Max-Level Comprehension – Face The Wall For 80 Years Chapter 170


Chapter 170 The Fall of Shi Tian (Subscribe)

Li Qingshan’s shot blocked Shi Tian’s efforts to break out the Sealing Immortal Great Restriction.

He held up the sky with one hand, and held the Yin-Yang Twin Fish, which was pressing down, firmly, and then gave a shock.

bang! !

Yin-Yang Twin Fish cracked directly and spread to all directions, forming huge ripples, the universe was quiet, and then from Immortal World to Fourth World, all were impacted, countless people Watching in astonishment.

The entire universe was shaken at this moment.

The people who were fighting in the distance were also forced to separate. Immortal World and Fourth World stared at each other, and looked at Li Qingshan and Shi Tian in unison.

The final result of this war depends on the outcome of these two people.

Li Qingshan destroys the Sealing Immortal Great Restriction, drawing Shi Tian’s attention.

“Who are you?” Shi Tian asked Li Qingshan coldly.

He didn’t know who Li Qingshan was.

He had never seen Li Qingshan before.

“Lord of Immortal Court, Li Qingshan!” Li Qingshan said in a sonorous voice, and took his position in Immortal World.

In the past, he had never used the Lord of Immortal Court before, and Li Qingshan uttered the name in the face of Shi Tian.

In those days, the Ancient Immortal Court attacked the mound brazenly and attacked the Fourth World, which caused huge repercussions.

Then the new Immortal Court was established, and the True Martial Great Emperor, North Star Great Emperor, Nine Heavens Sweeping Demon Great Emperor and the others stormed the mound one after another.

Although they failed miserably because of singlehanded.

But this spirit is worthy of recognition.

Now Li Qingshan puts the title of Immortal Court Lord in front of him, he wants to tell Shi Tian and Fourth World.

From millions of years ago to the present, whether it is the Ancient Immortal Court or the new Immortal Court, inheritance has never been cut off, and the experts of Immortal World have never given up the dream of hitting the mound and breaking the Fourth World. .

Millions of years of waiting, millions of years of dream, until now, has finally seen the light of day.

Lord of the new Immortal Court, confront Old Ancestor Shi Tian of Fourth World.

“The Lord of Immortal Court?” Shi Tian frowned, sneered, and looked at Li Qingshan with disdain.

“I remember that millions of years ago, there was a youngster with the same blood as you, with a group of Emperors, attacking the Fourth World, throwing his head and shedding blood, which was very touching. Finally, I put them one after Another kill.”

“Today, you can’t escape the exception!”

Shi Tian said coldly, the five-colored cloud in his eyes was flowing, very real , stared directly at Li Qingshan, and then forced to come step by step.

Dong dong dong! ! !

Shi Tian stepped in, the void imposing manner was unparalleled, causing a huge catastrophe. He just came on foot, but it seemed to shake the heavens and the world, and Heaven and Earth Grand Dao rumbled.

Shi Tian was bored by this endless battle.

He wants to solve all the troubles at once.

At this moment, he was swallowing the Moon and Moon Star River, exuding a huge incomparable atmosphere, making the whole universe breathe with his breath, tremble with his heartbeat, at this moment, he Like a being that transcends all the gods in the world.

“A new Supreme, who dares to be boosted shamelessly in front of me, let me tell you how terrifying the gap between you and me is.” Shi Tian slammed down with a punch, covering his body golden , blood rushing to the sky, beating like flames, exuding bright radiance, this fist carries the impact down.

Li Qingshan beckoned and sent Hua Yun and Primordial Heavenly Demon out of here.

Then, he punched forward with a punch. After the fusion of the ninth world, his arrogance was unparalleled. This fist carried Three Thousand Rules and directly broke the Eternal Void, no matter who it was, even if it came back from Supreme Road. Shi Tian, he is in front of him, and he has to knock him down.

Once this battle starts, there is no turning back. Immortal World has no way out. It must break the mound, destroy the Fourth World, and start a bloody battle forward to find a way out.

With a bang, the Eternally Blue Sky shook, the universe collapsed in an instant, and two fists collided.

bang! ! !

This time, golden’s fist exploded, like tens of thousands of stars shattered, splendid and terrifying, and the associated stone Tian Yi directly shook thousands of miles away.

This scene stunned the people of the four worlds, and their Old Ancestor was blasted thousands of miles away.

Immediately there was Supreme who took a fancy to Li Qingshan.

They found that Li Qingshan was not feeling well either. Drenched with blood on a pair of fists, he kept retreating in the void, stepping down with each foot forcefully, smashing a large area of the universe’s void environment, and finally retreating again and again. After ninety-nine steps, he stopped his body.

Drenched with blood on the fist, the bones are visible, and there is no substantial damage to Li Qingshan. In an instant, the flesh is reborn, the bones are repaired, and Li Qingshan is back to his original state.

This scene made Fourth World’s experts unacceptable.

Their Old Ancestor Shi Tian was struck thousands of miles away, trying his best to stabilize his body, golden blood surged like waves, this was not self-formation, it was punched by Li Qingshan’s fist.

And Li Qingshan just took ninety-nine steps back and repaired the wound in an instant. Anyone with a discerning eye would know that Shi Tian had suffered a loss.

Shi Tian himself looked at Li Qingshan in shock.

He was injured.

Out of sight of the world, his palms trembled, and the bones inside were shattered by Li Qingshan.

Although like Li Qingshan, he can also repair in an instant, but this indicates that the youngster in front of him can fight him.

“You’re just entering the Supreme Realm for the first time!” Shi Tian looked at Li Qingshan and couldn’t believe it. Just now Hua Yun and Primordial Heavenly Demon joined forces, and he could suppress each other. One was the Human World Demon, the other It was Hua Zhongxian, and he was defeated by him even when he started his hands.

But now facing Li Qingshan, he was shot thousands of miles away.

“When I was in Human World, I had a title that I didn’t think was suitable at the time, but now I deserve it!” Li Qingshan said proudly.

“What title?” Shi Tian repaired his injury and stared at Li Qingshan coldly, clenching his fists.

β€œDivinity of Human World!”

Li Qingshan’s eyes were bright and bright, remembering the evaluation of Immortal Dao Gold List, at that time he thought it was just a joke, didn’t expect After many years, he really did Divinity of Human World.

Under this starry sky, only Shi Tian in front of him can be regarded as his opponent.

Defeat Shi Tian, he is invincible in Human World.

Whether it is Human World or Immortal World, or starry sky, Fourth World, his Divinity of Human World is well-deserved.

“What a big tone, Divinity of Human World, I will kill God today!” Shi Tian gritted his teeth, roared, and rushed over.


“Time is reversed, myriad forms reappear!”

Shi Tian roared and displayed the amazing Great Divine Ability, which made the starry sky vibrate, a devastating force, across the Time and space, shaking the old illuminating the new, come from hacking.

This destructive force turned into a huge stone blade, cut through the sky of the universe, and stood in front of Li Qingshan, dividing Li Qingshan into two.

The stone blade exudes the yellow rays of light of lemon, with a simple and simple charm, flowing slowly, the air permeates the long rainbow, oppressing the universe, making the stars vibrate, as if it will collapse at any time, this moment has become between Heaven and Earth the eternal one.

Li Qingshan is fearless, after unity of nine lifes, he has already set foot on the Peak, Supreme Realm.

And the Three Thousand Rules he mastered, wrapped his palms in this brief moment, protruded forward the next second, covered the heavens, shielding the sun, grabbed the stone blade directly, and then violently shook , ka-cha sounded, and it shattered directly.

“The world is chaotic!”

Shi Tian kills to the point of madness, and if one strike fails, another move is his lifelong Absolute Art, showing a vast and mighty power, and he wants to be in the universe. Capture Li Qingshan.

Li Qingshan also didn’t want to be outdone, directly approaching Shi Tian, Three Thousand Rules trembled in his palm, his body was like a dragon, he swam suddenly, and slashed directly with one palm.

The palm of Three Thousand Rules slammed on Shi Tian’s back, hitting Shi Tian Yi, staggering, his body shaking violently, and he spurted blood and sprinkled it in the starry sky.

“What is this, you are holding the Three Thousand Rules?” Shi Tian was shocked. After being shot and vomiting blood, he stared desperately at the flowing Three Thousand Rules between Li Qingshan’s palms.

For all cultivators, Three Thousand Grand Dao and Three Thousand Rules are no strangers.

Ordinary people can step out of the Emperor Realm if they can master one in their lifetime, and if they master several more, they can move forward in the Emperor and touch the threshold of Supreme.

Mastering more than tens of hundreds of species, you can spy on Supreme Realm.

Shi Tian cultivation so far, the Rule mastered has not exceeded 500.

Because it is not necessary.

Not every Rule is suitable for you, instead of wasting time to study those Rules, it is better to comprehend the existing ones, integrate them, break through the limit, and look forward to the next section of the cultivation path.

Shi Tian has never seen someone hold Three Thousand Rules in his hand.

The Human World isn’t working right now.

Not even a reincarnated fairy in a flower.

The Buddha who set foot on Supreme Road will not do either.

This impossible thing in Shi Tian’s eyes was suddenly made possible by Li Qingshan.

Shi Tian is a smart man, he immediately understood why Li Qingshan dared to face his own confidence.

Supreme Realm with Three Thousand Rules in hand.

Shi Tian trembled with jealousy.

He wondered how Li Qingshan did it?

“Everything should be over!” Li Qingshan said grimly.

Even if Shi Tian stepped out of Supreme Realm with half a foot, Li Qingshan was not afraid of him.

At this moment, he fuses the Three Thousand Rules together and the powerful Divine Sense into the sky and gathers them together. This is the sublimation and unity of endless spiritual power.

In the next second, Li Qingshan went straight forward, turning into a streak of divine light, shining through the ages, penetrating the past and the present, fuse together Three Thousand Rules and Divine Sense, and shot straight at the Shi Tian in front.

bang! ! !

This is Li Qingshan’s first initiative.

He didn’t hold back.

Even if Shi Tian quickly set up his defense and was as strong as a city wall, he was easily penetrated.

Condensing the strength of Three Thousand Rules and Li Qingshan’s own unity of nine lives, the impact came, even if Shi Tian stepped out of Supreme Realm with the other half of his foot, he could not resist.


Shi Tian Yi screamed and was pierced in the universe. Tian screamed.

Shi Tian from Supreme Road, Old Ancestor from Fourth World, and Heaven’s Chosen once fell sadly.

While Li Qingshan stood behind Shi Tian, his face was calm.

At this moment, Fourth World’s expert was heartbroken.

At this moment, the expert in Immortal World died of joy.

But Li Qingshan looked towards the huge mound that stretched across the universe.

He didn’t speak, just smashed out with a single fist smashed out.

bang! ! !

The mound that imprisoned the Immortal World for millions of years collapsed suddenly.

The rich energy aura in Fourth World, as well as the Supreme energy key to breaking through Supreme Realm, generally flooded the Immortal World range.

The Immortal World lost millions of years of energy, in this brief moment, is back.

And Li Qingshan turned around and looked at the experts from Fourth World.


There is no unnecessary nonsense, both parties are irreconcilable.

In that case, kill it.

Li Qingshan dropped the word, and the battle resumed in an instant.

Emperor fights, Supreme fights, fire beacon, Fourth World that lost the Fountain of Rebirth, and experienced the fall of Old Ancestor, there is no fighting intent.

Falling back and forth.

After millions of years, the Immortal World has finally won this war.

(End of this chapter)

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