Max-Level Comprehension – Face The Wall For 80 Years Chapter 169


Chapter 169 Your opponent is me!


Shi Tian rays of light ten thousand zhang

At this moment, the Star River is endless and boundless. A pair of huge Yin-Yang Fish are entangled, covering the Primordial Heavenly Demon below, chaos is roaring, and all the halos in the universe are absorbed.

At this moment, the universe seems to be repeating itself.

At this crucial moment, a blooming flower directly propped up the New World and resisted this ferocious blow.

The huge Yin-Yang Fish collided with this flower, and instantly burst into infinite energy.

bang! !

In this brief moment, the universe roared, thousands of things collapsed, and the world seemed to be opening.

There is chaos boiling, everything is broken, the chaotic fog is crazy, there are divide splendor everywhere, turbulent flow is everywhere, impacting everything, making the hearts of those who are fighting in the distance tremble.

Especially the people in the Fourth World, when they saw their Old Ancestor hit a heaven shaking, earth shattering blow, the Primordial Heavenly Demon body shook violently, flew out, and was suppressed no more. The power of resistance.

I thought I had won, but now a flower suddenly appeared, as if it was fighting against the will of the entire universe, directly shattering Yin-Yang Twin Fish.

Of course, the flowers also split inch by inch, turning into wisps of energy, pouring into the body of the girl in the flower.

At this time, the sky collapsed and the starry sky cracked.

With Purple Qi boiling, there are several tens of thousands of li in one rush.

A lava erupted, staining half of the sky red.

There are polar ice oceans, frozen for tens of thousands of miles in an instant.

Everything, in this brief moment, became chaotic.

The world watched in astonishment, staring at the girl in the flower, wondering what the origin was.

Everyone in Immortal World was happy. It was obvious that the expert who looked like a girl belonged to them.

And Li Qingshan’s eyes, after the appearance of the girl, can’t be moved.

Hua Yun!

Or, the reincarnation of Fairy Maiden Hua.

Li Qingshan found her for several decades. He has traveled thousands of miles, entered the Divine Realm, and searched everywhere. For a twenty-year contract, he has been sticking to it.

It wasn’t until Westland that Li Qingshan figured out Hua Yun’s true identity.

At that time, the monk Foyin pointed at Li Qingshan’s eyebrows, which made Li Qingshan’s will enter an ancient time and met Fairy Maiden Hua at that time.

It was the first time Li Qingshan saw Hua Yun’s appearance.

Although it is a previous life, the gap is not particularly big. The girl in front of me can be recognized at a glance.

Hua Yun is Li Qingshan’s first, and only one, woman who gave her promise.

One of the reasons why Li Qingshan came here was to meet Hua Yun.

He didn’t expect that the battle was so intense that Hua Yun appeared.

I thought I would never see it.

At this moment, Hua Yun, who resisted Shi Tian’s attack, stood in the universe, with a lovable body and slender, dressed in white battle clothes, carved countless patterns, set off her graceful figure, her beautiful face was slightly cold, staring at Shi Tian.

Suddenly, she seemed to sense something, turned her head and looked towards the depths of Fourth World.

Across the endless space, Hua Yun saw Li Qingshan.

She smiled and looked towards Li Qingshan, like a spring breeze, a hundred flowers blooming, and spring came.

But only for a moment, Hua Yun immediately turned his head, looked towards Shi Tian, and became serious.

Li Qingshan took a deep breath, remembered the beauty of this moment, and started unity of nine lifes.

Now is not the time for love between children, he has to hurry up.

Li Qingshan is no longer afraid when Hua Yun arrives, at least he can last for a while, he only needs a while.

[Watch carefully, activate max-level comprehension, and comprehend the unity of nine lifes! ]

In front of Li Qingshan’s eyes, a line of text appeared, which refreshed him.

“Begin to fuse!” Li Qingshan looked towards the Eight Great Past Lives beside him, ignoring others, and began to fuse.

Here Li Qingshan is working on unity of nine lifes.

On the other side, Shi Tian was also immediately and saw Hua Yun.

His Yin-Yang Twin Fish was broken, causing such a big momentum that Shi Tian also stepped back, frowning.

When seeing Hua Yun standing in front of Primordial Heavenly Demon, Shi Tian frowned and looked carefully, he didn’t know Hua Yun.

However, he sensed a familiar aura on Hua Yun.

“You are the one who came back from Supreme Road!” Shi Tian frowned deeply, surprised for the first time, and looked at Hua Yun carefully.

The Primordial Beginning Heavenly Demon also looked towards Hua Yun, very surprised.

“Fairy Maiden Hua…” Primordial Heavenly Demon began, he didn’t expect to see his contemporaries.

In that period of Immortal World, Buddha and Demon were born, shining together in that era, but in that era, there was a woman who was no worse than them.

Fairy Maiden Hua!

The girl who was born in the flowers.

She is an abandoned child who was found among the flowers on a rainy night.

Afterwards, she grew up eating food from hundreds of families, and also followed the good-hearted people and started cultivation.

Fairy Maiden Hua does not worry about her tragic life, she often says that she is the child of Baihua.

After cultivation, Fairy Maiden Hua jumped beyond everyone’s expectations and grew at an amazing rate.

She amazes Amitabha, she amazes the Primordial Heavenly Demon.

The last she, following Amitabha, entered Supreme Road.

Prmordial Heavenly Demon has treasured this feeling since then, he thinks that he will not see Fairy Maiden Hua in his life, but didn’t expect, thousands of years later, Fairy Maiden Hua will never be seen again. Appeared once.

The Primordial Heavenly Demon was amazed and delighted.

“Devil, long time no see.” Hua Yun said softly without looking back.

The Primordial Heavenly Demon smiled happily and said with emotion: “Long time… no see!”

It’s really been too long.

It’s been so long that everything has changed.

“We joined forces together. He has already stepped out of Supreme. If he hadn’t given up a lot of things, after so many years, he would definitely be able to break through. We need to delay for a while.” Hua Yun said this When remarking, her eyes kept looking towards Li Qingshan in the distance. She knew that Li Qingshan was breaking through and accumulating strength.

Li Qingshan needs time!

Although she doesn’t know what Li Qingshan’s plans are, she can delay for a little while for Li Qingshan.

Shi Tian watched Hua Yun talk with Primordial Heavenly Demon, frowned, the disturbance just now has gradually subsided, he is still intact and still as strong as Demon God.

His hair fluttered, his pupils were purple like ocean, deep and vast, staring at Fairy Maiden Hua, shouted: “How did you escape from Supreme Road?”


“It’s a different way from you.” Hua Yun calmly said.

“Do you know how I got back?” Shi Tian frowned, shocked and couldn’t believe it.

“Dedicate your life to the merchants on Supreme Road, hand over all your treasures, throw away everything in yourself, in exchange for a chance to escape. You are no longer who you were, your body , everything in your past has been lost, and you will never be able to cross the next realm in this life. After so many years, even if the Supreme breath of this universe is weak, it is enough for you to cross the other half of your foot, but you just can’t break through, forever, there is no hope!” Hua Yun sneered, said.

“Impudent!” Shi Tian shouted, glaring at Hua Yun, his eyes were cold and angry, his heart trembled, Hua Yun actually knew about this.

“You came back like me, why can you accuse me of devotion to righteousness that inspires reverence?” Shi Tian angrily said.

“I said, I’m not the same as you.” Hua Yun calmly said, glowing all over her body, with petals surrounding her, like a peerless Fairy.

โ€œYour cultivation base is not as good as me, how could you come back?โ€ Shi Tian asked, pointing at Hua Yun, not believing it at all.

“You’ve always wanted to see the Buddha. On Supreme Road, you must have heard the legend of the Buddha. The Buddha walked farther than you, and I was sent back by him.” Hua Yun told the truth and asked Shi Tian Surprised.

Hua Yun naturally wouldn’t take the initiative as long as he could delay the time.

“You were sent by the Buddha?” Shi Tian was beyond surprised.


โ€œAbsolutely impossible!โ€

โ€œOn Supreme Road, the participants canโ€™t leave at all, unless they meet Dimensional Merchant and give up everything , and trade with Dimensional Merchant to escape from there, no one can leave by themselves, let alone send someone away!” Shi Tian shook his head, he was shocked and refused to believe it.

“There is no other, because he is a Buddha!” Hua Yun didn’t explain, but just shouted coldly, and his voice was so loud that Shi Tian choked back all the words.

He couldn’t help trembling, his face was complicated, and his eyes became bitter.

Go in at the same time, and everyone starts at the same starting point, all Supreme.

But why do you keep moving forward, even leaving countless legends in Supreme Road, even if he did not advance much, he also heard the name of Buddha.

at first Shi Tian admires Buddha very much.

But then he became jealous.

They are all geniuses in the same universe. After reaching Peak and entering Supreme Road in this universe, why can you be famous in the universe and in the world.

And I’m going to be on Supreme Road, struggling, danger everywhere, hard to survive?

In the end, Shi Tian gave up everything, traded with Dimensional Merchant, and chose the hard way to escape Supreme Road.

He returned to Fourth World and immediately announced that he had torn his face with Immortal World, and at the same time created mound and trapped Immortal World.

The beginning of all stories stems from Shi Tian’s jealousy of Buddha, which led to the chaos of the Immortal World for millions of years in the future.

Now, what Hua Yun said makes Shi Tian unable to refute.

His jealousy was surging wildly.

Under the starry sky, Shi Tian’s black hair is scattered, his eyes are deep, and there is a crazy killing intent.

It’s about Buddha, he doesn’t like it!


At this moment, Shi Tian roared without warning, his whole body was boiling with imposing manner, he stood there like a Divine King, and one after another starlight gathered towards him.

At the end, the white starlight fell like a waterfall and poured on his body, forming a bright ocean that made the starry sky tremble.

โ€œAbove the Heavens and Under the Earth, Only I Am Supreme!โ€

โ€œI am the strongest in this universe!โ€

Shi Tian roared, his hair flying all over, his whole body was like Divinity and Demon, he threw his fists and went straight down, invincible.

Dong dong dong! ! !

At this time, the whole starry sky was revived, like Dao Mark bursting out with his own will, interweaving billions of light, Shi Tian setting off, like Lord of Universe.

The originally dark universe is now white, and the power of many stars condenses to create an invincible road for Shi Tian.


The big hand made of starlight clenched a fist, and fiercely slapped it down, Shi Tian screamed, even more brave, covered with Dao marks, exuding Blazing rays of light.

At this moment, Hua Yun and Primordial Heavenly Demon are taking it seriously. The two have known each other for many years.

“a thought bloomed flower, Monarch Overlooking The Whole World!”

Hua Yun’s cold voice sounded, her thoughts bloomed, a flower is a world, containing vast formidable power .

And at this moment, she is surrounded by tens of thousands of flowers, which are all her thoughts.

These thoughts burst out, rammed up, and hit Shi Tian’s big hand.

And the Primordial Heavenly Demon also roared, and in front of the Fairy Maiden Hua he once liked, his strength burst out.

“When the world is powerless, it is the devil descends on the earth!”

Primordial Heavenly Demon has countless ancient runes, accumulated over thousands of years, and this moment flashes Out, the immortal Supreme who set off him was resurrected, and he directly slaughtered the past.

The Primordial Heavenly Demon and Hua Yun shot together, two Peak Supremes, against a Shi Tian who stepped out of the Supreme Realm with half a foot.

bang! !

At this moment, the sound waves seemed to turn the universe upside down.

The attack of Primordial Heavenly Demon and Hua Yun, crushing dry weeds and smashing rotten wood, resisted Shi Tian’s blow, and the burst of energy directly destroyed many meteors.

The two people approached Shi Tian at this moment and attacked together. The three people seemed to be walking against the Time Eternal River, all split up and in pieces, and black holes kept emerging.

In the starry sky, the battle continued, and when it was white-hot, Li Qingshan was still breaking through silently.

Because of the max-level comprehension and comprehended unity of nine lifes, for Li Qingshan, it’s just a matter of integrating everything.

With the Eight Great Past Lives by his side, Li Qingshan’s mind is empty, and everything around him is nothing to him.

It will be difficult for other people to integrate past lives, because they have rich experiences in past lives, but Li Qingshan is different.

His eight past lives are all very simple. The most time in each past life is spent in extended time, comprehending Three Thousand Rules.

Now Li Qingshan wants unity of nine lifes, he only needs to use Three Thousand Rules to play a traction role.

He slowly merged, the first body suddenly opened his eyes, looked at Li Qingshan, then turned into a starlight and poured into Li Qingshan’s body.

The first life, fusion!

Although this process is simple, it is based on Li Qingshan’s eight previous lives. It is pure and transparent, and it is not polluted by the world. Ninety-nine percent of the time in his life is extended. inside.

That’s why it’s so easy to comprehend.

Second life is the same.

The third life!

The fourth life!


In the eighth life, the power in Li Qingshan’s body was suppressed to the extreme. Every cell in him was full of energy and squeezed together like a It is a great mound for flood discharge, and it has stored water to the extreme.

“Then smash this great mound!” Li Qingshan pointed out, and merged with the eighth body.

bang! !

The next second, only a sound of ka-cha was heard, Li Qingshan’s body, a certain critical point was reached, and then the mound was smashed, the infinite flood broke out, broke through all obstacles, and finally turned into Three Thousand Rules, Travel in the Supreme Realm.

Li Qingshan, unity of nine lifes, stepped into Supreme Realm.

On the other side, Hua Yun teamed up with the Primordial Heavenly Demon to fight, and the result was also divided.

Even if the two of them joined forces, they couldn’t hold back Shi Tian’s violent attack.

At this moment, they can only resist with difficulty, like a small boat in a sea storm, swaying with the wind and being smashed at any time.

โ€œSealing Immortal Great Restriction!โ€

Shi Tian shouted again, he didnโ€™t want to delay any longer, Divine Ability at this moment, the sky and the earth, far surpassed the last Sealing Immortal Great Restriction.

At this time, Shi Tian took out 100% of his power, causing many stars to tremble, all of which were emitting the original divine splendor, which spread toward this place, and a super huge wave swept the universe.

The Yin-Yang Twin Fish appeared again and pressed down directly.

Hua Yun and the Primordial Heavenly Demon spewed blood and couldn’t resist.

Li Qingshan saw this scene and stepped out directly, holding up the sky with one hand, and with a bang, he withstood the Sealing Immortal Great Restriction.

The next second, Li Qingshan stared directly at Shi Tian and said, “From now on, your opponent is me!”

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(End of this chapter)

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