Max-Level Comprehension – Face The Wall For 80 Years Chapter 176


Chapter 176 Millennium Time (Subscription required)

After chatting with Demonic Frog for a while, Li Qingshan’s understanding of Supreme Road, more some.

At the same time, he was also thinking about how to break through the Supreme Realm Great Perfection.

To the current Li Qingshan, in this universe, the extent of improvement is not very big.

From the Supreme Nine Heavenly Layers to the Supreme Great Perfection, it seems like a step away, but for him, it is like crossing a world.

This world is very vast, and it will take a long time for him to step out.

“But now Immortal World is no longer in danger, the mound of Fourth World has been resolved, and the source of Immortal World’s loss will gradually be recovered to reach Perfection, and breakthrough will not be difficult in the future, and Emperor will no longer be a problem. , I can also live in seclusion and wait for the arrival of Supreme Road with peace of mind.” Li Qingshan was relieved, and now he is neither impatient nor impetuous, and his mind is stable.

Supreme Great Perfection, he has time.

He also wanted to learn more about the proven mystery of Supreme Realm, after all he went from Emperor breakthrough Supreme to passing Nine Heavenly Layers all at once.

Equivalent to I First Heavenly Layer.

There is still a lot to be learned.

Under the bamboo forest, the breeze blows and the bamboo leaves rustle.

During the shaking, the light and shadow are projected, bringing a feeling of laziness. Li Qingshan sat on the chair, looking at the water in the teacup, smoking, closed his eyes comfortably, thinking about nothing, Free yourself.

He was too tired for the past time.

In the extended time, tens of millions of years have passed quietly, he has been working hard and never relaxed.

Until now, that effort, with the collapse of Fourth World, has ended.

He can rest in peace.

Li Qingshan gradually fell into a deep sleep.

This is very rare.

Since he broke through Emperor, he has never slept again.

Not to mention so relaxing and falling asleep easily and naturally.

Demonic Frog had been disappeared long ago. He was wandering in the Emperor Space and saw the various dive medicines planted by Li Qingshan.

I don’t know how long I have slept, when I heard a woman’s laughing voice, Li Qingshan opened his eyes and saw Hua Yun and Hua Xiangrong walking from a distance.

Two sisters holding hands, each beautiful, Heavenly Immortal, with happy smiles, came to see Li Qingshan.

After the reunion, the whispers between the sisters were finished, and seeing that they were all doing well, the two sisters came to see Li Qingshan.

“Brother-in-law, are you tired from watching you sleeping from afar?” Hua Xiangrong asked with concern.

Li Qingshan invited them to sit down and said with a slight smile: “Not very tired, just fell asleep unconsciously.”

Hua Yun looked at Li Qingshan with concern .

Hua Xiangrong smiled and said, “Brother-in-law, you and my elder sister are finally reunited.”

Li Qingshan looked towards Hua Yun, smiled nodded, and said, “Yes, It’s been a long time since we finally reunited.”

Hua Yun rolled her eyes at Li Qingshan and said, “It’s only been several decades.”

Li Qingshan smiled without saying a word, you said several decades in , that’s my tens of millions of years.

“Brother-in-law, now my elder sister is back, what are your plans next?” Hua Xiangrong winked at Li Qingshan and gestured with his eyes.

Hua Yun looked at Hua Xiangrong angrily and blamed her for asking this.

Li Qingshan pondered for a while, and said, “Next, I want to take your elder sister and live in seclusion!”

“Seclusion?” Hua Yun and Hua Xiangrong looked at the same time in surprise. Li Qingshan.

“Brother-in-law, you want to go into seclusion?” Hua Xiangrong asked again to confirm.

“Yes, all the problems that should be solved now have been solved. The disputes in the world have nothing to do with us, and Immortal Court is also on the right track, so we don’t need to worry. Your elder sister has traveled all over the world, isn’t it beautiful?” Li Qingshan nodded and said.

β€œThen the Immortal Court you founded, gave it to others?” Hua Xiangrong asked.

“Immortal Court is still the same Immortal Court, why should I take it for myself?” Li Qingshan asked rhetorically.

Hua Xiangrong opened her red lips, but had nothing to say.

Hua Yun sat aside, looked at Li Qingshan, and said softly, “It’s good to live in seclusion. I also want to live in seclusion, not to ask about common things, and to live in peace in the future.”

Li Qingshan reached out and grabbed Hua Yun’s soft catkin, which was warm and pleasant, with a little force, his fingers clasped together, and said, “In the last quiet time before the Supreme Road comes, we can have a normal life.”

Hua Yun smiled sweetly, looked at Li Qingshan tenderly, nodded, she is the most delicate flower among the flowers, and she doesn’t like luxury, and she is quiet and far-reaching.

“Then you are living in seclusion, and take me with you,” Hua Xiangrong said immediately after seeing Li Qingshan and Hua Yun so loving and envious.

“Okay, as long as you want, that’s fine.” Hua Yun immediately nodded.

“I will find a place with beautiful mountains and rivers, birdsong and fragrant flowers, and build a village. When the time comes to you, Xiao Jiu, Small Fox, Awei, and Five Ghosts can stay if they want to go. , we live a simple life, your elder sister and I can also guide you in your cultivation.” Li Qingshan said longingly.

A village, relatives and friends, loved ones, sunset and dusk, work at sunrise and rest at sunset.

When it rises, the moon sings and dances, and the wine is beautiful. When the fun is exhausted, I go fishing alone in the mountains and forests, watch the clouds rise and fall, drink a good cup of tea, and stay out of the world.

Li Qingshan felt beautiful just thinking about it.

“Brother-in-law, this Emperor Space is full of energy and there are many Grand Dao. Don’t you live in seclusion here?” Hua Xiangrong asked.

“No need, if you follow us, there are two Supreme experts who will guide you, and the progress will definitely be faster than in Emperor Space.” Li Qingshan shook his head.

“Then I will tell Xiao Jiu and Small Fox this news.” Hua Xiangrong immediately stood up and went to find his little sister.

Li Qingshan changed to Hua Yun and watched her leave, smiling at each other.

“She trusts your brother-in-law very much.” Hua Yun teased Li Qingshan.

“That’s because of her elder sister’s face.” Li Qingshan smiled and stretched out his hand, took Hua Yun in his arms, and let her sit on his lap.

Hua Yun’s face was lightly red, and she was close to Li Qingshan, sniffing Li Qingshan’s quiet, far-reaching, indifferent scent, deeply intoxicated, her eyes met, and she couldn’t help kissing.

In the bamboo forest, a pair of bi people embraced each other and fell asleep.


Li Qingshan decided to go into seclusion and acted quickly.

He left the Emperor Space, found Daoist Long, Dean Mu Ran, Zhang Family patriarch, told them his decision, and at the same time entrusted Immortal Court completely, and then left with a smile without hesitation.

Then, he found a place of birdsong and fragrant flowers in Immortal World.

This place is nowhere else, in Westland!

The Westland area is vast, with beautiful mountains and rivers, and beautiful scenery. The place closest to the sky, the beauty of Tibet, is beyond the reach of the world.

Here, Li Qingshan chose a place and built a village.

Then, Xiao Jiu and the others came.

For Xiao Jiu and the others, without Li Qingshan’s Immortal Court, there would be no meaning.

Learn with Li Qingshan, wherever they are, they will follow.

Small Fox will not leave Li Qingshan.

Even if Hua Yun came, she wouldn’t give up, she wouldn’t mind being a concubine if she couldn’t be the main palace.

Meanwhile, Demonic Frog is here.

Dangling around Immortal Court and even Immortal World, Demonic Frog finally followed Li Qingshan to Westland.

He also wanted to follow Li Qingshan and learn more about the Rules.

After Demonic Frog came, Xia Wuji and Immortal Bei Chen also came.

With the end of the Fourth World War, Peak experts, like Li Qingshan, chose to live in seclusion and wait for the Supreme Road.

Xia Wuji and Immortal Bei Chen were in Dimensional Battlefield before, and they also lived in seclusion with Li Qingshan, and now they naturally want to be together.

In this way, the small village of Li Qingshan has become lively.

In Westland, a Tibetan village with a pleasant scenery, there are several Supremes and Emperors who live there, and no one believes what they say.

But they are here, watching the clouds rise and fall, the flowers bloom and fade, and the changes in the world, and they are calm.

Every day, everyone is happy and carefree, getting together when they have time, and busy with their own affairs when they are not.

Tired of staying in the village, go to Westland for a walk, see all kinds of holy lakes, see Snow Mountain, see grassland, and open your mind.

Time just goes by bit by bit.

With laughter and laughter, the world changed to a new look. The ancient Fourth World war was also buried in the dust. In a trance, a small village in Westland has spent thousands of years unharmed.

A thousand years may be just a retreat for cultivators.

But for Immortal World, for Immortal World’s new generation of cultivators, several generations have changed.

In this way, in the current world, in a changeable situation, youngsters have forgotten what happened back then, and only some old people remember the starry sky war.

For thousands of years, Li Qingshan and Hua Yun also held a simple ceremony. Under the witness of everyone, they got married and became husband and wife.

This is a matter of course.

Unfortunately, Hua Yun’s body is still on Supreme Road, and she couldn’t conceive, so Li Qingshan and her did not have a child and a half-daughter.

In the 300th year after getting married, Hua Yun made the decision and asked Li Qingshan to bring Small Fox into the house.

Small Fox is grateful, elder sister is long and elder sister is short all day long, shouting cordially.

For Li Qingshan, life is so simple, he teas, chats, fishes, just look at the scenery of Westland, deepen his understanding, cultivate himself, and realize Supreme Realm.

For thousands of years, he did not break through Supreme Great Perfection, but he has accumulated almost.

Everyone was very happy, Xiao Jiu and the others, under the guidance of Li Qingshan, and the return of World Source, they have broken through the Emperor, and they have the ability to protect themselves in Immortal World.

Li Qingshan is also relieved. When they enter Supreme Road later, they also have the ability to protect themselves in Immortal World.

Awei , Xiao Jiu , Small Fox , Five Ghosts, these all entered the Emperor, they help each other, there is absolutely no danger.

Yes, Li Qingshan didn’t plan to take them to Supreme Road, after all, it’s very dangerous, he plans to pick them up after Six Great Equal Universes have a stable foothold.

Such a peaceful life is very comfortable, but the only thing that makes Li Qingshan, Immortal Bei Chen, Xia Wuji, Xiao Jiu very upset.

Heavenly Emperor is silent!

(End of this chapter)

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