Max-Level Comprehension – Face The Wall For 80 Years Chapter 175


Chapter 175 Understanding the Universe (Subscribe)

Chapter 175 Understanding the Universe (Subscription)

The two sisters have been separated for hundreds of years. Now that they meet again, there must be a lot to say. Li Qingshan didn’t bother them and left them alone. He took Demonic Frog to a secluded place.

This secluded place is where Li Qingshan used to retreat.

Everything is here, Li Qingshan made a pot of tea, sat under the bamboo forest with Demonic Frog, sipping tea and chatting with the breeze blowing.

“I wonder if you are used to drinking tea?” Li Qingshan said with a slight smile.

Demonic Frog picked up the teacup and drank it, the size of the teacup, compared to his mouth, looked delicate, Demonic Frog said: “I came to this universe earlier, I tasted it, although not How do you like it, but don’t reject it.”

Li Qingshan raised his eyebrows and asked, “Where did you come from?”

Li Qingshan has a great deal of respect for this universe. curiosity, he wanted to know.

Especially now, he has achieved unity of nine lifes, breakthrough Supreme, and achieved the most powerhouse in the universe. He has no goal to move forward.

lonely at the top.

In this side of the universe, his way forward is broken, so naturally he has to find a new way out.

Demonic Frog is one direction.

He knows a lot, and Li Qingshan brought him to Immortal World just to explore more information.

“I’m from Six Great Equal Universes.” Demonic Frog said comfortably, placing his hands on his stomach.

“You said earlier that there are three ways for Mundane Universe to go to Six Great Equal Universes, but among the three ways, the way you rely on your own efforts, no one can go through, so how did you come to Human World? “Li Qingshan frowned.

Demonic Frog said, “I came here by chance. I didn’t come here for so many years, and I didn’t go back. Like you, I was waiting for the Supreme Road to come.”

” If there are other methods, I can try them now.” Demonic Frog sighed.

Li Qingshan pondered for a moment and asked, “Supreme Road, what kind of road is it?”

“When it comes to Supreme Road, I have to say Six Great Equal Universes.” Demonic Frog looked at Li Qingshan and said seriously.

Having come to Emperor Space with Li Qingshan, Demonic Frog has no intention of concealing it. Anyway, what he knows is very common information in Six Great Equal Universes.

Li Qingshan’s spirit was shocked, and his eyes were bright at Demonic Frog: “I am all ears!”

“Six Great Equal Universes, which is higher than Mundane Universe, I said Mundane Universe before. It is the First Layer Universe, then the Six Great Equal Universes is the Second Layer Universe. In the Six Great Equal Universes, the ethnic groups are like the stars in the Mundane Universe. For example, the Immortal World, which is placed in the Six Great Equal Universes, is just a very unremarkable one. It might count as a small part of the village,” Demonic Frog said.

Li Qingshan is not surprised, when he came to Immortal World from Human World, it was roughly the same.

Looking up at Immortal World in Human World, it is vast, extremely vast, and feels that Human World is small.

Now look at the universe from Immortal World, feeling the vastness of the universe.

These are normal.

“Are there other wider worlds above Six Great Equal Universes?” Li Qingshan suddenly asked curiously.

This question has been stuck in his mind.

Human World goes to Immortal World, Immortal World enters the universe, and the universe is divided into First Layer Universe and Second Layer Universe.

Then beyond the Second Layer Universe, is the outside world even wider?

Demonic Frog shook his head and said, “How could there be another world? After Six Great Equal Universes, there is the Sea of Chaos, which is the origin of everything, the end of everything, and the place where eternal life wants to go. Enter The Chaos Sea is what the Peak existence in Six Great Equal Universes has always wanted.”

Li Qingshan suddenly felt a little curiosity in his heart, and asked: “The Chaos Sea, what’s the difference?”


“How do I know this, I’m just a Demonic Frog, when I came here from Six Great Equal Universes, I was very young and not strong, or I could be imprisoned on the mound by Fourth World , millions of years?” Demonic Frog shook his head.

Li Qingshan understood and motioned Demonic Frog to continue talking about Six Great Equal Universes and Supreme Road.

He was very curious.

“Six Great Equal Universes, there are six camps, they don’t like each other, they can’t destroy each other, they have conflicts all the year round, and they fight endlessly. I can’t remember, anyway, many years ago, there was a time The war swept the Six Great Equal Universes into it, causing a total catastrophe.”

“The total catastrophe broke out, killing hundreds of millions of people every moment. It lasted for 10,000 years. Heaven and Earth turned upside down, aroused the wrath of Chaos Sea, and directly lowered a road, so that if the Six Great Equal Universes want to break out a war in the future, they will go to Supreme Road.”

“This is the Supreme Road. Origin!”

“But I don’t know why, Supreme Road actually passed through the Six Great Equal Universes and came to the Mundane Universe, everyone in your universe can enter, as long as you fight, you can enter Six Great Equal Universes.”

“But in Supreme Road, it’s very dangerous, don’t think you seem invincible in Mundane Universe now, but I can tell you clearly, in Supreme Road, the top expert of the entire Human World, It’s nothing at all, when you meet someone from Six Great Equal Universes and you can win, you’ll be considered great!”

Demonic Frog said in detail, telling what he knew.

Li Qingshan chuckled and poured a cup of tea for him, saying: “I have never been arrogant or undervalue oneself. Qingqing clearly recognizes himself. Entering Supreme Road, if you can win, That’s naturally because I’m good and can’t win, that’s the problem of the universe, not me, so I won’t worry about it.”

Demonic Frog picked up the teacup, drank it, and said: ” Don’t worry, you are still very strong, that Shi Tian came out of Supreme Road, if you can defeat him, it means that your strength has already reached a certain scale, and I dare not offend you without seeing me now. .”

Demonic Frog’s self-deprecation made Li Qingshan curiously ask: “In the Supreme Realm, how is it divided?”

“Supreme Nine Heavenly Layers!” Demonic Frog said directly : “You are this realm now, very terrifying, I haven’t seen it before. After someone broke through Supreme Realm, he suddenly leapt to the Nine Heavenly Layers person, even me, my body is divided into two and a half, each cultivation to Supreme, I am also now Only Supreme 8th Heavenly Layer.”

“But I’m the breakthrough Supreme Nine Heavenly Layers, and I don’t feel like your opponent, your Three Thousand Rules, too terrifying.” Demonic Frog said truthfully, he was just afraid Three Thousand Rules by Li Qingshan.

“Three Thousand Rules, just Three Thousand Rules of Mundane Universe, or even Three Thousand Rules of Immortal World, are they that powerful?” Li Qingshan frowned, not quite understanding.

“Although there is a gap between the Mundane Universe and the Six Great Equal Universes, is the essence the same, is it a universe formed after chaos split?” Demonic Frog asked.

Li Qingshan looked startled, then nodded.

“It’s all the same, which means that the Three Thousand Rules you comprehend, even if you go to the Six Great Equal Universes, is still effective.” Demonic Frog said firmly.

“I told you so much, it’s a good fate, right?” Demonic Frog suddenly approached and said to Li Qingshan.

“Forget it!” Li Qingshan nodded.

“After that, Supreme Road will appear. Let’s go to Supreme Road together. With you in front, I can rest assured. After all, on Supreme Road, there is a lot of danger.” Demonic Frog said.

“No problem, I will definitely take you with me. You know more than me, so naturally you should take it with me.” Li Qingshan affirmed.

“Okay, I’m relieved.” Demonic Frog’s heart was elated. With Li Qingshan, a fierce man opening the way, the chances of him encountering danger would be much less.

“What realm is behind Supreme Realm?” Li Qingshan asked curiously.

“World Lord!”

“The meaning of World Lord is very powerful, now you can’t break through, and no one can break through in this universe, otherwise, that Shi Tian is There is a chance to break through, and once you break through, you can definitely beat it, even with Three Thousand Rules.” Demonic Frog said.

β€œWorld Lord!” Li Qingshan murmured.

“Don’t think too much about it, you should become the Supreme Great Perfection sooner rather than later, then I’m more at ease.” Demonic Frog said to Li Qingshan.

(End of this chapter)

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