Max-Level Comprehension – Face The Wall For 80 Years Chapter 21

Chapter 21 The fleshy body is the boat

Li Qingshan doesn’t remember the female disciple who once admired him.

After receiving what the other party brought, Li Qingshan returned to the bamboo house and put down the books.

“If Xiao Jiu wants to break through the Grandmaster Realm and enter Othershore, according to her cultivation progress, and according to her root bone level, it will take at least two months, three to five months later, during this time she She can’t come.”

“But it’s okay, her cultivation base has improved a little, and she can protect herself, so I don’t have to worry about it, and I will continue to live a quiet life for the next period of time.”

He was thinking about Xiao Jiu.

The female disciple who sent books has been completely forgotten.

Li Qingshan checked these books and found that Xiao Jiu was really attentive. He was afraid that he would be lonely, so he brought some of various genres to pass him time.

Li Qingshan picked up knowledge about cultivation.

When the original cultivation base was not abolished, it was only Fishleap realm, which did not reach Othershore. Little is known about the subsequent cultivation information.

Now Li Qingshan is an Othershore realm, and the cultivation knowledge of the original body can no longer keep up.

Li Qingshan needs to add more cultivation knowledge.

Othershore realm, as he understands it, is about crossing the sea.

Nine seas, one after another crossing, can enter the next realm.

But how to cross is a personal choice.

Everyone has the same way of crossing the sea. Li Qingshan carefully read the book and found that there are two mainstream methods recorded on it.

First, take the Great Sect as an example, provide a [ship], which will carry the Othershore cultivator in the sect to cross together. During the storm, the [ship] will resist for you.

This method requires a sect with a certain strength. In the cultivation, in the othershore sea, a ship is built, and it is maintained and protected.

This is also a necessary condition for Top Sect. Only by opening up a [ship] can it be supported when Disciples breaks through the Othershore realm and cultivate more Othershore experts for the sect.

But the cultivator that breaks through in this way is very ordinary. It has not experienced much wind and rain, and is well protected by the [ship].

The second method is to cross the sea with a single leaf boat.

This is a personal way of going through a disaster, one person and one boat, through the Othershore Great Sea of Bitterness.

In the end, with his own efforts, he came to the end of Othershore and got a glimpse of Venerable.

Few people choose to do this, the risk factor is too high, and this is a long-term thing, after all, one person and one ship, there is nothing like a [ship] traveling in the sea.

This is why loose cultivator is not as good as the Great Sect Disciple.

After reading this book, Li Qingshan fell into contemplation.

“They say there is a boat to cross the Othershore, but I don’t have one.”

That’s how he is, swimming naked in the othershore sea.

What sect [ship], what is one person and one ship, here in Li Qingshan, there is no one.

“Maybe when I broke through, I didn’t know the content, so I just soaked in the othershore sea naked.” Li Qingshan guessed.

The original one was Fishleap realm, how did Li Qingshan know about it, even less did he know about it.

That’s why this is the case.

Li Qingshan thought for a moment and said: “If there is a Great Sea of Bitterness in the world, only when it reaches the Othershore can it jump out of the Sea of Bitterness. The world uses [ships] and [small boats] as tools, why can’t I use it? What about the fleshy body?”

Others don’t choose the fleshy body to cross the othershore sea, because when the manpower is poor, in case of exhaustion on the sea, it will be swallowed up.

So even if you have a small boat, you can rest and relieve stress and fatigue.

Fleshy body crossing, not an absolute (super) world (class) fierce (silly) person (child), can’t do it.

But Li Qingshan did just that.

Have done so, and Li Qingshan has no regrets.

“The world is a Great Sea of Bitterness. People are in the sea. The fleshy body is the ship, and the soul is the person in the boat.”

“The ship carries people and goes all the way to the Othershore. Driving, you can cultivate the fleshy body, strengthen the hull, until the Othershore of the Sea of Bitterness.”

β€œYou can also cultivate the soul, so that the people in the ship are familiar with the water, all aspects, and grow together.”

“When I reach the Othershore in this way, I will surpass other people who have crossed the Othershore realm.”

Li Qingshan is firm in his heart and has not been shaken. He still chooses to be in the sea, shirtless, moved Swim towards the end of Othershore.

Having confirmed his goal, Li Qingshan continued to cultivate and wipe the inscriptions.

Every day he gets up early to wipe the inscriptions, and then comes back for cultivation. At night, he reads a book and enjoys the beautiful scenery.

The good part of the day just went by.

Of course, this period was also mixed with feeding Small Fox.

However, Small Fox continued to ignore Li Qingshan, running far away every time to prevent Li Qingshan from threatening it.

Small Fox hasn’t gotten any farther in a few months.

However, it stays for a short time now. Li Qingshan puts down the food and leaves, and Small Fox will come.

Like before, it needs to wait for a long time to make sure that there is no danger before coming slowly and cautiously.

This is an improvement.

Li Qingshan shakes his head with a wry smile every time he thinks of this.

So three months passed quietly.

In the past three months, Xiao Jiu never came, except for the two deliveries.

Li Qingshan doesn’t care either, as long as Xiao Jiu is all right, he is relieved.

No one bothers him, and he can’t help it.

Three months later, his fleshy body is a boat, and his soul is driving the boat, crossing three othershore seas.

This made Li Qingshan’s strength even more terrifying.

But he doesn’t think so, but now every day all spends a little more time in Monument Forest.

As his strength improved, he continued to go deeper in Monument Forest and saw a different Heaven and Earth.

On this day, Li Qingshan got up early in the morning, washed briefly, and went to Monument Forest.

For more than a year, Li Qingshan, the stone tablet centered on the bamboo house, has been comprehended in a radius of ten miles.

Next, he wants to go further.

This is also the first time Li Qingshan has broken through the ten-mile boundary, looking towards the deeper Monument Forest.

Thinking Cliff, known as the Million Dollar Monument Forest, has an incredible range, and only Li Qingshan is alone. He is not in a hurry and comes step by step.

Comprehended all the peripheral stone tablets, Li Qingshan only pushes forward a little, haste brings no success, he still understands the truth.

Walking out of the ten-mile land, Li Qingshan saw a larger stone tablet, inserted deep into the ground, some covered with moss, vines, weathered by wind and rain, and even worse, stone tablets The words on it have all fallen off, and one can imagine how long it has been.

“The stone tablets ten miles away are at least 2,000 years old, so there is such a sense of dilapidation.” Li Qingshan looked at the appearance of these stone tablets, muttered.

The stone tablet near Li Qingshan was dozens of meters high, but the corners were all broken and fell off, and other parts were entangled by vines. Li Qingshan saw it, cut the vines, and then After cleaning the stone tablet, you can see the pattern on the stone tablet clearly.

Four Sacred Beasts.

(End of this chapter)

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