Max-Level Comprehension – Face The Wall For 80 Years Chapter 43

Chapter 43 Killing in my dream!

“Wu Shaobai was not defeated by Heavenly Dao Sect?” Li Qingshan asked in confusion.

“No.” Awei shook his head and said, “There are a lot of Old Ancestors in Heavenly Dao Sect, but they seldom take action. The Northwest Spear King rose 30 years earlier than Wu Shaobai and was a prominent Peak expert of the previous generation. The love-hate entanglement between him and Heavenly Dao Sect Hundred Flowers Old Ancestor has been widely reported.”

Li Qingshan came to take an interest. He has been alone for a long time and likes to listen to gossip, saying: “Let’s listen to it. Listen.”

Awei nodded and said in detail: “Hundred Flowers Old Ancestor is the most recent Saint Pass expert in Heavenly Dao. He is only three hundred years old. He is famous for being beautiful and alluring. When Northwest Spear King first debuted, he went through a life-and-death crisis. He happened to meet Hundred Flowers Old Ancestor passing by and rescued her. Since then, Northwest Spear King fell in love with Hundred Flowers Old Ancestor at first sight, regardless of their age and identity. The gap in the cultivation base, the crazy pursuit.”

Li Qingshan listened calmly.

He, a single dog, cannot comment on this feeling.

“Hundred Flowers Old Ancestor at first has no feelings for Northwest Spear King, but gradually, Northwest Spear King’s meticulous care and rapid improvement of the cultivation base have moved Hundred Flowers Old Ancestor’s heart.” Awei said.

“So, this pair of men and women, who have been separated by three hundred years, finally came together?” Li Qingshan speculated.

Awei shook the head, with a weird expression, and said: “Hundred Flowers Old Ancestor is tempted, but it’s not love, she’s tempted simply because the Northwest Spear King has grown up. Powerful, plus I love Hundred Flowers Old Ancestor deeply and would do anything for her, so in the name of love, Hundred Flowers Old Ancestor asked Northwest Spear King to solve the threat of dozens of peak geniuses for Heavenly Dao Sect.”

Li Qingshan frowned and said: “Hundred Flowers Old Ancestor used the Northwest Spear King to kill the Great Sects with potential, or has the genius of rays of light bloomed?”

This behavior is very rude.

Aweiright nodded and said, “That’s why the Northwest Spear King, in less than ten years, has been beaten by everyone, and he is regarded as a thorn in the eye, a thorn in the flesh. He was so strong that he broke through to the realm of Saint Pass and was not killed, but he was forced to choose to live in seclusion in the end.”

“At this point, the story of Northwest Spear King and Hundred Flowers Old Ancestor has come to an end. , people in the cultivation world think that the Northwest Spear King has seen through this time that Hundred Flowers Old Ancestor is using him,” Awei said.

Li Qingshan corner of the mouth raised and said disdainfully: “But more than 40 years ago, Heavenly Dao Sect encountered another genius, and Northwest Spear King still shot.”

“Yes, that time it was also rumored that Hundred Flowers Old Ancestor went to Northwest Spear King. After several decades of seclusion, he finally appeared in front of Ascension Mountain Gate and had a heaven shaking, earth shattering with Senior Shaobai. Fight.” Awei nodded.

“This Northwest Spear King cultivation base is so strong, why is his brain a little bad, he can’t see that Hundred Flowers Old Ancestor is using him?” Li Qingshan frowned.

β€œThe Northwest Spear King once said a wise saying,” Awei added.

“What famous saying?” Li Qingshan looked at Awei.

Awei coughed, cleared his throat, and said affectionately, “She doesn’t use so many talents, why does she use me, not because she likes me?”

Li Qingshan was extremely speechless after hearing this.

“You can’t kill a dog by licking a dog!”

After a while, he choked out a sentence.

Awei agrees with nodded.

The conversation then ended.

Awei still hasn’t collected much stories about Jiuli Qiannian Sword God.

Or maybe his story was not passed down back then.

There is calm again on Thinking Cliff.

Li Qingshan practiced boxing every day, wiped the inscriptions, and learned the cultivation technique.

His cultivation base is also steadily improving.

Time flies like a gallop and never returns.

Three months have passed.

In the past three months, Li Qingshan has not seen Xiao Jiu nor Awei.

Because Xiao Jiu wants to cultivation and inherit the position of Headmaster, he is so busy that he can’t find time to come.

Awei had already left the ascension door at this time. He said he was going out for a trip, but he actually went to inquire about the news of Jiuli Qiannian Sword God for Li Qingshan.

The last time he brought little news, Awei himself was not satisfied, this time he personally went to the Eternal Hate Demon Sect to search Jiuli Qiannian Sword God for Li Qingshan in a large area.

Li Qingshan himself is in Thinking Cliff, with Small Fox, improving himself step by step every day.

Three months later, he jumped directly from Great Venerable realm Two Heavenly Layers to Great Venerable realm Nine Heavenly Layers.

Yes, Li Qingshan has crossed the Nine Heavenly Layers of the Great Venerable realm in just three months.

Accumulation over the past three years.

A root bone like a dense forest.

Plus max-level comprehension.

Plus regular repairs.

This is a miracle.

Now, Li Qingshan is standing in front of the Saint Pass, seriously inquiring.

For him, World Threshold is not difficult to break through. The biggest question is how to break through this threshold? Enter Saint Realm.


This night, the sky is full of stars and the moon is in the sky, which is extremely beautiful.

Li Qingshan meditated cross-legged and lit an incense stick in front of him, making the room full of incense.

In his body, a large area of roots like a dense forest is absorbing the huge Spiritual Qi that is unimaginable for ordinary people at every moment.

Li Qingshan’s realm cultivation base is also growing. Quantitative changes lead to qualitative changes.

Tonight, his soul is beating.

With a bang, three Buddha Ancestor illusory shadows manifested behind them, chanting scriptures.

Li Qingshan jumped lightly with the Primordial Spirit in his body, his left foot resting on his right foot, just like ascending a ladder, and jumped directly out of Niwan Palace.


Three Buddha Ancestors occupy three sides, Li Qingshan Primordial Spirit Leaving the Body, directly occupy one side.

Talking about Taoism with Buddha!

This Dao is all things in the world, truth, humanities, food, clothing, housing, and transportation, birth, aging, sickness and death…

Three Buddha Ancestors talk about the past, present, and future Three large, life-long scriptures.

Li Qingshan tells the story of the various states of the Human World that he has comprehended.

Saying it is telling, in fact, comparing it with the Three Lifetimes Buddhist Scripture, then correcting, revising, and improving.

Li Qingshan has benefited a lot from this process.

His foundation is getting better and better.

The barrier between the Great Venerable Nine Heavenly Layers and Saint Realm becomes more and more transparent.

Buddhist sound and Sanskrit singing, accompanied by the fall of the Golden Lotus, the past, present and future are constantly changing.

Because of the max-level comprehension, Li Qingshan understood it very easily.

His Primordial Spirit sentient powers expanded.

Go past the Thinking Cliff, go through the ascension door, and quickly expand outwards.

No one noticed during this period.

until it expanded three thousand miles and was discovered by a man sitting in the carriage.

This carriage is unmanned, moving towards the direction of the ascension door ticking under the moonlight, a middle age person sitting on the carriage, holding a long spear in his hand, gently wiping .

“How courageous!”

Suddenly, the middle age person shouted violently and found the traces of Li Qingshan Primordial Spirit spreading. With a long spear, a cold light burst out. Will spy on his Primordial Spirit break.

Ascension door, Thinking Cliff, inside the bamboo house.

Li Qingshan is studying comprehend with Three Lifetimes Buddhist Scripture, making great progress and becoming addicted to it.

A sudden roar made him frowned, and the Primordial Spirit immediately looked towards the distance.

Three thousand miles away, a carriage, a middle age person with a gun.

β€œGreat Venerable Peak cultivation base?”

β€œNo, he has broken the Great Venerable Nine Heavenly Layers and set foot on the World Threshold.”

β€œHolding Long spear, unparalleled imposing manner, is the Northwest Spear King.”

Li Qingshan analyzed the identity of the other party in a flash.

“What did the Northwest Spear King come to do at the Ascension Gate?”

“Isn’t the Hundred Flowers Old Ancestor tricked into killing me again?”

“There was no hatred in the past, no grudges in the recent past. The Ascension Gate is 80,000 miles away from the northwest. You came to kill me because of a woman?”

At this moment, Li Qingshan’s thinking was active, and he directly analyzed The reason Northwest Spear King came.

For this reason, he had to sigh with emotion: “What a good dog!”

The next second, Li Qingshan’s Primordial Spirit Power followed the starlight like a big river, grandiose, Pentium surging smashed in front of Northwest Spear King.

The Northwest Spear King straightened his body, with the long spear in his hand, and suddenly turned into an Azure Dragon.


Long Teng roared and opened his bloody mouth wide open like a sacrificial bowl to devour Li Qingshan’s Primordial Spirit.

Unfortunately, Li Qingshan’s Primordial Spirit carried the power of Three Lifetimes Buddhist Scripture, spanned three thousand miles, and directly smashed this Azure Dragon with unparalleled strength.

Then, under the irradiation of the new moon, extremely terrifying energy was poured into the Northwest Spear King’s body.

bang bang bang!

Northwest Spear King’s face changed dramatically, he held the long spear hard, his face roared fiercely, all the energy in his body poured out, and he resisted Li Qingshan’s Primordial Spirit Power.

But the carriage under his feet, as well as the ground within a radius of ten miles, collapsed dozens of meters with a bang.

“How is this possible?” Northwest Spear King murmured dully when he saw this scene.

He is a powerhouse beyond the Great Venerable Nine Heavenly Layers.

He stepped into the powerhouse of World Threshold.

He can move unhindered in the whole world for hundreds of years.

He suppressed the northwestern land by the strength of oneself.

But now he was almost unable to resist, a blow from Primordial Spirit Power from an unfamiliar powerhouse.

Although he held back the pouring out of Li Qingshan Primordial Spirit Power, the radius of ten miles was already in a mess.

The Northwest Spear King looked forward in shock.

The little Primordial Spirit Power slowly converged into one silhouette, suspended in mid-air.

Like a god coming into the world.

Watching the Northwest Spear King.

“How could anyone condense Primordial Spirit Power to this extent in the Great Venerable realm?” The Northwest Spear King thought he was dreaming.

If it wasn’t for the pain all over, he would have wanted to slap himself.

“Who are you!” Northwest Spear King asked hard.

“The person from the ascension gate!”

“It’s also the person you want to kill.”

Li Qingshan said in a tranquil voice.

The Northwest Spear King widened his eyes and dared not say anything: “Have you broken the World Threshold?”

If it hadn’t broken the World Threshold, the Northwest Spear King would never have imagined that, Someone would be so terrified.

“In the future I will break the World Threshold, of course you will never see it.” Li Qingshan Primordial Spirit stared at the Northwest Spear King, suddenly a finger pointed.

No bells and whistles.

There is no fancy cultivation technique.

What Li Qingshan has just learned about Taoism with Three Lifetimes Buddhist Scripture.

All poured into this finger.


Northwest Spear King there’s no resistance, directly melted by Li Qingshan’s Tao.

Along with the ten-mile boundary, with a bang, it sank a hundred meters again.

Smoke filled the air.

The fleshy body and carriage of the Northwest Spear King no longer exist, only the long spear, half broken, covered with potholes and stuck in the center of the earth.

Li Qingshan saw this scene and already understood his own strength. He was neither happy nor sad.

His Primordial Spirit Power flows like a river again, back into Thinking Cliff, into fleshy body.


Primordial Spirit returned, Li Qingshan opened his eyes, yawned, looked into the distance and said, “I love killing people in my dreams!”

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