Max-Level Comprehension – Face The Wall For 80 Years Chapter 174


Chapter 174 Back to Immortal World (Subscription)

Chapter 174 Back to Immortal World (Subscription)

Li Qingshan looked at Hua Yun and said softly: “Remember when Hua Xiangrong was disappeared after Dimensional Battlefield separated from you?”

Hua Yun looked at it strangely Li Qingshan said, “Why are you asking this?”

Of course she remembered this clearly.

This life, she remembers everything clearly.

“Then did you know that Hua Xiangrong at that time entered the Immortal World after separating from her!” Li Qingshan said.

Hua Yun frowned: “Impossible, the Dimensional Battlefield at that time, couldn’t ascend on her own, and she was an uncompromising person, so how could she enter the Immortal World?”

“She I got a bead by accident, and that bead took her across the boundaries of space and entered the Immortal World.” Li Qingshan said.

“Beads…” Hua Yun looked at Li Qingshan in surprise and instantly understood what Li Qingshan meant.

“You mean that the beads I lost back then accidentally flowed into Hua Xiangrong’s hands?” Hua Yun felt incredible.

“I’m just telling you that Hua Xiangrong has a special bead in his hand, but it’s not the one you lost. It needs to be identified. When you return to Immortal Court, you can go to Hua Xiangrong.” Li Qingshan said.

“Then let’s go back to Immortal Court now!” Hua Yun couldn’t wait.

“Wait a minute, my business is not over yet.” Li Qingshan grabbed the eager Hua Yun, didn’t know whether to cry or laugh.

“Oh, yes, you’re going to find that Demonic Frog.” Hua Yun smiled apologetically and restrained his excitement.

Li Qingshan shook his head and without delaying, took Hua Yun directly and left the tombs of Jade Emperor and Crape Myrtle Great Emperor.

In the vast universe, in the vast Fourth World, there is a towering giant tower with nine hundred and 99 Layers, which is suppressed on the ground and has an extremely wide range. This tower is called Heavenspan Pagoda, in Fourth World extremely famous.

The tower is engraved with countless Emperor Formations, the Supreme texture is intertwined, and after a long period of baptism, its spiritual wisdom has long been born, and it has become a magical treasure.

But no one takes Heavenspan Pagoda for themselves.

Because of old legend, under the Heavenspan Pagoda, there is an unparalleled demon being suppressed.

Once you move the Heavenspan Pagoda, the demon will break free and descend to Fourth World, setting off a monstrous storm of blood.

This legend is so famous in Fourth World that every newborn child hears it.

What the world doesn’t know is that the demon head suppressed by Heavenspan Pagoda is the half body of Demonic Frog.

After the starry sky battle, Demon Frog dragged the half-body riddled with scars to the Heavenspan Pagoda, excited and roared.

“The other half of the body, I’m here to find you!”

With the defeat of Fourth World, no one dared to stop Demonic Frog, he tried his best, and half of his body condensed It became a big mountain, and then suddenly jumped, hitting Heavenspan Pagoda directly.

dong! !

A huge rumbling sound whirling around, resounding like a morning bell and a twilight drum, resounded in the Fourth World.

The Heavenspan Pagoda, which has been standing for millions of years, is now cracked and trembling, the Formation texture on it flickers one after another, some collapse directly, and some stubbornly resist, to stabilize Heavenspan Ontology of Pagoda.

The quality of Heavenspan Pagoda itself is Peak in Grand Dao Weapon.

In Peak’s Grand Dao Weapon, it can’t stand Supreme’s outrageous blow.

Under countless flashes of Emperor Formation, Supreme textures, the Heavenspan Pagoda held on for three seconds before collapsing.


In an instant, the morning smoke was thick, the earth trembled, and the rising sun cast a ray of sunshine, penetrating the huge storm, dust and earthquake caused by the fall of Heavenspan Pagoda, and fell on the former Heavenspan Pagoda. in the address.

The Heavenspan Pagoda collapsed suddenly, revealing a bottomless black hole in its original position, exuding a rich demonic energy inside.

The opening of the hole is sealed, but looming, and inside the black hole is the other half of Demonic Frog’s body.

Demonic Frog was so excited when he saw it, he let out a long roar: “Old Partner, fit!”

roar roar roar roar!

That was sealed There was also an excited roar from the entrance of the hole where he lived, and then it could be seen that in the dark hole, a huge monster was impacting the seal.

dong! !

As Heavenspan Pagoda fell, the seal became unstable. After being hit several times, it exploded directly, and then a black shadow jumped out of the hole.

The other half of the Demonic Frog.

Supreme Realm.

Two ordinary Demonic Frogs looked at each other and instantly fit together.

“Hahahahaha, your Demonic Frog grandpa finally has a complete body.” After the fusion of Demonic Frog, he laughed wildly, bringing up a burst of dark clouds, sweeping the sky, like a monstrous villain.

And just at this moment, Li Qingshan came with Hua Yun.

Demonic Frog’s laughter stopped abruptly, he looked at Li Qingshan in surprise, restrained all his imposing manners, and then his body became smaller and returned to his normal appearance.

The current shape of Demonic Frog is very bright and happy. The body is human-like, with a big belly, but with the head of a frog, wearing golden clothes, it looks like a Golden Cicada.

After seeing Li Qingshan, Demonic Frog involuntarily jumped in his heart, he witnessed everything in the starry sky battlefield, who is stronger and who is weaker, Demonic Frog obvious at a glance.

Although his body is now one, and they are both Supreme Realm, he didn’t digest it, and even if he did, Demonic Frog didn’t have the confidence to deal with Li Qingshan.

After all, this is the one who defeated Shi Tian.

“Congratulations!” Li Qingshan came over, saw the complete Demonic Frog, and said with a smile.

Demonic Frog said happily, “Thanks to you, without you, I wouldn’t have gotten this half-body so easily. What’s your business with me?”

” Now that you get your body back, your strength will slowly recover to Peak, what are your plans next?” Li Qingshan asked directly.

“I don’t know, maybe take a break and then leave this universe to travel somewhere else and have a look around?” Demonic Frog said.

“Is there any other universe besides our universe?” Li Qingshan asked.

“Yes, in the early days, when the world was still in chaos, one day the chaos split and formed the Seven Great Universes. The space we are in now is the First Layer Universe, also known as the Mundane Universe.” Demonic Frog looked at Li Qingshan and understood the purpose of his coming, just to ask about things in the universe, and said directly.

“Chaos split and formed the Seven Great Universes, here is the Mundane Universe…” Li Qingshan’s vision was suddenly opened. He didn’t expect this to be the case in the original universe.

Hua Yun also looked at Demonic Frog curiously and asked, “In the Seven Great Universes, is Mundane Universe the lowest one?”

Although he has entered Supreme Road, he is not sure about it. This information, Hua Yun still knows very little, or even knows nothing.

> Demonic Frog

said: “In the Seven Great Universes, the Mundane Universe is the lowest, there are countless people like yours in this universe, or various people living on a certain planet. These people, through their own efforts, through different cultivation techniques, climbed to the Peak, entered the Supreme Realm, and then entered the higher universe in several ways.”

“Which ways?” Li Qingshan asked.

β€œFirst, and the easiest one, waiting for Supreme Road to come.” Demonic Frog spread his hands.

“Second, you have elders standing up in other universes, and are willing to spend a huge price to make a transmission formation at the cosmic level and take you over.”

“Third Type , that is, you break the shackles between the two universes and go deep into the next level of universe, but no one can go through this road, so you should wait for the Supreme Road to come, when the time comes, you can enter other universes through the Supreme Road Got it.” Demonic Frog said, stroking his fat belly with his hands.

“Apart from Mundane Universe, are the other six universes divided into high and low?” Li Qingshan asked calmly.

“No, the other six universes are the Six Great Equal Universes of Chaos, they are a notch above the Mundane Universe and can accommodate more tyrannical people, Innate Spiritual God, etc.” Demonic Frog said shaking his head.

β€œSix Great Equal Universes…” Hua Yun murmured in surprise.

“What method do you plan to use to enter other universes?” Li Qingshan asked Demonic Frog.

“Like you, I’m also waiting for the Supreme Road to come, otherwise I alone, even in this universe, the relatively rare Demonic Frog, still can’t shake the gap between the two edges. barrier.” Demonic Frog said regretfully.

“Since, like us, you are waiting for the Supreme Road to come, you might as well be a guest in Immortal World. In this desolate universe, you have stayed for millions of years. Fourth World is now destroyed. I’ll go to Immortal World to see.” Li Qingshan directly invited Demonic Frog as a guest, he still doesn’t know much about this universe and needs more information from Demonic Frog.

Demonic Frog wanted to push the matter, but Li Qingshan’s serious expression and humble attitude made his heart beat.

He was afraid of Li Qingshan.

So after thinking it over and over again, Demonic Frog looked at Li Qingshan’s posture. If he didn’t visit Immortal World today, this matter would not end.

“Let’s go, let’s go, I’ve been on the mound for millions of years, trapped in a square inch, I can’t move, I just suffocate me, I’ll go to Immortal World with you and see Let’s do it.” Demonic Frog thought for a while, and nodded agreed to Li Qingshan’s invitation.

The three of them quickly returned from Fourth World to Immortal World.

All three are Supreme Realm, and the journey from Fourth World to Immortal World is only a short while for them.

Crossing the vast universe, cold and dark in the sky, and entering the Immortal World, you will feel the caress of mountains, rivers, trees, clear sky, and breeze, which makes your eyes light up and you will suddenly be enlightened.

“Although the energy of this world is a little thinner, and the world Rule Grand Dao is not visible, the scenery is really good.” Demonic Frog came to Immortal World for the first time and made a serious comment.

“The scenery is good, please let Mr. Demonic Frog appreciate it a lot. Let’s go to Immortal Court and make some repairs.” Li Qingshan smiled and invited Demonic Frog to come to Immortal Court.

They didn’t stop too much on the periphery of Immortal Court, and went straight to the core of Immortal Court, the Emperor Space.

Now Immortal Court Immortal King Level experts are all in the geological space and have their own house. Every time they have nothing to do, they will come in to absorb the energy of the Emperor Space.

The once desolate Emperor Space has been carefully planted by Li Qingshan, and the Divine Medicine is everywhere. After the efforts of Immortal Court, the population has increased.

The current Emperor Space is a little more lively.

Especially when such a big thing happened in the universe just now, everyone in Immortal World saw it.

This time Immortal Court shines.

The Jade Emperor and Crape Myrtle Great Emperor, who were once considered to be turbulent in their later years, showed their tyrannical power in the Peak period and shocked the Immortal World sentient beings.

What shocked the world even more was that now the Lord of Immortal Court even singled out Old Ancestor of Fourth World and killed him with his hands, ending the war.

Immortal Court has three more Supremes at once, and the limelight is out of the way.

Of course they don’t know that the Jade Emperor and Crape Myrtle Great Emperor have fallen.

They don’t even know that Li Qingshan has given birth to the heart of seclusion.

They only knew that Immortal Court was very strong, outrageously strong, and planted a seed in everyone’s heart.

As soon as they arrived at Immortal Court, Hua Yun asked Li Qingshan impatiently: “Where is my younger sister?”

Li Qingshan had to sound transmission into his ear and summon Hua Xiangrong to summon come over.

This pair of sisters, separated from each other for hundreds of years, finally meet again.

(End of this chapter)

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