Max-Level Comprehension – Face The Wall For 80 Years Chapter 3

Chapter 3 You comprehended Eternal Art

During these three months, Li Qingshan lived a simple and fulfilling life.

Drink the Spiritual Qi-stained dew every morning to repair the weakness of the body, then go to Monument Forest to wipe the dust and watch carefully.

Three months later, he has learned countless cultivation techniques with the help of max-level comprehension.

These cultivation techniques, if taken out alone, will cause countless people to snatch their existence.

But in Li Qingshan, it is not taken seriously at all.

If he didn’t get the cultivation technique he wanted most to repair the root bone, it would be useless to get more cultivation techniques.

Even if it is max-level comprehension, it is impossible to comprehend it completely, and it is impossible to perform it.

But Li Qingshan is used to it.

In the past three months, his mentality has completely calmed down. On Thinking Cliff, no one disturbs him, so he can accumulate himself with peace of mind.

Li Qingshan memorized all the cultivation techniques he learned through max-level comprehension.

Even if he can’t cultivate now, he can consider it for the future.

As long as his root bone is repaired, then he can definitely ascend to the skies with a single leap.

So, he lived a very comfortable life.

But there is one thing Li Qingshan is very worried about. After three months, Monument Keeper Old Man is getting older and older. Before, he could take him to clean in Monument Forest. Now he can only bask in the sun in front of the bamboo house every day. , eyes closed, breathing weak.

Li Qingshan knows that Monument Keeper Old Man is coming.

But he could do nothing but watch quietly.


ascension door, great hall for discussion.

The contemporary ascension door Headmaster hands behind ones back, looked towards the rolling sea of clouds through the window, and asked softly, “How did the Eldest Senior Brother behave after entering Thinking Cliff?”

“reporting to Headmaster, after Li Qingshan entered Thinking Cliff, he wiped his stone tablet every day, enjoyed flowers, had tea, and went fishing. It was very quiet.” Behind the Headmaster, an expressionless old man said.

He is the Law Enforcement Elder of the ascension gate.

“Falling from the Eldest Senior Brother of aloof and remote, the prince of the Great Yan Dynasty, he is so calm?” Headmaster asked in surprise.

“It’s true, but I don’t know if it’s true, or is it fake?” Law Enforcement Elder nodded and said.

“Shall I test it out and see what he’s trying to do?” Law Enforcement Elder suggested.

“No need, the cultivation base and root bone have been abolished. No matter what he does, he can’t change his ending. It’s just a pity.” Headmaster waved his hand and sighed.

The Law Enforcement Elder was silent.

“Wu Shaobai from several decades ago, and Li Qingshan from several decades later, are both geniuses. They are expected to break the shackles of the world and let Saint come to the world again, but unfortunately, they both lost in a love letter. .” The Headmaster said bitterly.

“Wu Shaobai…” Law Enforcement Elder’s expressionless face moved when he heard the name.

This is the pain of the ascension door.

“At that time, he insisted on marrying the fairy’s daughter, and there was a lot of trouble. The other righteous path Great Sect put pressure on me and besieged my ascension gate. He had one man one sword and overwhelmed the Nine Big Sects. In the hands of Heavenly Dao Sect, in order not to drag my ascension door, I voluntarily sealed it in the stone tablet.” Law Enforcement Elder said painfully.

“Wu Shaobai 40 years ago, Li Qingshan 40 years later, the same ending. The only difference is that Li Qingshan didn’t grow to his level, didn’t let Heavenly Dao Sect end, but other The pressure of the righteous path Great Sect, I have to punish him, two generations of geniuses, and finally went to Thinking Cliff.” Headmaster said sadly.

“Time flies, in a few days, it will be forty years since that fairy daughter was suppressed by Heavenly Dao Sect in Refining Monster Tower.” Law Enforcement Elder whispered.

“Heavenly Dao Sect is so powerful that we can’t breathe.” Headmaster said with a heavy heart.


Thinking Cliff, Li Qingshan continued to wipe the Monument Forest.

[You watch carefully, stimulate max-level comprehension, and comprehend Benevolence Sword Art]

Li Qingshan looked at the line of words in front of him without any disturbance, continued to wipe the stone tablet, put the After cleaning a stone tablet, I slowly walked towards the bamboo house.

Everyday all can wipe a few stone tablets and comprehend different things, he is no stranger to it.

“I’m just like someone building a high-rise building and laying the foundation. The firmer the foundation is, the more high-rise buildings can rise to the ground.” Li Qingshan comforted himself, and then faced all this with a calm heart.

Back to the bamboo house, Li Qingshan saw the sleeping Monument Keeper Old Man.

He had slept for several days, and before Dimi entered, Li Qingshan couldn’t wake him up when he was dying.

Li Qingshan felt a little sad in his heart. This is the person who took care of him the most when he came to this world. Unfortunately, it was only three months before they died.

Checking the Life Aura of Monument Keeper Old Man, Li Qingshan felt that it was only the past few days, so he simply stopped wiping Monument Forest. After Monument Keeper Old Man left and was buried, he Then slowly comprehend other cultivation techniques.

After three consecutive days of guarding, Monument Keeper Old Man actually got up by himself.

“How are you, old man?” Li Qingshan asked happily.

“I’ve been muddledheaded these days, as if I’ve fallen into that hell hell and suffered endless pain. But I always remember that there’s something I haven’t done, I haven’t told you where the cemetery I chose is, and I’m far away from home.

After I went, I couldn’t be buried there, so I crawled out of the Hell.” Monument Keeper Old Man laughed.

Li Qingshan was stunned and looked at Monument Keeper Old Man, knowing that it was a return to light.

Monument Keeper Old Man trembled out of the bamboo hut.

Li Qingshan followed, tried to speak several times, but was silent.

“A long time ago, this Thinking Cliff had a wrong female disciple. She was framed for defeating a genius in Heavenly Dao Sect and colluded with Demon Sect. Choose to seal yourself in a stone tablet.”

Monument Keeper Old Man said weakly.

He walked out of the bamboo house, walked over the small bridge and flowing water, walked over every cloud has a silver lining, and walked to a stone tablet.

Li Qingshan has never seen this stone tablet.

This is the stone tablet guarded by the Monument Keeper Old Man.

This stone tablet depicts a delicate flower.

“That female disciple likes poetry and picturesqueness and hates loneliness, so I took the initiative to apply to come here, planted a garden for her, built a small bridge and accompany her for several decades, I just hope she will no longer Lonely.”

Monument Keeper Old Man reached out and touched the stone tablet, trembling.

When he was young, he met this female disciple and was amazed for a lifetime. He chose to come to Thinking Cliff and guard him.

“Does she know?” Li Qingshan asked curiously.

“I know that’s enough.” Monument Keeper Old Man’s breath gradually weakened, he leaned on the stone tablet, pointed weakly at the edge of the stone tablet, and said, “Bury me here.”

“Okay.” Li Qingshan nodded in agreement.

Monument Keeper Old Man smiled and the breath disappeared.

Li Qingshan was very melancholy and looked at the well-protected stone tablet.

The flower seemed to be swaying.

A few drops of dew slide off the petals.

The flowers seem to be weeping.

“She always knew!” Li Qingshan muttered, staring at the flowers on the stone tablet, watching, immersed in it.

In his eyes, he saw the return of spring, All Living Things to Recover, and a hundred flowers blooming.

[You watch carefully, stimulate max-level comprehension, and comprehend Eternal Art]

A line of words suddenly appeared in front of Li Qingshan’s eyes.

He was shivered and ecstatic.

“Eternal Art, this is the secret technique from the Ascension Gate, this female disciple actually knows it.” The predecessor was the elder disciple of the Ascension Gate, and Li Qingshan naturally knew the name of Eternal Art.

He didn’t expect that Monument Keeper Old Man brought him such a surprise when he was dying.

Eternal Art can reshape the root bone.

(End of this chapter)

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