Max-Level Comprehension – Face The Wall For 80 Years Chapter 172


Chapter 172 Resurrection

Chapter 172 Resurrection

Li Qingshan with Hua Yun , enter Fourth World, and seriously look for Spring of Life.

The Fourth World is vast and boundless, presenting a huge plane, which is several times larger than the Immortal World in the universe.

Li Qingshan is in charge of half, Chu Xiangyu and Heavenly Concubine are in charge of half.

Searching Fourth World with his current Supreme Realm Primordial Spirit is a breeze.

And there is Hua Yun beside him, there are some hidden small worlds in Fourth World, folding worlds, which are easily discovered by Li Qingshan.

After exploring these worlds one after another, Spring of Life was discovered by Li Qingshan.

Spring of Life is a spiritual spring without roots, hidden in a separate world, the entire world is empty, only Spring of Life wanders in it.

Li Qingshan and Hua Yun saw Spring of Life, showing a faint blue jade-green, exuding a fragrance, refreshing, faint rays of light in this folded world, very hazy and beautiful.

“Is this Spring of Life?” Li Qingshan looked at him in surprise.

Hua Yun said nonchalantly: “This is Spring of Life, there is no such thing in this universe, only to jump out of this universe and go to a wider world, even the legendary Land of Primal Chaos. Only then will there be something of the level of Spring of Life.”

“This Spring of Life is the treasure brought by Shi Tian from Supreme Road. He gave up everything to escape, but hid Spring of Life. I have been able to maintain Peak over the years, and I have relied on this thing, so there are still some left here, enough to revive two people.” Hua Yun said.

β€œHow to put it away?” Li Qingshan asked.

β€œWhy put it away?” Hua Yun asked rhetorically.

“Aren’t you and Chu Xiangyu going to revive someone else? Here it is,” Hua Yun said.

Li Qingshan also thought about it, why put away the Spring of Life, because there are not many, he immediately called Chu Xiangyu, saying that he had found the Spring of Life.

The next second, Chu Xiangyu and Heavenly Concubine Tearing Space, descended here.

“This is Spring of Life, and it’s really beautiful.” Chu Xiangyu was also impressed when he saw Spring of Life.

β€œThis refreshing scent can turn life and death.” Heavenly Concubine said in amazement.

“Fourth World’s Fountain of Rebirth is what Shi Tian modified according to the characteristics of Spring of Life. Every person who is born in Fourth World will enter the Fountain of Rebirth and leave a mark, so Even after death, it can be retrieved in Fountain of Rebirth. Of course, if you want to be resurrected, the cultivation base needs to reach the Immortal King Level. To a certain extent, Fountain of Rebirth is the evolution of Spring of Life, in this universe , owning its own soil,” Hua Yun told Li Qingshan.

β€œHow to use Spring of Life to revive others?” Li Qingshan asked.

“Before your life, you can be divided into two, you two, hold half of each, and then call for that person in your heart, find the trace of that person in the long river of time, and then lead it to In Spring of Life, life would pull him out of the past and give him a new life,” Hua Yun said carefully.

She has entered Supreme Road and naturally knows how to use Spring of Life.

Li Qingshan and Chu Xiangyu, obediently divided Spring of Life into two, each holding it in the palm of their hand.

Li Qingshan is recalling his past with Daoist Long.

From the moment he came to Immortal World, after the end of the Emperor Pass defense, General Bai recommended Li Qingshan to enter the Immortal Court Academy. In this Academy, Li Qingshan met Daoist Long who was guarding the Time Channel.

Since then, Daoist Long saw Li Qingshan’s great potential, and he was willing to cultivate him, so he helped him everywhere.

Thinking like this, Li Qingshan closed his eyes and reached out to gently stroke the Spring of Life in his palm.

As he stroked, time began to slowly ripple.

Li Qingshan lightly turned the time back.

With his current strength and his current understanding of Rule, it is easy to go back in time.

In the ancient and long Time Eternal River, there are countless pasts. Among these pasts, there are ordinary, brilliant, great, sacrifice…

Daoist Long It belongs to the category of sacrifice.

He sacrificed himself to help Li Qingshan continue his life.

Li Qingshan rewinds the time to that day.

The day the Changsheng family held a banquet.

Daoist Long has been sublimated to the utmost, dragging an Emperor into the depths of the universe, and there is no news in the future.


Time is frozen in this brief moment.

Daoist Long and Emperor went deep into the universe together and came to the mound to fight.

This moment was framed as eternity by Li Qingshan.

Then Spring of Life was in it, swimming slowly, wrapping Daoist Long slowly and leisurely.

bang! !

Time suddenly exploded, eternity suddenly disappeared, and the time that was dialed back quickly returned to the right path.

In front of Li Qingshan, the familiar old man appeared.

Daoist Long.

Li Qingshan smiled when he saw Daoist Long, and the guilt in his heart finally disappeared.

Li Qingshan felt a lot of guilt when Daoist Long died in those days, and only by resurrecting Daoist Long at this moment can this heart disease be removed.

“long time no see!” Li Qingshan looked at Daoist Long and smiled happily.

Daoist Long scratched his head and looked all around. Although he didn’t know where he was, he didn’t lose one’s head out of fear.

“I seem to have had a long, long dream.” Daoist Long recalled with emotion.

β€œWhat did you dream about?” Li Qingshan asked.

“I dreamed that Immortal Court was completely rectified, and I dreamed of what I longed to achieve until now, and it was easy to succeed under your hands.” Daoist Long said faintly.

Li Qingshan heard this and laughed without saying a word.

β€œWhere is this place?”

β€œI remember being as high as I could, stepping into the Emperor Realm, giving it a shot, and falling down.”

β€œ Why am I alive again?”

Daoist Long’s memory began to slowly recover, remembering everything before, and asked Li Qingshan in surprise.

Li Qingshan didn’t speak, raised his finger and pointed at Daoist Long’s eyebrow.

Since his fall, a series of major events occurred one after another told him.

Daoist Long trembled slightly and stared at Li Qingshan with wide eyes.

What happened after he fell?

“You really saved Immortal Court? Helping the building to fall, bringing the storm to an end?” Daoist Long looked at Li Qingshan in surprise, for him, any other major events are not as important as Immortal Court.

“Wait until you go back to Immortal Court and see for yourself, won’t you know?” Li Qingshan said gently.

“Thank you.” Daoist Long’s eyes were slightly red, thanks to Li Qingshan.

“I want to thank you, well, don’t talk about this anymore, the finishing work after the war is still to be done, please go back to Immortal Court now, and let the people of Immortal Court come over to take over Fourth World. There are countless energies in this side of the world, which can nourish the Immortal World, and the breakthrough will be more convenient in the future, Emperor and Supreme are no longer a dream.” Li Qingshan said.

“I’ll go back to Immortal World and notify the people of Immortal Court to come, what about you?” Daoist Long asked.

“Immortal World’s current troubles have all been resolved, Immortal Court is on the right track, and I still have my back in it, that’s enough. Next, I’ll go into seclusion and live an idle cloud wild Crane-like life, regardless of world affairs, quietly waiting for the coming of Supreme Road.” Li Qingshan said his plan.

After he broke through Supreme Realm, the original Emperor Space was no longer useful to him, so there was no need to return to the silent cultivation of geological space.

Li Qingshan intends to take Hua Yun to hide in the fields, enjoy a quiet life for a while, and wait for the Supreme Road to land.

Daoist Long looked at Li Qingshan, did not persuade him any more, and said, “Since you have made up your mind, I will go to Immortal Court first.”

Li Qingshan nods and sees Daoist Long ‘s departure.

On the other side, General Bai was also resurrected by Chu Xiangyu with Spring of Life.

When Li Qingshan saw General Bai, he shouted: “Big Brother Bai, long time no see.”

(End of this chapter)

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