Max-Level Comprehension – Face The Wall For 80 Years Chapter 4

Chapter 4 The roots are like a forest

The Eternal Art complete volume was lost as early as three thousand years ago.

There was a catastrophe three thousand years ago. In that catastrophe, the Ascension Gate was severely damaged, the Sect Master and the Elder were dead, and even the Eternal Art was lost.

Now the ascension gate keeps only the remnant, so that the ascension gate declines again and again, in the righteous path Sect, it is suppressed by Heavenly Dao Sect.

That’s why Li Qingshan is so surprised that the woman who has been guarded by the Monument Keeper Old Man for a lifetime actually owns the original Eternal Art?

Unfortunately, no one has an answer for him now.

Although comprehended Eternal Art, Li Qingshan was not in a hurry to cultivate, he first collected the body of Monument Keeper Old Man, and then buried it.

With the woman’s stone tablet as the monument, the two are considered together.

Li Qingshan bowed to the two of them after finishing his work, expressing his gratitude.

“In the future, no one will disturb you.” Li Qingshan said softly.


After worshiping the Monument Keeper Old Man, Li Qingshan went back to the bamboo house, meditated cross-legged, and started cultivation Eternal Art.

“Eternal Art does not repair the root bone, but transforms the root bone. No matter how poor people are, they have the opportunity to become geniuses. If they are geniuses, they will go to a higher level. The root of the ascension gate to suppress the world.” Li Qingshan muttered.

Now, Eternal Art is his life-saving spiritual medicine.

Li Qingshan meditated on cultivation, looked inside the root bone, and found that the root bone was broken in a mess.

It is like a complete tree that has been cut down into thousands of pieces and turned into waste wood.

This is the first time Li Qingshan has seriously watched his own bones.

Can’t bear to look straight.

β€œHow to transform this bone?” Li Qingshan was a little worried that Eternal Art had nowhere to start.

But fortunately, after running Eternal Art, there was no pain in his body. Instead, a warm breath flowed into the bones that were broken into countless pieces of waste.

Li Qingshan then watched closely.

The warm breath wrapped around his broken root bone, slowly infiltrating it, giving the completely dead root bone a little bit of life.

Every broken bone is born with life.

“wait a minute” Li Qingshan suddenly had an epiphany in his mind.

“These roots and bones are born to life, so can I treat them as seeds, plant them, grow slowly, and grow into a dense forest?”

“This A forest is my root bone.”

“Other people’s root bone is just a big tree, no matter how good it grows, it can’t compete with my majestic forest.”

“I will own ten thousand hectares of forest, unrivalled throughout the world!”

Li Qingshan was stunned by his own thoughts.

But the more I think about it, the more excited it gets, because with the help of Eternal Art, it’s very possible.

Li Qingshan thought so, and did the same.

Manipulating Eternal Art, splitting the broken root bones, he used each root bone as a seed, wrapped it in Eternal Art, revitalized it, and planted it.

In this way, he fertilizes every day, just needs to wait for the opportunity, and when these roots take root and sprout, he will have thousands of hectares of forest.

When the time comes, his innate talent, since ancient times, is unparalleled.

The only downside to this method is that it requires time and patience.

But is Li Qingshan short of time?

Facing the wall at Thinking Cliff and unable to go out, the most important thing he needs is time.

“And there are millions of Monument Forest, I have millions of cultivation techniques, comprehending cultivation techniques, can also speed up the birth of root bones, when the time comes there are hangings on every tree. Over a dozen cultivation techniques, all of which have reached full level, am I not a Divinity of Human World?”

Li Qingshan murmured, his face became more and more happy, he had found the most suitable path for him.

Just do what he says, Li Qingshan is not in a hurry to develop any ability. On Thinking Cliff, he can’t use the ability even if he has the ability, so this night, he will lay the foundation first.

Every piece of root bone has been placed, Li Qingshan is waiting for them to take root and sprout, with fleshy body as Heaven and Earth, and Eternal Art as soil, to thrive.

That night, Li Qingshan frantically ran Eternal Art to supplement his foundation with nutrients. At dawn, he went to collect the petal dew and drank it all.

Then he started to wipe the Monument Forest, comprehend it seriously, learn a little more, when the time comes the roots and bones take root and sprout, these cultivation techniques are all nourishment and can make them grow up quickly.

[You watch carefully, stimulate max-level comprehension, and comprehend the Blazing Blade Technique! ]

[You watch carefully, stimulate max-level comprehension, and comprehend Giant Wave Threefold Sword! ]

[You watch carefully, stimulate max-level comprehension, and comprehend Ghost Movement! ]

On this day, Li Qingshan earnestly comprehended Three Secret Techniques and returned with a full reward.

At night, he earnestly cultivates Eternal Art and cultivates the root bones in his body.

On such a day, simple and peaceful, no one disturbed, Li Qingshan did not feel lonely, but was happy.

As he comprehends more cultivation techniques, his eyes widen a lot. Although he still has no cultivation base, his understanding of cultivation can be regarded as a master of the previous generation.

Let’s live calmly, wipe the Monument Forest every day, take care of the flowers, go fishing and drink tea in my spare time.

Monument Keeper Old Man left, leaving behind a lot of books, he read hundreds of books, raised his righteousness, and hoped the clouds rolling and spreading.

Isn’t this better than infighting and fighting in the outside world?


Time flies, and another three months have passed.

It has been half a year since Li Qingshan made the mistake of letting the Demon Sect Heavenly Concubine go.

It took half a year for the people in the ascension to forget about him, the Eldest Senior Brother.

No one has mentioned him anymore. Even Headmaster, who was optimistic about Li Qingshan’s ascension before, doesn’t think he can rise again, save a life, guard Thinking Cliff, and live a stable life, which is already considered the best. Good ending.

But the world does not know that Li Qingshan is undergoing transformation.

Three months later, the root bone in his body, nourished by Eternal Art every day, has begun to take root and sprout, using the originally broken root bone as the root to grow new shoots.

Although it is small and fragile, it already has the first step of thousands of hectares of forest.

Three months later, Li Qingshan finally waited for the root bone to grow, and he could also start cultivation.

Flower sea, bridge, bamboo house.

Li Qingshan was dressed in sackcloth and washed white. He didn’t look sloppy when he wore it. His skin became whiter because of the moisturizing effect of Eternal Art.

“After three months of nourishment from Eternal Art, all the roots and bones have taken root and sprout. Although they are very weak, they can already be cultivated.” Li Qingshan was full of emotion when he thought of this.

It’s been half a year.

It took half a year for him to break the shackles and be able to cultivate.

Li Qingshan has been waiting for this day for a long time. Today, he did not go to wipe the Monument Forest. Instead, he burned incense and bathed, sorted out his mood, and prepared for cultivation when everything calmed down.

Now that the root bone has sprouted, although it has not grown into a big tree, it is no problem to meet the cultivation.

The first sect cultivation technique of Li Qingshan cultivation is the first cultivation technique that I comprehend by myself.

Great River Sword Qi!

Great River Sword Qi Li Qingshan has fully understood, so now cultivation, handy.

Inspire Heaven and Earth Spiritual Qi with Eternal Art, then infuse into the body, and then operate the Great River Sword Qi.

Suddenly, Li Qingshan felt one after another bright sword qi clanging in his body.

In his ears, there was the rumbling sound of the rushing river.

his realm is rapidly improving.

The roots are like a forest, and the speed of cultivation is fast.

Other people have a root bone, and the absorption rate is one. Li Qingshan is a vast forest, and the absorption rate is like a gluttonous food, sweeping all directions, leaving nothing behind.

Cultivation first step, Body Refinement Realm.

Li Qingshan accomplished the Body Refinement Great Perfection in just one morning.

For some recommendation, collection, this book has been signed.

This book was written after communicating with the editor-in-chief, negotiating, and revising several editions.

It is guaranteed to be finished, please rest assured to invest.

(end of this chapter)

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