Max-Level Comprehension – Face The Wall For 80 Years Chapter 180


Chapter 180 Catch a World Lord (Subscribe)

Everyone who escaped the disaster, in Li Qingshan’s Under the leadership, he quickly left the vicinity, escaped this ancient battlefield, and entered the endless primordial forest.

The trees are lush, the vines are huge, there are fierce wild beasts, there are also piranhas, and there are some poison insects.

For example, Xia Wuji was bitten by a poison insect without paying attention, and turned black on the spot, and the Primordial Spirit was poisoned. Finally, with the help of his powerful recovery ability, the poisonous excreted.

“Damn it, so dangerous, this poison can instantly poison to death an Emperor!” Xia Wuji said in fear.

“It’s very dangerous here, it’s not Mundane Universe anymore, we have to be careful.” Li Qingshan said seriously.

“Find a place to convert the energy in your body first, and then talk about other things.” Immortal Bei Chen said immediately.

Li Qingshan began to look for hidden mountain cols to ensure that there is no danger all around, so that everyone can pass the transition period from Mundane Universe to this world.

After searching for a while, I really found a hidden valley, all around it was blocked, Li Qingshan checked to make sure there was no danger, and then carefully portrayed the Formation all around, with the mountains and rivers. One body, fused with the leylines, to ensure that no one finds it.

In this way, he was relieved.

After doing all this, Li Qingshan looked at several people inside the valley and said, “No one should be able to find it now, unless it’s near here, but it’s very hidden here, everyone can safely convert the energy. , and then we are going to contact this new world.”

“Okay!” Several people nodded together, following Li Qingshan, inexplicably felt at ease, this calm, and thoughtful, all made people feel sense of security.

Within the valley, it took a few people a while to build a few wood houses, and then start to transform the energy in the body.

In Mundane Universe, the energy that everyone absorbs is obviously one level lower than the one here, and it must be all converted.

Not only that, but also the comprehension of the Rule and the cultivation technique of cultivation, which must be adapted one after another.

Li Qingshan is also converting silently. At the same time, he also compares the energies of the two universes and finds that starting from the source, they are roughly the same, but the difference in density and quality is still very large. .

“It’s no wonder that Supreme Road is very dangerous. For newcomers to Supreme Road, there are many dangers. Not only do you need to prevent people from being squatted, but also to convert energy, at first like a house sparrow, being thrown away Entering the icy forest where weak are prey to the strong, nine deaths and still alive.” Li Qingshan pondered deeply, it was obvious that the Supreme Road was not as beautiful as everyone thought, but instead had icy killing intent and cold rules. .

“It doesn’t matter to me, it can’t be considered anything.” Li Qingshan thought calmly, he adapts quickly, and it is precisely because he adapts so quickly that he takes everyone to hide. Over a catastrophe.

After all, Li Qingshan entered Dimensional Battlefield from Human World, so he had to adapt.

Entering Immortal World from Dimensional Battlefield, also get used to it.

Now enter Supreme Road from Immortal World and get used to it.

For Li Qingshan, it’s all a matter of habit. He skillfully converts energy and begins to comprehend the Rule of this world.

Li Qingshan, who controls the Immortal World Three Thousand Rules, came to Supreme Road, but found that the Rule here is too thick and huge compared to Immortal World.

“The Three Thousand Rules in Immortal World, compared with the Rules here, such as child’s toys, can only be regarded as just getting started.”

“But it doesn’t matter, others start with a Rule , Ten Rules, Hundred Rules, I am Three Thousand Rules.”

“If I keep going like this, I will definitely be stronger than others. Give me time, and I will grow rapidly.” Li Qingshan thought firmly.

Then, he decisively used the Time Rule in the immature Immortal World Three Thousand Rules to create an extended time on Supreme Road.

Time scale, day versus year!

Compared with Immortal World, it is much slower, but for Li Qingshan now, it is enough.

Later, as he deepens his understanding of this world Rule, he will definitely improve.

Li Qingshan is looking forward to it, because it has been a long time since he clearly felt that his strength has improved so quickly.

In the extended period of time, Li Qingshan quickly converted his energy, and he didn’t care much about everything in Supreme Road for the time being. Nothing is more important than improving his strength.

Days a Tian Yi day passed.

One day in the outside world, in an extended period of time, a year has passed.

Li Qingshan completed his energy conversion as early as the first year, turning the vast energy in his body into the higher energy of this world.

Then, he began to adapt to the Rule, and converted the Three Thousand Rules he comprehended into the Rule of this world.

This is a huge project.

So he continued to retreat, secluded in the valley, and didn’t care about other things at all.

And Xia Wuji, Immortal Bei Chen, Demonic Frog, Hua Yun are also converting energy. After converting energy, they also convert Rule.

Their Rules are much less than Li Qingshan’s. It stands to reason that they are fast, but they don’t stretch for a long time, so the progress is not much different from Li Qingshan’s.

Time flies, three months have passed.

In the past three months, no one has come to this valley. As Li Qingshan said, it is very hidden. In addition, he also arranged a Formation. On top of the hiddenness, there is an extra layer of insurance, so everyone can Peace of mind through the initial embarrassing period.

Three months have passed since the outside world, and Li Qingshan has spent nearly a hundred years in the extended period of time.

It took Li Qingshan a hundred years to convert his Three Thousand Rules successfully.

His strength, a new look.

his realm , as usual.

It’s still the Supreme Great Perfection.

However, it will be very easy for Li Qingshan to defeat his past self.

This is the difference between the two universes.

Mundane Universe, after all, can’t compare with Six Great Equal Universes, so so many people want to enter Supreme Road, even if there are many crises, they have to make a foray once.

A hundred years have passed quietly, and Li Qingshan walked out of the wood house.

Outside, everyone is there.

Everyone doesn’t seem to have changed, but it seems like a huge change has taken place.

Not outside, but inside.

“Li Qingshan, what should we do next?” Immortal Bei Chen asked Li Qingshan immediately when he saw Li Qingshan come out.

In this team, Li Qingshan is the core, and everyone is used to listening to Li Qingshan’s arrangement.

Li Qingshan didn’t answer immediately, walked over to Hua Yun and sat down, looked towards Demonic Frog, and asked, “You told me before that Supreme Road actually originated from Primal Chaos World, to make Six The people of the Great Equals, come in here and kill each other?”

Demonic Frog nods and said, “I heard what Universe said at the time, but I just don’t know if it’s not now.”

β€œAfter all that time has passed, anything can happen,” adds Demonic Frog.

“Actually, if you want to know the inside story, just ask the people here.” Li Qingshan said after pondering for a while.

“Everyone here wants to kill us and snatch points.” Xia Wuji said.

“Yes, looking for Supreme Realm, they shouldn’t know anything. If you look for World Lord-level experts, you think you can kill me.” Immortal Bei Chen sighed, it was too difficult.

“You stay here, I’ll go out.” Li Qingshan suddenly stood up.

“What are you going to do?” Hua Yun looked at his Husband worriedly.

“Get a World Lord back and ask carefully.” Li Qingshan said calmly.

“Can you fight?” Demonic Frog said in surprise, this is the World Lord.

“until now, I’m killing enemies by leaps and bounds!” Li Qingshan smiled confidently, turned and left, out of the valley.

“Wait for me, I’ll be back soon!”

(end of this chapter)

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