Max-Level Comprehension – Face The Wall For 80 Years Chapter 2

Chapter 2 Three Months

Li Qingshan watched in amazement, this line of words appeared in front of him, and before he could react, the big river engraved on the stone tablet really had to come alive .


The big river turned into a sword qi, surging and falling from the sky, reflecting in Li Qingshan’s pupils.


Li Qingshan screamed in horror and took a few steps back. Only then did he came back to his senses, only to find that something like the Great River Sword Qi, something falling from the sky, was missing. .

In front of him, there was only the line of words just now.

“I…sudden enlightenment Great River Sword Qi?” Li Qingshan was overjoyed.

Looking at the stone tablet again, the big river on the tablet is flowing like life, not as rigid as before.


Arrived late.

“Does this mean that I can cultivate?” Li Qingshan was very excited.

Li Qingshan wanted to try it out. Since sudden enlightenment the Great River Sword Qi, can his abolished root bone be repaired?

Sitting cross-legged, Li Qingshan tried to run the Great River Sword Qi.

ka ka ka!

But the next second, the sound of a root bone cracking came from his body.

Li Qingshan’s face was contorted in pain, and he was sweating profusely.

“Even if I sudden enlightenment Great River Sword Qi, I can’t cultivation.” Li Qingshan’s heart kept sinking.

So what’s the use of this sudden enlightenment?

The root bone is abolished, no matter how much sudden enlightenment he has, it will not help.

From full of joy to sadness, it took Li Qingshan a long time to heal in just one minute.

“No, it says I’m max-level comprehension, which means I’m not afraid to watch stone tablets, others will be sucked out of spirituality, but I won’t.”

” There are millions of stone tablets here, I don’t believe that there is no one that can repair the root bone, anyway, I am fine now, I will stay here all my life, and I will find a stone tablet that can repair the root bone with peace of mind.”

Li Qingshan Suddenly I feel that every cloud has a silver lining again.

Great River Sword Qi can’t repair his root bone, so keep it first, wait for the root bone to be repaired, and then cultivate Great River Sword Qi.

Thinking about this, Li Qingshan’s previous depression was swept away, and he was in a good mood when he looked at all around birdsong and fragrant flowers.

When the old man who scanned the tablet came back and saw Li Qingshan’s mental state, he surprisedly said: “You seem to be very happy?”

“I think of some happy things.” Li Qingshan smiled Reply.

“It’s good. Since you’re here, don’t think about anything else. If you come here, you’ll be fine. I’ll cook for you.” Fish, pick a little veggies and make a dinner.

β€œWhere do these rice come from?” Li Qingshan asked while eating a bowl.

“Someone will send it. Although we are imprisoned in Thinking Cliff, we will also give some basic living items, maybe once every few months. If someone comes, they will bring some supplies. The rice was brought by others,” said Monument Keeper Old Man.

Li Qingshan nods, keep it in my heart.

“By the way, which senior is the stone tablet next to it?” Li Qingshan suddenly asked, pointing to the stone tablet that he had just realized about Great River Sword Qi.

This stone tablet is near the bamboo house and is the nearest one.

Monument Keeper Old Man glanced at it and said with emotion: “This stone tablet was dropped several decades ago, and a genius who violated the sect rules was trapped inside.”

“What sect rules did you violate?” Li Qingshan asked curiously.

“It seems that I fell in love with a Monster Race woman. I am isolated from the world here. I also heard what Disciples said. It was because of the uproar back then that Headmaster imprisoned him.” Monument Keeper Old Man Shaking his head.

“Then he is still alive now?” Li Qingshan asked softly.

“His Absolute Art appeared on the stone tablet, how could he be alive?” Monument Keeper Old Man shook his head.

Li Qingshan looked at the stone tablet, remembered the Great River Sword Qi that fell from the sky before, and was also emotional.

After eating, Li Qingshan took the initiative to wash the dishes and clean up.

Monument Keeper Old Man was sitting on the steps in front of the door, smoking a dry cigarette he didn’t know where he got it, watching the sunset, lost in thought.

He seemed to be reminiscing about the past.

After Li Qingshan finished packing, he did not disturb him, went back to his room, closed his eyes, he wanted to rest well.

This day’s experience can be described as surging forward with great momentum, going through despair, hope, loss, relief, calmness, etc…

His abolished body is already tired.

I fell asleep and slept until dawn.


Second Tian Yi got up early in the morning, and Li Qingshan got up.

“This is morning dew, extracted from a hundred flowers, and contains Spiritual Qi. After drinking it, it will help your injury.” Monument Keeper Old Man handed a lotus leaf to the Li Qingshan, with fresh dew in the leaves.

Li Qingshan drank it all in one gulp, only to feel that his body was relaxed and his body was rejuvenated with a little vitality.

If he drinks this dew for a long time, his injury will heal quickly.

When the time comes just need to find the cultivation technique to repair the root bone and he can start cultivation.

β€œmany thanks.” Li Qingshan sincerely thanks.

“No thanks, I want you to live a little longer and give me a farewell, otherwise you will go first, and the cemetery I have chosen for the old man will have to be given to you.” Monument Keeper Old Man smoking a dry cigarette , said.

After drinking the dew, Li Qingshan followed behind Monument Keeper Old Man, learning to remove dust from the stone tablet.

“Remember, it’s only on the periphery for the time being. The further you go inside, the longer the age. Some of the Absolute Art in those stone tablets will mutate, which will attract you to see and put your spirituality swallowed up.” Monument Keeper Old Man warned repeatedly.

Noble Li Qingshan took note.

But he thought in his heart, max-level comprehension, the other party wants to suck, when will he have to suck?

One morning, Li Qingshan followed the Monument Keeper Old Man to learn how to deal with the other party.

In the afternoon, he was alone.

Li Qingshan started from the stone tablet of Great River Sword Qi yesterday and chose the stone tablet to watch.

He stared at a stone tablet, watching intently, immersed in it, and then the max-level comprehension kicked in, and soon a line of words appeared in front of him.

[You watch carefully, stimulate the max-level comprehension, and realize the three heavy sword strikes]

Li Qingshan is not happy, but shakes his head, it is another Sword Art, he can’t cultivate .

But it’s okay, he continues watching other stone tablets.

[You watch carefully, inspire max-level comprehension, and comprehend Heaven Turning Seal]

[You watch carefully, inspire max-level comprehension, and comprehend Great Waves Overflowing The Sky]


One afternoon, Li Qingshan comprehended Absolute Art on three stone tablets. The progress is very fast, and the max-level comprehension is activated, which is really amazing.

But without exception, it didn’t help him.

He is not in a hurry. He has time, so he does not believe that there is no cultivation technique for repairing root bones in the millions of Monument Forest.

In this way, Li Qingshan everyday all is to get up early to drink some dew, and then concentrate on wiping the stone tablet, watching the stone tablet, immersed in it, unable to extricate himself.

On Thinking Cliff, it was only him and Monument Keeper Old Man, nobody bothered, Li Qingshan devoted himself to one thing, and found that time passed quickly.

Three months passed in the blink of an eye.

(End of this chapter)

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