Max-Level Comprehension – Face The Wall For 80 Years Chapter 30

Chapter 30 Eight-year-old Awei

It snowed last night, covered in blood.

When Xiao Jiu got up and looked at the pure white snow, he felt comfortable.

Last night, I woke up to dawn without any pressure. Xiao Jiu is now relaxed. After a brief grooming, he turned his face to the sky and looked at Li Qingshan with a happy smile.

Li Qingshan stood under the eaves, watching the entire Heaven and Earth covered with snow, and said to Xiao Jiu, “When are you leaving?”

Xiao Jiu was lying on the railing , extended the hand to pick up Bai Xue, and said, “Let’s go later. Next, the Ascension Gate will receive a batch of Disciples from the Eternal Hate Demon Sect. The Master told me before and let me appear.”

“The ascension door receives the Disciple of the Eternal Hate Demon Sect?” Li Qingshan was very curious.

This is a rare thing, the Ascension door is the righteous path Peak Great Sect, although it is not as strong as the Heavenly Dao Sect, it is still powerful.

Eternal Hate Demon Sect is also well-known in the demonic path. The inheritance has not been broken and has lasted for thousands of years.

In today’s world, the righteous path Demon Sect Two Great Influences has started contact, which will surely surprise many people.

Such as Li Qingshan.

Xiao Jiu said in a low voice: “Heavenly Dao Sect is suppressing us everywhere, forcing the ascension door to be very uncomfortable, and internal disputes are constant. Three months ago, Elder Chuan Gong got the Eternal Art, and gave him some pointers on the Master. It is said to jump out of the righteous path Demon Sect debate of since ancient times, and then look at this world, and find the point of breaking the game.”

“Heavenly Dao Sect acts, it is even more Demon Sect than Demon Sect, so the Master decides Determined, I have been communicating with the Eternal Hate Demon Sect for the past three months, and I want to form a mutual watch relationship. This time the Eternal Hate Demon Sect sent Disciple to promote this matter, so the Master attaches great importance to it and wants me to attend.” Xiao Jiu explained.

Li Qingshan said in surprise: “This Elder Chuan Gong has a long-term vision and can see through the essence of the problem. It’s amazing.”

The righteous path Demon Sect debate is essentially about righteousness. About interests, about competition for territory.

The righteous path must be good?

The Demon Sect must be bad?

Only extreme diodes can define a strong sect with good and bad.

“big brother, I’m leaving first, I’ll see you when I’m free.” Xiao Jiu waved goodbye.

Li Qingshan watched Xiao Jiu leave, and couldn’t help applauding the operation of the Ascension door. Heavenly Dao Sect put pressure on me, since you won’t let me live, then I will hook up with Demon Sect, you now Because of Refining Monster Tower, I’m so devastated, how can you stop me?

This move can relieve the pressure on the ascension door now.

Of course, Heavenly Dao Sect will also usher in a greater crackdown, but for the ascension door, it has already been done, and there is no regret.

While Li Qingshan was contemplating, Small Fox ran over, followed Li Qingshan’s legs, climbed all the way to his shoulders, and then pointed to the Monument Forest in the distance.

Small Fox is asking Li Qingshan to wipe the Monument Forest.

Li Qingshan touched it and took it to Monument Forest.

No matter how the ascension is, as long as you can stick to it and don’t disturb Li Qingshan’s quiet cultivation, that’s fine.

The boundless Monument Forest is where Li Qingshan should go.


Ascension door, today Feng Baiyu is dressed very grandly, and behind him is Xiao Jiu who is beautifully dressed and looks cold.

In the eyes of outsiders, Xiao Jiu is a cool genius girl who doesn’t live in the world and doesn’t have too much contact with other people.

Other Elders stood behind Feng Baiyu, including the Law Enforcement Elder who re-supported Feng Baiyu.

The issue of the Elder Council has been suppressed by Feng Baiyu.

Law Enforcement Elder and Elder Chuan Gong support Feng Baiyu together, and others will not be able to make waves.

“Headmaster, do you really want to work with Demon Sect?”

“After today, the reputation of the Ascension will quickly decline.”

“Heavenly Dao Sect also applies more pressure.”

Law Enforcement Elder whispers.

Feng Baiyu’s eyes were firm, his expression remained unchanged, his lips moved, and said: “Now the pressure of Heavenly Dao Sect has almost crushed us to death, Law Enforcement Elder wants us all to give Heavenly Dao Sect kneeling? Wagging tail and begging for a glimmer of survival?”

Law Enforcement Elder shook his head: “I just want to tell Headmaster that after this step, there will be no turning back.”

“This step, you must step out!” Feng Baiyu said firmly.

“As long as there is Eternal Art, the Ascension Gate will definitely make a comeback!” Feng Baiyu’s voice squeezed out of his teeth, only heard by Law Enforcement Elder and Xiao Jiu.

Law Enforcement Elder saw this and said no more. This method is indeed the best choice at this stage.

Sacrificing fame in exchange for survival of the Ascension Gate.

And the ascension door only needs to endure, use Eternal Art, and return to Peak.

Now the ascension door knows that Eternal Art is back, only a few people are afraid to spread the word.

“Okay, the people from the Eternal Hate Demon Sect are here.” Feng Baiyu suddenly saw a dark cloud rolling in front of him, a dozen huge horses pulling a chariot, behind the chariot. Follow a battallion man.

This is the large force of the Eternal Hate Demon Sect.

He is headed by Eternal Hate Demon Sect Headmaster eldest son, Young Master Langyan.

“The younger generation has seen the Headmaster of the Ascension Gate.” After Young Master Langyan approached, he got off the chariot and met Feng Baiyu with great courtesy.

Feng Baiyu smiled and walked off in person, holding Young Master Langyan’s palm: “I have heard about Virtuous nephew’s genius name for a long time, and when I see it today, it really is name is not in vain. With the Fishleap cultivation base.”

“Everyone, please come in, my ascension door has long held a banquet to entertain you, and everyone eats and chats.” Feng Baiyu greeted with a smile on his face.

Xiao Jiu stood in the distance, watching with a cold expression, her eyes did not fall on Young Master Langyan, but on a short and fat boy beside him.

The short, fat boy was young and immature, but he was dressed in a splendid way, and standing behind Young Master Langyan, he didn’t look like a servant.

Xiao Jiu glanced curiously, didn’t expect this person sensed it, raised his head and glanced at Xiao Jiu.

“What a sensitive sense of Spiritual Consciousness. My cultivation base is Fishleap Peak. In the crowd, he immediately noticed it after a few glances.” Xiao Jiu muttered inwardly.

At the following banquet, happy laughter and cheerful voices, the attitudes of both sides were very clear, that is, cooperation, naturally there is no thorn.

After only three rounds of drinking, Young Master Langyan suddenly said: “Uncle Feng Baiyu, Junior has something to trouble him.”

“Virtuous nephew may speak bluntly if you have something. “Feng Baiyu Headmaster said with a slight smile.

“This is my younger brother. He has been out of his mind since he was a child. He has a lot of pressure in the Eternal Hate Demon Sect. Disciple, keep him at the gate of ascension.” Young Master Langyan pleaded.

Feng Baiyu rolled his eyes. Could this be the sincerity of cooperation?

He resolutely agreed: “Whatever Virtuous nephew says, I will personally accept your younger brother as a disciple.”

Young Master Langyan was overjoyed and shouted: “Awei, not yet. Meet the Master?”

The simple and honest short boy came out, knelt down and kowtowed, and shouted, “I have seen the Master.”

“Okay, this is your Senior Sister.” Feng Baiyu pointed at Xiao Jiu.

“I have seen Senior Sister.” The simple and honest boy paid respect.

Xiao Jiu immediately returned the salute and said, “Junior Brother, no need to salute.”

“Okay, in order to celebrate I got a Disciple, everyone drink up this cup.” Feng Baiyu raised it up Wine glass, loudly.

The atmosphere in the venue was joyful for a while.

After three rounds of drinking, everyone left the table one after another. Only the main people began to discuss the cooperation between Ascension Gate and Eternal Hate Demon Sect.

Xiao Jiu was instructed by Feng Baiyu to take her Junior Brother around the ascension door.

In the heavy snow, Xiao Jiu and the simple and honest Junior Brother were walking.

“What’s your name?” Xiao Jiu asked.

“Awei.” Junior Brother replied.

“Full name, not petite name.” Xiao Jiu said helplessly.

“I don’t remember.” Awei shook his head and said seriously.

Xiao Jiu was stunned, how could anyone be so big, can’t remember his full name?

“Then how old are you?” Xiao Jiu took a deep breath and continued to ask.

“Eight years old!” Awei thought for a while and answered seriously.

Xiao Jiu looked strangely at Awei and wanted to ask a question.

This TM is eight years old?

“Are you lying to me?” Xiao Jiu couldn’t help but wonder.

“Senior Sister, I can’t remember too many things in my head. You ask so quickly, I can’t remember.” Awei shook his head, his expression a little impatient.

“Senior Sister, I want to go there.” Suddenly, Awei pointed and said seriously.

Xiao Jiu turned his head and saw that it was Thinking Cliff.

“What are you doing over there, most people don’t allow it.” Xiao Jiu immediately wanted to refuse.

She wouldn’t do it by taking someone with a bad mind to see big brother.

“There’s something there that attracts me.” Awei dropped a sentence, and suddenly bent his legs and jumped to the other side of Thinking Cliff with a bang.

During this period, it was a long, long distance.

Xiao Jiu blinked…

This is an eight-year-old with a bad brain, what can he do?

“Not good, big brother.” Xiao Jiu cried out in surprise and rushed over immediately.


Thinking Cliff, Li Qingshan comprehended a stone tablet today, and was trying to figure it out, when suddenly he felt something rushed into the Thinking Cliff and went straight to him .

Fast speed, imposing manner to spread, grandiose, as if showing a spreading posture.


Li Qingshan raised his brows, he raised his hand, and patted it down with a thud.


Behind his back, three Buddha statues appeared, which were incomparably huge, blocking this person’s collision.

This person was directly suppressed by Li Qingshan in the snow, which was very painful.

“Why did you break into Thinking Cliff?” Li Qingshan asked with a frown.

“Because of you.” Awei said with difficulty, being suppressed and in pain.

“Because of me?” Li Qingshan was startled, thinking he had been exposed.

“I sensed the spirituality emanating from your body, and I came to find you. I was in great pain and wanted to ask for help. How did you control the huge spirituality?” Awei said excitedly.

“Spirituality?” Li Qingshan frowned, only to find out that the spirituality on this person is very strong, hundreds of times of normal, and it escapes, very dazzling, like the sun in the dark night.

“You can’t control your spirituality?” Li Qingshan asked.

“Yes, as soon as I was born, I was able to absorb Heaven and Earth Spiritual Qi. Before I was half a year old, I would automatically cultivate, and I would break through body refinement at the age of two. Innate at the age of three, Grandmaster at the age of four, and Grandmaster at the age of five. Fishleap at 6, Othershore at 6, Venerable at 7…”

“My body has grown and grown into what it is now.”

“But my IQ, My realm obviously can’t handle such a powerful cultivation base.”

“I’m very anxious.”

“I found that the speed of my intellectual development obviously can’t keep up with me. The growth rate of the cultivation base.”

“That is, the cultivation progress is too fast.”

“I am a Venerable Realm before I am eight years old, but my spirit strength , all used to control the cultivation base. So that I have no energy to remember other things.”

“In other words, this cultivation base is a hot potato for me.”

“My intelligence cannot control my cultivation base at all,”

“If virtue does not match, there will be disaster.”

“cultivation base does not match. It’s the same.”

“In the past year, I closed myself and did not dare to absorb any Spiritual Qi, for fear that I would accidentally break through the Great Venerable realm.”

” I’m afraid of being pushed to death.”

“So I’m looking for someone who is just like me, with a lot of natural spirituality, and then I can control it.”

“I want to learn how to control this with him. Overflowing spirituality.”

“This person is you.”

Awei quickly said this remark and looked at Li Qingshan with fiery eyes.

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