Max-Level Comprehension – Face The Wall For 80 Years Chapter 41

Chapter 41 The Conspiracy of Heavenly Dao Sect

β€œFeng Baiyu is Peak, and he has only been the Sect Master for thirty years. Why did he pass it on to you so quickly?” Li Qingshan asked in confusion.

Xiao Jiu shook his head: “I don’t know. Yesterday, the Master told me that I had been appointed as the next-generation Headmaster of the Ascension Sect. In the next few years, the Master and the Grand Master will try their best to train me.”

“Then do you want to be this Headmaster?” Li Qingshan asked softly.

Ascension door Headmaster has great power, but also great responsibility.

And facing the pressure of Heavenly Dao Sect, can Xiao Jiu endure it?

“Big brother, I want to be this Headmaster.” Xiao Jiu nodded firmly.

“As long as I become the Headmaster, I can forgive the big brother, and I can use the huge resources of the ascension door to let the big brother embark on the road of cultivation again. After a hundred years, I still have the big brother.

Brother.” Xiao Jiu said to himself.

Ascension door Headmaster to her, the biggest thing is to save her big brother.

Li Qingshan touched Xiao Jiu’s hair and said gently, “silly girl, big brother is very happy here, I don’t need your help.”

Xiao Jiu just smiled sweetly.

Li Qingshan and Xiao Jiu walked among the small bridges and flowing water, admiring the blooming flowers, watching the fish chasing and swimming, and talking about trivial and boring topics between siblings.

Time flies slowly.

When Xiao Jiu left in the evening, Li Qingshan sent her to the Thinking Cliff periphery zone.

Watching Xiao Jiu leave, Li Qingshan stood there and pondered.

Not surprisingly, Xiao Jiu will be the Headmaster of the ascension door in a few years.

At that time, even if she doesn’t want to, she will be involved in the disputes of the cultivation world.

Because she is no longer an independent individual, but represents the door of ascension, a sect whose inheritance has never been severed.

“Since the little girl wants to be the Headmaster, the big brother will definitely support you.”

“A few years later, I should finish climbing the Great Venerable Nine. Heavenly Layers.”

“In this cultivation world where Grand Dao and Spiritual Qi are sealed, I should be very strong!”

Li Qingshan raised his eyebrows and said.

He then returned to the bamboo house and continued closed-door cultivation.

Every day I practice boxing, wipe the monument, and comprehend, and my life is very fulfilling.


Heavenly Dao Sect.

The air pressure in Heavenly Dao Sect has been very low these days.

Without the happy laughter and cheerful voices of the past, there will be no louder voices of the past.

All the Disciples are silently cultivating, communicating in low voices, guessing how the Sect Elders will get their revenge on the ascension door.

Heavenly Dao Sect seeking revenge for the slightest grievance’s character, the cultivation world is known to everyone.

But this time they were beyond their expectations.

In the case of the loss of a genius and dozens of Peak experts, Heavenly Dao Sect absolute silence, this is very abnormal, so abnormal that even Heavenly Dao Sect’s own Disciple feels that the timing is not right.

In fact, Heavenly Dao Sect’s internal high-level quarrel has already turned upside down.

In the past few days, various meetings have been held one after another.

More than half of the Elders clapped the table at the meeting, roaring angrily, to bring disaster to the Ascension Gate.

They all said they wanted to destroy the ascension door.

But these voices were stopped by Heavenly Dao Sect contemporary Headmaster.

The Heavenly Dao Sect contemporary Headmaster, called Hei Shuitian, is a middle-aged man with dark skin, a hooked nose, sunken eye sockets, and wolf-like eyes.

“Everyone, please stay calm, ascension is nothing to be afraid of. What is really terrifying now is that it is rumored that Wu Shaobai is still alive, that sword directly killed Tian Qingzi, and even the other Disciples were killed.

Kill, this person’s strength may have reached the threshold of the world, he alone is enough to support a small sect. It is pointless to send the rest of the Venerable to go, if you want to destroy the Ascension Gate, you have to kill To kill this man, we are not qualified enough, Old Ancestor has to do it.”

Hei Shuitian said in a low voice.

“Why didn’t the Old Ancestors take action?” Some Elder asked in confusion.

“Several Old Ancestors have already started secluded cultivation. If they want to break through the world, they can’t make a move.” Hei Shuitian said in a low voice.

“Then you can’t deal with the hidden expert in the ascension door, won’t you destroy the ascension door?” Some Elder said angrily.

“The ascension gate is naturally destroyed. I have repeatedly challenged my dignity in Heavenly Dao. If I don’t kill him, how can I deter the world?”

“A few Old Ancestors could not get out of the customs. It doesn’t matter, I have contacted the Northwest Spear King, he will kill the expert hidden in the ascension door.” Hei Shuitian explained slowly.

“Northwest Spear King, this is a fierce man. If he shoots, the hidden expert in the Ascension door will definitely not be able to resist.” Some Elder exclaimed.

“Yes, the strength of the Northwest Spear King, you have seen it more than 40 years ago, when Wu Shaobai killed dozens of experts in my Heavenly Dao Sect, and they were full of arrogance. At that time, several Old Ancestors. I was ready to go out and join forces to suppress Wu Shaobai. In the end, Hundred Flowers Old Ancestor came out and persuaded the Northwest Spear King. He went out to fight Wu Shaobai and fought murky heavens dark earth. Finally, Wu Shaobai was forced to self-proclaimed in in the stone tablet.” Elder laughed heartily, and when he heard the Northwest Spear King came out, he felt relieved.

“Headmaster, when will the Northwest Spear King shoot?” asked Elder.

“Headmaster I remember very clearly, the Northwest Spear King said, no longer interfere with our sector.”

Hei Shuitian corner of the mouth raised: “The so-called non-interference , but the interest is not big enough, when the interest is big enough, everything said can be bullshit.”

“In three months, the Northwest Spear King will go to the ascension gate, so everyone An Wuman, they are the grasshoppers of the autumn queen, and they won’t be able to jump for long.” Hei Shuitian reached out and pressed down, soothing the impulse and anger of the elders.

“Since the Headmaster has been arranged, then we will wait a little longer. In about three months, the ascension door will collapse.”

“Yes, in In the case of losing the hidden expert, the ascension door is fragile and unable to withstand a single blow.”

“Look at him raising a tall building, watching him feasting guests, and watching his building collapse, everyone be quiet. Wait three months.” Hei Shuitian smiled coldly.

The other Elders are no longer noisy.

Contrary to everyone’s expectations, Heavenly Dao Sect continued to choose not to say a word.


Heavenly Dao Sect’s silence made the ascension door very uncomfortable.

Feng Baiyu was walking back and forth in the Headmaster great hall of the ascension door, hands behind ones back, his face impatient.

On the side are Law Enforcement Elder, the previous generation Headmaster, and Xiao Jiu.

β€œYou say, what crafty plots and machinations are Heavenly Dao Sect brewing?” Feng Baiyu asked in confusion.

Fighting with Heavenly Dao Sect for thirty years, Feng Baiyu knows what kind of character Heavenly Dao Sect is.

It can only be said that Heavenly Dao Sect is brewing even greater revenge after suffering such a big loss.

“Headmaster, since there is no way to know what Heavenly Dao Sect is brewing, we can only be ourselves and strive to improve.” Law Enforcement Elder sighed.

“Have you not found the senior you met for the first time?” Feng Baiyu asked.

The Law Enforcement Elder shook his head.

“I’ve searched through the ascension doors, and checked every Disciple carefully. Even Li Qingshan on Thinking Cliff, I checked it out and made sure he’s fine.” Law Enforcement Elder said helplessly.

Xiao Jiu glanced at Law Enforcement Elder.

Wind Baiyu sighed, said: “Must find this senior, I always feel that a sword is hanging over the head of the Ascension door, a little carelessness will make us shattered.”

Law Enforcement Elder can only be nodded, and he is also very helpless.

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