Max-Level Comprehension – Face The Wall For 80 Years Chapter 29

Chapter 29 Dark Night Assassin

After successfully breaking through Venerable, Li Qingshan saw a different world.

Spiritual Qi poured into his body like a tide. While practicing with Small Fox, Li Qingshan’s roots and bones sprung up like bamboo shoots after a rain, growing like a sapling.

The prototype of a forest has been revealed.

After breaking through, Li Qingshan rehearsed all the cultivation techniques he had learned, and became a complete Mastery.

Then he took a brief shower, wiped the Monument Forest, and continued to comprehend the cultivation technique.

“Now that my root bone has grown, I need more cultivation techniques to hang on it and make it fruit.”

“As long as I hang more, the Venerable breakthrough Great Venerable, it will be easy too.”

Li Qingshan murmured that he had found his own way to break through the Great Venerable realm.

The root bone grows, blossoms and bears fruit, bursting out with new vitality.


With Li Qingshan’s breakthrough, Xiao Jiu on the other side also ended his days as a teacher.

For the past three months, Xiao Jiu has been guiding the cultivation of Elder Chuan Gong Eternal Art.

Elder Chuan Gong is very powerful, Peak in the Great Venerable Peak, if not for Heaven and Earth, he would definitely set foot in the Saint domain.

But he is so powerful that he cultivated Eternal Art, like a child, bumping up and down.

Elder Chuan Gong once again said to Xiao Jiu with a wry smile: “My roots have long been set, and cultivation Eternal Art is equivalent to rebuilding from scratch. It must be extremely difficult, but it is also a last resort. It will delay you. It’s time, let’s do it, you teach me Eternal Art, and I guide you on cultivation, how can we make progress together?”

Xiao Jiu looked at Elder Chuan Gong in surprise, this is the pillar of the Ascension Gate, it is Willing to point her, this surprise came too suddenly, Xiao Jiu was surprised: “Really?”

“Of course, we make progress together.” Elder Chuan Gong said with a smile.

Xiao Jiu’s small head keeps nodding, how could she not be willing.

In this way, Elder Chuan Gong and Xiao Jiu pointed each other, and in the past three months, both have made great progress.

Elder Chuan Gong learned Eternal Art and transformed his root bone.

Xiao Jiu came directly to Fishleap Peak, and only needed to realize the Dao before breaking through Fishleap and entering the Othershore realm.

On this day, one old and one young are reluctant to part.

Three months later, Elder Chuan Gong learned Eternal Art and started to retreat. Xiao Jiu also misses his big brother very much.

“Xiao Jiu, you have to be careful in the ascension door, I recently sensed Heavenly Dao Sect expert peeping in secret, they have always been thieves, you are the treasure of the ascension door, you can’t have an accident. “Elder Chuan Gong repeatedly warned.

“I will be careful, stay at the ascension door and won’t go out.” Xiao Jiusion nods.

“Be careful, I’m going to retreat for a while, and I can’t protect you at all times.” Elder Chuan Gong said worriedly.

β€œMaster and Grand Master will protect me.” Xiao Jiu said with a smile.

“These two wastes have the same mediocre personalities, and their brains are not yet bright.” Elder Chuan Gong dismissed them and did not look down on them at all.

Xiao Jiu smiled awkwardly, she couldn’t answer this.

“Go, go see your big brother, I’ve been talking about it for the past three months, my ears are getting calluses.” Elder Chuan Gong waved his hands in disgust.

Xiao Jiu smiled shyly, waved his hand, and left happily, jumping up and down, a ponytail swayed with it, you can see that the girl is in a good mood.

β€œThis girl is my hope for ascension!”

β€œThis time in retreat, even if I can’t break through the world, my lifespan problem will be solved.” Elder Chuan Gong firmly road.


Thinking Cliff, Xiao Jiu came out from Elder Chuan Gong and went straight here.

She missed her big brother for three months.

Flying directly over the iron cable to Thinking Cliff, I can’t wait to see Li Qingshan.

Li Qingshan was comprehending the cultivation technique on the stone tablet, when he suddenly sensed Xiao Jiu’s arrival, he moved back to the bamboo house and waited for Xiao Jiu to arrive.

The snow-capped Thinking Cliff has entered the cold winter.

Xiao Jiu stepped on the snow and came to the bamboo house.

She saw Li Qingshan in the bamboo hut, wrapped in cotton clothes, making a fire and roasting it there.

“big brother.” Xiao Jiu shouted happily, after a few months no see, she really misses big brother.

Li Qingshan opened the door, greeted her in the snowstorm, and asked, “I haven’t been here for a few months, what have you been doing?”

Xiao Jiu sat in front of the brazier , his hands were on fire, and he said with a rosy face: “I’m going to teach Elder Chuan Gong Eternal Art at the Ascension Gate.”

“Elder Chuan Gong?”

“That’s the Ascension Gate. The backbone of the two thousand-year-old Great Venerable Peak?” Li Qingshan said, recalling the memory of his original body.

I have never seen the original body, but I have heard of it, the most powerful expert in the Ascension Gate.

“Yes, I taught him Eternal Art, he taught me cultivation, three months later, I have come to Fishleap Peak.” Xiao Jiu and said.

“Very difficult to deal with ah, not bad.” Li Qingshan applauded.

“Unfortunately, I don’t know the reason. I realized the Dao very slowly, otherwise I would have broken through Othershore realm long ago.” Xiao Jiu said depressedly.

Li Qingshan looked strange, Xiao Jiu’s breakthrough speed was already very fast.

Does she want to go faster?

“It is not urgent to realize the Dao. You can realize the Dao if you have a Pure Heart.” Li Qingshan comforted.

“I know, I’m not in a hurry, take your time.” Xiao Jiu nods. She also knows how fast she can break through.

“Big brother, I won’t be leaving today. I’ve been in cultivation for the past three months. I’m too tired. I’ll rest with you overnight.” Xiao Jiu looked at the white snow outside and suddenly didn’t want to leave. .

“Okay, I’ll prepare dinner for you.” Li Qingshan agreed, got up and went out to get some vegetables, some fish, and make some home-cooked meals.

The two siblings had a great time eating. Li Qingshan arranged for Xiao Jiu to rest in another house at night.


At this moment, on the opposite bank of Thinking Cliff, a silhouette sneaks in, on a tree, waiting silently.

This Dao Body figure is a man hanging upside down on a big tree, with a pair of wings behind his body wrapping his body, his eyes glowing green, staring at everything in Thinking Cliff.

“The Ninth Princess of the Great Yan Dynasty entered that bamboo house and hasn’t come out until now. Are you planning to come out tonight?” The bat-like man frowned.

He is one of the Monster Race killers kept by the Bat King, Heavenly Dao Sect.

He was ordered to kill the Ninth Princess of Great Tang.

“I thought that forcing the ascension gatekeeper Li Qingshan to abolish, they would lose their peerless genius, but didn’t expect, in a short period of time, Li Qingshan’s younger sister rose up and became the new ascension gatekeeper. Hope, the Fishleap realm in his early teens is too terrifying and must be destroyed!” Bat King looked at him coldly.

No one took Xiao Jiu seriously before because she was too young.

But who would have thought that she would take off all the way since she became an apprentice. In just over a year, she directly cultivated to Fishleap realm.

Heavenly Dao Sect was shocked when he received the information from the insider. This Xiao Jiu felt more terrifying than Li Qingshan.

If you let it go, it’s another Wu Shaobai!

Heavenly Dao Sect will never allow another Wu Shaobai to appear in the ascension gate, so it will send the bat king to the ascension gate to assassinate Xiao Jiu and cut off this hidden danger.

After Bat King entered the ascension door, he saw Xiao Jiu entering the Thinking Cliff.

What he wanted was to hide all the aura, just like a piece of wood, wait until the dark night to start, then go away after killing people, top secret.

Wait, wait, wait, wait.

Xiao Jiu is not coming out.

Bat King has waited until now, the weather is cold and the snow is still falling, he has been covered with snow and has become a snowman.

Bat King is angry and hateful.

He is Venerable 8th Heavenly Layer, not far from Great Venerable.

Is it hanging here for a day?

“Damn, I can’t wait anymore, rushed in and killed Xiao Jiu, and immediately escaped, who can find me?” Bat King flustered and exasperated, the weather is too cold, he no longer hides Breath, come down from the tree.

He’s going to kill!

After killing people, immediately escape.

Fishleap realm’s Xiao Jiu couldn’t resist him at all.


Before all the aura was hidden, when it was a piece of wood, Li Qingshan hadn’t noticed it yet.

He doesn’t scan a tree outside Thinking Cliff for no reason.

But now, Bat King leaked his breath and entered Thinking Cliff, Li Qingshan immediately noticed it.

He raised his brows and said, “It’s time to enter Thinking Cliff, or Venerable Realm. Impossible to come at me, it can only be directed at Xiao Jiu!”

Li Qingshan said this After thinking about it, the eyelids drooped, and the killing intent was revealed.

He got up and pushed open the door, in the big snowflakes, and walked out.


Stepping on the heavy snow, Li Qingshan looked up at the moon and recalled the process of his cultivation, Heaven’s Will Four Symbols Secret Art.

The next second, he pressed with one palm.


Four Sacred Beasts appeared around Li Qingshan.

The Azure Dragon hovers, the White Tiger roars silently, the Vermilion Bird spreads its wings, and the Black Tortoise takes over the land.

Li Qingshan stretched out his hand and waved, the energy of the four symbols directly charged ahead, crossed the small bridge and flowing water, crossed the Monument Forest like the sea, and crossed the big snowflakes.

All this is silent.

The next moment, with a thud, the four symbols were suppressed and hit Bat King’s body, exploding directly.

In an instant, Bat King’s heart shattered on the spot.

He was a little lost.

He felt a little cold in his heart.

In the cold winter and twelfth lunar month, he felt that his heart should not be cold.

He wanted to reach out and touch it.

However, he didn’t touch anything.

Bat King lowered his head slowly, only to see that a big hole had exploded in his heart, and everything inside evaporated instantly.

“This… what kind of terrifying attack is this?”

“This Thinking Cliff, there are only two people, Xiao Jiu does not have such a powerful strength.”

“That can only be… a defunct genius.”

“Li Qingshan!”

The Bat King fell directly to the ground, his consciousness collapsed, and blood splattered.

In the vast white earth, the blood that seeped out dyed the surrounding white snow red.

At this moment, he is like a withered rose, bright red and delicate.

He guessed it, his pupils were an incredible color.

The talented youngster who was pressured by Heavenly Dao Sect, who was abandoned as a cultivation base and whose root bone was broken, was actually Nirvana Rebirth?

In front of the bamboo house, Li Qingshan lowered his eyebrows and gave a light command.

“Five Ghosts, go and clean it up.”

As for Bat King, Li Qingshan didn’t take it seriously at all.

Five Ghosts can only go to clean up the blood, watching the Bat King become a corpse, they grin, regretting that they didn’t immediately find out, otherwise this person would be their toy.

Instead of being a scavenger as it is now.

Five Ghosts quickly cleaned it all up, and the snow continued to fall at night, covering everything here, and no one knew that the Monster Race killer raised by Heavenly Dao Sect died in Thinking Cliff.

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