Max-Level Comprehension – Face The Wall For 80 Years Chapter 25

Chapter 25 The trouble with the ascension door

With Li Qingshan and Small Fox getting along well, Small Fox will follow Li Qingshan wherever he goes next.

Li Qingshan practiced boxing, and it practiced boxing with it.

Li Qingshan went to wipe the stone tablet, and it followed.

Li Qingshan was fishing by the lake, and it threw stones, disturbing Li Qingshan.

Small Fox’s always repressed nature is on display.

It is actually a little girl, a lovely girl.

It’s just that in the 40 years of Refining Monster Tower, it has seen too many horrible things, so it is introverted and doesn’t like humans.

Li Qingshan smoothed his suffering with gentleness, Small Fox gradually became cheerful, and his original character was revealed.

Li Qingshan, who was originally alone, has a Small Fox by his side who often laughs.

He was infected himself, always smiling.

These days go by very quickly, every day is to practice boxing, cultivation, wipe the stone tablet, and comprehend the cultivation technique.

In this infinite cycle, Li Qingshan’s cultivation base has been directly upgraded to the eighth sea of Othershore realm.

He took the fleshy body as the ship, and the soul steered the ship, traversing the othershore sea, overcoming obstacles, and all the way to the eighth sea.

There is only one sea to the end of Othershore.

Li Qingshan is not in a hurry, this sea is a matter of time.

Staying at Thinking Cliff, life is very comfortable.

Small Fox felt the same way. With Li Qingshan, it gradually became more cheerful and not as gloomy as before.

So every day Small Fox would jump on Li Qingshan’s body and play hip-hop.

The anger and indifference that I had started with are completely gone.

Li Qingshan is also happy to have a child.


On this day, Li Qingshan and Small Fox cultivated, wiped the Monument Forest, comprehended the cultivation technique, and returned to the bamboo house.

“You’ve been following my cultivation with me for a while, and the cultivation progress is very fast.” Li Qingshan looked at Small Fox, who was so fast, and said in surprise.

I haven’t paid attention to Small Fox for a while, but broke through Body Refinement Realm and entered Innate.

Although not as fast as Li Qingshan, it is still very fast.

And, its speed continues to improve.

【I am a genius! ]

Small Fox wrote with his paws on the ground and looked at Li Qingshan with a proud expression.

Li Qingshan smiled and said, “Okay, I’ll wait for you to break the barrier in the future.”

Small Fox looked at Li Qingshan suspiciously and wanted to ask One asks what is the threshold of the world.

But Li Qingshan looked towards the entrance of Thinking Cliff.

Over there, a long-lost girl came.

Xiao Jiu.

After a few months, she is finally here.

Li Qingshan looked at her imposing manner and had already broken through the Grandmaster and entered the Fishleap realm.

This speed is similar to that calculated by Li Qingshan.

β€œSmall Fox, my younger sister is here, can you see her?” Li Qingshan did not immediately greet Xiao Jiu, but asked Small Fox for his opinion.

Small Fox hates human beings so much, Li Qingshan has to respect its opinion first, and can’t just bring Xiao Jiu.

Small Fox was stunned for a moment, then quickly stepped back and waved at Li Qingshan, asking Li Qingshan to meet him.

He didn’t want to see anyone, he hid in the little wood house.

Li Qingshan smiled helplessly, even though Small Fox was very cheerful in front of him, often laughed heartily, but that was only for him.

To other strangers, Small Fox is the same as before.


Thinking Cliff, Li Qingshan met Xiao Jiu whom he hadn’t seen in months.

He smiled, hands behind ones back, slender, standing on the bridge in front of the bamboo house, waiting for Xiao Jiu.

“big brother…” Xiao Jiu ran over, hugging Li Qingshan’s arm all of a sudden, and shouting sweetly.

“Congratulations, you have broken through the Grandmaster Realm and entered the Fishleap realm.” Li Qingshan stroked her head and said gently.

“Thanks to my big brother’s mysterious cultivation technique, I have thoroughly baptism on the root bone and I have broken through the Grandmaster and entered Fishleap.” Xiao Jiu jumped happily.

In the eyes of outsiders, Disciple, a new talent with aloofness, is sweet and lovely in front of Li Qingshan.

β€œEternal Art can continue to cultivate, improve your foundation, don’t give up.” Li Qingshan said.

“I know, I’ve been in cultivation all the time.” Xiao Jiu nods.

“I haven’t come to see big brother during this time. Is everything okay with big brother?” Xiao Jiu looked around and asked curiously.

“As long as you don’t disturb me, I’ll be fine.” Li Qingshan raised his eyebrows and took Xiao Jiu to sit in front of the bamboo house.

“Why, I even stole the Grand Master’s wine and brought it to you to drink. You said that to me.” Xiao Jiu hummed in dissatisfaction.

“Really stole it?” Li Qingshan looked at Xiao Jiu in surprise.

The last joke, didn’t expect Xiao Jiu remembered, this time really brought it.

Xiao Jiu proudly took out a dozen jars of fine wine and said, “Look, these are fine wines that are more than a hundred years old, brewed by all kinds of Heaven and Earth Treasure, absolute treasures, this time if it wasn’t for my breakthrough How can Grand Master let me steal it out of Fishleap.”

Li Qingshan laughed.

It’s right to say that, stealing something is something that others are willing to give up.

But it can also be seen from here that the ascension door attaches great importance to Xiao Jiu, and they are trying their best to cultivate her.

Li Qingshan put away more than a dozen jars of fine wine, looked at Xiao Jiu’s happy expression, and asked, “What happened to the ascension gate recently?”

Now Li Qingshan is open to the public The only source of intelligence is Xiao Jiu.

Xiao Jiu hasn’t been here for a few months, and Li Qingshan doesn’t know anything about the outside world.

Now that Xiao Jiu is here, Li Qingshan certainly wants to ask.

“Not good, Heavenly Dao Sect has joined with other sects. The sanctions against us are too severe. Various methods are used to block us. Now inside the ascension door, there is a shortage of resources, public grievances, and people’s hearts are unstable.” Xiao Jiu Sighing, shaking his head.

Li Qingshan frowned and asked, “Heavenly Dao Sect’s blockade is so powerful?”

“Of course, Heavenly Dao Sect is Number One Great Sect, he ordered , those small sects, or sects that follow their lead, are like thugs, surrounding the Ascension Gate, and all kinds of resources are not allowed to enter the Ascension Gate.”

“Even the ones we have experienced outside. The senior brothers and senior sisters have also suffered a lot of damage, and all the Great Sects are targeting us.”

β€œMaster has tried his best to control the situation, but recently I feel a little out of control. Inside the ascension gate, there is an elder who wants to impeach him, saying that he is too tough, which has led to the sanctions of Heavenly Dao Sect.”

“These bastards are all stubborn, and once others are punished, they will surrender. “

Xiao Jiu cursed angrily.

Li Qingshan pondered, shook his head and said, “It’s not that they surrender when others punish them, they surrender because their own interests are damaged.”

“They surrender their own interests. , put it on top of the ascension door, the ascension door is damaged, they don’t speak, once they are damaged, they jump faster than anyone else, if they really fight, they will immediately, open the mountain door, and welcome the people of Heavenly Dao Sect to come in , change course.” Li Qingshan said.

“Big brother, what should I do, Master Headmaster is feeling very tired and unable to cope.” Xiao Jiu asked worriedly.

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