Max-Level Comprehension – Face The Wall For 80 Years Chapter 178


Chapter 178 Supreme Road Now!

Chapter 178 Supreme Road Now!

Over the past thousand years, everyone has improved a lot, especially Xia Wuji, who inherited the Kunlun Immortal inheritance, has now surpassed the Kunlun Immortal.

Everyone is waiting for a Supreme Road.

In this world, they can no longer be promoted again.

β€œTime is like water, when we were still in Dimensional Battlefield, how can we imagine who we are now?” Xia Wuji laughed and said.

“At that time, I thought immortal was incredible, and now everyone wants to get out of this universe.” Immortal Bei Chen was full of emotion.

“Actually, when I was in my first life, I didn’t have any friends. After all, the people I met on my cultivation path all left me one after another. In the end, they are all alone. But didn’t expect, after reincarnation, I can meet your group of friends, from Human World to Immortal World, everyone is still there, this is the friendship that I want to cherish. “Immortal Bei Chen said emotionally.

“Although the fairy road is bitter and cold, we embrace each other to keep warm. We will go all the way and climb to one peak after another. Looking forward to the future, I hope to see everyone in Six Great Equal Universes.” Li Qingshan said with a smile.

“That’s natural. Although you Li Qingshan is very difficult to deal with, we can’t compare to you, but we won’t be pulled too far by you.” Xia Wuji said proudly.

“It’s a pity, the Heavenly Emperor has disappeared, otherwise we would be Perfection.” Immortal Bei Chen regretted.

“Heavenly Emperor is not inferior to us. She has her own chance. I believe that in the future, I will definitely be able to see her.” Li Qingshan said firmly.

“The Heavenly Emperor you are talking about, either she is already dead, or she is not in this universe.” Demonic Frog said suddenly while listening.

Everyone looked towards him with a puzzled expression.

“Think about it carefully, the previous starry sky war broke out with such a big momentum, Immortal World and Fourth World were all involved, no one could not know. In this case, Heavenly in your mouth The Emperor hasn’t appeared yet, doesn’t it mean that she is either dead or not in this universe?” Demonic Frog said carefully.

“Didn’t you say that we cannot enter Six Great Equal Universes through other methods other than Supreme Road?” Li Qingshan asked calmly.

“Yes, there is no way, but I also said that if you have elders in the Six Great Equal Universes, you can arrange a great reception and lead formation across the universe to lead you there. already?” Demonic Frog said, spreading his hands.

Xia Wuji was dumbfounded: “Is the Heavenly Emperor so big?”

“The origin of the Heavenly Emperor is very simple, she was born in the Human World and rose step by step, how can she be with Six all of a sudden? Great Equal Universes involved?” Immortal Bei Chen was also a little dumbfounded.

“But Heavenly Emperor elder sister, she never explained how she got the Profound Valley Gate, she just said she got an inheritance.” Xiao Jiu wondered.

Li Qingshan mused, he didn’t believe Heavenly Emperor was dead.

Heavenly Emperor’s character Li Qingshan knows that she is seldom impulsive, and she has the help of the Profound Valley Gate, how could she fall so easily.

He believed Demonic Frog.

The Heavenly Emperor did not fall, she just left this Mundane Universe.

“Well, I believe Heavenly Emperor has entered the Six Great Equal Universes. If so, then we will see her in the future, not in the Human World, but in a higher universe.” Li Qingshan said with a slight smile and stopped the topic.

“Since Supreme Road will come in this life, I want to go out and play, take a look at this Human World Immortal World, and I have to go back to the homeland of Human World to engrave these in my mind.” Xia Wuji stood up and said freely.

“I also want to do something that I haven’t done before, and leave here first.” Immortal Bei Chen also stood up, he had some personal matters unresolved.

Demonic Frog also stood up when he saw this: “I’m leaving too. There are many good foods in this Immortal World. I’ll take a lifetime to taste it.”

Li Qingshan nodded and said: “Then I won’t send you off.”

Several people left one after another, Li Qingshan looked towards Awei They: “Do you want to leave?”

“Sir has a lifetime left to enter Supreme Road. I want to listen to his teachings by his side, but I don’t want to leave.” Awei shook his head, Li Qingshan is now Supreme, and listening to a Supreme’s advice is a rare opportunity, and Li Qingshan is about to leave in this life, he must hurry up.

“Okay, then this life, I’ll give you some good pointers and give you a chance to break through Supreme. I hope you can protect Xiao Jiu and the others in the future.” Li Qingshan looked at Awei and said softly.

For Awei’s innate talent, he agrees with him until now.

When he was in Human World, Awei was in danger once because of his innate talent, and Li Qingshan helped him resolve it.

Following Li Qingshan’s step-by-step improvement, Awei, although chasing after him very hard, never fell. Following Li Qingshan’s footsteps, he kept advancing and climbing. Although there are reasons for his care, Awei’s own innate talent is beyond doubt.

Awei has more innate talent than Xiao Jiu.

Now he has also entered the Emperor Realm because of Li Qingshan’s guidance, and he is very hopeful to break through Supreme.

Awei firmly nodded: “Please don’t worry sir, as long as I live one day, Xiao Jiu and my wife will not be in any danger.”

Li Qingshan patted his shoulder, very satisfied .

With the departure of Xia Wuji, Immortal Bei Chen and Demonic Frog, the village has been deserted.

Normally Li Qingshan instructs Awei and Five Ghosts in cultivation, Xiao Jiu sometimes comes to listen, and sometimes plays with Hua Yun and the others.

The sky is blue, the wild is vast, and the wind blows the grass and sees the cattle and sheep.

In the beautiful land of Westland, Xiao Jiu and Hua Yun left their happy laughter and cheerful voices.

Time passes slowly.

I am only a hundred years old.

In the eyes of a cultivator, a hundred years of time are at the fingertips.

For Li Qingshan, this hundred years and the past thousand years are the most pleasant days in his life.

There is no forced cultivation, no powerful enemies, no rivalry, and some just watch each other with family members.

He often cultivates alone, often accompanies Hua Yun, and often has fun with Small Fox, just like this, he will exhaust his time.

The hundred years of this life have come to an end.

Li Qingshan’s strength has also been upgraded to the Supreme Great Perfection Realm.

Because this time was extremely leisurely, the max-level comprehension was not triggered much, and most of them depended on Li Qingshan’s own comprehension and improvement.

After breaking through the Supreme Great Perfection Realm, Li Qingshan often looks up at the starry sky and feels that there is an invisible shackle in the universe.

This invisible shackle is not locked on this universe, but on Li Qingshan, preventing him from stepping out of the Supreme Great Perfection Realm.

“It’s really over.” Li Qingshan sighed.

At this moment, he was in exactly the same predicament as Shi Tian back then.

If the universe allows breakthrough, then Li Qingshan and Shi Tian will definitely cross the Supreme Realm and enter the next level.

“But recently, in the depths of the universe, there are often rumbling sounds, the sound of Grand Dao, rumbling, it seems that what Monk Wuwo said is right, Supreme Road is really about to appear.” Village Inside, Li Qingshan was sitting leisurely on a chair, looking at the starry sky under the night, among the stars, did he see through the universe?

Time flows like water.

Recently Li Qingshan heard that on the Westland Mount Meru, the Supreme Reincarnated Living Buddha had died during meditation, and the bodies were sent to cremation, and the Relic was burned out.

Li Qingshan knew that this was Monk Wuwo’s life as a prophet and chose to go into hiding.

This also shows that Supreme Road is about to appear.

One hundred years later, Li Qingshan told Awei and the others everything about the biography, and now he has nothing to worry about, just waiting for the ruling road to appear.

Just as Li Qingshan was looking at the starry sky, the starry sky, which should have been quiet and quiet for hundreds or even thousands of years, shook.

dong dong dong!

This vibration has destroyed countless stars, like a rushing drum, beating in everyone’s heart, let the hearts of Emperor and above follow along Shaking, jumping violently.

The people from the realm above the Emperor in the entire Human World Immortal World suddenly opened their eyes, looked towards the depths of the starry sky, with excited expressions on their faces.

The Supreme Road is here.

(End of this chapter)

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