Max-Level Comprehension – Face The Wall For 80 Years Chapter 37

Chapter 37 Jiuli Qiannian’s Sword God

The whole ascension is discussing whether Wu Shaobai is still alive?

Are you still at the ascension gate?

The sword that cut through Heaven and Earth was actually made by Wu Shaobai?

Everyone is talking.

Everyone is overwhelmed by emotions.

Heavenly Dao Sect Disciple returned in low spirits after failing , and the whole army was wiped out.

Tian Qingzi, who had high hopes for Heavenly Dao Sect, was also instantly killed by this sword.

The Heavenly Dao Sect’s spies hidden inside the ascension door. immediately passed the message on.

The outside world is rising winds, scudding clouds because of the sword of the Ascension Gate.

But Li Qingshan, the initiator, returned to Thinking Cliff with dozens of books.

No matter how much you guess, you can’t guess him.

Even if anyone doubts that he can still cultivate, he never imagined that Li Qingshan would reach such a level in just a few years.

Before the cultivation base was abandoned, Li Qingshan was just a Fishleap realm.

So no one doubted him.

He can continue to quietly cultivate in the Thinking Cliff closed-door.

Let the outside world rise winds, scudding clouds, he will stand still.

As long as the ascension door is no problem, then Thinking Cliff will be no problem.

Li Qingshan returned to Thinking Cliff, Small Fox immediately came up and asked, “Where have you been?”

Small Fox was a little angry, Li Qingshan didn’t even take it with him when he went out .

“I found these books, do you want to read them?” Li Qingshan handed the dozens of books he was carrying to Small Fox and asked him if he could read them.

Small Fox turned his head away immediately, expressionless.

She doesn’t want to read books because of her inherited memories.

Li Qingshan smiled slightly, having been with Small Fox for a few years, he had already understood each other’s temperament.

Back to the bamboo house, Li Qingshan made a pot of tea, lit the incense, and let himself relax.

Then he lay in the rocking chair, picked up a book, and opened it silently.

The entire Hidden Scripture Pavilion contains millions of books, astronomy, geography, cultivation techniques, historical figures, unofficial biographies…the list goes on and on.

But there are very few records about the war 3,000 years ago.

Li Qingshan rummaged through the Hidden Scripture Pavilion and only found dozens of books about that war.

The book he is reading now was written by an Elder three thousand years ago.

The Elder was also one of the survivors of the Ascension Gate.

But unfortunately, he who survived has gone insane.

So the publication of this book has been snort disdainfully by many people. Can you believe what a madman Elder said?

Li Qingshan studied it carefully.

His brows furrowed slightly.

The content in this book is reversed, the level is unclear, and more often it seems to be talking to himself, saying irrelevant things.

If Li Qingshan didn’t want to explore the truth of that year, Li Qingshan would not read any further after flipping through the first page.

But now he forced himself to finish the book.

The first reaction is.

The original people were right.

The Elder who wrote this book has really gone crazy.

The speech is chaotic and the logic is unclear. When introducing one thing, he quickly digresses to another thing, and he talks about it, and finally he goes back to that war.

Li Qingshan remembers the book most in the last few sentences.

“Someone, for the sake of selfishness, started a plan to hide the sky and cross the sea, and set off a mighty war that affected the cultivation world.”

“Such a person should be messed up. He was hacked to death.”

β€œHe hurt the cultivators in the future.”

β€œHe also hurt this generation!”

Li Qingshan believes that the logic of the whole book is confusing and the words are unclear, which are all irrelevant. As long as there are these last few sentences, he sees hope.

Putting down this book, Li Qingshan picked up another one.

This writing is about the restart of the world pattern after the war.

After reading it carefully, Li Qingshan had a clear understanding of the situation at that time.

The first ascension gate of the righteous path in those years suffered heavy losses. He is completely incapable of holding up the title of No. 1, so he has been self-proclaimed as a mountain gate for 80 years, does not have too much contact with the outside world, and strives to cultivate his genius in sect.

In the past 80 years, Heavenly Dao Sect has risen rapidly, surpassing all other sects, declared directly with martial power, and seized the reputation of righteous path first sect.

Ascension has fallen sharply under the circumstances of the tragic death of Headmaster and countless Elders, unable to compete with Heavenly Dao Sect for this title, so it chose to dormant.

But then Heavenly Dao Sect became more and more powerful, and its voice became heavier and heavier.

The ascension gate is never overtaken again.

“It is recorded in this book that Heavenly Dao Sect was only a small sector that was just established three thousand years ago, and it is not worth mentioning at all.”

“In those days, the Ascension Sect was very powerful, It is the leader of the righteous path. In that war, the Ascension Sect took the lead and must defend the reputation of being the first of the righteous path. Even the original Eternal Art was torn apart, leaving only the fragments.” Li Qingshan murmured.

He held a book in one hand and a teacup in the other, sipping tea and thinking about the contents of the book.

There is very little to study in each book, most of it is nonsense.

Li Qingshan flipped through dozens of other books.

He is getting more and more information.

“The war three thousand years ago was unpredictable. Ascension Gate, as the leader of the righteous path, attracted everyone’s attention, spare no effort.”

“That war, The ending was tragic.”

“Not only the righteous path, but the Great Sect suffered heavy losses. Demon Sect and some Peak experts also participated in the war and finally fell.”

“In that war three thousand years ago, countless geniuses arose, and the most striking one is the Sword God known as Jiuli Qiannian.”

After reading dozens of books, Li Qingshan Only got this information.

His brows furrowed slightly.

“Why do I feel that someone is deliberately erasing the impact of that war?” Li Qingshan was puzzled.

Because no matter how bad it is, other sects will still have records about that period of history and that war.

But Li Qingshan searched all over the ascension door and found only these dozens of books.

Most of them are still irrelevant, there are only one or two sentences, which are worth repeating.

Li Qingshan couldn’t help but suspect that after the war, someone was quietly erasing the various books and information that had been recorded.

Otherwise, according to the saying that the inheritance of the Ascension has never been cut off, there should be very detailed records about a war three thousand years ago.

Instead of now, only a few words have to be searched from different books.

“I went through all the books and got only one clear name.”

“Jiuli Qiannian’s Sword God!”

Li Qingshan wanted to find Who was this person, and what did this person do?

Unfortunately, nothing.

“After reading books for so long, it’s time to go out and relax.” Li Qingshan looked up at the world outside, the moonlight was already high, he read a book during the day and felt tired. , put down the book, walked out of the bamboo house, and walked into the Monument Forest.

He’s going to wipe the stone tablet and learn the cultivation technique.

This is Li Qingshan’s way of relaxing.

It can improve itself and clear all cluttered thoughts.

Walking along the Monument Forest, Li Qingshan saw a fresh stone tablet after a long section of the road.

He chose a stone tablet, sat in front of him and wiped the stone tablet with his hands.

Li Qingshan saw an illusory shadow on it, uninhibited and unrestrained, with a remarkable figure, hands behind ones back, looking up to the sky.

Of course, after several days and nights of wind and rain, some lines have become blurred, but it is vaguely visible that what a magnificent figure was carved on this stone tablet back then.

“What does this stone tablet record?” Li Qingshan immediately meditated with his knees crossed, earnestly comprehending.

[You wipe carefully, stimulate max-level comprehension, and comprehend the Heaven Severing Drawing Sword Technique of Jiuli Qiannian Sword God! ]

Li Qingshan opened his eyes, full of surprises.

I just read the book before I know the name Jiuli Qiannian Sword God.

In the blink of an eye, I came across his stone tablet in Monument Forest.

Fate, wonderful.

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