Max-Level Comprehension – Face The Wall For 80 Years Chapter 44

Chapter 44 Nine Tailed Monster Fox

A Primordial Spirit came out of the shell, which deepened Dao Law’s understanding and killed the Northwest Spear King by the way.

Li Qingshan stood up and stretched.

He didn’t take seriously the death of the Northwest Spear King.

Since breaking through the Great Venerable Nine Heavenly Layers, Li Qingshan has clearly known his own strength. In today’s world, Saint is invincible.

The Primordial Spirit, who just came out of the body, spanned three thousand miles and killed the Northwest Spear King, is the best proof.

“The current Human World is like a small pond. It is completely meaningless to be the king in the pond. Turn the pond into a lake, and then turn the lake into the sea. Maybe there will be a sense of accomplishment.” Li Qingshan said in a tranquil voice, looking at the incense that had burned out.

Thinking Cliff at night looks a bit deserted and quiet.

Li Qingshan wanted to continue cultivation, but suddenly a painful whine came into his ears, which made him frowned, and immediately locked the small wood house opposite the bamboo house.

β€œSmall Fox!” Li Qingshan complexion changed, his body changed like a shadow, and he came to the small wood house in an instant.


The little wood house exploded. The snow-white Small Fox was lying on the ground, its energy was out of control, it was whining in pain, shimmering around its body, like a bright white jade plate.

Li Qingshan was about to get close, but the energy on Small Fox bounced back.

He can of course get close again and dissipate the energy, but it will hurt Small Fox.

Li Qingshan didn’t approach rashly, but carefully observed Small Fox.

“This is the bloodline awakening after the mother’s energy has been absorbed.” After careful observation, Li Qingshan found that Small Fox’s painful whimper was not because the cultivation had setback, but it was originally suppressed. The innate talent is now revealed.

Small Fox has gone through more than 40 years from being conceived to being born.

All spent in Refining Monster Tower.

Refining Monster Tower is the most painful memory for Small Fox.

In order to protect Small Fox, mother put all the cultivation base into its body, which protected Small Fox well, but also suppressed its original innate talent.

It has been four years since Small Fox was born. After absorbing the energy instilled by mother, Small Fox’s original innate talent can no longer be suppressed.

On this night, it began to transform.

The shimmering light continues to expand, shining brightly all around.

Li Qingshan saw the fox’s tail in the dim light.

One, two, three.

With every painful whimper of Small Fox, a tail appeared in the dim light.

The fox’s tail is very large, and it exudes bright rays of light. It doesn’t have the smell of the general Monster Race, but it has the fragrance of flowers.

“How many tails will Small Fox be?” Li Qingshan guarded Small Fox and guessed silently.

Small Fox’s transformation is far from over, its voice is already hoarse, and every time a tail is manifested, it is a huge loss.

Ah! ! !

In the end, Small Fox let out a scream and fainted.

In that dim light, nine fox tails swayed, setting off Small Fox’s thin body to be extremely huge.

“nine tails, it turned out to be nine tails.” Li Qingshan said in surprise, looking at Small Fox, completely didn’t expect.

Li Qingshan has read books, Nine Tailed Monster Fox is the most powerful family in Fox Race, it can be compared to Heavenly Divine Beast, but it has always been rare.

Small Fox’s mother is just a three-tailed demon fox.

Nine Tailed Monster Fox was born.


But Li Qingshan was only surprised, and quickly covered up the great monster that Small Fox had when he manifested nine tails, then picked up Small Fox and wanted to go back to the bamboo house.

After Li Qingshan picked up Small Fox, the faint light slowly faded away, and the nine tails also disappeared and entered Small Fox’s body.

Li Qingshan returned to the bamboo house with the unconscious Small Fox, used True Qi to warm his body, lighted incense, and let him sleep well.

At the same time, in a huge green hill, countless foxes were disturbed.

The ancestral ranks of the Fox Monster Race are lit up again after a thousand years.

The entire Fox Race, no matter the great monster or the small monster, ran to the ancestral tablet.

Then they witnessed a shocking scene.

Ancestors ranked, suddenly shocked, and cast a light curtain, in the light curtain, you can see the picture of Small Fox awakening the ability of nine tails.

Under the broken wood house, Small Fox’s young body trembled and screamed, and every scream would give birth to a huge tail behind it.

After nine screams, nine tails covering the heavens, shielding the sun are wagging.

Small Fox falls into a coma.

Then the screen stops abruptly.

But this picture is enough, and the entire Fox Monster Race is completely boiled.

From the Elder on the Great Venerable Peak to the newly born, a little sensible Small Fox, they are all excited.

β€œAfter so many years, I finally have another nine tails from Fox Race, hahahahaha.” Fox Monster Race Elder excitedly laughed heartily.

“God bless Monster Race, God bless is my Fox Race.”

“Search for the whereabouts of nine tails immediately, find it at any cost, welcome Hui to become Saintess, lead us to Fox Monster Race to Peak.” Fox Monster Race’s patriarch, announced loudly.

The other clansman jumped into action.

The news that Fox Monster Race had a nine tails spread quickly.

Both Human Race and Monster Race got news.

There was also a storm in the cultivation world, and everyone actively discussed the power and terrifying of Nine Tailed Monster Fox.

Some people also worry that nine tails was born in Monster Race, which will make Monster Race arrogantly overpower Human Race.

In short, Small Fox’s unconscious awakening innate talent caused a shock in the cultivation world.

It doesn’t know all this.

He also fell asleep on Li Qingshan’s bed, very comfortable.

Because of the awakening, he spent all his physical strength and Small Fox of the cultivation base, but he did not feel any tiredness.

Because Li Qingshan used his True Qi to relieve the fatigue of Small Fox last night, after a night of hard work, Small Fox has recovered as before.

In the morning, Small Fox opened his eyes and looked suspiciously at the strange room.

Isn’t it a wood house?

It seemed so painful last night?

What happened?

Small Fox looked all around after being confused, this is Li Qingshan’s bamboo house.

At this time, Li Qingshan pushed in the door, holding the flower dew water he just collected.

“Drink this when you wake up.” Li Qingshan handed the flower dew water to Small Fox.

Small Fox held his hands together and asked dumbly, “What happened last night?”

“Don’t you remember?” Li Qingshan asked.

“Headache, it hurts when I think about it, so I don’t want to.” Small Fox answered bluntly.

“Last night, you awakened your innate talent, Nine Tailed Monster Fox. It’s okay,” Li Qingshan said casually.

No outsiders heard the performance of Nine Tailed Monster Fox so surprised.

“Oh, but it hurts to wake up, Nine Tailed Monster Fox just has a few more tails, it’s not very useful.” Xiao Jiu also said casually, he didn’t care about Nine Tailed Monster Fox at all, he thought It’s more of last night’s pain.

“Stay with me for two nights, and I’ll take care of it for you,” Li Qingshan said.

Small Fox did not refuse and drank flower dew water obediently.

In this way, the nine tails that shocked Fox Monster Race were dismissed by Li Qingshan and Small Fox in a few words.

After drinking flower dew water, Li Qingshan continued cultivation and enlightenment. Small Fox got into Li Qingshan’s arms and closed his eyes to feel his innate talent and inheritance.

I was rescued by Li Qingshan last night, and now Small Fox is more and more dependent on his feelings, and has no hostility and hatred at first.

Li Qingshan smiled softly, reached out and stroked Small Fox’s hair, letting it sleep soundly in his arms.

He continued cultivation.

Late in the morning, Li Qingshan stopped the cultivation and looked towards the entrance of Thinking Cliff.

Xiao Jiu, who hasn’t been here for three months, is here.

Carrying a few jugs of wine, she has a beautiful figure and a gorgeous face. She has not seen her for three months. Her breath is calm, and there is a faint breakthrough of Othershore realm, and she has entered the ranks of Venerable.

From Li Qingshan’s perspective, Xiao Jiu’s breakthrough is just around the corner.

She will be the youngest Venerable expert in ascension.

This mainly depends on Xiao Jiu’s innate talent, plus Eternal Art, plus the result of the full cultivation of the ascension door.

“Big brother, we haven’t seen you for three months, do you miss me?” Xiao Jiu came to the bamboo house with the wine and shouted naughty and cute.

“Push the door and come in.” Li Qingshan lay on the rocking chair without moving, and Small Fox in his arms had fallen asleep.

Xiao Jiu came in and put the wine he brought aside, then looked at Li Qingshan, and at the sleeping Small Fox, he lowered his voice unconsciously, and said in surprise, “big brother, Small Fox is so beautiful, you can see the essential difference from other foxes at a glance, why are you willing to stay at Thinking Cliff and follow the big brother?”

Xiao Jiu didn’t understand.

Though Thinking Cliff is good and indifferent to the world, it is lonely after staying for a long time.

Could it be that this snow-white Small Fox has the same character as big brother, and belongs to that kind of reclusive world.

“Just because of Small Fox, I won’t feel lonely if you don’t come for three months.” Li Qingshan laughed.

Xiao Jiu pouted, sat down, and said, “big brother, recently there was a major event in front of the Ascension Mountain Gate, did you know?”

Li Qingshan was lying on the rocking chair I instantly understood what Xiao Jiu said about the major event?

Not the Northwest Spear King.

In the daytime, someone must have found the scene of the battle.

The scene was too dangerous. Li Qingshan directly turned a ten-mile radius into a great valley. The Northwest Spear King fell silently. If it wasn’t for his long spear being discovered, everyone would still be in a fog. water.

But even though he knew, Li Qingshan was confused and asked Xiao Jiu: “What major event?”

“Northwest Spear King died in my ascension sphere of influence. , he should have come yesterday, and now the outside world is rumored that it was the expert hidden in my ascension who killed the Northwest Spear King.” Xiao Jiu said.

Mister Li slightly nodded

, but did not express any opinion on the matter.

After all, the Northwest Spear King’s death, he knew all too well.

Xiao Jiu is like a lark, chirp chirp twitter twitter all the information controlled by the Ascension Gate to Li Qingshan.

Li Qingshan smiled, made a pot of tea for Xiao Jiu, and then basked in the sun there, listening to Xiao Jiu gossiping about some things, and giving his opinions from time to time.

Finally, Xiao Jiu said on the occasion of his parting: “big brother, I feel like I have to break through Venerable Realm recently. Next time I see you, I must be a Venerable.”

Li Qingshan smiles He waved his hands and said, “I wish you a smooth breakthrough!”

Small Fox woke up from Li Qingshan’s arms at this time, stuck his head out and waved like him, and shouted in a milky voice, “Goodbye. !”

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(End of this chapter)

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