Max-Level Comprehension – Face The Wall For 80 Years Chapter 18

Chapter 18 Digging Graves

Breaking through Othershore realm smoothly, Li Qingshan was in a good mood while looking at the garden.

He returned to the bamboo house, and under the eaves, continued to make tea, sip tea, and enjoy the wind and rain.


“Fishleap Peak was only when the predecessor cultivation base was not abolished. Now I have surpassed it. It took a little more than a year.”

“The roots are still growing like a forest. , Next, I will wipe the Monument Forest well, comprehend some tyrannical cultivation techniques, enrich myself, and strive to make every root bone full of fruit.”

Li Qingshan drank tea, Thinking about the next road, how should he go.

The roots and bones are like forests, and I strive to grow into towering trees. Then, every towering tree is covered with cultivation techniques. In this way, Li Qingshan promises that he can surpass all experts.

All of this, not relying on competing for other people’s things, not relying on fighting and killing, in a small Thinking Cliff, Li Qingshan has big ambitions.

First set a small goal and spy on Saint Realm.

Li Qingshan took a sip of tea and watched the crash-bang heavy rain comfortably.

Small Fox was staring at Li Qingshan all the time.

It watched Li Qingshan walk out of the wood house.

It watched Li Qingshan realize Grand Dao.

It watched Li Qingshan breakthrough Othershore.

It also watched the flowers blooming beautifully.

Small Fox’s outlook on life was impacted.

This man, who is considered a neighbor to him, is actually so powerful?

I realized the Tao in the rain, which made the flowers bloom and set foot on the Othershore. The three horrible illusory shadows behind them felt even more terrifying than the punishment in the Refining Monster Tower.

Small Fox was even more frightened.

It’s still raining heavily, otherwise it wants to run away, hide and never see Li Qingshan again.

Li Qingshan was speechless when she saw Small Fox in shiver coldly.

This little fellow is quite pitiful. Forty years of life in Refining Monster Tower have brought an indelible shadow to it.

As soon as he was born, both his parents died and he was lonely. In addition, he had ignorant spiritual wisdom in his womb, and his vigilance and distrust of human beings were deeply ingrained.

Li Qingshan doesn’t ask for his favor now, he just hopes that in his front of one’s eyes, Small Fox can grow up steadily and grow up, so that he can also be worthy of the Shaobai couple.

One person and one fox have different thoughts in this rain.

It should have been quiet, but Li Qingshan suddenly sensed something and frowned slightly.

“Someone has come to Thinking Cliff.” Li Qingshan’s Grandmaster domain noticed.

It should now be called Othershore Domain.

As his cultivation base has broken through and improved, the Grandmaster domain has also expanded, and has become more secretive and undiscovered.

Even people of the same level have not found Li Qingshan’s domain.

Thinking Cliff, periphery zone, in heavy rain, two people approached cautiously.

“The defense of this Ascension Gate is too lax, far less than one-tenth of my Heavenly Dao Sect, no wonder it has been declining over the years.” A disdainful voice sounded.

The person who spoke was a middle-aged man, staring all around.

He was followed by a middle-aged man with a potbellied, bald head and Mediterranean hairstyle with a few famous strands of hair in the middle.

β€œSenior Brother Zhou is right, but the defense of my ascension gate is slack,” said the person.

He is the elder of the ascension door, Othershore realm, and now he has colluded with the people of Heavenly Dao Sect to come to Thinking Cliff together.

And he also called to Senior Brother Fang.

The Heavenly Dao Sect Senior Brother Zhou heard this, smiled with satisfaction, and said: “Ascension has no future, you bring me in this time, as long as I take Wu Shaobai’s stone tablet away, your The credit is enough to enter the Heavenly Dao Sect, when the time comes is definitely better than a poor sect like the ascension gate.”

“With Senior Brother Zhou’s help, I will definitely try to find Wu Shaobai’s stone tablet, he The stone tablet is easy to find,” said the middle-aged man with fat alopecia excitedly.

Senior Brother Zhou looked at the innumerable Monument Forest, coldly snorted and said: “Wu Shaobai this time brought me the humiliation of Heavenly Dao Sect. Heavenly Dao Sect’s energy was focused on dealing with the follow-up issues of Refining Monster Tower, and I didn’t have the energy to deal with the ascension door, so I secretly came to find Wu Shaobai’s stone tablet, dig the grave, and even if it was dead, I have to bring it back Heavenly Dao Sect, condemn the crime.”

“Wu Shaobai was my Elder Brother Senior Brother before, but he was too unable to tell good from bad, and he clashed with Heavenly Dao Sect again and again, and asked Senior Brother Zhou Come with me, I know that not far from entering Thinking Cliff, is Wu Shaobai’s stone tablet.” The fat middle-aged man with hair loss respectfully said.

“Lead the way, this time I can take Wu Shaobai’s stone tablet away without disturbing others, you remember the merit, I will report to sect, give you the identity of Heavenly Dao Sect Disciple, let you Leave Ascension Gate, a poor and backward place.” Senior Brother Zhou smiled coldly, and spoke with disdain for Ascension Gate.

The middle-aged man with fat and hair loss was excited and worked harder, taking Senior Brother Zhou from Heavenly Dao Sect to find Wu Shaobai’s stone tablet.

Li Qingshan was under the eaves, holding a cup of hot tea, with drooping eyelids, cold glow flashed inside.

“It’s Heavenly Dao Sect again!”

“The husband and wife are already dead, and Heavenly Dao Sect has not let them go, and now they are going to dig their graves.”

“It’s really domineering.”

“When you hurt others, you are proud of yourself, and you are hurt yourself, seeking revenge for the slightest grievance, and the dead must go to repentance.”

“It’s just domineering!”

Li Qingshan thought that he was normally self-cultivation and peaceful enough, and ordinary things couldn’t shake his heart at all.

But at this moment, he eavesdropped on the other party’s words, and his anger really rose out of thin air.

Bully intolerably!

The Heavenly Dao Sect doesn’t even mention the separation of other people’s couples, the suppression of other people’s wives for 40 years, and the severe impact on unborn babies.

Heavenly Dao Sect’s mind is full of revenge for his Refining Monster Tower being hit.

Even if the enemy is dead, they must dig their graves and warn the world.

“What’s more, the anti-bone inside the ascension gate is willing to be Heavenly Dao Sect’s lackey, opening the passage and letting others swagger in.”

“There is such an Elder. , Ascension door why is not weak, servile, can’t wait to lie on the ground and bark twice, damn it!”

Li Qingshan’s heart was cold.

He despised the person who led the wolf into the room. As the Elder of the Ascension Sect, enjoying countless resources, he turned out to be a person with a backside.

“You sneak into Thinking Cliff, then don’t blame me for being rude.” Li Qingshan’s eyes were cold, he drank his tea and shouted in a low voice.

“Five Ghosts, I’ve been depressed these days, now it’s time to take action.” Li Qingshan said coldly.


All around the courtyard, the five Rakshasa statues moved, turned into phantoms in an instant, and went straight to the enemy.

Five Ghosts Seeking Destiny Technique, this is a very powerful cultivation technique. After the birth of Five Ghosts, the cultivation of five emperors Great Demonic God took it to a higher level. At this moment, Five Ghosts is the same as Li Qingshan. , are Othershore realm.

Five Ghosts shoot and kill two Othershore experts with ease.

As for Li Qingshan, he was still drinking tea and watching the rain, but he didn’t pay attention to these two people from Othershore realm.

They are not qualified to let Li Qingshan take action.

Not worthy!

(End of this chapter)

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