Max-Level Comprehension – Face The Wall For 80 Years Chapter 177


Chapter 177 Changes in Xia Wuji

Chapter 177 Changes in Xia Wuji

From starry sky battle After a thousand years have passed, the blue sea has turned into mulberry fields, the world has changed a thousand times, and the experts have lived in seclusion.

In this legend, there is no Heavenly Emperor.

The Heavenly Emperor got the Profound Valley Gate when he was in Dimensional Battlefield.

In Dimensional Battlefield, in that dangerous battle, Heavenly Emperor tried his best, and summon came out of the gate of Profound Valley, showing huge formidable power.

After she entered the Immortal World, she disappeared.

To this day, Heavenly Emperor has not heard from him.

Li Qingshan often wonders, where did Heavenly Emperor go?

He also let the Immortal Court try to find the whereabouts of Heavenly Emperor, and there is news to contact him.

Immortal Court hasn’t contacted him once in a thousand years.

Sometimes Li Qingshan is also communicating with Immortal Bei Chen, Xia Wuji, Xiao Jiu.

We are discussing together, where is the Heavenly Emperor going?

Xia Wuji said: “When everyone came to Immortal World, they separated from each other. The Heavenly Emperor said that she would inherit her Master’s inheritance.”

“I also asked her Master. Who the hell is, but Heavenly Emperor didn’t say, no one knows, she hasn’t appeared since that parting, thousands of years have passed, she seems to disappear out of thin air.” Immortal Bei Chen sighed, he missed Heavenly Emperor very much.

That’s one of the few friends he met at Human World.

“Where the hell did Heavenly Emperor elder sister go?” Xiao Jiu pouted and looked into the distance, but he still couldn’t see anything.

Li Qingshan is silent. He doesn’t have many friends, so he cherishes everyone.

He found Demonic Frog and asked: “Do you know the gate of Profound Valley?”

Demonic Frog surprisedly said: “The God of the Valley does not die, it is called Profound Valley. The door, is called the World Root, it is long enough to survive, but not used diligently?”

“This is the record on the Dao scripture, I am asking about the door of the Profound Valley.” Li Qingshan shook his head.

“Then I don’t know, so don’t think I know everything. There are too many magical treasure weapons in this universe. If nothing else, the Grand Dao Weapon alone is too numerous to count. Where am I? You know it all,” Demonic Frog said.

Li Qingshan put out his thoughts and stopped asking.

In fact, the gate of the Profound Valley has not been said by anyone except the Heavenly Emperor, and no one knows it.

Heavenly Emperor whereabouts unknown, Li Qingshan felt melancholy, so he chose to travel and see the scenery.

Westland land, pleasant scenery, beautiful holy lake, holy Snow Mountain, clear sky, white clouds, and piles of fuck that represent a good meaning.

The water of the holy lake is clear, Li Qingshan washed his hands, and the people of Westland are full of reverence for this place.

There are often believers who take three steps and nine kowtows, turning mountains and rivers to pagodas, to wash away their inner annoyances and undeserved desires.

Li Qingshan didn’t bother them either.

As usual, he walked to the foot of Mount Meru, where he accidentally found a woman with a big belly whose amniotic fluid broke and fell down screaming.

No one knows how to deal with it all around, and this is the Buddhist Holy Land, where women give birth, and many people worry that it will attract taboos.

But in the next second, a group of monks came out of Mount Meru, and the old monk headed immediately began to deliver the pregnant woman. He didn’t care about anything, he worked hard to save the pregnant woman and the child.

All around immediately cheered, applauded, and applauded the monk’s actions.

The same is true for Li Qingshan, who witnessed this scene and witnessed a new life, and he was ready to leave.

But the next second, the monk who delivered the child loudly announced: “This child is the reincarnation of World Honored One, and he should be a living Buddha!”

Li Qingshan saw this scene and immediately watched curiously. on.

The believers all around also watched curiously.

This was born, World Honored One?

In Buddhism, especially in Westland, inheritance is the oldest and most orthodox Buddhism, World Honored One refers to a person.


Outsiders call him Great Emperor Amitābha, Amitabha Buddha Ancestor, Buddhist Old Ancestor…

But inside Westland, all monks call him World Honored One!

Now this old monk said that the child born was the reincarnation of World Honored One, and he was immediately questioned by countless people.

But the old monk didn’t explain, he put the child on the ground and quickly backed away.

The newborn baby did not cry or make trouble, but pointed to the sky and pointed to the ground, saying: “Above the Heavens and Under the Earth, Only I Am Supreme!”

As soon as this statement came out, countless people were shocked, and the believers knelt down one after another, without any doubt.

Li Qingshan looked in surprise, this child is really the reincarnation of World Honored One?

In Buddhist legends, Amitabha the first, when he was born, was like this now.

He pointed to the sky and the ground, and said, “Above the Heavens and Under the Earth, Only I Am Supreme!”

Heaven and the sky, Only I Am Supreme refers to the , each person is the subject of his own world.

In other words, except for oneself (to be precise, except for the consciousness of “I”), everything else seen (including ourselves as we see) is empty.

It doesn’t mean that Lao Tzu is first under the heavens

And now this newly born baby also makes such a move, which naturally attracts the attention of countless people.

Li Qingshan could see clearly that the baby was not under any human manipulation, and that the old monk who delivered the birth was not a conspiracy maker either.

This baby is truly the reincarnation of World Honored One!

“No, I know this baby!” Li Qingshan observed carefully and suddenly found the problem.

This baby is Monk Wuwo!

Li Qingshan was very surprised. After careful observation, he finally saw the shadow of Monk Wuwo in the depth of one’s soul of the baby.

Since the starry sky war a thousand years ago, Monk Wuwo came with Amitabha’s previous life, and brought the departed ‘Buddha’ back to the Human World to show the Supreme energy.

Monk Wuwo is disappeared.

Li Qingshan thought he was still the same as before, looking for a place to live in seclusion with peace of mind, didn’t expect him to be reincarnated, and now he has become a baby.

The baby who accepted the worship of the believers attracted the attention of countless monks on Mount Meru, and everyone came down to welcome the reincarnation of World Honored One.

Li Qingshan watched them bring the baby and mother together, and respectfully invited them into Mount Meru, with a frenzied attitude, staring at the baby without batting an eye.

Until now, the World Honored One whom I worshipped really came into the world.

Li Qingshan didn’t bother this scene because there was an illusory shadow around him.

Monk Wuwo’s Primordial Spirit!

He is still a handsome Buddhist monk, with Primordial Spirit suspended, his feet not touching the ground, and smiling at Li Qingshan.

“Li Qingshan, don’t expect to see you here.” Monk Wuwo said kindly.

Li Qingshan asked curiously: “What are you doing?”

“reincarnate and recultivate!” Monk Wuwo said.

“In the past thousand years, every hundred years, I have been reincarnated and experienced the same process as World Honored One, this life, what I realize is the process after World Honored One established Buddhism.” Monk Wuwo said.

“Does this help your cultivation?” Li Qingshan asked.

“Of course there is, I am the recipe that Amitabha received in a dream in a previous life, he passed it on to me in his previous life, and in the starry sky war, I merged with World Honored One in my previous life, and a war broke out, although the battle was fought. I won, but I couldn’t inherit the huge Supreme cultivation base of World Honored One at all. That’s why I chose this, reincarnate and recultivate, to realize the various identities of World Honored One’s previous life, and now this is the last life!” Monk Wuwo explained carefully.

Li Qingshan gently nods you

“Well, after this life has been realized, there is no need to realize it. Supreme Road will also come.” Monk Wuwo said seriously.

Li Qingshan frowned, looking towards Monk Wuwo in Primordial Spirit state, surprisedly said: “Do you know when Supreme Road will come?”

He didn’t even know.

Neither did Demonic Frog.

Hua Yun doesn’t know either.

The Primordial Heavenly Demon doesn’t know either.

How did Monk Wuwo know?

Li Qingshan looked at him curiously.

Monk Wuwo smiled slightly, and a hint of pride appeared on her white face: “My Master, but a Buddha!”

Li Qingshan frowned, then fell silent.

Monk Wuwo’s Master is the Buddha, the one who entered the Supreme Road and caused a great storm.

“Are you sure the Supreme Road is coming?” Li Qingshan asked seriously, since Monk Wuwo’s Master is a Buddha, he is willing to believe it.

“In this life!” Monk Wuwo firmly said.

Li Qingshan gently nodded

Monk Wuwo also smiled gently, the smoky spirit flew into Mount Meru, into the reincarnated living Buddha The Sea of Consciousness, continue to dormant, waiting for the end of this life.

Li Qingshan, seeing all this, also turned away, left Mount Meru, and continued to watch the scenery of Westland.

Knowing the news that Supreme Road is coming, he is not in a hurry, anyway, there is still one life, he can continue to live a normal life.

This way, Li Qingshan has seen the holy lake, stepped on Snow Mountain, touched the sky, raised prayer flags, sprinkled wind and horses, and finally passed Human World and returned to the village.

After playing around for a while, Li Qingshan’s mood was relieved a lot. Knowing that Heavenly Emperor disappeared, it was also force majeure. No news, sometimes good news.

Li Qingshan believes…no, Li Qingshan believes.

I will see Heavenly Emperor again someday in the future.

She’s so good, with inheritance, and the door to the Profound Valley, she’ll be fine.

After coming back, Li Qingshan told everyone about this life and the news that Supreme Road will come.

When Demonic Frog heard this, he patted his big belly excitedly, laughed heartily: “I can finally go back.”

His home is not in this universe, but in Six Great Equal Universes.

Others are happy too.

Xia Wuji was gearing up and said: “I really want to go to Supreme Road and go to the so-called Six Great Equal Universes.”

“I also want to go, this universe, The road has come to an end, and there is no way forward, I will continue to climb other mountains.” Immortal Bei Chen firmly said.

“But on Supreme Road, there’s a lot of danger, accidentally, you’re going to die there.” Small Fox persuaded.

After she married Li Qingshan, she knew that Li Qingshan was going to Supreme Road, and that she and Xiao Jiu Awei and the others wanted to stay in this universe, Small Fox was very worried.

“What is there to be afraid of? People die and birds face the sky, and they will not die for absolutely years. If something really happens, the mountains in the world will be the same. Wherever they die, they will be buried there.” Xia Wuji said indifferently. He is passionate, even after so many years, he is still the same as before.

“If you want to kill you, unless you strike a certain kill, or your current recovery, the enemy can’t bear it.” Li Qingshan jokingly said.

Xia Wuji’s bloodline broke out completely after entering the Supreme Realm. It was simply incomprehensible when the injury recovered.

As Li Qingshan said, if you want to kill Xia Wuji, you need to kill his Primordial Spirit with one blow, then it will work.

“Hehehe, even the poison can’t kill me now.” Xia Wuji said proudly. In order to verify his current recovery ability, he drank the poison that could poison to the death Emperor, and nothing happened. No, you must know that poison, Emperor drinks it, and after a while, the Primordial Spirit will fester.

Even Supreme is contaminated with Primordial Spirit and is difficult to remove.

But Xia Wuji just went to the toilet and pulled the poison out.

This operation silenced everyone.

Since then, whoever wants to prove his strength, he will take Xia Wuji to starry sky, life and death battle once.

Fight as hard as you can, Xia Wuji won’t die anyway.

(End of this chapter)

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