Max-Level Comprehension – Face The Wall For 80 Years Chapter 32

Chapter 32 Great Venerable

Over the past three years, Li Qingshan has not deliberately sought a breakthrough.

Because for him, breakthrough is a very simple thing, he needs to cultivate all the roots.

The road ahead will be much smoother.

So for three years, he has been suppressing the cultivation base and cultivating the root bone. When the root bone surpasses the realm, Li Qingshan has to break through.

Now, the root bone is beyond the cultivation base.

It is not a root bone, but a green forest, extremely huge, all of which are the root bones of Li Qingshan.

One day three years later, Li Qingshan stood under the eaves of the bamboo house, with hair crystal clear and near-transparent on his side, Small Fox with white and clean hair.

It is also four years old, and its cultivation base is not bad. It is already Othershore Peak.

Of course, this is not its own credit, most of it is its mother, injecting all the cultivation base into Small Fox’s body, so that Small Fox can slowly absorb it.

In the past three years, Small Fox has been working hard to absorb it. Only four years after he was born, he is already Othershore Peak, which is scarier than Awei.

But recently, its cultivation progress has slowed down.

The energy from the mother, it’s almost absorbed, so it will come down slowly.

Afterwards, its cultivation speed will slowly decrease until it reaches its normal level.

“What are you looking at?” Small Fox asked curiously.

Three years later, it can also talk, refining crossbones, and her voice is coquettish.

Li Qingshan held the teacup, rubbed his hands lightly, looked up at the sky, and said, “Look at the sky, it’s raining tonight.”

Small Fox was lying on the railing, I was ignorant and could not understand the sky, but Li Qingshan said there was rain, so he would wait with him.

The night falls, the stars are bright tonight, the moon is sultry, the sky is full of stars, dazzling.

The moon is as bright and round as the fifteenth moon.

Small Fox looked at Li Qingshan suspiciously.

In such a night, nothing more beautiful can be imagined, will it rain?

Li Qingshan took a deep breath, closed his eyes, adjusted his body, and adjusted his state to Peak.

He could feel Spiritual Qi in Heaven and Earth, boiling.

This rain is really not far away.

When it rains, he can break through.

The minutes passed by.

The moon, like a white jade plate, crossed the Star River and arrived in the early hours of the morning.



bang! , as if a Spiritual God was angry, roaring the world.

The sound of thunder echoes between Heaven and Earth.

Tick tock!

Tick tock!

Tick tock!

Rain dripped down and landed on the eaves.

Small Fox watched in amazement. It was really raining.

A gust of wind blew, bringing the huge Spiritual Qi.

Small Fox couldn’t help but stick his head out to take a look.


The next second, the torrential rain hit my face and slapped me.

He was caught off guard, and hurriedly retracted his head, shook his head, and tried to shake off the rain, and his hair was wet.

Li Qingshan dressed in white clothed, looked at the embarrassed appearance, and smiled dotingly.

He was holding a cup of tea, admiring the rain.

As usual, his expression is calm.

But inside, the energy in Li Qingshan’s body is like a calm sea, a storm, rolling up a huge wave, slamming down, to destroy everything.

The energy accumulated for three years, because of a rain, became violent.

Li Qingshan closed his eyes, behind him, three Buddha Ancestor illusory shadows appeared, with a thud, Four Sacred Beasts appeared in four directions, roaring silently.

between Heaven and Earth, a shock.

Li Qingshan saw the world Grand Dao in a brand new world.

He not only saw the world Grand Dao, but also saw the world Grand Dao, shackled and surging with difficulty.

“What is this?” Li Qingshan opened his eyes, puzzled.

He broke through the Great Venerable just now, his soul was instantly strengthened, and he spied the essence of the world Grand Dao.

But in this essence, the thick world Grand Dao is not swimming, but locked up, and ordinary people can’t comprehend it at all.

This surprised Li Qingshan.

“The locked world Grand Dao, is this the reason why no one can break through Saint Realm in today’s world?” Li Qingshan guessed.

Li Qingshan raised his hand, flicked his fingers, and with a bang, a drop of rain broke out, breaking through the rain curtain, showing a picture of the Human World.

In this scroll, the Human World myriad forms emerge.

This is the Tao that Li Qingshan realized before, and now he has entered the Great Venerable realm and can easily display it.

But that’s all there is to it.

No matter how much, he can’t comprehend, because at this step, he wanted to comprehend the world Grand Dao, but found that the Grand Dao was locked up.

“There must be something going on in it.” Li Qingshan muttered, his eyes were faint, and he must investigate clearly.

When Li Qingshan broke through Great Venerable and opened his eyes, he found Small Fox staring at him without blinking.

“What’s the matter with you?” Li Qingshan smiled slightly, stroked Small Fox, and asked.

“Did you just break through?” Small Fox reached out and scratched Li Qingshan.

“Yes.” Li Qingshan nodded.

“Aren’t you the Great Venerable realm?” Small Fox asked in surprise.

“It should be, I’m also impossible to break through to Saint Realm.” Li Qingshan thought about it and answered seriously.

“What level are you in the Great Venerable realm?” Small Fox asked impatiently.

It has inherited memories, know that the Great Venerable realm is divided into Nine Heavenly Layers, Li Qingshan this time breakthrough, shouldn’t it have directly dried to Nine Heavenly Layers?

Li Qingshan shook his head and said, “I’m disappointed, I’m not the Great Venerable Peak, I’m just the Great Venerable First Heavenly Layer!”

“It’s okay, you still have room for improvement. “Small Fox comforted Li Qingshan.

“But seriously speaking of which, Great Venerable Nine Heavenly Layers, doesn’t seem to be able to beat me.” Li Qingshan answered this question seriously.

In the past three years, he wiped the inscriptions, he realized the cultivation technique, he cultivated the root bone like a forest, and he hung the cultivation technique on the root bone like a fruit.

Li Qingshan’s power has really reached a terrifying level.

But his long sword was sheathed, and his edge was restrained, so that no one knew the horror of Li Qingshan.

“You’re so powerful, why don’t you go out and fight for hegemony?” Small Fox asked curiously.

“Battle for hegemony, do you like such a boring thing?” Li Qingshan asked rhetorically.

“Don’t you men like to compete for a lot of things.” Small Fox climbed to Li Qingshan’s shoulders, and said with his big tail wrapped around Li Qingshan’s neck.

“Instead of fighting for hegemony, I prefer to break through the barrier of the world, go to see the scenery on the top of the mountain, and pursue a long life. This is what I want.” Li Qingshan replied.

“You’re not like everyone else,” Small Fox muttered.

Li Qingshan smiled and reached out to touch Small Fox’s tail, which was soft and smooth, very comfortable.

“Xiao Jiu is here!”

Suddenly, Li Qingshan sensed Xiao Jiu across Thinking Cliff.

In the past three years, Xiao Jiu has been working once a month, and the rest of the time is spent in cultivation, especially after the cooperation between the Ascension Gate and the Eternal Hate Demon Sect, the resources have been restored, and Xiao Jiu has worked harder.

Counting the time, Xiao Jiu came last month, exactly one month.

But Xiao Jiu never came late at night.

When Small Fox heard that Xiao Jiu was coming, he pouted and quickly disappeared.

It is still no one except Li Qingshan.

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