Max-Level Comprehension – Face The Wall For 80 Years Chapter 164


Chapter 164 The War Begins (Subscribe)

Chapter 163 The War Begins (Subscribe)

Immortal Bei Chen, once a genius of Immortal World, after breaking through Immortal King Realm and entering the Emperor, he carefully checked the past of Immortal World and learned about mound.

After a series of layouts, he persuaded several Peak powerhouses to start their own plans in the Foreign Domain starry sky.

reincarnate and recultivate.

Second life Return to the Peak, reach the Emperor Realm, and then the two worlds become one to obtain the Supreme power.

After reincarnate and recultivate, Immortal Bei Chen’s memory didn’t come back completely at once, but as his cultivation base continued to strengthen, some memories would come back slowly, letting him know everything he had arranged in the past .

When in Human World, Immortal Bei Chen only knew that he was immortal reincarnation.

While in Dimensional Battlefield, Immortal Bei Chen learned that he was also a genius in Immortal World.

Only after entering the Immortal World, Immortal Bei Chen knew the direction he was going, the road he was going to take, and his philosophy.

For this reason, based on the countless successors left by himself in his previous life, he made a crazy cultivation breakthrough and quickly promoted to the Emperor Realm.

Until now, he is standing at the Emperor Peak Realm, ready to unite the two worlds, with Supreme power, to deal with Fourth World expert.

In the vast universe, over the vast Fourth World, experts from all walks of life are coming.

In Fourth World, there are also many Emperors.

At this moment, the rising wind forebodes the coming storm.

Before the war, a tense atmosphere enveloped the void of the universe and surrounded everyone’s heart.

Li Qingshan looked at Immortal Bei Chen and asked, “Is this ancient cultivation technique only the two worlds can be one?”

Immortal Bei Chen shook his head: “No, this ancient Cultivation technique There is no restriction that death must be the unity of the two worlds, but the more difficult it is going forward, and very few people can live a third life, as far as I know, at most in history, it is only three worlds.”

Li Qingshan heard this, frowned, calmly said: “What if you want unity of nine lifes?”

“Stop kidding, how could someone live out the ninth life.” Immortal Bei Chen shook his head, I don’t believe what Li Qingshan said at all.

But the next second, the smile on his face stopped and he looked at Li Qingshan seriously.

Li Qingshan also looked at him seriously.

“Are you serious?” Immortal Bei Chen asked in disbelief.

He reincarnates and recultivates his second life, which is already very difficult. Naturally, he knows the suffering in it. Each life is superimposed on the difficulties of the previous life, and the more difficult it is going forward.

Few live a fifth life, let alone a ninth.

Immortal Bei Chen looked at Li Qingshan as if looking at a monster.

Li Qingshan did not answer Immortal Bei Chen’s question: “Teach me this ancient cultivation technique, and the war is about to break out, and there is no time to grumble.”

Immortal Bei Chen hearing This is not much nonsense, blunt taught Li Qingshan all the ancient treasured cultivation techniques he had acquired, without the slightest hesitation, and at the same time, he imparted all his insights over the years.

bang! ! !

Just as he was teaching, a Supreme from Fourth World let out a low roar, exuding an ocean-like blood energy, spreading Purple Qi all over his body, shaking the universe, he seemed to break out of Hell. Demon God broke free from the shackles, terrifying.

This Supreme is one of the Fourth World Nine Great Supremes.

Murderous Cleaving Wolf!


Supreme Murderous Cleaving Wolf a long whistle, without other words, directly attacked the Primordial Heavenly Demon from afar.

“Eighth brother, Primordial Heavenly Demon is the head of Immortal World First Demon, be careful.” Fourth World Supreme big brother opened the mouth and said.

“No matter how powerful he is, he is still a character from the past. Primordial Heavenly Demon is just an Old Guy that has been forgotten by the years. There is no need to come out again to rely on age to show of age. The things of the new age are not yours. Old Guy tube.” Murderous Cleaving Wolf’s voice resounded through the world, echoing his big brother, while also hitting the heart of Primordial Heavenly Demon.

But the Primordial Heavenly Demon has been through countless years, tens of millions of years, and has long been indifferent to these words.

“This world is in the hands of us Old Guys after all, and I will beat you up for Supreme!” Primordial Heavenly Demon coldly snorted, shot in an instant, opened and closed, and burst out from the universe. The six Ancient Samsara, moving forward, madly rotate, exerting a strong gravitational force, as if spinning six ancient universes, opening up a cycle of reincarnation.

Murderous Cleaving Wolf rushed into the six pieces of Land of Reincarnation, armed with a long knife, slashing furiously, imposing manner unparalleled.

His every blow shattered Heaven and Earth, shattered the universe, and slaughtered the revolving land of reincarnation, ferociously.

But the Primordial Heavenly Demon was even more ferocious, he just opened his mouth and bit down. He had only one huge skull left, and he swallowed it directly at this moment, swallowing Murderous Cleaving Wolf into his mouth.

In his mouth, the six Land of Reincarnation resurfaced, forming a fixed domain, imprisoning Murderous Cleaving Wolf, crazily squeezing the space, and then condensing Heaven, Earth, Profound and Yellow , hitting Murderous Cleaving Wolf’s body.

The Primordial Heavenly Demon shot, shocked everyone, even the Supremes of Fourth World couldn’t help but change.

The world First Demon that opened up the demon path is really powerful.

Murderous Cleaving Wolf is strong, but in front of Primordial Heavenly Demon, it seems like a toy.

“Let go of my eighth brother!!” Fourth World Supreme big brother furiously shouted, instantly punching.

Boom! !

At this moment, his fist is unparalleled, and he waving with the breath of the vast universe. There is a huge illusory shadow behind him, standing in the starry sky, overlooking all things in the world.

The Sun, Moon, and Stars rivers revolve around the giant shadow.

The big brother of the Fourth World Supreme, in this brief moment is like a War God splitting heaven and earth apart.

He punched the Primordial Heavenly Demon directly, while saving his eighth brother, Murderous Cleaving Wolf, and then crossed the Star River to fight the Primordial Heavenly Demon.

The big brother of the Fourth World Supreme took action, and the war really broke out.

In the universe, the battle between the Primordial Heavenly Demon and the Fourth World Supreme big brother is very fierce, the Star River is reversed, and the blood is flying.

The Fourth World Supreme big brother slams his fists and shatters the universe, leaving the Primordial Heavenly Demon in an unsustainable state.

But the Primordial Heavenly Demon also not to be trifled with.

This world’s First Demon has shown his domineering side.

He abandoned the illusory shadow of the skull, and in the sky starlight, under the blessing of cosmic energy, condensed a demon body.

“The sky is destroyed and the earth is destroyed, I am immortal, the sun and the moon are immortal, and I am immortal. With a flick of a finger, I am eternal.”

“I am immortal, immortal. The body, across the ages, the spirit of war will live forever.”

The Primordial Heavenly Demon let out a long howl, showing his true housekeeping skills, condensing his own demon body and fighting spirit, the unyielding fighting in his universe Intent, he can live to this day, but also rely on the spirit of unyielding.

The spirit of war came, and quickly fought against the mighty Fourth World Supreme big brother, moving like lightning, like two big stars colliding one after another, accompanied by lightning and thunder, blazing and radiant explosions, hitting the sky. Trembling, the starry sky dimmed, the universe cracked.

The fighting fists at this level are bloody, broken and horrific.

Both sides played True Fire, and they had to destroy each other. This was a life and death battle.

The battle spirit was cracked and fused in the next second, directly reaching out and tearing the arm of the Fourth World Supreme big brother, blood splattered.

The horror of the battle at this level is terrible to see, and it also kicks off a full-scale war. In the dark universe, the war between Immortal World and Fourth World is triggered again.

A Supreme powerhouse is eyeing Primordial Heavenly Concubine, coming directly to kill her.

Chu Xiangyu saw this scene, a big reincarnation, and the Six Paths of Reincarnation, similar to the Primordial Heavenly Demon, erupted, directly protecting the Primordial Heavenly Concubine, and then brazenly confronted the Supreme.

“Your opponent is me!” Chu Xiangyu said coldly, and in the next second, he turned on his full strength and pressed the opponent to attack.

Murderous Cleaving Wolf saw this and quickly attacked to kill Primordial Heavenly Concubine.

He remembered correctly, it was this red clothed woman who summoned the Primordial Heavenly Demon.

“Fourth World Supreme Eighth Murderous Cleaving Wolf, you were able to kill a lot of people in my Defying Heaven Family back then, today a debt of blood must be paid in blood, I will kill you here! “But the next second, a Supreme appeared out of thin air, twisted all the time around him, reached out and grabbed Murderous Cleaving Wolf’s arm directly, and then fiercely pulled the arm off.

Defying Heaven Family Survivors.

Qingqing’s father.

The Supreme who owns time.

He is here.

Li Qingshan felt a little flustered for no reason when he saw this scene.

If Qingqing is still alive, the Supreme, who has time, the middle-aged man refined in manner in front of him will be his husband.

After all, Li Qingshan kissed other girls.

No, it was Qingqing who took away Li Qingshan’s first kiss.

Fortunately, Qingqing’s father didn’t know about it. He came with time and directly captured Murderous Cleaving Wolf back to the domain of time, and began to attack frantically.

Immortal World has had several waves of people hitting the mound.

Starting from Ancient Immortal Court, to Defying Heaven Family in the back, and then to the personal behavioral ability shock mound in the back.

As far as Li Qingshan knew, the Qin Ling Great Emperor had hit the mound, and the North Star Great Emperor had hit the mound at the last moment of his life.

But these are personal actions that make little difference to the overall situation.

The real threat is the Ancient Immortal Court, and the Defying Heaven Family.

The title of Defying Heaven Family has been around since that time.

With the power of a family, the Fourth World behind the mound was shaken. Isn’t this against the sky?

It’s a pity that they fell short and suffered heavy casualties. Qingqing’s grandfather died in that catastrophe, only Qingqing’s father survived and slowly recovered, until now he appears in the world again in front of.

Qingqing’s father was very strong. He directly used Power of Time to attack Murderous Cleaving Wolf in a flash.

“Everlasting rush!” Qingqing’s father loudly roared, played the Profound Truth of time, and directly washed out Murderous Cleaving Wolf.

Murderous Cleaving Wolf’s screams were limited by time, and he was beaten back to his boyhood.

Time continued to wash over him, knocking him back to his infancy, until in the end, he was obliterated by time.

A Supreme has fallen.

But the people of Fourth World are not sad, because in the next second, in the distant sky, the ancient well shines again, absorbs the soul of Murderous Cleaving Wolf, and begins to repair it, it does not take a moment or three , it can be restored.

Although I’m not worried, Qingqing’s father is so fierce, it also arouses the anger of other Supremes. They all took action. The three Supremes surrounded Qingqing’s father at once, directly igniting the war.

Fourth World, Emperor also rushed up to participate in the war.

Li Qingshan, Xia Wuji, Immortal Bei Chen all survived.

“Brother, I want to unite the two worlds. There are a lot of Supremes in Fourth World. I have to destroy them. You have to deal with the Emperor.” Immortal Bei Chen said quickly, then got rid of the Emperor’s siege, Directly under the starry sky, there was a long whistle.

“The first life, come!!!!”

In the starry sky of the universe, a hole suddenly opened, and a coffin flew in. Immortal Bei was buried in the coffin. Chen’s first life came here and began to merge with him.

Immortal Bei Chen moves towards Supreme.

A Supreme expert from Fourth World also discovered this scene and came to stop it.

But the next second, a tall, bearded old man with a hoe and a beard all came down here. Going down with a hoe, he staggered the Supreme directly, blood burst out, and half of his body was crippled. He looked at the old man in disbelief.

“Manchu Supreme, you’re not dead yet?” Fourth World’s Supreme recognized the old man.

The Defying Heaven Family attacked the mound back then. After the defeat, the old man also came, but he didn’t do much, just brought back Qingqing mother’s body.

But even so, the Supremes of Fourth World remember this old man.

Because the old man at that time, but one person persuaded several Supremes, only to take away the body of Qingqing mother.

β€œIf you don’t die, why would I want to die, old man?” Barbarian Race Supreme sneered, rescued Immortal Bei Chen at a critical juncture, reassuring him that the two worlds merged.

He himself carried a hoe, like a farmer at work, taking the Supreme of the Fourth World as his own crops and began to cultivate.

The Supreme war is on the horizon, and the Emperor war is no different.

Li Qingshan, Xia Wuji, Primordial Heavenly Concubine.

Only the three of them are Emperors. The Fourth World’s Emperors can’t participate in the Supreme battle, but they are still confident in dealing with the Emperor.

Xia Wuji and Primordial Heavenly Concubine were at full strength and played heaven falls and earth rends. However, under the siege of countless Emperors, they seemed to be struggling and losing ground.

Thanks to Li Qingshan, facing this situation, he held the giant sword in his hand and gave the Nine Heavenly Layers and Great Time Clock to Primordial Heavenly Concubine and Xia Wuji respectively to ensure their safety, Then began, one man one sword, fighting the starry sky, slaughtering the Emperor.

Li Qingshan is very strong, the giant sword is in his hand, the damage inside has been warmed up, and when the peak is restored, one man one sword is like chopping melons and vegetables, the ordinary Emperor will die if it is wiped. , there is absolutely no second option.

Even if Emperor Peak meets Li Qingshan, it can only take one move.

After this move, fall on the spot.

Li Qingshan, who has fully comprehended the Three Thousand Rules, is no longer able to spy on the strength of Li Qingshan.

With the giant sword in hand, slaughter the Emperor with ease.

For a time, Fourth World’s Emperor rushed up to hundreds of thousands, and Li Qingshan also slashed hundreds of thousands, and the record was outstanding, shocking everyone.

Even Supreme, who was at war, saw this scene, and his expression changed greatly.

Li Qingshan’s strength has completely overwhelmed the Emperor, and even Supreme is concerned.

Immediately there was Supreme, who wanted to stop Li Qingshan from continuing the massacre.

But at this time, Immortal Bei Chen, who merged from the two worlds, directly crossed the Emperor, possessed the Supreme strength, and instantly stopped the Supreme.

“Li Qingshan, do what you should do?” Immortal Bei Chen sound transmission to Li Qingshan.

Li Qingshan, who was slaughtering, stopped.

His eyes looked towards the ancient well in the center of Fourth World.

As the war ignited, Li Qingshan continued to kill, and the Emperor continued to fall. The ancient well in the center of the Fourth World also continued to bloom rays of light, collecting the souls of these fallen Emperors.

It won’t be long before these Emperors come back to life again.

“We have to destroy this ancient well and the Fountain of Rebirth.” Li Qingshan has a firm goal, he knows what Immortal Bei Chen sound transmission means to himself.

Supreme against Supreme, there is no extra time to destroy the Fountain of Rebirth.

The previous failures. It’s all because the experts in Immortal World can’t get in touch with Fountain of Rebirth, and can’t destroy Fountain of Rebirth, so there will be a continuous Supreme expert in Fourth World.

So is the battle this time.

Although there are several Supreme experts here, all of them were intercepted by Fourth World’s experts.

Immortal Bei Chen, two worlds in one, has the power of Supreme, and is instantly pegged, and he can’t get close to the Fountain of Rebirth.

Only rely on Li Qingshan who is still at Emperor Realm.

Although it is the Emperor Realm, but in terms of strength, it is definitely the Supreme ranks.

“Xia Wuji, Primordial Heavenly Concubine, you two take care of yourself, I’m going to destroy that ancient well.” Li Qingshan sound transmission rang into my ears.

“There are thousands of Emperors in Fourth World. You kill half and you have half left.” Xia Wuji responded bitterly.

He also wanted to persevere, but his strength did not allow it.

The Primordial Heavenly Concubine was silent, and then said firmly: “You do what you want to do, and we will do our best.”

Li Qingshan saw them, and suddenly said with a smile: “Don’t be afraid, someone will help you.”

As his voice landed, in the distance between the stars universe, a huge Buddha Ancestor illusory shadow suddenly flew by.

dong! !

This huge Buddha Ancestor illusory shadow, up to ten thousand zhang, was directly suppressed, and several Emperors were killed immediately.

Monk Foyin is here.

A Buddhist monk who lived in Westland for a long time and lived out the fourth generation, although his strength is not as terrifying as Li Qingshan, but Emperor Realm, he has reached the top.

The arrival of Monk Foyin has made Li Qingshan sighed in relief. With him, the pressure on Xia Wuji and Primordial Heavenly Concubine will be relieved a lot.

And he himself, can concentrate on destroying the Fountain of Rebirth.

After the arrival of monk Foyin, he immediately became the main force in the battle of Emperor. He had a heart-to-heart and knew that Li Qingshan had his own things to do, and sound transmission said: “There is this poor monk here, everything is fine. , and do your own thing.”

Li Qingshan no longer lingered, but directly cut through the space and went deep into the hinterland of Fourth World.

bang! !

Amid the war, the starry sky trembled, and in the imposing manner of the Emperor, Li Qingshan gradually approached the Fountain of Rebirth.

He’s going to destroy the Fountain of Rebirth.

This thing will not be destroyed, and the ending of the war at this time will not be too different from the previous ones.

Even if it seems to be a very fierce fight now, or even have the upper hand, but with the opponent’s continuous battery life, they will eventually lose.

Li Qingshan stared at the glowing ancient well, holding a giant sword, aggressive.

But just before he was about to approach the ancient well, Rosen, who was shot to death by Chu Xiangyu, was resurrected.

bang! !

“An Emperor also wants to be a hero, courting death!” Rosen, who was killed twice, was already furious. Seeing Li Qingshan, he instantly understood what he wanted to do, coldly shouted, and grabbed it with a big hand , to capture Li Qingshan, to crush Li Qingshan to death.

Supreme killed Emperor, he didn’t even take Li Qingshan in his eyes.

(End of this chapter)

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