Max-Level Comprehension – Face The Wall For 80 Years Chapter 23

Chapter 23 One person, one fox

Small Fox finally did not agree to Li Qingshan.

It finished eating the fish, then looked deeply Li Qingshan, quickly ran back to his wood house, and hid.

Li Qingshan looked at the back of Small Fox leaving, and looked at the line of words he wrote, “shook the head”.

“I’m impulsive.”

Li Qingshan just remembered that Small Fox was born to hate humans and was timid by nature. hungry.

But that doesn’t mean it will continue to listen to Li Qingshan.

“It seems that it will take some time to get closer to the relationship.” Li Qingshan is not discouraged, put out the fire, entered the bamboo house, lay on the chair, closed his eyes and rested.

He swept away in imposing manner, spreading all around, stirring Spiritual Qi, like lake water, making waves.

Heaven’s Will Four Symbols Secret Art, this is a very powerful cultivation technique, Li Qingshan feels that it is definitely not a cultivation technique at the level of Venerable and Great Venerable.

Then, it can only be the cultivation technique above Saint.

“Since that person cultivated Heaven’s Will Four Symbols Secret Art, did he break through Saint Realm?” Li Qingshan guessed.

That stone tablet is very big, Heaven’s Will Four Symbols Secret Art is also very powerful, both are superimposed, can it break through Saint?

Li Qingshan pondered while cultivating.

In the end, he came to a conclusion.


Because since the Great War 3,000 years ago, the Human World has no saints.

Even as stunning as Wu Shaobai, he is comprehended in the horror between life and death.

How many experts, how many shocking and stunning geniuses, cultivation to the Great Venerable Peak, hard pursuit, tried all kinds of methods, but could not break through.

In the end, they came to an end and fell unwillingly.

This is very frustrating.

The Great Venerable can’t live longer than three thousand years.

This is an ancient law.

Generally, the Great Venerable lifespan is only about two thousand years old, and all kinds of life-sustaining things can be used to prolong life.

But the soul of the Great Venerable, the limit is three thousand years, the time is up, it will decline, there will be Celestial Five Wanings, and various diseases will come.

So Li Qingshan came to the conclusion that this cultivation was the predecessor of Heaven’s Will Four Symbols Secret Art and did not break the threshold of the world.

“Is it really difficult at the threshold of the world?” Li Qingshan murmured.

β€œWhy did the world pass?”

β€œI read records in various ancient books that three thousand years ago, it was a prosperous era of cultivation, and Saint was not the end of cultivation at all, but Today, the Great Venerable is already at its limit, what the hell is going on?”

“What else happened in that war?”

Li Qingshan pondered, he thought In fact, many people have asked this question, but they have found nothing.

This day, Li Qingshan has been cultivating, and Heaven’s Will Four Symbols Secret Art was introduced by him.

At night, Li Qingshan was in front of the bamboo house, under the starlight, punching slowly.

He seems to be doing Tai Chi, his movements are slow but powerful, as if he is practicing boxing with a mountain on his back.

The starlight fell on him, as if covering him with a robe.

Li Qingshan is promoting starlight.

Under the moonlight, Spiritual Qi dancing lightly and gracefully, surrounding Li Qingshan.

A place where hundreds of flowers bloom, the fragrance of flowers is elegant, and young people practice boxing.

The boy was not far away, and the white Small Fox watched without blinking.


This is Li Qingshan’s first cultivation in front of it, unabashedly.

Small Fox watched eagerly.

It also wants cultivation.

But it’s just born, inherited memories haven’t reached this step.

So Small Fox doesn’t know how to cultivate.

Li Qingshan asked it in the daytime, and it actually wanted to agree, but it hated humans so much, and finally ran away in a tangled state.

Now watching the boy bathe in the starlight and practice boxing surrounded by Spiritual Qi, Small Fox is envious.

It watched, learned Li Qingshan’s posture, little by little, Li Qingshan was playing very slowly anyway.

In this way, a boy and a fox, separated by a distance, punched one after the other.

Li Qingshan had actually noticed that Small Fox was learning from himself, he smiled slightly, calmly, and replaced Heaven’s Will Four Symbols Secret Art with the most basic Eternal Art!

Li Qingshan used Eternal Art to absorb Spiritual Qi from all directions, but he didn’t absorb much, but pushed slowly and gathered Spiritual Qi around Small Fox.

Small Fox followed Li Qingshan to learn Eternal Art, and absorbed Spiritual Qi, very easily, because these Spiritual Qi had surrounded it.

Small Fox knows that this is Li Qingshan’s handwriting.

He rejoiced involuntarily.

Although it hates human beings and is somewhat introverted, it is still a child, a newborn girl.

Small Fox will naturally be moved by being cared for and treated gently.

It’s perception of Li Qingshan has changed.

“He’s not like the other bad guys, he’s a good guy,” Small Fox muttered to himself.


In this way, Small Fox also started his own way of cultivation.

Li Qingshan will lead Small Fox every morning, practice boxing in various places, and absorb Spiritual Qi.

It was said that Li Qingshan was leading, but Li Qingshan never said a word to Small Fox from beginning to end.

He didn’t want to rush.

He was practicing his boxing in a prominent place, hitting Eternal Art and gathering Spiritual Qi.

Small Fox has followed suit, and Li Qingshan has brought Spiritual Qi to his side, and it has entered the road of cultivation.

During this period, Li Qingshan took Small Fox to practice boxing in the flower garden, boxing in the Monument Forest, boxing in the bamboo forest, boxing in the dense forest…

The distance between Small Fox and Li Qingshan is getting closer.

These are all things that it took the initiative to draw closer, Li Qingshan did nothing but treat it gently.

Li Qingshan snickered inwardly when he saw Small Fox who took the initiative to pull in the distance every time.

He also found out that Small Fox is a very cute girl. He clearly wants to get close to Li Qingshan, but every time he only gets closer.

I don’t want to expose my heart, Small Fox is very cautious.

But in Li Qingshan’s eyes, her little movements are so cute, and she doesn’t expose him. She takes it to practice boxing every day.

So, 1 month later, Small Fox and Li Qingshan really stood together to practice boxing.

It took Small Fox a full month to get closer, and now it can stand by Li Qingshan’s side and cultivate with Li Qingshan.

Of course, at night, it will go back to its wood house to rest.

After today’s boxing practice, Li Qingshan and Small Fox walked back together. Small Fox is small, Li Qingshan takes one step, but it has to walk several steps.

Li Qingshan saw it like this, so he picked it up and put it on his shoulder.

Small Fox started, and immediately wanted to struggle, but Li Qingshan said, “This is your seat from now on.”

Small Fox then stopped struggling and looked left and right , its tail slowly, lightly wrapped around Li Qingshan’s neck.

Li Qingshan’s mouth curled into a smile.

Unconsciously, the relationship between Small Fox and Li Qingshan has grown so much.

(End of this chapter)

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