Max-Level Comprehension – Face The Wall For 80 Years Chapter 22

Chapter 22 Let me teach you cultivation

A stone tablet from 2,000 years ago is engraved with the four Sacred Beasts.

Black Tortoise, Vermilion Bird, White Tiger, Azure Dragon.

Li Qingshan thinks this is a very powerful cultivation technique, and he wants to learn it well.

So he sat down in front of the stone tablet, watched it, and immersed himself in it.

Let the time pass, Li Qingshan is completely immersed in it, watching the lines of the four Sacred Beasts, watching the Dao Rhyme emanating from the four Sacred Beasts, Li Qingshan’s spirituality is absorbed into it.

He didn’t care at all.

His spirituality, which is the full level of perception, doesn’t matter how much he absorbs.

If it were someone else, the spirituality would be absorbed and it would immediately be muddleheaded, like a walking corpse.

But with Li Qingshan, there is no such concern.

He fixed his eyes on the four Sacred Beasts, indulging in them.


I don’t know how long ago, when Li Qingshan heard the roar of a beast.

He took a closer look and saw that it was a huge Black Tortoise, standing on the Great Lake in the northwest, with its limbs propped up, its body like a huge mountain range, extremely huge.

Li Qingshan saw that he had entered the illusion created by the four Sacred Beast stone tablets.

He saw the Azure Dragon of the East, hovering in the air, surrounded by the aura of green wood, which was endless.

He saw the Vermillion Bird of the South, surrounded by phoenix flames, and the shrill cry resounded through Heaven and Earth.

He saw the White Tiger of the West, with a sharp gengjin aura, spurting out of his hair, unparalleled.

The four Sacred Beasts represent wood, water, fire and gold respectively.

They stand on the four sides of Heaven and Earth, and they stare at Li Qingshan in the center like a tiger watching his prey.

They want to devour Li Qingshan’s spirituality and make Li Qingshan an intellectually disabled person.

The four Sacred Beasts all rushed forward in an instant, madly biting Li Qingshan’s spirituality.

Li Qingshan allows them to devour his own spirituality, max-level comprehension, he is not afraid at all.

On the contrary, he took this opportunity to figure out the four Sacred Beast little by little.

In this way, the four Sacred Beast devoured Li Qingshan’s spirituality, and Li Qingshan figured out their cultivation technique.

Finally, when the four Sacred Beasts were full, they looked at Li Qingshan with fear in their eyes. This person was like Bottomless Abyss. I don’t know how much spirituality, and it was completely swallowed up.

In the vision, Li Qingshan calm and collected, looked at them, smiled slightly: “Are you full?”

The four Sacred Beast looked at each other in blank dismay.

“You guys are full, then you can go out with me, Heaven’s Will Four Symbols Secret Art!” Li Qingshan shouted loudly, swiping his hands, the huge suction sucked the four Sacred Beasts to him, and then entered. Li Qingshan’s spirituality.


Illusions, self-defeating.

Outside, Li Qingshan opened his eyes, let out a long breath, and a line of words appeared in front of his eyes.

[You wipe carefully, stimulate max-level comprehension, and comprehend Heaven’s Will Four Symbols Secret Art! 】

max-level comprehension, let the four Sacred Beast absorb, let them suck and support, and then realize.

Looking at the time, it was another morning.

Li Qingshan stood up, shook the dust off his body, and said in surprise, “How many days have passed since I comprehend this time?”

He turned around and walked back without a trace. , the ten-mile boundary is fleeting.

Arriving at the bamboo house, Li Qingshan saw that Small Fox was pulling at his door, and was obviously hungry.

When Li Qingshan approached, Small Fox immediately stepped back and looked at Li Qingshan with resentful eyes.

This time it didn’t run away immediately, but wrote a few words on the ground with its claws.

[Where did you go, I’m hungry…]

Li Qingshan smiled slightly, crouched down, picked up a dead branch, learned from Small Fox, and wrote down few words.

[I went to cultivation, how many days have passed? ]

Small Fox looked at Li Qingshan panting with rage, it wouldn’t want to say a word to Li Qingshan if it hadn’t been able to get food for itself.

But no way, who makes this Thinking Cliff except it and Li Qingshan, there is no other intelligent species.

There are fish in the lake, but Small Fox has just been born. He has no cultivation base at all, and can’t catch fish.

[It’s been three days and I’m hungry…]

Small Fox wrote down a line of words in disgust.

Li Qingshan smiled apologetically and said gently, “I’m sorry.”

At the same time, he also wrote [I’m sorry] on the ground.

This is because he was ill-considered. He thought it was the same as before, at worst was only half a day, so it would be comprehended.

Who knows that comprehended for three days, it’s a little long time, Small Fox was born, can’t get food, and it’s normal to be angry.

But this also made Li Qingshan see the cute side of Small Fox.

It hates human beings very much, but unconsciously, it knows in its heart that Li Qingshan will not hurt it.

In the case of starvation, it doesn’t care about disgusting humans, and came to pry Li Qingshan’s door.

Now I am even more willing to communicate with Li Qingshan.

Although he is complaining about Li Qingshan, Li Qingshan is very happy.

Small Fox was slightly stunned when he saw Li Qingshan’s sincere apology and his subordinates wrote it.

This human being, her behavior makes her very comfortable.

Small Fox originally wanted to accuse Li Qingshan a few words, so he ran away immediately, but I’m sorry for the two times, which made her embarrassed to leave.

People prepare food for themselves without any regrets, but when something is delayed this time, they get angry with him.

It seems more unreasonable.

Although he hates human beings, Small Fox is very reasonable. Li Qingshan apologized twice and gave it a bad deal.

Li Qingshan looked at the tangled Small Fox, smiled gently, and wrote a line on the ground.

[You wait here, I’ll go get the food ready. ]

Small Fox saw the delicious food, his stomach growled, and he watched Li Qingshan leave, and wanted to leave without too much contact with humans.

But… he’s so hungry.

It doesn’t want to go.

“Just wait for this time, and leave the distance when you’re full.” Small Fox told himself in his heart.

Then it stayed in front of the few lines written by Li Qingshan, watching Dragon Snake’s writing, and comparing it with its crooked, ghost-like talisman, Small Fox blushed.

The words it will read are all inherited from mother, and as it grows up, these inheritances will awaken little by little.

Li Qingshan resolutely went to the lake to catch a few fish, then made a fire on the spot, took out the salt, and began to grill the fish in front of Small Fox.

Small Fox watched Li Qingshan grill the fish, his innocent and lovely eyes blinked, he was afraid of fire, just like he hated humans.

But today, it didn’t run away, it didn’t hide, it was the first time that it stayed so close to Li Qingshan.

Perhaps, it’s because of Li Qingshan’s two words I’m sorry?

Small Fox doesn’t know either.

Li Qingshan’s fish grilling skills are not that good, but Small Fox was hungry for three days.

And this is the first time it has eaten fish.

So it voraciously ate it.

A few fish belong to it, and the white fur Small Fox eats is dirty.

It also found it later, and started to slow down and eat little by little.

Li Qingshan looked at this little fellow tenderly, suddenly remembered something, picked up a branch, and wrote on the ground: “I’ll teach you cultivation!”

Small Fox eats fish He stopped suddenly, raised his head, and looked at Li Qingshan with bright eyes. There was no hatred or disgust in his eyes, only confusion.

Is it going to follow Li Qingshan and learn cultivation?

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(End of this chapter)

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