Max-Level Comprehension – Face The Wall For 80 Years Chapter 19

Chapter 19 Wu Shaobai is still alive?

Under the rainy night, Five Ghosts got permission from Li Qingshan and disappeared in Monument Forest in an instant.

Five Ghosts loves to kill by nature, which is the ultimate killing cultivation technique of the demon path. It was created to be a killing machine.

They don’t know fatigue and pain, they know to kill, and death is their final destination.

This cultivation technique used to shine for a while, and was revered as the demon path killing method.

To this day, the demonic path experts are still looking for this cultivation technique, and then overwhelm the righteous path.

But when this cultivation technique is in the hands of Li Qingshan, it becomes a farming and leisure Sect.

The ferocious Five Ghosts became Li Qingshan’s steward.

Sweeping, cooking, watering flowers, raising fish…

Li Qingshan changed the nature of Five Ghosts with her hidden character.

Later, Li Qingshan also gave the Five Ghosts cultivation skills to the five emperors Great Demonic God, so that they could think and evolve themselves.

Five Ghosts was changed by Li Qingshan, moved towards an unknown road.

But their murderous character in the bones hasn’t changed, it’s just hidden.

Now Li Qingshan gave an order to allow them to kill, Five Ghosts turned into ghosts, shuttled through the Monument Forest, and approached the Senior Brother Zhou quietly.

Li Qingshan was holding a cup of tea, admiring the rain, watching the wind, and suddenly, his eyelids drooped, and he said in a low voice: “In an instant.”

In his senses, Five Ghosts Two Othershore experts who slipped in in seconds.


Heavy rain washed Heaven and Earth, dark clouds covered the sky, and Monument Forest appeared dim.

The elder of the ascension door walked in front, continuously observing, looking for Wu Shaobai’s stone tablet.

Senior Brother Zhou of Heavenly Dao Sect followed behind, looking all around, his eyes were very surprised.

β€œYour ascension sect is really the glory of your ancestors. There are not many enemies suppressed in this Monument Forest. Of course, there are also many of your ascension sect’s own Disciples.” Senior Brother Zhou said.

“The glory of our ancestors is great, and it is not lost now. Keeping the old system and blindly reminiscing about the ancients, the burden of history is too heavy. Saying that history has never been cut off all day is just empty talk. It’s not as good as Heavenly.

Dao Sect has been the most advanced system since it rose thousands of years ago and now suppresses the world.” Ascension Sect Elder said from the bottom of his heart, he just doesn’t like Ascension Sect, even if he grew up with Ascension Sect’s resources Yes, he still doesn’t like it.

In his eyes, the ascension door is like an old old man, chattering, where is Heavenly Dao Sect?

Senior Brother Zhou heard this, proudly nodded, said: “Is that right, Heavenly Dao Sect represents the future, ascension door represents the past, who will choose, obviously at a glance. “


A dark shadow flashed from afar.

“Wait, did you see it just now?” Senior Brother Zhou complexion changed, staring all around, asked seriously.

Ascension Sect Elder raised his head suspiciously and asked, “What do you see?”

“A dark shadow!” Senior Brother Zhou coldly said.

“I didn’t see it.” Ascension Sect Elder shook his head: “Don’t worry, no one is here at Thinking Cliff normally, there is only a defunct genius guarding here, where is there any dark shadow, you Did you read it wrong?”




tone barely fell, a few dark shadows Quickly jumped out, startling Ascension Sect Elder and Senior Brother Zhou, and immediately shot.

bang bang bang!

Senior Brother Zhou cast the attack of Heavenly Dao Sect, Heavenly Dao Nine Arts, turned into a round shield and resisted in front of him, then he looked up, I happened to see the face of Rakshasa, which was reflected on the round shield.

“demonic path Rakshasa, it’s still five, this is… Five Ghosts Seeking Destiny Technique!” Senior Brother Zhou immediately remembered a copy of the demon path information he had seen, which recorded Five Ghosts Seeking Destiny Technique.

It’s not much different from the Five Ghosts in front of you.

“Thinking Cliff, how could someone know the Five Ghosts Seeking Destiny Technique?” The next second, Senior Brother Zhou thought of this question in his mind.

In the next second, with a sound of ka-cha, the round shield was smashed by Rakshasa with a slap, in a flash, the slap landed on Senior Brother Zhou’s face.


The head exploded, all split up and in pieces, and fell on the spot.

On the other side, Ascension Sect Elder isn’t much better.

There is Rakshasa running from the shadows, like an assassin, a claw piercing his back quickly and crushing his heart.

In seconds.

The two Othershore realms were powerless in the face of Five Ghosts Rakshasa.


Li Qingshan sensed this, took a sip of tea, and said, “If you kill yourself, clean it up yourself, and don’t leave a trace of blood.”

In Monument Forest, two horrific corpses fell to the ground.

Five giants about three meters in height looked at each other in blank dismay.

Do you have to clean up?

Looking at the blood, brains, and red-stained ground all around the stone tablet, three Rakshasa took a step back.

The meaning is very clear, they didn’t shoot, the people were killed by you two, and you should do the cleaning.

The two remaining Rakshasa opened their mouths and wanted to say something, but the three Rakshasa didn’t listen to the explanation, and quickly returned to the vicinity of the bamboo house, continuing to be a statue, comprehend five emperors Great Demonic God.

In Monument Forest, Rakshasa, who shot, can only clean up in frustration.

“Remember, the next time you shoot, it’s clean, don’t get it all over the place, it’s sloppy.” Li Qingshan shook his head and taught them a lesson.

Five Ghosts took that to heart.


On the opposite bank of Thinking Cliff, on a boulder, stood an azure clothed old man.

He frowned and looked at Thinking Cliff opposite, and said in a low voice, “Junior Brother Zhou has been in for so long, why hasn’t he come out yet? Did something happen?”

He too The people from Heavenly Dao Sect, and their Junior Brother were ordered to come and take Wu Shaobai’s stone tablet.

Junior Brother entered with Elder, the inner servant of the ascension door, and let them out by himself, reminding them.

I thought it would be quick, but a long time passed, and his Junior Brother and Ascension Sect Elder were still missing.

The old man was very worried and finally decided to go in and have a look.

A little toes, as lithe as a swallow, flew up, moved towards Thinking Cliff.

The old man is the Peak of the Othershore realm, and this time action is also formulated by him.

As long as you take Wu Shaobai’s stone tablet, it will not conflict with the ascension door.

Wait until the sect is free, and then deal with the ascension door, and give the ascension door a profound lesson.

Even, destroy the door of ascension.

The cold glow flashed in the eyes of the old man, and those who offend Heavenly Dao Sect will have to pay a huge price.


Li Qingshan, who was enjoying the rain, frowned again.

“Kill two, get another?”

“Why is it endless?”

“Thinking Cliff is come as you want, and go as you want?”

Li Qingshan face turned cold, he was really annoyed, he was aware of Heavenly Dao Sect’s seeking revenge for the slightest grievance character.

This old man is Othershore Peak, and will rush in too.

Li Qingshan saw that there were still 5 minutes in the cup, and moved towards the air.


In an instant, these 5 minutes turned into a surging sword qi, wrapped in the rain between Heaven and Earth, moved towards the distance.

The imposing manner is unparalleled!

Between Heaven and Earth, a sword condensed by countless rains, accompanied by thunder, rumbled.

The old man in Heavenly Dao Sect who was about to set foot on Thinking Cliff suddenly felt a huge crisis hit, looked up and couldn’t help but eye socket cracked.

A sword qi was rolled up in the rain, and it rumbled down.

“This is…Great River Sword Qi!”

The old man lost one’s head out of fear, what did he see?

Great River Sword Qi!

Isn’t Wu Shaobai dead yet?

The old man didn’t have time to think about it, and this sword qi was poured down.


sword qi penetrated the body and took everything away. The Great River Sword Qi thrown by Li Qingshan evaporated the person instantly.

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