Max-Level Comprehension – Face The Wall For 80 Years Chapter 28

Chapter 28: Boxing in the Snow Breakthrough

Elder Chuan Gong learned Eternal Art with Xiao Jiu with the Disciple ceremony.

This startled Xiao Jiu, he hurriedly backed away, shook his head, not daring to be so impudent.

Elder Chuan Gong smiled kindly and said: “whoever attains shall be first, you know Eternal Art, you teach me Eternal Art, that is my teacher, I will follow you to learn, naturally understand Courtesy.”

Xiao Jiu was a little embarrassed.

“Only we know this, so don’t be embarrassed.” Elder Chuan Gong smiled.

Xiao Jiu then relaxed and said, “Then I taught you, so you don’t have to.”

Elder Chuan Gong nods.

Xiao Jiu just started teaching Eternal Art one by one.

Elder Chuan Gong followed Xiao Jiu, like an apprentice, practicing every move.

On a mountain peak, a young girl and an old man practice boxing.


Thinking Cliff and Li Qingshan are also practicing boxing with Small Fox.

He has reached Othershore Peak, the next step is to break through Othershore and enter Venerable.

Venerable needs to understand more [Dao] in the world. Li Qingshan is like a child, clearing all distractions, carrying Small Fox, wiping the inscriptions, and practicing boxing.

He doesn’t care about outside affairs.

He knows that once the Ascension Gate gets Eternal Art, it will stabilize, and he doesn’t need to worry about other things.

Li Qingshan just concentrates on practicing boxing.

He has practiced millions of punches in a hundred days.

The young man practiced boxing earnestly under the breeze and bright moon.

The young man is under the clear sky, and he is comprehending the Tao.

After more than three months, Li Qingshan closed his hands, looked up at the sky in the distance, and looked into the distance. He could see the secular city and the people in the distance.

In the past three months, Li Qingshan has entered a kind of realm with an open mind, and he only focuses on practicing boxing.

World’s All Living Things are his teachers.

Eating, drinking tea and sleeping are all a kind of cultivation.

Three months later, Li Qingshan feels that he is not far from Venerable Realm.

This night.

Li Qingshan came to the edge of Thinking Cliff, looking into the distance, he could see the city, the people in the city, the ordinary people, rushing for life and enjoying themselves.

Tick tock!

Tick tock!

Tick tock!

Suddenly, rainwater dripped down and splashed on Li Qingshan’s feet, blasting a splash and making a crisp sound.

Afterwards, the torrential rain hit his face and washed the earth, which wet Li Qingshan’s sight for a short time.

At this moment, the sky seems to be penetrated, and the water of heavenly river pours into Human World.

The city in Li Qingshan’s eyes, people are in a hurry, packing up and looking for a place to hide from the rain.

Li Qingshan saw that someone was packing in a panic.

Someone is in a hurry to take shelter from the rain.

There are scholars who use their bodies to protect books.

There is mother to protect the child and rush home.

The world is full of things, nothing more.

Li Qingshan only felt something loosened in his heart, he withdrew his gaze, immediately returned to the bamboo house, and began to break through.

He feels it.

In the bamboo house, Li Qingshan meditated with his knees crossed.

The moonlight falls into the black river, and whole heaven’s star light sees this scene.

When Li Qingshan was cultivating, the energy of the stars in the sky flickered on him, gathered in the center of the spiritual platform, and drilled into it inch by inch.

The starlight entered the brain, Li Qingshan felt the whole body comfortable and cool, bathed in the clear moonlight, the pores of the whole body absorbed the fresh air, and the whole body was fluttering and very comfortable.

Behind him, three golden Buddhas appeared, sitting in the void, with his left leg folded over his right, his eyes slightly closed, and Heavenly Stars Revolution was all around him.

Three Buddhas exude the past of the origin of thousands of generations, the present entangled by cause and effect, and the future of illusory.

Past Amithabha Sutra, Present Tathagata Sutra, Future Unborn Sutra.

With the three Buddha Ancestors in charge, Li Qingshan can rest assured to break through.

This night, the rain gradually stopped, and Li Qingshan’s Spiritual Consciousness, mixed with the moist Heaven and Earth, spread out.

Li Qingshan sees beyond the gate of the ascension.

There are old people who are afflicted with all kinds of diseases, and whine in a low voice at night.

There is a scholar who cantilever thorns and sell his skills to the Emperor King.

There are couples who love each other very much, and they are in love at night.

Some villains plot against others, their faces are sinister and cunning.

All of this was instantly insightful by Li Qingshan.

His Soul Power is far beyond the average Venerable, even the Great Venerable, in Spiritual Consciousness, can’t compare to Li Qingshan.

In the night, Li Qingshan slowly cultivated and realized the Tao, but found that it was snowing.

From rain to snow, just one night.

Li Qingshan just remembered that it was already winter.

He had enlightened a lot this night, but his breakthrough always felt a little short.

In the early morning, Li Qingshan got up, finished washing up, opened the door and saw that it was white outside.

“It’s snowing a lot.” Li Qingshan sighed.

Overnight, Heaven and Earth changed skins before people noticed.

Li Qingshan brewed tea for himself, carried a cup of hot tea, came to the edge of Thinking Cliff, and looked into the distance.

Divine Soul looked far, far, far away…

Li Qingshan saw the Imperial Capital of the Great Yan Dynasty in his memory in a trance.

In the Imperial Capital city, the long slippery, thick like a child’s arm, crystal clear and near-transparent, under the eaves of every household, the ice edge as sharp as a sword announced the cold of last night.

Under the pagoda of Imperial Capital, several mages were sweeping the snow on the ground with brooms.

In the courtyard of the scholarly family, the newlywed wife just finished her makeup and moved towards her husband throwing snowballs.

Under the snow-covered green mountains, the cultivator watched the snow, drew his sword and danced, and stepped into the next realm in the pure white snow.

A snowflake covered the Imperial Family glazed tile, and the tall Zhumen of Human World seemed to be three points shorter.

The wind couldn’t sort out the messy footprints on the street, let alone identify which ones were 800 li rush.

The early passers-by never care whether the snowflakes are wafting from the Imperial Palace or squeezed from the litter.

They are in the snow, chasing their own way of life.

All of this, in Li Qingshan’s eyes, reflects one after another.

He watched.

He realized.

Last night’s breakthrough that was only one step away, at this moment, I’m pushing the boat and crossing the past.

Everything he sees in his eyes, all kinds of mortal worlds, in Li Qingshan’s place, is called — Human World!

Not far away, Small Fox looked at Li Qingshan’s back and did not dare to approach.

Li Qingshan at the moment, Enlightenment and Heaven and Earth are one, merged into between Heaven and Earth, in Small Fox’s eyes, it is like the arrival of exile.

white clothed youth, enlightened in the snow, set foot on the Venerable Realm.

It’s not a waste of the million punches he’s practiced, nor is it a waste of a young man’s pure heart and few desires.

Li Qingshan has been living in seclusion in Thinking Cliff for nearly two years, from nothing to setting foot in Venerable Realm.

No one will believe this.

There is only one Small Fox in the world, who is the witness.

But at the moment, it is ignorant, just know that Li Qingshan is very strong, but Small Fox has no idea how strong it is.

After a long time, Li Qingshan opened his eyes, put out a breath, looked at the cold tea in the cup, and drank it all in one gulp.

“Breakthrough.” Li Qingshan murmured.

His cultivation base has successfully broken through because of comprehended [Human World Variations], but this is only a general concept, and Li Qingshan needs to continue to deepen it.

But now, he turned around, looked towards Small Fox, smiled slightly, like the breeze and the moon, like a jade tree, and said, “I’ll take you to practice boxing in the snow.”

Small Fox happily nodded.

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