response, very domineering, matched with his half body, drenched with blood, like a demon who came back from Hell, came to claim his life.

At this moment, the peerless murderous intention was surging, the starry sky cracked, and a powerful breath burst like an ocean, causing the starry sky to burst, and Demon Frog rushed forward quickly, making this huge starry sky cracked instantly.

Kill! ! !

Demonic Frog let out a loud roar, swallowing mountains and rivers, the starry sky trembled with him, and rushed forward, terrifying to the extreme, like a huge magic star collided.

Rosen also uttered a sigh of relief, radiating bloody sun rays all over his body, sweeping across Liuhe in an imposing manner, hiding the sky and covering the earth.

The Supreme battle is on the horizon.

Demonic Frog’s attack on Rosen was directly used with all his strength, his terrifying imposing manner slammed out, hitting Rosen’s black metal robe, making a clanging sound, like a hundred thousand Heavenly Sword splits on it.

bang bang bang!

At this moment around it, the sky collapsed, the starry sky cracked open, the dark universe was split, and there was a ruined place, and the chaotic mist was destroyed. Called out.

This kind of impact is extremely terrifying, and even if the Emperor rubs a little, the strikes’ skeleton doesn’t exist.

But in the face of such a peerless attack, Rosen was safe. He was wearing armor and stood firm under the starry sky.

“I kept you back then, but now I have achieved results, then I will kill you, and if I study it carefully, it will definitely help me walk a few more steps on Supreme Road.” Rosen has only one pair on his body. The eyes are exposed, the rays of light shoot people, the eyes are cold, and the words are quite domineering and arrogant.


Rosen dive might be monstrous at this moment, there is a kind of Only I Am Supreme, overlooking the conceit of the world, holding a bloody war spear in one hand, rushing straight.

Demonic Frog didn’t flinch, his whole body was imposing in a grand manner, burning like a raging flame, he only had one paw covered, and he directly attacked the bloody lance.

Demonic Frog has scales on its claws and is very tenacious. In this peerless attack, the sharp point is pointed at the wheat, and it resists the bloody lance.

bang! ! !

At this moment, the civilization behind the mound is trembling, the two people are diving light, the murderous aura is monstrous, sweeping the Six Directions and Eight Desolates, the Chaos Energy of the fight permeates, and the fighting intent runs through the starry sky of the universe.

The battle between the two Supremes is a catastrophe for the civilization behind the mound. Even if the Supreme exudes a wisp of imposing manner, it can crush the starry sky. At this moment, I do not know how many thousands of miles were destroyed by the two .

But Rosen didn’t care.

No matter how many people die, the benefits of killing a Demonic Frog can’t be huge.

This civilization grew up in such a cruel but competitive environment.

dong! ! !

The metal trembled, the blood-colored long spear and the black scales collided thousands of times in an instant, so fast that the world couldn’t react, even the ordinary Emperor couldn’t follow it. at such an unreasonable speed.

This is the ultimate battle of Supreme, Li Qingshan is also the first time to see it, he can keep up with the rhythm of both sides, watching as if drunk and stupefied. Whether it was Demonic Frog or Rosen, they tried their best to overwhelm each other. The energy bursting between the two, even the rays of light for a moment, illuminated the universe and made all the stars dim.

This is Supreme.

And at this moment, Demonic Frog roared: “Devouring Heaven And Eating Earth!”

Demonic Frog with only half of his body, opened his bloody mouth wide open like a sacrificial bowl.

This is the real bloody mouth wide open like a sacrificial bowl.

The next second, an extremely terrifying suction burst out, imprisoning Rosen and dragging him directly into Demonic Frog’s mouth.

Rosen turned pale in fright, he didn’t expect Demonic Frog and this trick, trying his best to run the cultivation technique, holding a bloody lance, carrying heaven flooding Divine Might, trying to break free.

But to no avail.

The Demonic Frog opened his bloody mouth wide open like a sacrificial bowl to devour Rosen.

“I will directly break through your body.” Rosen, who couldn’t escape, thought in reverse, and with a low roar, purple mist appeared all over his body, and black metal armor shrouded it, like a big star hitting it. , with a devastating attack, wherever it passes, the starry sky is broken, and the chaotic haze appears.

Rosen is going to smash this half of Demonic Frog into pieces.

But the next second, in the incredible eyes of everyone, after Demonic Frog swallowed Rosen into his mouth, he chewed without the slightest hesitation.

ka-cha! ka-cha! ka-cha!

This chew made a very terrifying sound, enveloped Rosen’s mysterious Battle Armor, and was also eaten clean by Demonic Frog. In everyone’s incredible eyes, Supreme expert Rosen was just like this. Demonic Frog swallowed hard.

At this moment, several Supreme powerhouses rushed out of the Civilization World behind the mound, trying to save Rosen, but couldn’t accept that Rosen was eaten raw by Demonic Frog.

“Shut up the damn thing!”

“Let go of the ninth brother!”

“For millions of years, I don’t know this Demonic Frog still has this ability, damn it!”

The other Supremes were very anxious, watching Rosen who was constantly being swallowed and eaten, and couldn’t accept it.

Rosen is also trying to save herself.

The armor was shattered, fleshy body was devoured, his Primordial Spirit broke away and wanted to escape, but the next second, Demonic Frog’s Primordial Spirit also appeared, just like the body, only half, accurate Unmistakably bit into Rosen’s Primordial Spirit and started chewing.

Flesh and Primordial Spirit chew at the same time, directly destroying Rosen.

The other Supremes were always a step behind.

By the time they surrounded the Demonic Frog, the Demonic Frog’s Primordial Spirit had long since merged with the body, opened a big mouth, a big tongue stuck out, and made a laughed heartily sound .

“After millions of years, and finally gorge oneself, the energy provided by Supreme is still very full.” Demonic Frog said with satisfaction.

The other Supremes were livid and glared at Demonic Frog.

Too brutal!

Everyone who saw this scene had a feeling for Demonic Frog.


Behind Demonic Frog, Li Qingshan looked at him fiery. He didn’t think there was anything wrong with brutality. In this cold and dark universe, weak are prey to the strong, law of the jungle, that is Be brutal.

Goodness is worthless in the universe.

He watched Demonic Frog take a shot, watched Demonic Frog devour each other, and was addicted to it all the way.

This is the first time he sees Supreme Fight.

It’s really tough.

It strengthened Li Qingshan’s idea of breaking the mound and entering the universe, thus breaking through Supreme.

Suddenly, a line of words appeared in front of his eyes.

[You watch carefully, activate max-level comprehension, and comprehend Devouring Heaven And Eating Earth! ]

Li Qingshan looked in front of him in surprise.

He didn’t expect max-level comprehension to be so powerful, Demonic Frog’s Absolute Art was comprehended by him.

Without the slightest hesitation, Li Qingshan received it directly.

Demonic Frog with only half of his body and half of Primordial Spirit, performed this move, and killed a Supreme in a snap. Li Qingshan had no reason not to learn.

After receiving it, the introduction of the blockbuster about Devouring Heaven And Eating Earth, as well as the understanding of cultivation, all appeared in Li Qingshan’s mind.

Li Qingshan started to run Devouring Heaven And Eating Earth, the first cultivation in his own body.

And at this moment, Demonic Frog, surrounded by three Supremes, had an awe-inspiring killing intent.

At the same time, in the Civilization World behind the mound, five Supremes awakened.

I’m going to the hospital again tomorrow. The situation last time was not very good, and it was more serious.

This year, my mother was hospitalized with aneurysm first, and then it was me. I thought it was fine, but didn’t expect to go for a checkup.

This is my current situation. I insist that the code word is affirmative. It is not a complaint, but an explanation.

My own life is a mess, I hope yours is a good one.

(End of this chapter)

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