Max-Level Comprehension – Face The Wall For 80 Years Chapter 167


Chapter 167 The Return of the Eighth World (subscription)

Chapter 166 The Return of the Eighth (subscription)

In the vast universe, above Fourth World, Li Qingshan was attacked. At the crucial moment, Monk Wuwo suddenly appeared and rescued Li Qingshan from the difficulties.

The handsome Little Monk, dressed in a white crescent robe, looked at Li Qingshan with a smile.

“Why did you come here?” Li Qingshan was first happy, and then asked suspiciously.

At the time of their separation, Little Monk didn’t even reach the realm of Zuxian. It took Li Qingshan more than 20 years and tens of millions of years to achieve what it is now. strength.

Monk Wuwo, how did you do this step?

Li Qingshan is very puzzled.

“Li Qingshan donor, remember I told you that I have a dream Master?” Little Monk asked with a smile.

Li Qingshan suddenly realized that the long-lost memory reappeared. In Heaven’s Chosen Battlefield, Monk Wuwo said that his Master was a preacher in a dream.

Li Qingshan didn’t take it seriously at the time and didn’t think it was so powerful, but now it seems that Monk Wuwo’s presence here has a lot to do with the Master who preached in his dream?

โ€œWhy does the Three Lifetimes Buddhist Scripture in my Sea of Consciousness change?โ€ Li Qingshan looked at Monk Wuwo and asked.

“That’s not called Three Lifetimes Buddhist Scripture.” Monk Wuwo shook his head.

“It’s not called Three Lifetimes Buddhist Scripture, so what is it called?” Li Qingshan asked suspiciously.

“That’s the Amitabha Sutra!” Monk Wuwo said earnestly with one hand on his chest.

“Amitabha Sutra!!!”

Li Qingshan’s eyes widened, he couldn’t believe that the Three Lifetimes Buddhist Scripture he got by chance in Human World was actually the same as stepping on the true path. Supreme expert Amitabha, made a connection?

โ€œHow did you know?โ€ Li Qingshan asked suspiciously.

โ€œThe Master preached in the little monkโ€™s dream is Amitabha.โ€ Monk Wuwo said.

“Are you the direct disciple of Amitabha?” Li Qingshan looked at Monk Wuwo in surprise, completely unimaginable.

In this era, Monk Wuwo, who rose with him at the same time, turned out to be the Disciple of Amitabha.

“Didn’t Amitabha enter Supreme Road very early?” Li Qingshan asked, still in disbelief, looking at Monk Wuwo carefully.

He found out that at the moment Monk Wuwo. in an indescribable environment.

Monk Wuwo is a real cultivation realm, but it is still worthy of entering the Emperor, not as strong as Xia Wuji.

But at this moment, he was surrounded by a layer of domain, within this domain, even the Fourth World Peak Supreme Murderous Cleaving Wolf couldn’t shake it.

Just now, Monk Wuwo was able to save Li Qingshan and destroy Murderous Cleaving Wolf’s ultimate move, relying on this domain.

In the starry sky, wars are frequent, chaos is coming, and darkness is coming.

Supreme experts battle endlessly, Emperor expert life and death battle, a scene of blood flowing into a river.

In such a tense atmosphere, Li Qingshan and Monk Wuwo stood under the universe and above Fourth World, chatting carefully and earnestly.

“Before Amitabha Master entered Supreme Road, he left behind some backhands, including the past life that he cut off.” Monk Wuwo said carefully.

“The Buddhist scriptures cultivated by the donor Li Qingshan can also be called Three Lifetimes Buddhist Scripture, but this is only a part of the Amitabha scriptures. The Three Lifetimes Buddhist scriptures are summarized into the Amitabha scriptures, that is, the old man cut them off. In the past life and the future, only a part of the true portrayal of this life is left.โ€

โ€œAmitabha World Honored One chopped up the past life, entered the Supreme Road with a new attitude, and started a new journey. This past life was chopped down. , stayed in Human World, and waited silently until I met the little monk, preaching in a dream.”

“After leaving Heaven’s Chosen Battlefield, I found the past life of Amitabha World Honored One and followed him I have been studying cultivation seriously until today. The battle in the starry sky has had a great impact on Immortal World. Everyone is watching the starry sky. I donโ€™t know what happened, but I can see it clearly, at least itโ€™s another time. It was an opportunity, so I came here with the past life of Amitabha World Honored One.” Monk Wuwo explained his past in a few simple words.

Li Qingshan was overwhelmed with emotion after listening to it.

Before Amitabha entered Supreme Road, he cut off all kinds of human beings, leaving behind a dharma body.

The dharma body left behind has been collected by Monk Fayin until today.

Amitabha had the courage and perseverance to cut off all the shackles of the past.

In the present, millions of years later, the cut-off past life adopted Monk Wuwo as a disciple by means of preaching in a dream.

He carefully guided me to the monk, step by step, until I entered the Emperor Realm, and then the battle in the starry sky broke out.

Monk Wuwo peeked into a corner of the starry sky and knew this battle was very important, so he came here.

“Then you’re looking like this now, you’re also using the rays of light from Amitabha?” Li Qingshan looked at the lingering domain around Monk Wuwo. asked.

The domain that Monk Wuwo lingers around is the domain of Buddha.

This domain made him fearless in Supreme.

“The past life of Amitabha World Honored One knew that I was going to participate in this war, and took the initiative to integrate into my body, and then burned myself, hoping to participate in this war and do my last for Human World , so this domain is the past life of Amitabha World Honored One, all the essence.” Monk Wuwo, said seriously.

Between them chatting with each other.

In the distant starry sky, Tian Yi directly switched places with Murderous Cleaving Wolf.

“You come to deal with this Defying Heaven Family person, and I will kill this extraordinary Emperor.” Tian Yi said grimly, staring at Li Qingshan, full of killing intent.

Before and after, Li Qingshan ruined Fountain of Rebirth twice.

This is the basis for all experts in Fourth World to survive. It has been destroyed twice, and even if it is repaired, it will be a great injury.

Tian Yi is angry enough that he knows Li Qingshan is strong, but he is stronger.

Whoever is the peak of the road, when I see Tian Yi, the road becomes empty.

He Tian Yi is a peerless expert who grew up with Buddha and Demon, and will save the Fourth World in danger.

Tian Yi crossed the space, and his real body descended here, causing boundless wind and waves, staring at Li Qingshan, raising his hand was a surging blow.

Li Qingshan frowned, he looked at Monk Wuwo: “Can you stop him and buy me some time?”

Monk Wuwo smiled lightly and said: “This time I came here. , I came here with everything from Amitabha’s previous life, this world not only has demons, but also Buddhas!”

bang!! !

The thunder fell, and Buddha saved all sentient beings.

Monk Wuwo stepped out, and behind him appeared a Buddha Country world, among which there was a Buddha Ancestor with his back to the common people.

Amitabha World Honored One!

In that year, Immortal World gave birth to two extraordinary figures, Buddha and Demon.

The Primordial Heavenly Demon.

The Buddha refers to Amitabha.

Monk Wuwo carries everything from Amitabha’s previous life to attack Tian Yi.

“Although it is the same period, you are not worthy of being with Buddha and Demon Secttion on equal terms!” Monk Wuwo said coldly.

At this moment, Buddha Country comes, and the golden body of Bodhisattva Arhat is filled with all kinds of Dharma, sweeping the universe.

Monk Wuwo a finger pointed, blessed by Amitabha in his previous life, more powerful, like a tiger out of the mountains, laughing proudly at the mountains and rivers, like the Flood Dragon of the clouds, leaping thousands of miles.

At this moment, Buddha light illuminating everything, directly smashed all Tian Yi’s attacks, shattered his myriad laws, and swept forward, irresistible.


Tian Yi a long whistle, in disbelief, staring at Monk Wuwo.

He saw the shadow of Amitabha in Monk Wuwo.

In the previous battle between him and the devil, neither side had used their full strength, and the battle was a draw.

Tian Yi believes that he is not inferior to Buddhas and Demons.

He had a tie with the devil, and regretted that he had never seen a Buddha in cultivation so far.

didn’t expect This regret was filled immediately.

Amitabha’s true body did not come, but his beheaded past life came here.

The strong attack made Tian Yi’s eyes widen, his heart shrinking sharply, he couldn’t believe it.

“Good! Good! Good!”

“I haven’t seen Buddha in half my life, today I will smash Buddha!” After Tian Yi was surprised, infinite arrogance surged in his heart, and he directly activated All strength, and Monk Wuwo, launched a life and death battle.

On the other side, Li Qingshan, who was not attacked, did not choose to attack others.

He closed his eyes and quickly read the cultivation technique that Immortal Bei Chen taught him.

Li Qingshan knows that the current situation is very urgent.

Immortal World’s biggest opponent is not the Supremes in front of them, but Shi Tian who came back from Supreme Road!

Although the Demon tried his best to delay time, he was no match for Shi Tian.

Even if you add the Buddha who is coming now, it is not your opponent.

Magic and Buddha are millions of years ago and have never entered the state of Supreme Road, which is fundamentally different from Shi Tian.

If you want to win this war, you must kill Shi Tian.

The devil and the Buddha cannot do it, and neither can others.

Li Qingshan can do it.

He hasn’t tried his best all the time, he’s just trying to find a way to make a fatal blow.

And right now, in the war-torn universe, he is free and knows what to do.

Li Qingshan stretched out his hand in the direction of Immortal World, his eyes firmly said: “The Eighth World is back!”

He wants the Nine Worlds to merge and set foot on Supreme Realm.

Fight against Shi Tian.

(End of this chapter)

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