Max-Level Comprehension – Face The Wall For 80 Years Chapter 40

Chapter 40 Inheriting the Headmaster’s position

Thinking Cliff is as quiet as ever in the hustle and bustle of the outside world.

Li Qingshan practiced swordsmanship, wiped stone tablets, and fished the cold river alone.

The days were full and peaceful.

He originally imagined that Heavenly Dao Sect would be furious when he knew that the Disciple was wiped out, intimidate the ascension door, and use all his strength, in which case he might be able to do it again.

But Heavenly Dao Sect’s reaction was unexpected.

No rage, no hysteria, no anger sanctions.

After a few days, I don’t know what happened inside the ascension door, but the outside is very calm.

So calm as if the group of people who died in front of the Ascension Mountain Gate were not their Disciple.

This is something that many people fail to understand.

How could the overbearing Heavenly Dao Sect in the past be so cowardly now?

The interior of the ascension door is also discuss spiritedly.

Originally they all thought that they would face a tough blow from Heavenly Dao Sect next, and the days of Ascension would be very sad.

But now it looks like nothing ever happened.

ascension door Headmaster great hall.

Feng Baiyu looked at the peaceful Heaven and Earth and sighed: “wind and rain are about to come to the mountains and buildings, I always feel that this is the tranquility before the rainstorm.”

In Behind him, the previous Headmaster and the Law Enforcement Elder stood.

“In the past few days, I checked the ascension door from top to bottom, from the inside to the outside, and all the personnel carefully probed it. No suspicious person was found, and no trace of Wu Shaobai was found.” Law Enforcement Elder said solemnly.

“If an expert who can cut such a sword really doesn’t want to be discovered by you, it is impossible to be discovered.” The previous generation Headmaster said.

β€œNow the outside world is talking about whether Wu Senior Brother Shaobai is dead or not, and many people are asking me for specific information.” Feng Baiyu said.

“After thinking about it, I still think Impossible is a little white,” said the previous generation of Headmasters.

“Wu Shaobai is not important, the important thing is that we need a Wu Shaobai now, and we need an existence that can compete with the Heavenly Dao Sect Peak powerhouse, so we can be ambiguous to the outside world, neither denying nor admitting, Let Heavenly Dao Sect not know the bottom line, and dare not easily commit it.” Feng Baiyu said.

“That’s right, no matter whether Wu Shaobai is dead or alive, now in the ascension gate, he must be alive.” Law Enforcement Elder, agreeing with Feng Baiyu.

The previous generation of Headmasters was silent.

“Headmaster, Heavenly Dao Sect is holding back, this is not normal, you must be alert to their counterattack at any time, Heavenly Dao Sect is a slap in the face, very sinister and can be used by any means, my ascension door Now that he is completely opposed to him, one must be very vigilant,” Law Enforcement Elder told Feng Baiyu.

“Well, I know. Next, I will try my best to train Xiao Jiu and monitor Heavenly Dao Sect’s movements.” Feng Baiyu nodded heavily.

Although the Heavenly Dao Sect intruder has been killed, the Heavenly Dao Sect is still like a giant mountain, pressing on him.

“Internally, we still have to continue to look for the expert. Whether it is Wu Shaobai or not, we must find it.” Feng Baiyu squeezed his fist and said loudly.

Both the Law Enforcement Elder and the previous generation Headmaster are nodded and agree with this statement.

They have to dig three feet in the ground, and even if the ascension door is turned over, they have to find the expert.


A few days passed, Li Qingshan worked diligently, and mastered the Heaven Severing Drawing Sword Technique.

His cultivation base was thus elevated to the Great Venerable realm Second Layer day.

Li Qingshan still wipes the stone tablet every day, comprehends the cultivation technique, and returns to continue the cultivation. He hangs the comprehended cultivation technique on the root bone that has already taken root and grown into a towering tree.

His strength is growing everyday all.

His forest-like roots grow all the time.

Some people say that drinking water makes you fat.

Here in Li Qingshan, even if he walks, he will increase his strength.

On this day, Li Qingshan took a shower, made a pot of tea, and lit a pot of incense after practicing swordsmanship. In the spring atmosphere, watching the flowers blooming in the flowerbed made him feel happy. .

Small Fox also drank silently with a cup of tea.

Having been with Li Qingshan for a long time, Small Fox hated tea from the very beginning, and now he likes tea, all because of Li Qingshan’s unnoticeable influence.

In some ways, it is more and more like Li Qingshan.

Drinking tea and admiring the spring flowers, Li Qingshan’s expression changed and looked towards Small Fox: “My younger sister is here, do you want to meet?”

Small Fox immediately wanted to slip away.

It still doesn’t want to see humans.

Li Qingshan asked calmly: “Am I the only one who sees me in this lifetime?”

Small Fox hesitated.

“People are good and bad, and demons are good and bad. You need to rely on yourself to distinguish them. You will understand when you have more knowledge. I know you are afraid of life, but you can’t escape forever.” Li Qingshan warned Small Fox.

Small Fox listened, withdrew his feet from trying to escape, and continued to sit here, waiting in silence.

After a while, Xiao Jiu’s silhouette appeared in front of the small bridge and flowing water.

β€œbig brother!” Xiao Jiu waved his hands happily.

Li Qingshan smiled, looked at Xiao Jiu gently, and walked in slowly.

β€œWhy are you so happy?” Li Qingshan asked.

“I’m happy because the troubles that weighed on my heart have been resolved.” Xiao Jiu laughed and said, not at all cold in front of outsiders.

“Ah, is such a cute Small Fox raised by your big brother?” Xiao Jiu then noticed that Small Fox, who is pure white and a fox beauty, approached in surprise.

“He’s my friend, you can call him Small Fox, he’s a bit afraid of life, cold-hearted.” Li Qingshan introduced with a smile.

Xiao Jiu approached and wanted to reach out to touch Small Fox, but Small Fox nimbly dodged away, and then jumped on Li Qingshan’s shoulder, his big tail wrapped around Li Qingshan’s neck, A pair of bright and intelligent eyes stared at Xiao Jiu, without saying a word, his attitude of resistance was obvious.

But luckily he didn’t escape.

“Okay, the first contact, don’t expect to touch it.” Li Qingshan rejected Xiao Jiu for Small Fox.

Having Small Fox meet outsiders is a huge improvement.

I’m in a hurry and it runs away. I don’t know when the next time will be.

Xiao Jiu could only sit down and not disturb Small Fox.

“Big brother, do you know about a large number of experts who fell in front of Ascension Mountain Gate in Heavenly Dao Sect recently?” Xiao Jiu asked.

Li Qingshan shook his head slightly with a strange expression on his face.

Xiao Jiu thought Li Qingshan didn’t know, and immediately told vividly what happened at that time.

Talking about when she was about to be killed by Tian Qingzi, and when the Great Hejian Qi fell from the sky to save her.

That look was absolutely adoring.

Li Qingshan raised his teacup and watched, trying his best to suppress the corners of his mouth that he wanted to raise, silently nodding.

“All in all, Heavenly Dao Sect wanted to completely disintegrate my ascension door, but it was blocked by that sword. Until now, I dare not even let a fart. The biggest crisis of the ascension door is over. , I don’t have to find someone specially to send my big brother back to the Human World Dynasty.” Xiao Jiu spread out both hands and said comfortably.

Li Qingshan followed nodded.

It is true that after his sword was slashed out, the security of the Ascension door was improved by several levels.

“Big brother, I’m going to go to cultivation next time. The Master told me to break through Venerable Realm as soon as possible, enter Great Venerable, and then pass me the position of Headmaster. He will assist me behind the scenes.” Xiao Jiu He whispered to Li Qingshan.

Li Qingshan raised his brows, Feng Baiyu wanted to choose his heir and let Xiao Jiu be the Headmaster of the Ascension Sect.

So fast?

(End of this chapter)

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