Max-Level Comprehension – Face The Wall For 80 Years Chapter 165


Chapter 165 Old Ancestor Revival (Subscribe)

The resurrected Rosen, furious, a long whistle, heavy armor with metallic luster Bursting, the dim light of red copper flickering, more and more powerful.

I can’t beat those Supremes, and I can’t beat your Emperor?

Rosen died twice, and his self-confidence suffered a big setback.

Just as Li Qingshan came here, he pinched a seal with his left hand and typed out his Supreme cultivation technique.

β€œTrue Moon Scripture!”

The power in the world has the ultimate yang, the ultimate yin, the sun and the yin.

According to the Supreme Yin Attribute, Rosen’s comprehension of the True Moon Scripture is very terrifying. This is a kind of most gentle power that radiates from his fingertips, like it can dissolve the entire universe, and the black mist disperses , looks buoyant, but nothing can stop it.

It is this black mist that can kill an Emperor.

Rosen turned around and wanted to join the Supreme battlefield again without looking at Li Qingshan after a ray of black mist.

But at this moment, Li Qingshan blocked with his left hand, the black mist dispersed, rushed into the palm of his hand, was almost scratched off, and the bones drenched with blood were exposed.

The black mist spread rapidly, spreading to the arms, chest and Li Qingshan’s whole body.

But at this moment, the rays of light in Li Qingshan’s body flourished, and there were countless people chanting sutras, as if three thousand Disciples were reading aloud. It was forced out of the body and quickly repaired the injury.

The wisp of black mist has now dissipated.

Li Qingshan’s eyes were cold as he looked at Rosen who was about to leave, saying nothing.

bang! !

It is directly surging energy, turning into a heaven overflowing giant wave, surging and tumbling out.

At this moment, the power bursting from Li Qingshan’s body is extremely firm and fierce.

He directly crushed Rosen’s lunar power and made a whistling voice like Divinity and Demon. Behind Li Qingshan, three thousand faintly discernable silhouettes appeared, quickly sweeping the starry sky of the vast universe.

Carrying Three Thousand Rules and blending it into the surging energy, Li Qingshan’s body became a dragon’s curve and exploded directly.

The Emperor fights Supreme.

Li Qingshan’s impact came swiftly and violently, and he was caught off guard. With a bang, he directly hit Rosen’s body, and instantly hit 3,000 times.

Three thousand attacks, each one took away Rosen’s blood and flesh, making his purple blood sprinkle the starry sky, making this piece of Heaven and Earth extraordinarily enchanting.

Li Qingshan, who was extremely explosive, showed a terrifying Essence, Qi, and Spirit. He was completely fearless in the face of Supreme expert, and even took the initiative to attack, and the opponent was dying.

“How is this possible?”

“You’re just an Emperor?”

“Your power is nothing like an Emperor…”


Rosen was beaten in agony, backed up very fast, his body was broken, drenched with blood, staring at Li Qingshan, his eyes full of disbelief.

He was defeated by an Emperor!

He’s Supreme.

One of the top ten Supremes in Fourth World.

Although he came a few behind.

But in All Heavens and Myriad Realms, the cosmic starry sky, also has its own prestige.

He’s Lord Rosen! ! ! !

“You dare to sneak attack me without being caught off guard?” Rosen gritted his teeth and spoke angrily, blaming Li Qingshan’s sneak attack for his tragic situation, rather than losing himself.

Li Qingshan did not defend, standing in the universe, standing above Fourth World, wisps of Power of Rule lingered around his body, very huge, like a long river flowing around him like one after another Rule, Li Qingshan who set off is like the Ruler, staring at Rosen indifferently.

“It was a sneak attack just now, so now I will kill you head-on.” Li Qingshan was extremely calm, facing the Supreme expert’s anger, without any anxiety, calm, step out.


Suddenly, heaven falls and earth rends, the Star River trembles, the entire universe starry sky shakes, and a violent breath boils out.

At this moment, Li Qingshan became the only one between Heaven and Earth, surrounded by the long river of Rule, with three thousand rules, surging, and a Rule illusory shadow condensed behind him, like the lower realm of Heavenly God, overlooking sentient beings.

Li Qingshan, who lived out the ninth generation, in this brief moment, truly activated all his power.

In the long years, he spent tens of millions of years just to comprehend the Three Thousand Rules.

Now, the Rule Dao Body condensed by Three Thousand Rules, just behind him, Li Qingshan a long whistle, directly makes the starry sky crack, and the illusory shadow behind it is majestic and huge, such as the resurrection of Divinity and Demon, He opened a pair of indifferent eyes.


Li Qingshan in this brief moment slayed directly to Rosen, carrying the power of the whole Immortal World, Three Thousand Rules lingering around him, he has Annihilating The stalwart power of Everything.

Rule Dao Body burst out with a ray of energy, directly imprisoning everything under the starry sky, Rosen had nowhere to escape, Li Qingshan approached, and shot directly with a palm, a large cosmic starry sky cracked.

Rosen cast Supreme Yin Power and turned into a flower of lunar yin, surging upwards, trying to swallow Li Qingshan.

But in a flash, the flower of Taiyin burst directly under Li Qingshan’s palm and turned into powder. Rosen’s body shook violently, spurting blood. The armor on his body collapsed directly. Under the strikes of Three Thousand Rules, he had no room to counterattack. Supreme expert, unable to withstand a single blow.

Li Qingshan stared at Rosen, Sun, Moon, and Stars appeared in a pair of eyes, the stars were bright, time was born and died, the cycle of life and death, and Nirvana was silent.

At this moment, many people looked towards Li Qingshan.

In the main battlefield of the Supreme War, many Supremes in Fourth World looked at Li Qingshan and were shocked. They defeated Supreme Realm with Emperor Realm, which reminded many people of Kunlun Immortal.

In those days, Kunlun Immortal also used the strength of Emperor to shake Supreme.

But he does not have the ability to fight alone like Li Qingshan. He has carved ninety-nine ancient great formations in his body, and with the determination to die, forcibly dragged the three Supremes down.

And now Li Qingshan, one person with one palm, defeated a Supreme, completely different.

Under the starry sky, there is a bit of absolute silence.

Li Qingshan’s body is majestic and tall, standing there like a demonic mountain, with thick hair scattered all over his head, and the breath exuding from his body, the people under pressure can’t breathe, even if he is only an Emperor, but At this moment, even Supreme would not dare to underestimate him.

Li Qingshan doesn’t care about others.

He just stared at Rosen.

“I grant you death!” Li Qingshan said coldly and domineeringly.

Then, the brilliance in his eyes radiated a ray.

It was this ray of light that directly crushed the Star River, representing destruction and piercing Rosen’s eyebrows.

The newly resurrected Rosen stared at Li Qingshan with wide eyes, trembling all over, unable to say a word and fell again.

This is his third death.

After his death, Li Qingshan and Gujing were close at hand.

The next second, Li Qingshan directly controls the Rule Dao Body, the ancient well that strikes with endless rays of light.


“No way!”

“You dare to touch the ancient well, I will make it irreconcilable!”

“Hurry up and stop him, don’t let him touch the Fountain of Rebirth!”

The Supremes of Fourth World saw this scene, their faces changed wildly, and they roared, trying their best to get close to Li Qingshan and stop him. Behavior.

But are other Supremes of Immortal World vegetarian?

Everyone knows the importance of this ancient well to Fourth World, and everyone knows that if you want to win Fourth World, you must destroy the Fountain of Rebirth, otherwise no one will win this war.

Now that Li Qingshan is about to succeed, how could they let these Supremes stop them.

At this moment, the Supremes from Immortal World, one against two, one against three, one after another, held up all the experts of Fourth World.

They are buying time for Li Qingshan.

Li Qingshan didn’t waste any time either. He controlled the Rule Dao Body and directly condensed a punch. The fist was as huge as the sun, and the strikes were in the center of Fourth World.

bang! ! ! !

The entire Fourth World trembled violently, the originally connected Great World all split up and in pieces in an instant, while in the central area, the main target of Li Qingshan’s attack, Gujing, trembled violently, and then ka-cha With a sound, under the witness of countless people, the ancient well cracked.

The ancient well cracked open, and a spring water appeared under the starry sky. Many souls were soaked in the spring water.

The biggest group is Rosen who was just killed by Li Qingshan.

At this moment, everyone knows that this is the Fountain of Rebirth.

“Brother, ruined the Fountain of Rebirth!” Immortal Bei Chen shouted excitedly.

“Don’t worry about them, we’ll stop them for you, you ruined this thing.” Chu Xiangyu was also excited, and kept attacking his opponents, one blocked two Supremes.

Other people saw the dawn of victory, and their excitement was inexhaustible. Unlike the Supreme experts of Fourth World’s complexion greatly changed, after several eras, they finally saw the dawn of victory.

Who can refuse this?

The fountain of the Fountain of Rebirth is quiet, like an ordinary spring. If it weren’t for the storage of so many Emperors and even Supreme’s Primordial Spirit, at ordinary times, no one would think that this is the Fourth World The most important thing.

Li Qingshan controls the Rule Dao Body, grabs it with a big hand, and will destroy the Fountain of Rebirth.

“Boy from Immortal World, I advise you, it’s best not to touch Fountain of Rebirth.” The eldest among the top ten Supremes of Fourth World said, he stared coldly at Li Qingshan, and Primordial Heavenly The Demon fight continued, he wasn’t as flustered as the other Supremes, as if he had a lot of confidence.

Li Qingshan turned around and glanced, ignoring it.

Rule Dao Body’s big hand was taken directly.

bang! !

In the big hands, Rule raged, shaking frantically, devouring all the Emperor Primordial Spirit and Supreme Primordial Spirit in Fountain of Rebirth, all shattered.

The Fountain of Rebirth just dissipated between Heaven and Earth under all eyes.

The Emperor waiting to be resurrected, the Rosen Supreme waiting to be resurrected, and the Primordial Spirit also disappeared.

The other Supremes of Fourth World are in a mixed mood at the moment.

Angry, unwilling, lost, regret…

They lost the most important trump card.

Never come back from the dead again.

At this moment, they only have one life left.

The Supremes of Fourth World stared at Li Qingshan angrily, but they couldn’t escape the attacks of other Supremes.

Only the boss of the Fourth World Supreme, with a faint gaze, the battle with the Primordial Beginning Heavenly Demon has come to an end, neither side can defeat the other, now the Fountain of Rebirth has been destroyed, and the Primordial Heavenly Demon has also stopped attacking , he stood under the starry sky, did not attack Li Qingshan, but calmly watched everything around.

“I warned you, Fountain of Rebirth can’t be destroyed, if you don’t listen, everything that happens next will repeat the story of millions of years ago.” Fourth World Supreme’s boss, in a cold tone said.

The Fountain of Rebirth is destroyed, his attitude is completely different from other Supreme, mysterious and secretive, saying this remark caught everyone’s attention.

Li Qingshan frowned, does Fountain of Rebirth have other secrets that are not known?

At this moment, a total truce.

“Fountain of Rebirth is destroyed, you have no possibility of infinite resurrection. We are all alive at this moment, and you can no longer reproduce the results of the war millions of years ago.” Immortal Bei Chen said coldly .

“Tian Yi, you are the longest-lived Supreme in Fourth World, and you broke the friendly relationship between Fourth World and Immortal World with your own hands. You led the construction of mound and trapped Immortal World in one area. , you secretly turned away from the Immortal World source, you suppressed the Immortal World’s counterattack, you have been the winner for millions of years, but this time the ending will be very different.” Qingqing’s father, staring coldly at the Fourth World Supreme The boss said coldly.

The boss is named Tian Yi.

Tian Yi smiled and looked at Qingqing’s father playfully: “Millions of years ago, the Ancient Immortal Court attacked the mound, entered the Fourth World, started a war, and the war was raging. At that time, Supreme also appeared. There is also Supreme who smashed the ancient well and destroyed the Fountain of Rebirth, but what is the final result?”

Tian Yi’s words exploded in the hearts of experts from all over the Immortal World like a dull thunder.

Everyone’s complexion greatly changed and looked at Tian Yi in disbelief.

Including Li Qingshan.

Ancient Immortal Court Did someone break the ancient well and destroy the Fountain of Rebirth during that war?

Then why can’t you win?

Li Qingshan had a bad thought in his heart and hurriedly looked towards Demonic Frog.

“You also participated in that battle back then, isn’t that how it ended?” Li Qingshan asked.

Demonic Frog was confused and murmured: “I was involved in the war, but at that time, I was quickly captured by them. I don’t know the aftermath of the war.”

Tian Yi looked at Demonic Frog and smiled disdainfully: “Do you know why I didn’t kill you back then?”

Mowa stared at Tian Yi with one eye.

He wants to know why on earth?

Although what he said to Li Qingshan is that Fourth World is afraid of the civilization behind him, but that is just putting gold on his face.

He is from higher civilization, but higher civilization will not come here because of a Demonic Frog.

“Because the Old Ancestor of Fourth World said you were killed by a rare breed, it’s a pity that we divided you into two, half hidden elsewhere, and half suppressed on the mound.” Tian Yi said.

“Old Ancestor, aren’t you the oldest person in the Fourth World?” The Primordial Heavenly Demon, who lived the longest, said in surprise.

The age of Tian Yi’s birth is hundreds of thousands of years after the Primordial Heavenly Demon. He missed the Supreme Road, but he later made his efforts to become Supreme, and in the Supreme Realm, he walked a few more times. Step, because of this, Primordial Heavenly Demon and Tian Yi, neither can help each other.

“Old Ancestor was seriously injured. He has been recuperating since his return. He has only shot once in so many years. That year, the ancient well was broken and the Fountain of Rebirth was destroyed.” Tian Yi smiled proudly, looked at Primordial Heavenly Demon, looked at Li Qingshan, and said lightly.

“That’s why I advised you just now, don’t destroy the Fountain of Rebirth, because that will wipe out your entire army. Back then, the Ancient Immortal Court was like that. If one didn’t stay, all died.” Tian Yi smiled coldly. , The words that he said made everyone’s heart sink.

What other people wanted to ask, but Tian Yi turned around directly, prostrate oneself in admiration, and shouted: “Congratulations to the recovery of Old Ancestor!”

Other Supreme expert, Emperor expert , followed Tian Yi, prostrate oneself in admiration, and shouted loudly.

β€œWelcome to the Old Ancestor Recovery!”

β€œWelcome to the Old Ancestor to the Recovery!”

β€œWelcome to the Old Ancestor to the Recovery!”

This The voice reverberates around the world.

It also echoed in the hearts of Li Qingshan and the others.

(End of this chapter)

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