Max-Level Comprehension – Face The Wall For 80 Years Chapter 35

Chapter 35 One Leaf, One Sword

The mountain of Elder Chuan Gong, Li Qingshan sat there with countless question marks in his mind.

These question marks are all about the so-called milestone, Saint Realm.

“If you want to solve these problems, you have to find out what happened three thousand years ago?” Li Qingshan thought for a long time and finally got to the root of the problem.

The battle three thousand years ago.

Saint Realm has been in chains since that war, so to fully understand why, one must understand that war.

“About the war three thousand years ago, it should be recorded in the Hidden Scripture Pavilion of the Ascension Gate. I want to take a look.” Li Qingshan got up and prepared to go to the Hidden Scripture Pavilion.

But the next second, he looked up into the distance, and at the gate of the Ascension Gate, a large group of powerful energy surged.

“Elder Chuan Gong has only fallen for a day, and Heavenly Dao Sect is coming to attack?” Li Qingshan eyebrows slightly frowned, and stopped walking to the Hidden Scripture Pavilion.

He intends to wait and see.

Ascension inside the door.

Feng Baiyu, who was dealing with Elder Chuan Gong’s funeral, suddenly sensed the surging energy at the gate of the ascension gate.

He complexion changed, gritted his teeth and said, “Heavenly Dao Sect is really a pack of hyenas. Seeing that we are weak, they will bite at the door immediately.”

Law Enforcement Elder and the previous generation Headmaster They looked at each other and quickly came to the front of the mountain gate.

They saw dozens of teams.

The leader is a black clothed, complexion grave and stern, slender middle age person.

The imposing manner is striking.

There are about ten Great Venerable realm behind him, and the rest are Venerable Realm.

“Who is this person?” asked the headmaster of the ascendant generation, frowning, and he sensed terrifying energy in this person.

“Heavenly Dao Sect’s most outstanding Disciple in the past 100 years, Tian Qingzi.”

“In those years, Shaobai amazed the cultivation world, and every Great Sect praised Shaobai’s innate talent, so this person is not well-known, but he is a genius launched by Heavenly Dao Sect to break the threshold of the world.” Law Enforcement Elder said bitterly.

“I don’t know what my colleagues have come to the ascension gate from thousands of miles away. What is it?” At this time, Feng Baiyu came over and asked as the headmaster of the ascension gate.

black clothed Tian Qingzi, hands behind ones back, with an indifferent expression, said: “Ascension door colluded with Demon Sect, betrayed the righteous path, willingly fell, and wanted to harm the Human World, I Heavenly Dao Sect, today Will enforce Justice on behalf of the Heaven.”

This is a devotion to righteousness that inspires reverence.

“Ascension has never colluded with Demon Sect, and the righteous path in the world is not up to your Heavenly Dao Sect family. Don’t stand on the moral high ground and point our fingers to us.” Feng Baiyu’s face turned blue and his tone was cold.

Tian Qingzi ignored Feng Baiyu, didn’t pay attention to him at all, and stared at the only two powerhouses in the Ascension Gate.

Law Enforcement Elder and previous generation Headmaster.

“The only reliance of the Ascension Gate has fallen. You are now obediently surrender, change your ways, and return to the embrace of the righteous path. It’s not too late.” Tian Qingzi said.

Law Enforcement Elder looked at the current situation and said to submit to humiliation: “My ascension never deviates from the righteous path, and the Eternal Hate Demon Sect is only a cooperative relationship, if today we terminate the relationship with the Eternal Hate Demon Sect’s cooperation, I don’t know if you will just leave?”

“You said that you canceled the cooperation, how do you make us believe it?”

“You want us to leave. , agreeing to several conditions.”

“First, Heavenly Dao Sect will supervise the ascension door, and within thirty years, everything in the ascension door must be open to Heavenly Dao Sect, without any privacy!”


“Second, ascension’s contemporary Headmaster Feng Baiyu colluded with Demon Sect, the crime is unforgivable and must be punished with death. His Disciple is also an accomplice, so it must be cut off.”

“Third, ascension Every Othershore realm after the gate must live under the supervision of Heavenly Dao Sect.”

Tian Qingzi put forward this series of requirements proudly.

Law Enforcement Elder listened silently, his face gloomy and his fists clenched.

This simply doesn’t give the ascension door any way out.

This is to break the spine of the ascension door, and then put on the rope, and Heavenly Dao Sect will lead the ascension door like a dog.

“What if we don’t agree?” The Law Enforcement Elder squeezed out a few words through gritted teeth.

The indignation in his heart was beyond words.

It’s not just him, Elder, who has blood energy in the Ascension Gate, is full of resentment when he hears this remark.

“If you don’t agree, I, Heavenly Dao Sect, will represent the righteous path today, eliminate the Ascension Sect, and restore a stable cultivation world to the people of the world.” Tian Qingzi said righteously.

“You Heavenly Dao Sect want to destroy my ascension door, are the only ones, not enough!” The previous generation Headmaster who had been observing silently stood up and said in a cold tone.

“The only two pillars of the Ascension gate are you two. I think that’s enough.” Tian Qingzi said disdainfully.

“Although you brought a dozen Great Venerables with you, the only one really in Peak is you, you alone, and you want to deal with the two of us?” Law Enforcement Elder coldly said.

Although he is very old now, he was also a genius once.

“You guys are getting old!”

“This world is youngster’s world after all, and the only one who can hold the Ascension door now is this little girl, but it’s a pity she If you don’t grow up, you will fall.” Tian Qingzi didn’t take the Law Enforcement Elder and the previous generation Headmaster in his eyes at all. The only thing he saw in the entire ascension was Xiao Jiu.

Heavenly Dao Sect had assassinated Xiao Jiu several times, Qingqing who knew her information, knew she was a real genius.

Tian Qingzi doesn’t look down on the elderly, but favors the bright future.

At this moment, he looked towards Xiao Jiu, his eyes full of regret.

“How good would it be if you worshipped me Heavenly Dao Sect?” Tian Qingzi said regretfully.

I haven’t waited for the others to react.

The next second, he drew his sword directly.

Having said so much, Tian Qingzi is already very impatient.


When the sun was bright and a sword shadow appeared, the extremely terrifying imposing manner was like a waterfall, bombarding down, with a bang, everything in the sky trembled.

The sunlight is like a flower, the rays of light are blazing, and the unrolled bolt of white silk is drawn down, and Tian Qingzi draws his sword and raises his eyebrows, wiping sword qi, and galloping past.

This unexpected blow was aimed at Xiao Jiu.

The Law Enforcement Elder of the Ascension Gate and the Headmaster of the previous generation reacted immediately and took action one after another, trying to resist this sword qi.

They want to save Xiao Jiu.

But Tian Qingzi rushed forward in this brief moment and dragged the two of them with one person.

“First kill the most talented person in your ascension, now it’s you.” Tian Qingzi has absolute confidence, he wants one against two.

At this moment, Law Enforcement Elder and the previous generation Headmaster were dragged, and the others looked at sword qi, helpless.

Other people who knew that sword qi was overwhelmed by the aura alone couldn’t breathe. The surging sword qi merged with the sunlight and rushed directly to Xiao Jiu.

Xiao Jiu was locked in this brief moment, unable to use all his strength.

Of course, even if it is cast, it cannot be resisted.

Ascension door Headmaster Feng Baiyu in this brief moment, stood in front of Xiao Jiu.

His cultivation base is far less than his own master, and he has just entered the Great Venerable realm.

So he couldn’t resist this sword.

But he saved Xiao Jiu.

At this moment, everyone is staring at this sword qi.

At this moment, Li Qingshan frowned on the mountain where Elder Chuan Gong was located.

“Dare to kill my younger sister?”

Li Qingshan reached out, pinched a leaf that had been blown off by the wind, and flicks with the finger.

bang! !

(End of this chapter)

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