Max-Level Comprehension – Face The Wall For 80 Years Chapter 168


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Li Qingshan needs unity of nine lives.

Immortal World also requires unity of nine lifes.

Although now, the Primordial Heavenly Demon has led Shi Tian away, but in that lonely universe, the Primordial Heavenly Demon is chased and killed by Shi Tian everywhere and is difficult to resist.

Although Amitabha’s previous life appeared, Tian Yi resisted it.

The Immortal World side lacks experts.

Li Qingshan must improve himself and learn from Immortal Bei Chen.

Immortal Bei Chen relied on this ancient cultivation technique, and now Li Qingshan relies on this cultivation technique, unity of nine lifes.

Like never before.

But this situation is unprecedented.

The Supremes are at war, the flames of war are raging, and they are constantly attacking. The Supremes from Immortal World, all of them are a dozen, very intense.

But even so, it still falls behind, Fourth World’s imposing manner is too grand, the accumulation of millions of years, too thick, the Supreme powerhouse has doubled, not to mention the ordinary Emperor.

The whole Immortal World, all the experts that can appear, have appeared.

Still at a disadvantage.

There is even a faint trend of rout.

The pressure is enormous.

Under such a difficult situation, Li Qingshan, even with full strength, is only equivalent to a Peak Supreme, who can deal with Fourth World’s Old Ancestor Shi Tian?

Li Qingshan’s idea is to sublime as much as possible, unity of nine lifes.

To this end, he quickly browsed the ancient cultivation technique of Immortal Bei Chen cultivation, and then ran it in the body, the eight predecessors of the summon Immortal World.


In Immortal World, Emperor Space, the eight previous lives buried by Li Qingshan’s own hands shattered their tombs, splashed mud, and cracked coffins , the eight corpses flew out of Emperor Space.

This scene made many people watch in astonishment.

“It’s the previous life of the big brother, the big brother is calling them.” Xiao Jiu whispered softly, looking up at the starry sky, very worried.

The war that broke out in the starry sky universe, although it is very far away from Immortal World, but the aftermath of the momentum also passed over, making Immortal World people shiver coldly, and some people shouted in fear, saying that the universe has collapsed, Immortal World is going to be unlucky.

But the Peak experts all looked up at the starry sky and saw this great battle.

They were stunned to find that there were so many experts in Immortal World, so terrifying and so powerful.

So, Fourth World really appeared in the eyes of Immortal World experts.

Only then did they know that Immortal World had been besieged by Fourth World for hundreds of years and could not break out.

The veil that surrounds Immortal World is lifted, and the world sees the bloody truth. Everyone trembles. This scene is amazing.

Worldly Buddha, Worldly Demon.

In this battle, even Demon Realm’s Primordial Heavenly Demon appeared, and Amitabha, the founder of Buddhism, also came, and the fight was very fierce. Above the Emperor, Supreme expert exuded power.

Immortal World’s fight to the death.

How come you don’t know?

But what if they knew, they couldn’t help much.

In such a battle, even the Emperor can only brush the edges and cannot participate in the core battle. Only Supreme can Sovereign the war in an area.

The Peak experts of Immortal World can only watch bitterly.

In Immortal Court, everyone is watching.

Suddenly, eight corpses appeared in the Emperor Space and flew into the depths of the universe. Everyone naturally knew that it was the previous life of the Lord of Immortal Court. He also gave up everything and wanted to fight to the death.

“Hateful, I have never broken through the Emperor, otherwise I will go to this battle.” Zhang Family patriarch clapped his hands in resentment, he is the strongest Immortal King in the Immortal World, and he is not far from the Emperor. It’s far away, but in these years, I have been busy building a new Immortal Court, neglecting cultivation, and never breaking through.

The same is true of Dean Mu Ran next to him, sighed then said regretfully, his face ended, looking at the starry sky, and firmly said: “Now we can only believe in the Lord of Immortal Court, who has created so many miracles , this time will definitely do.”

Xiao Jiu stood with Small Fox and Hua Xiangrong, looking at the starry sky, nervously speechless, behind them, Awei, Five Ghosts were silent look.

This time The battle in the starry sky universe is about the survival of Immortal World. This is no joke. In fact, every expert feels it.

Because of this time war, Immortal World is almost everything.

The Primordial Heavenly Demon, which created the demon path, and has been silently searching for traces, appeared.

Entering Supreme Road and beheading Amitabha from the previous life, appeared.

The only surviving member of the Defying Heaven Family, with a bloodline against the sky, appeared.

Barbarian Race Supreme, in the tears of the clansman, appeared with a hoe.

The monk Foyin, who lived in seclusion in Westland, also exposed himself to face Supreme with the Emperor Realm.


Includes Xia Wuji, Immortal Bei Chen, Chu Xiangyu, Primordial Heavenly Concubine, all of whom show up, plus only half the Demonic Frog.

These people together, face the entire Fourth World.

If they lose, Immortal World will never be able to turn over again.

Impossible forever.

Everyone knows this.

Fourth World won this battle and will not give Immortal World any chance to turn over again.

When everyone was paying attention to the war in the universe, there was a little change in Immortal Court, Emperor Space.

Two old dying Emperors, slowly recovering.

One is the Crape Myrtle Great Emperor who has been taking care of the stars of all dynasties since he was young.

One is the Central Jade Emperor with Primal Chaos Body.

After Li Qingshan discovered them, he didn’t destroy them, but kept them in Emperor Space.

Anyway, the two Emperors still looked like living dead, and Li Qingshan didn’t deal with them.

But Li Qingshan didn’t know. Later, he brought a lot of dive medicines and collected almost all the dive medicines in Immortal World and planted them in the Emperor Space, filling in the missing origin of the Emperor Space. The son has nourished the Crape Myrtle Great Emperor and the Jade Emperor.

Especially Jade Emperor, the chaotic consciousness in his mind was suppressed, and he slowly began to recover his self.

At this moment, he woke up.

Jade Emperor looked pale and looked at everything around, especially the huge vibration in the starry sky, muttered: “Is someone attacking Fourth World again?”

Crape Myrtle Great The Emperor woke up on the other side, he looked towards the outside world, the stars he was familiar with, but when he looked around, it was empty.

“The old people withered one after another, like fallen leaves in the wind.” Crape Myrtle Great Emperor sighed. Now, he no longer cares about the gains and losses of the past. These things will disappear with time.

The people who were arguing with them were all disappeared, and their lives only had the last bit left, like a candle in the wind that could go out at any time.

Where do you care so much?

“Jade Emperor big brother, are you okay?” Crape Myrtle Great Emperor looked towards the distant Jade Emperor and asked weakly.

“Not good, it’s really embarrassing to be muddleheaded in your old age. Back then, we were so high-spirited and vigorous, didn’t expect a bleak evening scene.” Jade Emperor sneered, he was Emperor, soul fluctuation, capture world information, and soon know the changes in the past few years.

“A new era is coming, our two Old Guys should be buried in the old era, that is our era, and our brothers are also in that era.” Jade Emperor said bleakly.

“Jade Emperor’s big brother, I didn’t expect North Star to choose Jingluo. Compared with him, we seem too pedantic.” Crape Myrtle Great Emperor also laughed mockingly.

“I am very satisfied to wake up at the last moment of my life. We almost destroyed Immortal Court. Fortunately, the Lord of Immortal Court, he saved us, and now, they are saving this world.” Jade The Emperor said softly.

“The Jade Emperor’s big brother and several other brothers died in the mound of the Fourth World. As brothers, we should avenge them.” Crape Myrtle Great Emperor struggled to stand up and looked up at the stars. The eyes are bright, that is the place he guarded when he was a teenager.

bang! ! !

The Crape Myrtle Great Emperor, like a candle in the wind, burned everything he had.

He stepped out one step, boiling in imposing manner all over his body, spreading in the Emperor Space, outside the world, and spreading throughout the Immortal World.

The amazing Crape Myrtle Great Emperor has come again.

At this moment, many elderly people felt this aura, their bodies were shaken, and their eyes filled with excitement. This is the breath of the Crape Myrtle Great Emperor.

Following the Crape Myrtle Great Emperor, is the Jade Emperor. He knows that he is short on time, and if the chaotic memory invades again, he will not be able to resist it.

So, in this brief moment, he’s come back to Peak at his best, burning everything up.

This Peak is only a quarter of an hour.

This quarter of an hour was the Peak of the Jade Emperor.

His Peak is no weaker than Kunlun Immortal back then.

He could have broken through Supreme.

bang! !

The Crape Myrtle Great Emperor and the Jade Emperor were like shooting stars, piercing the sky and going straight into the universe, making the people of Immortal World cover their mouths and burst into tears.

They can see clearly that these two ancient Emperors, once gone, will not come back.

In the Immortal Court, many elderly people wept and knelt down to send off the two old Emperors.

Meanwhile, in the Great Forbidden Lands of Immortal World.

Those Emperors who chose to keep themselves in the dust, seeing this scene, some continued to be silent, while others woke up.

“When the Ancient Immortal Court attacked Fourth World, I didn’t participate. If I don’t participate this time, my homeland will be gone.” An Emperor, crawling out of the tomb, slowly moved his body, breathing constantly The superposition of , in the end, soars into the sky, directly sublimates to the extreme, and penetrates into the universe.

“I’m invincible, I’m back!” Another Emperor rushed out, loudly roared, and sublimated.

“Immortal World War God, fight the Fourth World!” A man in white armor, holding a long spear Emperor, attacked directly.

“Dias, the evil dragon, fights on behalf of Dragon Clan.” A long whistle, a ten thousand zhang evil dragon, flew from the endless deep sea into the sea of stars.


At this moment, the people of Immortal World were dumbfounded.

In the Great Worlds, those False Emperors were drooling wildly and couldn’t believe it.

Divine Realm, Buddha Realm, Monster Realm, Hell, all fell silent.

In their eyes, there are so many Emperors, even Supremes, in the weak Immortal World?

Also, they all know this time to starry sky, nine deaths and still alive, but they still go there resolutely.

The ancient existences in the forbidden area are not waiting for the Supreme Road. They choose to be Immortal World and burn their own strength.

At this moment, Li Qingshan’s eight previous lives flew in front, and behind them, there were meteors piercing the sky and flying across the universe. Emperors from Immortal World appeared one after another.

Li Qingshan was shocked when he saw this scene.

He knows all these Emperors.

Crape Myrtle Great Emperor, Jade Emperor Needless to say.

Other Emperors in the forbidden area, Li Qingshan also walked past their tombs, comprehended their Dharma, and knew that they forbeared for millions of years in order to wait for the Supreme Road. But now, Supreme Road doesn’t know when it will appear, but they have left the forbidden area and have been sublimated to participate in this battle.

How can this not make Li Changsheng excited, his eyes are red, the arrival of these people is really in danger and sees hope.

The battle itself is dangerous enough that Immortal World has too few people to take it.

Now they’re filling in, giving the fight hope.

bang bang bang!

Eight great past lives descended on Li Qingshan’s side, all with their eyes closed, lifeless, but the energy in their bodies was very shocking.

Eight past lives, all of them are Emperor Peak.

Li Qingshan did not have immediate unity of nine lifes, he looked towards Crape Myrtle Great Emperor and Jade Emperor.

The awakening of these two Emperors surprised Li Qingshan, but when he thought about it carefully, he was not surprised.

They did not immediately join the battlefield, but came to Li Qingshan.

“I have seen the Lord of Immortal Court!” Jade Emperor bowed.

“I have seen the Lord of Immortal Court!” Crape Myrtle Great Emperor also bowed.

These two are thanking Li Qingshan for everything he did for Immortal Court, so they came to acknowledge Li Qingshan’s status.

Afterwards, they didn’t say a word and rushed into the battlefield, pulling a Supreme one by one and starting a life-and-death struggle.

“Primal Chaos Body!” Jade Emperor loudly roared, his Primal Chaos Body roared, devoured everything, assimilated everything, and shook Supreme with the strength of the Emperor.

“The stars are falling!” Crape Myrtle Great Emperor’s face was grim, aroused the stars and enveloped him. He was the master of the stars, and in the vast world, he shattered Supreme’s arm with one blow.

The two ancient Emperors joined, although they were not Supreme, they did not give in too much. They directly caused the pressure of others to drop sharply, and they all fought hard and saw hope.

And then the Emperors of the major forbidden zones came one after another and entered the battlefield directly.

Kill! kill! kill! kill! kill! kill! kill!

One after another roar shook the world, and the people in Fourth World finally felt the pressure.

“Old Ancestor, kill this group of enemies.” Tian Yi witnessed all this and gave a long whistle, which spread far and wide for Shi Tian to hear it.

Shi Tian face turned cold, looking at the Primordial Heavenly Demon running around the universe with himself, he knew that he was stalling time.

“But you can’t stop your own death by delaying time!” Shi Tian’s eyes were cold, he extended the hand, and performed a move.

“The troubled times are coming!”

This is a Rule strikes, which directly blocks all the retreats of the Primordial Heavenly Demon, chaos, killing, and desire are coming, and the Primordial Heavenly Demon will be blocked. Demon this world First Demon, kill on the spot.

The Primordial Heavenly Demon Zhou silhouette escaped and entered the universe. He has been in the world for thousands of years, always comprehend one thing.

What is magic?

This question is unclear, and the Primordial Heavenly Demon doesn’t want to go anywhere else.

And after so many years, he figured it out.

“One thousand years before the demon, looking back on the mortal world and not being a fairy!”

Primordial Heavenly Demon condensed the past insights in this brief moment, and directly typed the begging for the devil. Power.

bang! ! ! ! !

This blow tore the universe into two halves, shot out a black hole, and the countless big stars it hit collapsed, spreading for an unknown number of light-years. In the next instant, Immortal World trembled, frightened a lot. The Emperor’s face turned pale.

Is this the power of Supreme?

Too terrifying.

In the universe, the battle between Primordial Heavenly Demon and Shi Tian continues.

Shi Tian saw that the Primordial Heavenly Demon resisted his own attack, frowned, and the killing intent was even stronger.

“This farce, it’s time to end.” Shi Tian said indifferently.

He sat cross-legged in the starry sky, did not stand up, just raised his right hand and sealed it forward.

Sealing Immortal Great Restriction!

This is the old culture technique that Fourth World sealed the Immortal World back then.

The mound was built back then, but a mound couldn’t resist Immortal World experts, so countless experts combined to display this extreme dive technique, completely blocking Immortal World .

Since then, Immortal World people who want to leave this piece of Star Domain must pass through Fourth World, Fourth World does not allow it, and Immortal World forever cannot turn over.

Several million years later, Shi Tian performed this move again.

At this moment, under the universe, many Star Rivers galloping, ten thousand zhangs of brilliance, gathered beside him, and together they suppressed the Primordial Heavenly Demon.

The Sealing Immortal Great Restriction directly closes everything around, and casts a big hand from the radiance of all things, hiding the sky and covering the earth, and suppresses it to the Primordial Heavenly Demon.


This is a world-shattering collision. The meteorites, planets and Supreme Sun Star under this starry sky all emit a dive splendor and converge to Shi Tian’s That big hand, to the Primordial Heavenly Demon.

The Primordial Heavenly Demon also not to be outdone, the real explosion, the ultimate sublimation, not like Tian Yi anymore.

The Buddhas and Demons of Immortal World appear here at this moment, and there is also Tian Yi of Fourth World, who claims to be no less than them.

But among the three, Mo is the strongest at the moment.

After all, the Buddha is a cut-off past life, representing everything that Amitabha has in the past, not the present, nor the future.

Buddha stayed thousands of years ago, but he was able to compete with Tian Yi thousands of years later.

After such a long period of mortal training, the demons have already surpassed them, and they can compete with Shi Tian.

But this series of big collisions, Primordial Heavenly Demon was under great pressure, he screamed suddenly, and directly smashed all around Sun, Moon, and Stars Chen, and shattered a piece of Star River.

“I am the First Demon in the world!” He roared at starry sky and Shi Tian, making Shi Tian frown. This terrifying innate talent is so terrifying without entering Supreme Road.

In this case, the Primordial Heavenly Demon can’t stay!

“After today, there will be no more demons in the world!” Shi Tian responded indifferently, stood up from the void, and moved his hands slowly.


It’s like a god, pushing Sun, Moon, and Stars Chen, Shi Tian rays of light ten thousand zhang at this moment, holding Yin and Yang in both hands, stepping on life and death, and reincarnation in his eyes.

The sky is full of stars with him, and in the universe, all kinds of formation marks shine.

In the starry sky, a huge yin fish is entangled with a huge yang fish, forming a huge gossip, which is suppressed frantically, exuding an ancient and majestic atmosphere, which is enough to destroy everything.

Push down directly at the Primordial Heavenly Demon!




This kind of weather, this kind of power, this kind of domineering, all the shocking Everyone was stunned!

The Primordial Heavenly Demon hit hard, and his body trembled. After all, he didn’t set foot on the Supreme Road. Endless abyss.

Shi Tian stared indifferently, and directly attacked.

The Primordial Heavenly Demon is about to fall.

Li Qingshan’s expression changed greatly when he saw this scene. The Primordial Heavenly Demon died, but no one could hold Shi Tian down, and he could no longer be in unity of nine lifes.

At the crucial moment, a blooming flower, appearing out of thin air, enveloped the Primordial Heavenly Demon, propping up the suppressed Sealing Immortal Great Restriction.

Among the flowers, there was a young girl staring at Shi Tian with a serious face.

Li Qingshan couldn’t move his eyes when he saw the girl.

(End of this chapter)

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