Max-Level Comprehension – Face The Wall For 80 Years Chapter 45

Chapter 45 Book of Grand Dao

Xiao Jiu brought some news and left after talking with Li Qingshan for a long time.

On Thinking Cliff, only Li Qingshan and Small Fox were left.

Their days are getting quieter.

Small Fox spent three days in Li Qingshan’s arms because he awakened his nine tails and refused to come out.

Li Qingshan delivers True Qi to it every day, warms the meridian, recuperates the body, and calms down the irritable energy of the nine tails.

Small Fox only felt that Li Qingshan’s embrace was warmer than anywhere else in the world.

It’s like the warmth in mother’s belly.

It was reluctant to leave.

So even if the injury recovers later and gets used to the ability of nine tails, it will still be in Li Qingshan’s arms whenever it has time.

Li Qingshan was very happy to see Small Fox relying on him so much, thinking that a few years ago, if Small Fox saw him, he would quickly stay away and be very vigilant.

Compared to now, as long as there is a chance, Small Fox will rely on him and refuse to come down.

In just a few years, Li Qingshan has won the reliance of Small Fox through his performance.

In this way, Li Qingshan took Small Fox when he cultivated, took Small Fox when he realized Tao, and went with Small Fox when he enjoyed the flowers…

Everything is quiet on Thinking Cliff, but the outside world is rising winds, scudding clouds.

The Heavenly Dao Sect, who has been silent for three months, is waiting for a message.

They are waiting for the Peak expert from the Northwest Land to come out.

They are waiting for news of the fall of the mysterious expert from the Ascension Gate.

They’ve been waiting.

But in the end, the news of the fall of the Peak expert in the northwest land came.

When the news came to Heavenly Dao Sect, all the senior management were in disbelief and watched in silence.

Heavenly Dao Sect, Headmaster great hall.

Cultivation base Great Venerable Fifth Heavenly Layer The elders above all came, sitting around a rectangular round table, and each elder’s face was not very good-looking.

They looked towards Heavenly Dao Sect Headmaster who was hosting the meeting.

Silent silence.

No one spoke.

Everyone is still in shock.

It took a long time for there is an Elder to say, “Is this news confirmed to be true or false?”

Although there was a lot of uproar in the outside world, there were also many experts who conducted on-the-spot investigations and confirmed the aftermath of the battle. The long spear is the Northwest Spear King’s sidearm.

The weapon was damaged, it was broken on the spot, Northwest Spear King whereabouts unknown, everyone looked at the traces around ten miles, and already had the answer in their hearts.

But when the news spread to Heavenly Dao Sect, everyone was still reluctant to believe it.

The reputation of Northwest Spear King is born in the cooperation with Heavenly Dao Sect again and again, no one knows the strength of Northwest Spear King better than Heavenly Dao Sect.

This is a true genius.

Even the domineering sect of Heavenly Dao Sect still respects the Northwest Spear King.

How did it fall?

“I asked Hundred Flowers Old Ancestor just now, and she definitely told me that the Northwest Spear King has fallen.” Heavenly Dao Sect Headmaster said with a gloomy expression and a hoarse voice.

As soon as these words came out, the audience was filled with absolute silence.

The fluke in everyone’s heart was extinguished.

“The mysterious expert hidden in the ascension door is so terrifying?” Some Elder dared not believe it.

“There are rumors that the expert hidden in the Ascension Gate is Wu Shaobai. Did our spies in the Ascension Gate find out the news?” an Elder asked.

“No, the ascension door can’t figure out where the mysterious powerhouse is hidden, how can our spies know?” Heavenly Dao Sect Headmaster Hei Shuitian coldly said.

“This is the end, no matter how much you talk about it is useless. The Northwest Spear King has fallen. We need to change our attitude towards the Ascension Gate. The mysterious powerhouse will not die for a day, the Ascension Gate will not move for a day, and one person will suppress it. One, at the moment when Old Ancestor is out, what else can we do to deal with the ascension door?” Heavenly Dao Sect Law Enforcement Elder said grimly.

“What the hell are the Old Ancestors doing? The mysterious powerhouse of the Ascension Gate is already a threat and must be cut off.” An Elder asked Hei Shuitian.

Hei Shuitian took a deep breath and said: “Old Ancestors have caught a trace of Saint Realm’s breath and are trying to break through, we can’t disturb them, no matter how powerful the mysterious powerhouse of Ascension Sect is, it is only A person who can’t break the World Threshold is not worth mentioning.”

“Let him jump for a few days first, the mysterious powerhouse can only stabilize the ascension door, and when the Old Ancestors break through successfully, it is worth mentioning. World Threshold, destroying the door of ascension is just a flick of a finger.” Hei Shuitian coldly said.

“Just let the Ascension door continue to be arrogant?” Some Elders were not satisfied.

Only Heavenly Dao Sect has always bullied others, when can others bully Heavenly Dao Sect?

All Elders, who are used to being arrogant, can’t swallow this breath.

Hei Shuitian was quite helpless when he saw this scene. When Heavenly Dao Sect suppressed the world in the past, his record was too brilliant and too invincible, which made many people’s mentality change, thinking that it should always be like this.

In order to calm the anger of these disgruntled Elders, Hei Shuitian said calmly: “Although it is impossible to target the mysterious expert in the Ascension Sect, it is still possible to execute the beheading plan. Once the resources are exchanged, Feng Baiyu will come forward and let the First Kill go and teach the ascension door a profound lesson.”

“Other things, we will talk about it after the Old Ancestors have broken through.” Hei Shuitian finished , got up directly, and left the Headmaster great hall.

The elders who were filled with righteous indignation were also satisfied at the moment, and the contemporary Headmaster who was able to behead the Ascension Gate was also a sigh of anger.

These people left the Headmaster great hall one by two.

In the evening hours. Before dawn broke, a dark figure walked out of Heavenly Dao Sect, silently disappearing into the night.


ascension gate, Thinking Cliff.

[You wipe it carefully, stimulate max-level comprehension, and comprehend Ten Directions Massacre! ]

In front of a stone tablet, Li Qingshan stopped and a line of words appeared in front of him.

Ten Directions Massacre!

This is a very terrifying attacking method. It is a Saint cultivation technique. It increases one’s strength tenfold in an instant and kills the enemy.

The side effects are also great, that is, the root bone will be damaged after use, and you need to rest for one to three days.

Li Qingshan blinked and said, “Usually cultivators who use this cultivation technique will damage their root bones, that’s because they only have one root bone, but I have a dense forest with several trees growing in it. The indistinct towering trees are all my root bones, so this side effect is minimal to me.”

This is when Li Qingshan used Eternal Art to plant his own root bones and grow into roots The benefits of bone as a forest.

After wiping the stone tablet today, comprehended this cultivation technique, Li Qingshan has no intention of wiping other cultivation techniques.

Before returning to the bamboo house, Li Qingshan continuously practiced this cultivation technique, using it as his ultimate move.

After the cultivation, Li Qingshan took a bath and washed the sweat off his body. Under the sunset, he sat on a chair with Small Fox in his arms and thought silently.

“I’m already the Great Venerable Nine Heavenly Layers, and I’m already not far from the World Threshold, just one step away.”

This step, for Li Qingshan, is not at all. what.

Li Qingshan’s current goal is not World Threshold at all.

It’s the Saint Realm behind the World Threshold.

For three thousand years, there has not been a Saint in Human World. All cultivators believe that it is the effect of Heaven and Earth, and the repeated effect of Spiritual Qi tides.

Perhaps it has something to do with imagination. The cultivators in today’s world are the strongest only in the World Threshold. They can’t imagine in their minds that someone could imprison the Grand Dao in the world with an ancient formation. This kind of unimaginable thing.

But Li Qingshan knows.

He also knew that if he wanted to break through Saint Realm, he had to cut that sword.

So these days, he has to spare a certain amount of time every day to come to cultivation Heaven Severing Drawing Sword Technique.

Just like Jiuli Qiannian Sword God, he cut a sword towards this Human World.

It’s just this sword, so far, Li Qingshan has no confidence.

He still needs to keep accumulating.

“I still have a lot of time to continue practicing swordsmanship, comprehend Dao, comprehend, and improve myself.” Li Qingshan comforted himself.

Don’t be in a hurry.

Going or staying is unintentional, the clouds rolling and spreading outside the sky.

Li Qingshan lives a full and simple life.

He turned his attention to the Million Monument Forest.

“If I can continue to improve, it must be because of the million Monument Forest.” Li Qingshan knew in his heart that his biggest advantage now is max-level comprehension.

The one that best matches the max-level comprehension is the million-dollar Monument Forest in front of you.

So Li Qingshan went deeper and deeper.

He took Small Fox through the Monument Forest.

Some stone tablets are hundreds of years ago, some stone tablets are thousands of years ago, and some stone tablets are thousands of years ago.

As he went deeper, he passed the early stage of the bamboo house, and the further back he went, the more profound and huge the stone tablet Li Qingshan saw.

On this day, Li Qingshan wiped a stone tablet that had been neglected for a long time.

This stone tablet is at least thousands of years ago.

Li Qingshan saw a book on it.

Unlike other stone tablets, this is the first time a book has been engraved.

Caught Li Qingshan’s attention.

What does a book stand for?

Mister Li was very curious. He brought Small Fox and the two of them together to clean up the stone tablet.

Rip off the vine. Wipe off the dust and repair the damaged part of the stone tablet.

Soon, the stone tablet became decent.

The book depicted on it also comes to life with distinct lines.

Li Qingshan stood in front of the stone tablet and raised his head to see the book on the stone tablet.

Watching him fall into a trance.


Li Qingshan’s visions appeared one after another, as if he had come to the world for thousands of years.

A peerless character with a graceful and imposing manner, holding a suspended book, constantly strikes the enemy.

There are countless Grand Dao in this book.

The picture before Li Qingshan changed rapidly, as if watching the lights on a horse, constantly switching, and being overwhelmed by all kinds of expert games.

In the end, Li Qingshan only remembers that this book exists every time he fights with the enemy.


In the end, Li Qingshan’s image collapsed, his consciousness returned to his body, and the illusion in front of him was disappeared, only the stone tablet he wiped clean.

[You wipe carefully, stimulate max-level comprehension, and comprehend Book of Grand Dao! ]

There is such a sentence.

(End of this chapter)

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