Max-Level Comprehension – Face The Wall For 80 Years Chapter 31

Chapter 31 Three Years

Just when Li Qingshan was about to continue asking about Awei, the domain spread and Xiao Jiu was sensed.

He immediately released Awei.

“Big brother, this person didn’t scare you, did he?” Xiao Jiu came over and asked with concern.

“No, this person is not from Ascension, right?” Li Qingshan asked.

“He is not, he is the youngest son of the Eternal Hate Demon Sect Headmaster.” Xiao Jiu whispered in Li Qingshan’s ear.

“There’s something wrong with his brain, he’s very stupid.”

Li Qingshan blinked and looked at Awei, this is not stupid.

If he was stupid, there would be no genius in this world.

“He didn’t scare me, take him back.” Li Qingshan said gently.

Awei is in a hurry and doesn’t want to go back.

“Go back first, come back when no one else is there, and let’s chat.” Li Qingshan calmly, the sound transmission rang into his ears, and comforted Awei.

Awei was quiet, with excitement in his eyes, then obediently followed Xiao Jiu and left.

Thinking Cliff regained his composure.

“Interesting, there are people like this in this world?” Li Qingshan murmured, to be honest, he was very interested in Awei.


Awei obediently followed Xiao Jiu away, and Xiao Jiu sternly told Awei on the way.

“Thinking Cliff is the place where the ascension gate punishes Disciple. What you saw just now is my big brother. He has no strength, no cultivation base, he is just a mortal, you are not allowed to go there. Disturb him.”

Awei blinked, a hint of surprise on his simple and honest face.

That person just now… had no power to tie the chicken?

Who slapped him into the snow, unable to move even a little bit?

Who sees through the overflow of their spirituality at a glance?

Awei opened his mouth and wanted to say something, but he had nothing to say.

He just politely agreed.

Then Xiao Jiu asked other Disciples to arrange for Awei to live there and went to the cultivation by himself.

The night was deep, Awei got up in the second half of the night, flying through the skies or escaping through the ground, and came to Thinking Cliff.

Under the moonlight, Li Qingshan was waiting for him.

“Hello sir.” Awei paid respect obediently.

β€œYou are the son of the Eternal Hate Demon Sect Headmaster?” Li Qingshan asked.

“Yes.” Awei thought for a while, and made sure that he was, before nodding.

Spirituality overflows, and in order to control, he is a little obtuse to all information from the outside world.

So for eight years, he only remembered his name as Awei, but couldn’t remember his real name.

“You, the people in the Eternal Hate Demon Sect, didn’t find out about your situation?” Li Qingshan asked with raised eyebrows.

“Father found out that something was wrong with me when I was three years old. I have been trying to find a way for the past few years, but I have found nothing.” Awei said disappointedly.

“Then why did you come to the ascension gate?” Li Qingshan asked.

“Someone said that inside the ascension gate, there are fragments of Eternal Art, the complete Eternal Art can change the human root, and the fragments of Eternal Art may also heal me, so the big brother brought me here. , let me be a teacher and study here well.” Awei said.

“so that’s how it is.” Li Qingshan understands that the cooperation between Eternal Hate Demon Sect and Ascension Sect has this meaning.

“Eternal Art can’t cure you.” Li Qingshan said truthfully.

Eternal Art is only for the root bone, not for spirituality.

He cultivated a complete Eternal Art, naturally Qingqing Chuchu.

“Then what should I do?” Awei looked at Li Qingshan worriedly.

“In this way, every three days in the future, if you come here secretly, I will help you solve the problem of overflowing spirituality.” Li Qingshan thought for a while and said.

Awei is a good subject to experiment with.

On this Thinking Cliff, Millions of Monument Forest, Li Qingshan wants to see, can Awei comprehend?

“Thank you sir, thank you sir.” Awei knelt down excitedly and kowtowed to Li Qingshan.

Li Qingshan accepted the ceremony, walked forward a section of the road, pointed to a stone tablet, and said, “There is a stone tablet here, you can seriously see if you can understand what’s inside.”

Awei watched seriously, he was no longer suppressing his spirituality and let the stone tablet absorb it.


Awei’s whole body, the spirituality that escapes, is extremely huge, turning him into a shining man.

This stone tablet is absorbed like crazy, and Awei is also seriously comprehending it.

But, nothing else happened.

Awei’s spirituality has been absorbed a lot, and he was replaced by an ordinary person. He had already died several times, but he was fine and had no damage at all.

Of course, Awei didn’t understand the cultivation technique in the stone tablet.

“Sir, I seem to have seen a sword qi in a blur, so I can’t comprehend it.” Awei said with a bitter face.

β€œThe cultivation technique here is too long ago, the time interval is too long, and it has already collapsed.”

Li Qingshan has a bottom line in his heart.

Looking at the stone tablet seriously, the perception is powerful, but Awei is different from himself, he can’t comprehend it.

Because the stone tablet is very old, even if Awei has super spirituality, it will not help.

Only you can ignore the traces of time and understand the cultivation technique on the stone tablet.

“Your spirituality has been consumed a lot tonight, go back and rest, and come back in three days.” Li Qingshan said.

“It’s alright, I’ll make up for the spirituality I’ve consumed after I slept. See you in three days, sir.” Awei smiled honestly and left.

Li Qingshan hands behind ones back, looking at a million Monument Forest.

“I was still confused before, even if the ordinary cultivator has weak spirituality and dare not come to comprehend it, but the general peak genius has huge spirituality and can try it.”

“It now seems that even if these people have spirituality, they may not necessarily be able to understand the cultivation technique in the stone tablet. With a long time, everything will dissipate.”

“This is my advantage, I can ignore the years. Traces, comprehend the cultivation techniques of thousands of years ago, thousands of years ago.”

Li Qingshan thought for a while, and walked back to the bamboo house to continue cultivation.


As Li Qingshan promised Awei, he really came every three days and nights secretly.

Li Qingshan also began to help Awei solve the spirituality overflow problem.

His solution is to absorb the overflowing spirit of Awei into his own body, and then turn it into nutrition, moisturizing the roots and bones like a forest.

Awei spirituality is unbelievably huge, he can’t control it, he will explode and die.

Now absorbed by Li Qingshan, Awei is relieved, and the pressure on his body is weakened. He has gradually changed from a short and fat boy to an eleven-year-old normal child.

This process takes three years.

In the past three years, the cooperation between Ascension Gate and Eternal Hate Demon Sect has been very smooth, which has relieved the huge pressure of Ascension Gate, and because of the re-emergence of Eternal Art, Ascension Gate high-level unity, it really resisted pressure from Heavenly Dao Sect.

The ascension gate is thriving because of Eternal Art.

The only shortcoming is that the Ascension door was advertised by Heavenly Dao Sect, and it has become a lackey for taking refuge in Demon Sect, betraying the righteous path, and killing everyone.

Bad reputation.

Of course, this has nothing to do with Li Qingshan.

He’s at Thinking Cliff, and it’s easy.

In the past three years, Thinking Cliff has come to Awei the most, and once every three days, Li Qingshan has completely solved his problems.

The eleven-year-old Awei is on Venerable Peak. The spirit that escapes from his body is no longer as terrifying as before. He can control more than half of it himself, and Li Qingshan absorbs the extra.

Li Qingshan has not broken through the cultivation base in the past three years, which is the result of his efforts to suppress.

Because he used all Spiritual Qi to cultivate his own roots.

Includes spirituality absorbed from Awei.

It is used to moisten the root bones like mountains and forests.

Three years later, Li Qingshan’s roots and bones have grown vigorously, and each one is a small tree.

Together, it is like the root bones of mountains and seas.

Under this bone, there is an inexhaustible backlog of energy.

One day three years later, Li Qingshan opened his eyes, spat out one mouthful of impure air, and said softly: “It’s time to break through the Great Venerable!”

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