Max-Level Comprehension – Face The Wall For 80 Years Chapter 42

Chapter 42 Northwest Spear King

Thinking Cliff is not covered by the wind and rain outside.

Li Qingshan lived a full day every day, wiping stone tablets and comprehending cultivation techniques.

[You wiped carefully, stimulated max-level comprehension, comprehended Five Elements Formation. ]

Another morning, Li Qingshan used a few hours to comprehended a new cultivation technique.

“Five Elements Formation, this is similar to my Five Ghosts life-locking technique, and five emperors Great Demonic God, they are all Five Elements.”

Li Qingshan thought carefully stand up.

This cultivation technique is of little use to him.

Five Elements Formation itself is not particularly powerful, it is a Formation.

“I don’t know, I’ll give it to Five Ghosts for cultivation, can it become something new?” Li Qingshan’s thoughts were exudes, and his ideas were fantastic.

Anyway, in Thinking Cliff, Five Ghosts besides cleaning, usually cooks a meal, and then there is nothing to do, you can cultivate by yourself.

Three years later, Five Ghosts has also completed its transformation, from five gloomy, chaotic, and murderous ghosts condensed under a cultivation technique to the messenger who walks the Human World on behalf of Hell.

Their strength has also entered the Great Venerable level.

And for the five emperors Great Demonic God’s cultivation, it’s getting more and more esoteric.

Now with the addition of a Five Elements Formation, it must be a wonderful change.

Thinking like this, Li Qingshan went back to the bamboo house and summoned Five Ghosts.

After three years, they have been secluded in Thinking Cliff with Li Qingshan, and they are indistinguishable from the world.

They clean the house every day, raise chickens and ducks, and serve flowers.

Occasionally, after Li Qingshan’s cravings break out, do some cooking.

Five Ghosts are actually quite embarrassed. They have completed the transition of life and become experts of the Great Venerable level. They should have become the killers in the shadows, the demons of the Human World, and the nightmare of countless enemies. Became Li Qingshan’s nanny.

The five emperors Great Demonic God have not used it once in three years since I learned it.

Now Li Qingshan is teaching them Five Elements Formation.

further enhance their power.

It’s a pity that they can only repeat the simple and peaceful life.

“This is the Five Elements Battle Formation, you five think carefully and cultivate well.” Li Qingshan put the cultivation technique into Five Ghosts’ mind and said.

Five Elements Battle Formation requires cooperation. Li Qingshan is alone and absolutely cannot practice this cultivation technique to the extreme.

roar roar roar!

Five Ghosts growl, their bodies are strong, their imposing manner is terrifying, they are hungry for battle, they are hungry for blood, and they are eager to wield great power.

They want to leave Thinking Cliff.

Li Qingshan waved his hand and said, “Let’s study Five Elements Battle Formation well. You haven’t cleaned it during this time, and the dust has already fallen on the ground. Please clean all around first.”


Five Ghosts: “…”

“Go on, your current strength is not Human World Peak, and I have no enemies.” Li Qingshan ignored their demands and turned to go cultivation.

Five Ghosts can only pick up a broom and clean up.

Then they cultivated Five Elements Battle Formation.

Five Ghosts, born because of the Five Ghosts Seeking Destiny Technique, later cultivated five emperors Great Demonic God, completed the transition of life and became a special lifeform, no longer a group of ghosts, a group shadow.

Their strength is terrifying.

They have been very successful in researching the five emperors Great Demonic God, their strength advanced by leaps and bounds after entering the Great Venerable.

But they still only sweep the floor.

Now Li Qingshan handed Five Elements Battle Formation to them Five Ghosts cultivation, just need a little comprehension to become Full Mastery.

Five Elements Battle Formation is a cultivation technique suitable for Five Ghosts.

After cleaning up the sanitation, Five Ghosts can’t wait to go to cultivation.

On Thinking Cliff, Small Fox is in cultivation, Li Qingshan is in cultivation, Five Ghosts is in training, no one is lazy.

In places that the world doesn’t know, they work hard to sweat, live up to every inch of time, and quietly become stronger.


Giving Five Elements Battle Formation to Five Ghosts is just a wave in Li Qingshan’s peaceful life.

Li Qingshan’s transformation of Five Ghosts is mainly because of his curiosity. After the transformation, what will Five Ghosts look like?

This is also an interesting thing he found in the simple and dull life of Thinking Cliff.

Li Qingshan was cultivating when suddenly a guest came up from Thinking Cliff.


Li Qingshan stopped cultivation, raised his eyebrows, and whispered inwardly: “Did Awei find out about Jiuli Qiannian Sword God?”

Li Qingshan was waiting for Awei to come.

Awei came over very quickly. After seeing Li Qingshan, he was respectful and greeted him with Disciple.

“Did you come to see me so soon, did you find some information about Jiuli Qiannian Sword God?” Li Qingshan asked calmly.

Awei nodded, and said with a hint of joy: “I am very attentive to the task that Mr. gave me.”

p> “When I go back, I will use all the power I can use. All started, searched all the information about Jiuli Qiannian Sword God, whether it is the demonic path, or the orthodox religion, or the Heavenly Dao Sect of today’s first under the heavens, there is a shadow of my Eternal Hate Demon Sect, they help me search about After I organize all the information about Jiuli Qiannian Sword God, I will report to Mr. Awei.” Awei said.

“It’s hard work, you have found the information in such a short time, you are very good.” Li Qingshan praised.

“Tell me, who is Jiuli Qiannian Sword God? Where did he come from? What did he do?” Li Qingshan looked at Awei with curiosity.

“I don’t have much information, but I only know that Jiuli Qiannian Sword God came out of the northwest, and his strength reached Peak three thousand years ago. In the end, he was still alive after winning the war, but it’s a pity that the book It is recorded that he died immediately after the war,” Awei said.

Li Qingshan’s expression remained unchanged, nodded calmly, and thought silently.

When the final war is over, Jiuli Qiannian Sword God must still be alive, otherwise he would not have cut that sword.

“Did Jiuli Qiannian Sword God come out of the northwest?” Li Qingshan asked in surprise.

Looking at Jiuli Qiannian Sword God’s refined in manner, he is like an Aristocratic Family Young Master in a small town in the south of the Yangtze River, uninhibited and unrestrained, not like a child who grew up in the rough terrain of the northwest.

“Jiuli Qiannian Sword God was indeed born in the northwest, and he also lived in the northwest when he was a child. At that time, he already showed extraordinary, just like the current leader of the northwest, the Northwest Spear King. “

“They both have something in common. After unifying the northwestern land, they began to advance eastward,” Awei regretfully said.

Li Qingshan’s eyes were dim, and he reached out and tapped on the table, making the sound of galloping horses’ hooves.

“Who is the Northwest Spear King you’re talking about?” Li Qingshan asked.

We were talking about Jiuli Qiannian Sword God, and now a Northwest Spear King suddenly appeared.

“The Northwest Spear King is the unparalleled genius who has suddenly risen in this century, the Supreme of Martial Arts, who dominates the northwest land. Forty years ago, Senior Shaobai offended Heavenly Dao Sect, Heavenly Dao Sect dispatched countless experts, But being beheaded by Senior Shaobai one after another is terrifying. In the end, Heavenly Dao Sect begged to the Northwest Spear King, and after paying many treasures and commitments, he fought inextricably with Senior Shaobai, and finally won half a move.” Awei introduce in detail.

Unfamiliar with Jiuli Qiannian Sword God, but he is extremely familiar with the Northwest Spear King.

After all, one is a character from three thousand years ago, and the other is an expert of this era.

“After the war, the Northwest Spear King became famous in the cultivation world, and Senior Shaobai lost his sense of proportion and lost half of his moves because of his anger. bring any trouble,” Awei said.

Li, who loves learning, is asking for tickets, support, and support.

(End of this chapter)

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