Max-Level Comprehension – Face The Wall For 80 Years Chapter 27

Chapter 27 Elder Chuan Gong

Xiao Jiu saw how excited Feng Baiyu and Grand Master were, and knew how important Eternal Art was to the Ascension Gate and to them.

“Xiao Jiu, where did you learn this cultivation technique?” Feng Baiyu asked immediately after being excited.

The previous generation Headmaster also looked at Xiao Jiu eagerly.

“I was taught by a Taoist when I was a child. I have always been in cultivation to improve my bones.” Xiao Jiu face doesn’t change.

“Where’s that Taoist??” the previous Headmaster hurriedly asked.

“I don’t know where I’ve been. I haven’t seen it for so many years.” Xiao Jiu shook his head.

“It’s a pity, but it doesn’t matter, Eternal Art is complete, Xiao Jiu, you are now the most important person in the ascension door, I’m going to take you to see Elder Chuan Gong.” Feng Baiyu clapped his hands, excitedly said .

β€œWhy are you meeting Elder Chuan Gong?” Xiao Jiu asked in confusion.

“In the Ascension Sect, the only real powers are those Elders, Elder Chuan Gong, Law Enforcement Elder, Elder Council, Headmaster, and me.” The previous Headmaster explained.

β€œThe Elder Council is a group of Elders who come together and vote on a show of hands, representing one side.”

β€œElder Chuan Gong, Law Enforcement Elder, Headmaster, and I, represent one side. “

“The decision of the Sect major event requires five parties to vote. Generally, if three parties are won, it will be stable.”

Feng Baiyu explained.

Xiao Jiu is nodded, so that’s how it is.

After all, she has a short time to get started, and she has used it for cultivation, so she doesn’t know much about it.

“In the Elder Council, most of the elders are still pro-Heavenly Dao Sect, and they have become our opposites. Law Enforcement Elder and Elder Chuan Gong are swaying and have no clear position, so now we have to meet Elder Chuan Gong , convince him, and then go to convince the Law Enforcement Elder, that must be able to overwhelm the Elder Council and make them shut up.” Feng Baiyu explained in detail.

Xiao Jiu understood now: “Will Elder Chuan Gong agree?”

“It will, as long as he sees Eternal Art, 100%.” Feng Baiyu said firmly.

The previous Headmaster said: “Elder Chuan Gong needs Eternal Art. He is two thousand years old. He has been on Great Venerable Peak for so long, and there is not much life essence. He needs Eternal Art to continue his life. Saint mark.”

Xiao Jiu understood, it turned out to be the case.

She followed the Master and Grand Master to see Elder Chuan Gong.

During this period, the Master and the Grand Master protected her. The current Xiao Jiu is a unique treasure. There is no one more important than her in the entire ascension gate.


Thinking Cliff, Li Qingshan is fishing, but more attention is still placed elsewhere.

“Now Xiao Jiu should tell Eternal Art, the interior of the ascension gate will definitely be reshuffled because of Eternal Art, Xiao Jiu’s position is stable, now the wind and rain are coming, it is estimated that with the Eternal Art If it appears, it will disappear into the invisible.” Li Qingshan speculated.

“But the threat of Heavenly Dao Sect is still there.”

“Heavenly Dao Sect will definitely find out the news of Eternal Art, and then will be the test, whether the Ascension door can be Resist?”

“My strength is still too weak, which is the eighth sea of Othershore. If I am the Great Venerable Peak at this moment, then the threat of the Ascension Gate is not a threat.” Li Qingshan thought Head murmured.

If he is strong enough and confident that he can face everything, he can solve everything, then Heavenly Dao Sect puts pressure on him, and he also learns from Wu Shaobai.

Looking at the sparkling lake, Li Qingshan’s body suddenly vibrated, his energy rolled, and he forcibly broke through.

With a flick of his rod, a fish jumped out of the water and splashed.

Fishleap At this time, the sea, flowers bloom Othershore Heaven!

Li Qingshan’s accumulated strength forced him to break through the last level of Othershore realm.

The ninth sea.

Li Qingshan takes the fleshy body as the boat, and the soul drives the boat, crossing the nine seas of the Othershore realm all the way. At this moment, it has reached the Peak.

The next step is to break through Othershore and enter the ranks of Venerable.

Li Qingshan collected the fish and walked to the bamboo hut with the fishing rod.

“Do you want to eat this fish grilled or boiled?” Li Qingshan asked Small Fox.

As for the moment of breakthrough just now, it was just a shock to break the shackles, Li Qingshan didn’t take it seriously.

“Roasted.” Small Fox wrote decisively.

Li Qingshan was in the yard, picked up a few pieces of wood, lit a bonfire, and grilled fish with Small Fox.

Taking advantage of whole heaven’s star light, Li Qingshan tore off the fish with his hands, thinking while eating.

Venerable Realm, why?

Respect means honorable and noble.

In the folk, it should be respected by the emperor of Human World.

“XunziΒ·Zheng Lun”: “The Son of Heaven is the Supreme Being.”

In the cultivation world, God is respected.

“Easy. Cologne”: “Heavenly Venerable is humble, and the world is fixed.”

Therefore, Venerable is a milestone in the cultivation realm.

When your cultivation base surpasses Grandmaster, Fishleap, Othershore, and reaches Venerable, it means you have a certain status, certain strength, and certain understanding of Heaven and Earth.

If Li Qingshan wants to break through Venerable, he still needs to work hard on the understanding of Grand Dao.

“Heaven’s Will Four Symbols Secret Art that I realized before, can be a little more effort and more understanding.” Li Qingshan muttered.

Looking up at the starry sky, the stars are dazzling tonight.

Small Fox and Li Qingshan stand together, blowing the evening wind, enjoying the view, relaxed and joyful.


Ascension gate, Elder Chuan Gong saw Xiao Jiu perform Eternal Art and was moved to tears.

“I finally saw a little hope, rays of light.” Elder Chuan Gong said in a choked voice, his time is coming, and Eternal Art is hope.

“Old Senior, you are the real heritage of the ascension gate, Peak in the Great Venerable Peak, the ascension gate can always exist if you are old, this Eternal Art naturally has to tell you immediately.” Feng Baiyu Said in the attitude of Junior.

“If you find Eternal Art, then other people will not pose a threat to you. The Ascension Gate is still under your control, and those little elders can’t make waves.” Elder Chuan Gong said in a vicissitudes of voice.

“Senior, this Heavenly Dao Sect is putting pressure everywhere, we have to find a way, we can’t sit still.” The previous generation Headmaster said.

“Heavenly Dao Sect has always acted unscrupulously. You need to join forces, contact other sects that do not deal with Heavenly Dao Sect, resist together, and don’t limit yourself to an inherent thinking.” Elder Chuan Gong If any Pointing to the road.

Feng Baiyu and the previous generation Headmaster were stunned. They recalled carefully, which sectors of the righteous path dare not deal with Heavenly Dao Sect?

It was Xiao Jiu, who immediately thought of it and said, “demonic path Sect has been at odds with Heavenly Dao Sect.”

Feng Baiyu frowned: “Senior, you are Want us to cooperate with the people from the demonic path?”

“Whether it is true or not, it depends on your heart, Heavenly Dao Sect is the first door of the genuine brand, but they do things more brutally than Demon Sect. , can you say he is Demon Sect?”

“Don’t be bound by formalism, free your mind, jump out of the righteous path demonic path battle, take a look at this world, you will find that there are many ways .”

Elder Chuan Gong lived as expected for two thousand years, with an active mind and open mind. After saying this, he expelled Feng Baiyu master and disciple and left Xiao Jiu behind.

Then he studied Xiao Jiu with a disciplined attitude, followed Xiao Jiu earnestly, and studied Eternal Art.

Xiao Jiu is the first time to be someone else’s teacher and is teaching seriously.

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