Max-Level Comprehension – Face The Wall For 80 Years Chapter 34

Chapter 34 The Shackles of the Dao

Heavenly Dao Sect.

Great hall for the proceedings.

Dozens of Peak Elders, with grim faces, were discussing something.

“Everyone, I just got the news that Elder Chuan Gong of the Ascension Sect has passed away. What do you think?” Heavenly Dao Sect Headmaster asked, holding the received secret letter, sneered.

“What else is there to say?”

“Just hit the door and destroy the ascension door.” Elder, who had a quick temper, patted the table and said excitedly.

“That’s right, the only pillar of the Ascension Gate falls down, and we don’t have to worry about hurting ourselves anymore. It’s naturally a good time to destroy the Ascension Gate.” Elder agreed.

“The Elder Chuan Gong of the ascension gate is the only expert who makes us fear him going mad, when the time comes dragging us to his death, other ascension gates exist, not worth mentioning, now Elder Chuan Gong has fallen unexpectedly, It’s a gift from Heavenly Dao Sect, it’s a must to deal with the ascension door!”

“Since we sanctioned the ascension door, he has fallen to the Demon Sect side. In the past three years, the ascension The door and the Demon Sect flirt with each other, provoking me Heavenly Dao Sect everywhere, and he must teach him a profound lesson.”

β€œThe fall of Elder Chuan Gong is the last straw that overwhelms the ascension door, the ascension door has always been pretentious, Claiming that his inheritance has never been cut off, he has always wanted to return to Peak, and overwhelmed me Heavenly Dao Sect, this time we will let the inheritance of the ascension door cut off!”

“Headmaster please give an order, lose The ascension door of Elder Chuan Gong is like a big ship that has lost its helmsman, lost its way in the sea, not worth mentioning at all.”

The elders of Heavenly Dao Sect are all ruthless, and the unanimous opinion is to catch Take the chance and destroy the door of ascension.

Headmaster of Heavenly Dao Sect saw this scene, the corners of his mouth twitched, and he said, “You all said that you want to destroy the ascension gate, so who will take the lead?”

“Headmaster, recently I am Heavenly Dao Sect’s newly rising genius, less than a hundred years old, has already set foot on the Great Venerable Peak, he is enough to destroy the Ascension Gate.” Some Elder suggested.

β€œHeadmaster, Tian Qingzi Elder can really do it.”

β€œTian Qingzi Elder has been practicing ascetic in Heavenly Dao Sect all the time, and he is not well known to the outside world. It’s time for him to contribute to the sect. He will lead the team and gather twenty Great Venerable experts, which is more than enough to destroy the Ascension Sect.”

“Tian Qingzi Elder is indeed the most suitable candidate, let him go Destroying the Ascension Gate, the World War I made a name for itself, and I am proud of Heavenly Dao Sect.”

Once again, a group of Elders are nodded, thinking that the leader of the destruction of the Ascension Gate is Heavenly Dao Sect, the most popular in the past 100 years. Tian Qingzi Elder.

The Heavenly Dao Sect Headmaster thought hard about the proposal.

In his heart, he also agrees.

“Since everyone recommends Tian Qingzi Elder, then this time, he will lead the team and gather twenty Great Venerable experts to destroy the Ascension Sect, declare the strength of my Heavenly Dao Sect, and maintain the righteous path. Dignity, any sect colluding with Demon Sect, will be consigned to eternal damnation.” Heavenly Dao Sect Headmaster said sternly.

Other Elders are identically nodded.

The ascension door of Elder Chuan Gong was lost in their hearts, not at all the opponents of Tianqingzi Elder, and twenty other experts at the Great Venerable level.

“The door of ascension, which is inheritance, will eventually be destroyed in the hands of my Heavenly Dao Sect.”


ascension door.

The peak of Elder Chuan Gong.

Like Li Qingshan’s Thinking Cliff, Elder Chuan Gong’s peaks are cold and deserted.

Of course, Thinking Cliff is that others don’t want to go, and Elder Chuan Gong’s mountain is that he doesn’t let others in.

The person who has spent the most time on this mountain recently is Xiao Jiu.

Xiao Jiu taught Eternal Art to Elder Chuan Gong during those months.

Then Elder Chuan Gong broke through the Saint mark several times in three years, trying to break the shackles of the world, but unfortunately all failed.

Now the fall of Elder Chuan Gong, people were alarmed in the ascension door.

That is, the high level of the ascension gate, because of Eternal Art, it is united and solid, not falling apart.

Otherwise, the current ascension door, without Heavenly Dao Sect opening the door, will be a mess first.

As the body of Elder Chuan Gong was gathered up, the mountain was quiet again, and no one was here.

Li Qingshan came here from Thinking Cliff and no one noticed.

He walked calmly, looked at everything on this mountain with his eyes, and closed his eyes to feel it.

β€œThis place is indeed different from other places. The dangers and difficulties of Elder Chuan Gong’s breakthrough are evident everywhere.” Li Qingshan said silently.

In his senses, there are traces of Grand Dao erupting everywhere on this mountain.

Although with physical body and mortal flesh, there is no trace of this mountain, just like Elder Chuan Gong slept and never woke up again.

But when Li Qingshan closed his eyes and looked at the mountain with a soul of the Great Venerable level, it was clear that there were wounds everywhere on the mountain.

This wound is a trace of the Grand Dao’s outburst.

It was Elder Chuan Gong who used the Grand Dao he realized to break the shackles of the Saint Pass card when he was breaking through the world.

But unfortunately Elder Chuan Gong failed.

“The shackles of the world are not so easy to break. The reason why Saint Grand Dao is different from 3,000 years ago is because of the shackles, so who put the shackles on?” Li Qingshan frowned and thought.

He came to the place where Elder Chuan Gong broke through.

Here, Li Qingshan meditates cross-legged.

He merged himself with the state of mind of Elder Chuan Gong’s breakthrough, and slowly realized it.

Elder Chuan Gong just fell, and all traces of his breakthrough have not dissipated.

Li Qingshan realized some of his feelings when he broke through here. With a bang, he described the surging feeling pouring into his soul, like a great mound releasing a flood, which is unstoppable.

Li Qingshan felt the feeling of Elder Chuan Gong at that time.

It’s like a grass breaking from the soil, breathing fresh air, seeing a new world, possessing a strong life force, trying to grow, pushing away the shackles of soil boulders, showing his body.

This is the feeling of breaking through the world.

But it didn’t wait for Li Qingshan to be happy.

What follows is that after a prosperous life, it suddenly falls, and the grass quickly withers and returns to the soil.

In just a short moment, life and death and reincarnation have undergone amazing changes on this green grass.

Originally, from death to life, I saw hope, but in an instant, from life to death, everything withered.

Li Qingshan frowned and felt all this, and could fully understand the despair of Elder Chuan Gong at that time.

I had already crossed the threshold of the world and saw the dawn of Saint Realm, but before he was happy, this dawn was extinguished.

Don’t blame him for cursing God.

Li Qingshan clearly sensed that Elder Chuan Gong used his Grand Dao to split the shackles of the world. Although he achieved certain results, he still did not split the shackles in the end.

“Why, in the end, Saint Realm is in chains?” Li Qingshan opened his eyes, and was reluctant to get up for a long time, thinking deeply.

This is also closely related to him.

Because he broke through to the Great Venerable realm, although it is only the First Heavenly Layer, but in terms of Li Qingshan’s cultivation speed, the Great Venerable Nine Heavenly Layers is only a matter of time for him, and eventually he has to face On the threshold of the world.

“How did Senior Wu Shaobai realize a trace of Saint Realm between life and death more than 40 years ago?” Young Master Li Bai recalled the last time he saw Wu Shaobai a few years ago, deeply Deeply lost in thought.

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