Max-Level Comprehension – Face The Wall For 80 Years Chapter 179


Chapter 179 First Level on Supreme Road (Subscribe)

Chapter 179 First Level on Supreme Road Level (please subscribe)

There is a vibration in the starry sky of the distant universe.

This vibration is generally invisible to most people. Only the Emperor can clearly feel it, and his soul trembles with the vibration.

At this moment, in Immortal World, countless Emperors were overjoyed, they knew that Supreme Road had appeared.

This long-awaited road has finally arrived.

At the moment, there are Emperors who are very excited, laughing and weeping, thousands of words, only a sigh: “It’s finally here!”

In order to wait for Supreme Road, I don’t know. How many Emperors have self-imposed forbidden places, locked their lives, and frozen time, just to wait for this road with infinite possibilities.

In the starry sky war thousands of years ago, at a critical moment, many Emperors in Immortal World chose to unblock and participate in the war.

After winning that battle, they had no possibility to continue dormant, and could only finish this life and seek a way to break through Supreme.

However, Supreme is such a good breakthrough.

So in this life, if the Supreme Road does not come, these unsealed Emperors will fall sadly.

Although it is their own willingness to unblock, if they can’t see Supreme Road in this life, they will be very unwilling, after all, they have waited for millions of years.

Fortunately, Supreme Road is here now.

this life They can see the light of day.

Even if the dawn is weak, they can still grasp it.

So there are Emperors weeping, Emperors sighing, and Emperors tidying up and getting ready to die.

To die in the Human World and be mediocre, it would be better to die on the Supreme Road, looking at the dawn and giving birth to hope.

Although I never set foot in the future, it is also a kind of happiness to die looking at the future.

For these Emperors, Supreme Road, after millions of years, has been a deep obsession, engraved in the soul.




At this moment, the major forbidden zones in Immortal World, imposing manner are boiling, Emperor The sound was mighty, like the waves of smoke on the river, spreading out quickly, making the world look at it in astonishment.

One, two, three…

Emperor resurrected one by one, the legendary Emperors from ancient times, set foot in this world.

“The Emperor of Western inspiration, the Great Emperor who once competed with the Jade Emperor, he did not die, but was sealed in the forbidden zone.”

“That is the Great Emperor of Beihe, he He once ruled the world and established the Supreme Sea Empire, and he also recovered.”

“The ancient War God, the former king, the former Emperor King, all recovered one after another, what happened?”

The old people of Immortal World were shocked, watching the Emperor who only existed in the book records, recovering from the forbidden zone, walking from ancient times to the present, shaking off all the dust, and then without the slightest Hesitation, soaring into the sky, disappeared in the vast universe.

On this day, hundreds of Emperors were born, and the name of the forbidden zone was launched, and then they soared into the sky.

The world doesn’t know what’s going on.

It’s just that they know that there is no forbidden zone in Immortal World since then.


Li Qingshan looked at the breath of one after another Emperor, soared into the sky, eagerly entered the universe, and pursued the Supreme Road that had just appeared.

He watched calmly, hands behind ones back, not in a hurry.

Behind him, Xiao Jiu and the others stood.

“Is this the Supreme Road?” Xiao Jiu murmured.

“Yes, this is the Supreme Road that countless people have been waiting for, the Supreme Road leading to the Six Great Equal Universes.” Li Qingshan nods.

β€œSir, when are you going in?” Awei asked.

Xiao Jiu and Small Fox all looked at Li Qingshan nervously.

Li Qingshan looked at them and said, “Tomorrow.”

“Can’t you really take me?” Small Fox said pitifully.

“No, on Supreme Road, nothing is clear, I can’t take you on an adventure, wait a minute, when the time comes I’ll pick you up to Six Great Equal Universes.” Li Qingshan gentle said.

Small Fox bit his lip, hugged Li Qingshan, and snuggled into his chest, unable to bear to part.

On the other side, Hua Yun and Hua Xiangrong are also parting.

“Elder sister, be careful along the way.” Hua Xiangrong looked at Hua Yun and was very reluctant.

Entering Supreme Road at this time, Li Qingshan only intends to be with Hua Yun, and the others will not be brought, nor will they be allowed to enter.

Hua Yun also agrees with Li Qingshan’s decision. She also doesn’t want Hua Xiangrong to follow the adventure. After all, the Supreme Road is really dangerous.

“Give me that cyan bead, my brother-in-law and I will definitely work hard, when the time comes to pick you up, stay at Immortal World with peace of mind, and take care of others.” Hua Yun tenderly ‘s exhortation.

Hua Xiangrong obediently handed over the cyan beads and hugged Hua Yun reluctantly.

β€œWe will go in when Immortal Bei Chen and Xia Wuji come back tomorrow,” Hua Yun said.

This day is destined to be extraordinary.

Many Emperors rushed into Supreme Road impatiently, but some people continued to wait and see, planning to wait.

Li Qingshan had been hugging Small Fox all day, and when the others knew they were parting, Small Fox was reluctant and didn’t bother them.

Accompanying Small Fox for a day to ease her mood, Li Qingshan coaxed Small Fox well.

On the second day, Li Changsheng met Xia Wuji, Immortal Bei Chen and Demonic Frog.

They had already agreed to enter Supreme Road with Li Qingshan, and now they are all back.

Everyone gathered together and looked at the bright road in the depths of the universe.

“Now that the Supreme Road has stabilized, anyone who is an Emperor can step into it.” Xia Wuji touched the chin and said.

“But when Emperor entered Supreme Road, 99% of them were cannon fodder, so they couldn’t adapt to the strong impact on Supreme Road. Even Supreme is just getting started. Everyone should be careful.” Hua Yun said seriously.

Demonic Frog is also nodded, saying: “I am also Supreme Nine Heavenly Layers now, but I still dare not walk Supreme Road by myself, because it is singlehanded, it is really too dangerous.”

“It’s okay, we have Li Qingshan, he is not an ordinary Supreme.” Immortal Bei Chen looked at Li Qingshan, said with a smile, he believed in Li Qingshan very firmly.

“Let’s go in too, I’m looking forward to Supreme Road, and even the Six Great Equal Universes behind Supreme Road.” Li Qingshan’s eyes were bright and his words were filled with excitement. He was very happy. It’s been a long time. blood return.

In the thousand years of rest, Li Qingshan has not made a single shot. He has reached the limit of this universe and cannot break through. Only Supreme Road can make him excited.

Li Qingshan hugs everyone who stayed.

Xiao Jiu, Small Fox, Awei, Five Ghosts, Hua Xiangrong.

These are the people who have been by his side along the way, and Li Qingshan has long regarded them as family.

After the hug, Li Qingshan said with a slight smile: “Wait for my good news.”

Several people firmly nodded and chose to believe in Li Qingshan.

“Okay, let’s go too.” Li Qingshan said to Hua Yun.


Afterwards, Li Qingshan turned into a splendid rays of light that shot directly into the universe.

Hua Yun, Xia Wuji, Immortal Bei Chen, Demonic Frog followed closely from behind.

Below, Xiao Jiu and the others looked up and sent their sincerest wishes.


In the depths of the universe, it is cold and dead.

A heavenly road spans the universe, like eternity, exuding rays of light, and in the darkness, it illuminates a touch of rays of light.

This rays of light are what many Emperors desire.

Li Qingshan saw the rays of light, stopped moving forward, and took a serious look.

β€œWhat’s the difference from the last time you entered Supreme Road?” Li Qingshan asked Hua Yun.

“There is no difference, the same outside, just don’t know that the inside is still the same?” Hua Yun said.

β€œThe rays of light are so attractive that one can’t help but enter,” said Xia Wuji.

“Indeed, the rays of light seem to be actively absorbing others into it. From the outside, this is a road with no future in sight, leading to the depths of eternity and unknown.” Immortal Bei Chen disclaimed .

“Someone went in.” Demonic Frog saw an Emperor flying into Supreme Road, the rays of light devoured him, and then disappeared, from the outside, there was no shadow at all.

“The inside and the outside are definitely not the same thing.” Xia Wuji said solemnly.

Li Qingshan kept his eyes on observation. He was very calm and said, “From the outside, you can’t see anything. Only when you go in can you know what’s going on inside.”

When the voice fell, Li Qingshan took the lead and entered the group of rays of light.

Hua Yun, Xia Wuji, Immortal Bei Chen, Demonic Frog followed closely from behind, all entered the rays of light.

The rays of light invaded the body. Li Qingshan observed it carefully and found nothing wrong. After the rays of light completely submerged him, the world was completely white. , as if falling into a Primal Chaos Space.

Li Qingshan wanted to spread the Primordial Spirit out, but the Primordial Spirit was locked in the body in white radiance, unable to come out, which made him frown.

Fortunately, this situation didn’t last long, Li Qingshan quickly recovered and got his feet on the ground.

The place where you can see is an Antiquity Battlefield, with broken walls and broken weapons inserted on the ground, full of desolation and vicissitudes.

As far as the eye can see, as far as the eye can see, and he is in the corner of Antiquity Battlefield.

Behind him, a white waterfall fell from the sky, blocking his retreat.

“This is Supreme Road?” Li Qingshan frowned, he reached out and touched the waterfall behind him, feeling a layer of Formation.

He came from the waterfall, but he couldn’t go back to the waterfall.

“Outside the waterfall is Mundane Universe, and inside the waterfall is the interior of Supreme Road.” Li Qingshan came to a conclusion.

He was looking all around, no one, Hua Yun, Xia Wuji, Immortal Bei Chen, Demonic Frog were all disappeared.

“Is this a random transmission?” Li Qingshan frowned. If it were random, it would be dangerous. It’s not easy to find them.

Li Qingshan was worried, but unexpectedly found a jade token, which slowly emerged from the white waterfall.

On the jade token, a line of words is written.

【Li Qingshan, from Mundane Universe, one point! ]

This jade token flew to Li Qingshan, and when he held it in his hand, he lost its spirituality.

“This is… an identity jade token?” Li Qingshan murmured, and he took a closer look again, but found nothing.

Li Qingshan just left here, he immediately flew to the highest point, the Primordial Spirit spread, searched all around, wanted to see if there was anyone else.

Li Qingshan’s current Primordial Spirit is not without horror, at least in the Mundane Universe, no one can compare to him.

Even if he came to Supreme Road, the Rule here, the energy of the world, looks the same, but is very different, he can’t be like Immortal World, a Primordial Spirit sweeps everything, but with a prying all around several hundred range, still no problem.

“There is someone in the distance!” Li Qingshan’s eyes lit up, his Primordial Spirit found a silhouette of one in the distance.

Unfortunately, in Supreme Road, Primordial Spirit is limited, and he didn’t even find out whether the other party was male or female.

Perhaps Li Qingshan is not used to the energy here, and Primordial Spirit is severely limited.

Li Qingshan didn’t care that Primordial Spirit was restricted. When he found others, he rushed over to see if it was Hua Yun and them.

Hundreds of miles, but in an instant, Li Qingshan came here and met each other.

Xia Wuji!

Li Qingshan breathed a sigh of relief. It’s good to be his own person. Since this is Xia Wuji, it means that everyone is nearby and not too far away.

“Li Qingshan, what the hell is going on?” Xia Wuji asked in surprise after seeing Li Qingshan. He just came in, didn’t understand anything, and didn’t see anyone else. Roaming alone.

“You take your identity jade token, and I will continue to look for others.” Li Qingshan did not explain, and asked Xia Wuji to wait for her identity jade token, and then continued to search for hundreds of miles.

In the second search, Li Qingshan got used to it and expanded the range to 800 miles.

Sure enough, within 800 miles, Li Qingshan found several other people.

It just so happened that Xia Wuji got her own jade token, the same as Li Qingshan’s, with the name on it, Mundane Universe, and a little more points.

“Follow me, find the people first, and then talk about other things.” Li Qingshan said decisively, took Xia Wuji, and quickly moved towards the others.

He always felt that it was very dangerous here, and the Primordial Spirit Power couldn’t spread out. Li Qingshan didn’t dare to be careless. This is not Mundane Universe, and he is no longer invincible. Be careful.

Xia Wuji did not dare to delay, and followed behind Li Qingshan without saying a word.

Li Qingshan was very fast. He quickly found Immortal Bei Chen, Demonic Frog, and Hua Yun together. He asked them to hold the jade token, and quickly took them to find a place. In the cave, a great formation was set up to cover up their aura, erasing their whereabouts.

After doing all this, Li Qingshan breathed a sigh of relief and looked outside seriously, but the sense of crisis in his heart still remained.

“What’s the matter with you?” Hua Yun asked with concern.

“Is there any danger?” Xia Wuji asked.

Li Qingshan didn’t explain, but stretched out his hand, and in the same area as the Ancient Battlefield outside, there were several silhouettes of emptiness and emptiness, and the breath was very terrifying, scanning bit by bit.

“No, there should be a few trash fish here. Everyone’s initial point is one point. If you kill them, you can get it. This is a free point. Why is it gone?” One The tall silhouette landed near Li Qingshan’s hidden cave and said suspiciously.

In the cave, everyone dared not breathe.

This tall man turned out to be the World Lord realm! & lt;/p>

Beyond Supreme, it is a realm that Mundane Universe can’t reach.

But now, the newcomers to Supreme Road are being intercepted here.

Everyone was a little shiver coldly, in the cave, looking at Li Qingshan, I felt fortunate in my heart.

Fortunately, Li Qingshan brought them together quickly, otherwise, I’m afraid they will fall as soon as they enter Supreme Road.

You can’t be sure of running away from the World Lord.

Li Qingshan didn’t say a word, lightly pressed down with his hand to calm everyone down, just don’t talk.

He Li Qingshan is not only the Mundane Universe number one expert, but also the God of Formation.

He who controls Three Thousand Rules, arranges Formation, and hides from a World Lord, is still no problem.

Actually, the tall World Lord did not find any clues after searching for a while. He turned around and left, thinking that Li Qingshan and the others had escaped, so he chose a direction and seized the time to chase them out. .

Everyone breathes a sigh of relief.

“Is this Supreme Road?” Xia Wuji let out a long breath and wiped away a cold sweat. As soon as she came in, she encountered a life-and-death crisis.

β€œSupreme Road is different from last time.” Hua Yun said softly.

“Millions of years have passed, and it will definitely be different. Those of us who enter Supreme Road will get a jade token with a point on it. Listening to the World Lord just now, points are very important. They can also snatch each other. That’s why they are here, waiting for the rabbits to hunt down newcomers like us. Although the points are small, but it is safe, we will definitely not be able to beat them.” Immortal Bei Chen calmly analyzed.

“Fortunately there is Li Qingshan, otherwise we will all be out of luck.” Demonic Frog said in fear.

“This Supreme Road is cruel. Fortunately, Xiao Jiu and the others were not allowed in.” Li Qingshan said calmly.

If this is one more person, it will be too late to hide.

β€œSo what do we do now?” Xia Wuji asked.

“Find a safe place, work hard on cultivation, and get used to it. We come from the Mundane Universe, and the energy here is incompatible. The energy needs to be improved, or the Primordial Spirit will be suppressed, and it will be a visually impaired person. “Li Qingshan calmly said, let’s get used to this place first, and then talk about other things, anyway, they have passed the First Level.

Li Qingshan’s steadiness, or seclusion attribute, is activated again.

(End of this chapter)

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