Max-Level Comprehension – Face The Wall For 80 Years Chapter 20

Chapter 20 The female disciple I don’t remember

With Li Qingshan’s current strength, he is invincible in the same realm.

Like this Heavenly Dao Sect old man, Othershore Peak, but without even seeing Li Qingshan’s face, he was vaporized by the Great River Sword Qi that fell from the sky.

With Li Qingshan cultivation Eternal Art, use the broken root bones as seeds and plant them. He gradually left the ranks of cultivators in the eyes of ordinary people.

The current Li Qingshan, who has just entered the Othershore realm, can easily kill the ordinary cultivators of Othershore Peak. This is the difference.

This is not counting the Othershore realm, there is a 9th layer of sea to cross.

Li Qingshan is only on the first sea.

But he can raise huge waves and beat the cultivator of the 9th layer sea.

This is the confidence that Root Gu Lin brought him.

The Heavenly Dao Sect old man evaporated, Li Qingshan didn’t take seriously, the reason he did it was that he didn’t want people to disturb his quiet cultivation.

“However, the defense of the Ascension Gate is really lax. It’s like a broken net. Anyone can come in.” Li Qingshan sighed, feeling a headache for the Ascension Gate.

If someone sneaks into Thinking Cliff often, Li Qingshan will really have a headache.

“I hope the ascension gate can be improved. This rain will wash away all the clues. If an Elder from Othershore realm is lost, the ascension gate should also be on alert.” Li Qingshan murmured, looking at The rain was gurgling outside the eaves, I closed my eyes and began to absorb Spiritual Qi in the rain.

The rain washed the world.

It also brought Spiritual Qi like a tide. Spiritual Qi of the old world sank into the ground. A heavy rain brought new life, nourishing the earth, and also nourishing Li Qingshan.

He seemed to be in a boundless sea, swimming quietly, heading to the end of the sea, the Othershore world.

Time seemed to stand still, Li Qingshan was quietly cultivating, Small Fox curled up together in a ball, only a pair of clear eyes were staring at Li Qingshan.

The rain continued to wash away the blood in Monument Forest, where no one knew three people had just died.


It rained all day yesterday, and today I can smell the fragrance of green grass.

Today is one month, Xiao Jiu should have come.

Li Qingshan is also waiting for her.

She will come every month to bring some living resources to Li Qingshan, as well as various books, so that Li Qingshan can pass the boring time.

But she didn’t come today, when Li Qingshan came back after cleaning the inscription, comprehended the new cultivation technique, and didn’t see Xiao Jiu either.

“Strange, she is always the most active, why didn’t she come today?” Li Qingshan frowned, a little worried in her heart.

Xiao Jiu will be fine, right?

The next moment, Thinking Cliff came to someone.

Li Qingshan sensed it, but he used the domain to see that it was not Xiao Jiu, but another woman.

This woman Li Qingshan doesn’t know, but feels a little familiar.

But I can’t think of who it is. In the original body’s memory, Li Qingshan chose to forget the unimportant people.

He thought about it, stayed where he was, and didn’t go out, because he saw that this woman was moved towards him.

And she was wearing ascension door discipline clothes.


Thinking Cliff, female disciple came over, looked at the huge stone tablet, and the horizon was endless. Her feeling was loneliness and depression.

“No wonder those seniors who were punished for coming to Thinking Cliff in the past died of depression. This is really not a place for people.”

“It’s a pity Li Qingshan, it should be It is shocking and stunning, an existence that people admire, but their minds are stupid and they are willing to fall.”

“This time Little Junior Sister, please send me something, I didn’t want to come, but I also want to see The person I once admired, is now in a state of despair.”

This female disciple is a Junior Sister of Li Qingshan. She used to admire Li Qingshan very much, expressing it in secret, but her predecessor did not give any response.

Even now, she is a little bit mentally distorted, she really wants to see Li Qingshan, and even wants to say, thank you for not looking down on me in the first place.

Before, there was a big gap between them. One was a genius who everyone had high hopes for, and the other was a female disciple with an empty appearance and an ordinary aptitude.

The female disciple is naturally inferior.

Now there is a big gap between them, one is a waste person whose cultivation base and root bones have been abolished, and the other is a beautiful and alluring, ascension door Disciple with a future Immeasurable.

female disciple wanted to see Li Qingshan’s shocked and regretful expression.

Walking inside along the Thinking Cliff, female disciple mentality aloof and remote, she felt that the current Li Qingshan should be a sloppy man, who has been in this uninhabited Thinking Cliff for more than a year, and should be Go crazy.

When I see her, I will definitely regret that I didn’t cherish her in the first place.

However, as they went deeper, female disciple looked at birdsong and fragrant flowers, the paradise of small bridges and flowing water, and was speechless in surprise.

And when she saw the young man standing in front of a hundred flowers, Li Qingshan, dressed in white cloth, with a face like white jade, with a detached temperament, like an immortal, went down on the spot.

“He’s still the amazing genius, he’s not down.” The female disciple rolled over and remembered that when he first met Li Qingshan, he was as eloquent as jade and a humble gentleman.

The current Li Qingshan has a better temperament than ever, and the one year’s Thinking Cliff didn’t torture him crazy.

“Even if Feng Shen is like jade, he’s just a cripple after all.” female disciple gritted his silver teeth and gave himself a boost before walking over.

“Senior Brother Qingshan, long time no see.” female disciple smiled, showing her sweetest side and greeting.

She just wanted to show her best side in front of Li Qingshan.

“Who are you…?” But who knew Li Qingshan asked in confusion.

female disciple complexion stiffened.

She has always remembered Li Qingshan, she has always hated Li Qingshan, and she has always complained about Li Qingshan, which has become a heart disease.

But here Li Qingshan, have you forgotten who you are?

female disciple is in bad shape.

“I’m Junior Sister Yunqing.” female disciple bit her lip and said.

“Thinking Cliff is not allowed to come in, how did you come in?” Li Qingshan asked calmly, he had no impression of this Junior Sister Yunqing.

The female disciple took a deep breath, with a deep sense of frustration, holding a breath in her heart and having nowhere to vent, she could only muffled: “It was Sister Jiu’er who asked me to bring you some books. , to pass the time.”

“Is Xiao Jiu all right?” Li Qingshan asked with concern.

The female disciple shook her head and said, “Sister Jiu’er is in retreat. She has to prepare to break through Grandmaster and enter Fishleap, so she can’t come for two months. Let me tell you.”

“many thanks, where are the books?” Li Qingshan felt relieved, smiled, and thanked him.

The female disciple had to take out the books in the storage bag and hand them to Li Qingshan.

“Thinking Cliff is a forbidden place, so I won’t leave you any more. Thank you for making this trip, and you won’t give it away.” Li Qingshan said politely and politely, picked up these books, turned around and entered the bamboo house .

All the possible processes that the female disciple thought about before coming, none of them happened.

Li Qingshan is not only not crazy, but even better.

This made her heartbroken and very uncomfortable. Looking at Li Qingshan’s back, she could only comfort herself in her heart.

“He’s getting better and better now, and he’s just a waste that can’t be cultivated. The gap between him and me is like cloud and mud, so there’s no need to care about him.”

female disciple turned to leave.

It’s just her clenched fist, showing her inner restlessness.

She still did not regain her confidence in front of Li Qingshan.

Ask for recommendation, monthly pass, collection.

(End of this chapter)

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