Max-Level Comprehension – Face The Wall For 80 Years Chapter 46

Chapter 46 The Death of Feng Baiyu

β€œBook of Grand Dao?”

Li Qingshan looked at the stone tablet with surprise.

During his years at Thinking Cliff, he wiped at least a few thousand stone tablets.

These stone tablets provided him with thousands of cultivation techniques, but few of them allowed him to enter a fantasy world.

Li Qingshan gradually gained experience and knew that the cultivation technique contained in the stone tablet that can make him enter the fantasy world is definitely powerful.

So this time, he is looking forward to this Book of Grand Dao.

Closing his eyes, Li Qingshan slowly understood the Book of Grand Dao.

“This is actually a Grand Dao that can record comprehension, and then help me analyze this Grand Dao, which makes my comprehension more handy.” Li Qingshan looked at the stone tablet in front of him in surprise.

Who was the original owner of this stone tablet?

Is there such a horrible cultivation technique?

Record Grand Dao, analyze Grand Dao, this is the role of Book of Grand Dao.

The Grand Dao understood by Li Qingshan, although it is a lot in the same level realm, is far from enough for Saint Realm.

Now with Book of Grand Dao, it is like a tiger that has grown wings.

“What did you see?” Small Fox curiously asked.

Li Qingshan looked at Small Fox happily and said, “I saw something happy.”

Small Fox was dissatisfied and pouted, Li Qingshan obviously didn’t want to. tell it.

“Let’s go, let’s go back.” Li Qingshan picked up Small Fox and returned to the bamboo house along the way.

He wants to study the Book of Grand Dao well.

In front of the bamboo house, Li Qingshan earnestly cultivated, meditated cross-legged, and raised Spiritual God inside to enhance the strength of his body.

His soul pored over the Book of Grand Dao.

The huge knowledge brought by the Book of Grand Dao is enough for Li Qingshan to study and broaden his horizons.

“It turns out that the Grand Dao in the world is also divided into three, six and nine.”

“The Tao of Human World is very easy to understand, whether it is Earth, Wind, Water, and Fire, Wind , Rain, Thunder, Lightning, life and death of yin and yang, the Tao understood in Human World is generally called Human World Dao.”

“Compared to the vastness of the cultivation world, the Tao of Human World is the foundation. , is the fur.”

“Only after breaking through the World Threshold and arriving at Saint Realm can you see what the Dao behind is called.”

“The Dao I comprehend is only some fur. , far from in-depth understanding, now I have Book of Grand Dao, I will engrave my Tao on it, Book of Grand Dao will help me analyze, and deduce the Tao of comprehension to Peak together with me.”

In Li Qingshan’s mind, his thinking was chaotic, and different ideas came in one after another.

In Soul Consciousness Sea, a black book emerged, with golden edges, slowly turning over, and it was empty inside.

Li Qingshan wrote the human world he understood on the first page of the Book of Grand Dao.

Human World is a vivid picture.

The people of Human World, from all walks of life, from the Emperor King to the beggar, are clearly revealed on the first page of the Book of Grand Dao.

Book of Grand Dao records not cold words, but clear words.

Li Qingshan portrayed the various forms of Human World, and the Book of Grand Dao had text, patterns and pictures for the first time.

The next second, Li Qingshan felt inextricably linked with Book of Grand Dao.

The Book of Grand Dao is helping him analyze Human World.

Li Qingshan felt a sense of enlightenment. With the analysis of the Book of Grand Dao, some corners that he hadn’t noticed before, or corners that he had forgotten, all clearly emerged.

All kinds of life.

Eat the same rice, drink the same water, and breathe the same blue sky.

Hundreds of people were born.

Li Qingshan’s Human World is all-inclusive and very complicated.

If he was allowed to comprehend it himself, it would take a long time even if there were roots like a forest supporting him.

Fortunately, there is now Book of Grand Dao, which is helping him analyze.

Li Qingshan is also comprehending it himself, and confirms it with the Book of Grand Dao to get a more perfect Dao Law.

Time passed slowly.

Li Qingshan as if drunk and stupefied.

Breeze Mingyue young official.

Grand Dao is like alcoholic wine, Li Qingshan realized it as if he was drunk, and danced casually in front of the bamboo house.

He listened to the sound of the wind and punched, accompanied by the whistling of the wind.

He listened to the pulse of the earth, and when he stepped out, the pulse of the earth vibrated.

He felt the moisture of the water, and pointed it as a sword, moved towards a slash in the air, and the rain of crash-bang fell down.

In the rain, in the wind, Li Qingshan practiced boxing with his feet on the ground.

Unconsciously, he wrote the terroir, three kinds of Human World Dao on the second page of the Book of Grand Dao.

It was also on this night that Li Qingshan’s cultivation base naturally crossed the Great Venerable Nine Heavenly Layers and entered the World Threshold.

In today’s world, what is currently known, what can be achieved, the last realm.

The next step is Saint.

In the past three thousand years, Human World has never been born with Saint.

People can only imagine that, after a thousand years, Saint swung the whip, and now only the remains are left.

What a glorious era it was.

But now, the peerless genius has only spent several decades before being stuck in the World Threshold. In the next two thousand or three thousand years, he will not be able to make an inch, and will only be depressed and old.

How sad!

In the second half of the night, Li Qingshan had no sleep, holding a teacup under the eaves, admiring the rain that he shot down, with a heavy heart.

The road ahead is broken.

If he doesn’t cut out that sword, then he will be waiting for death alone like his predecessors.

Three thousand years ago, several decades advanced by leaps and bounds

It came to an abrupt end.

The good times can only be wasted. For the geniuses who are determined to climb the cultivation Peak, this is torture.

Li Qingshan is now facing this problem.

He couldn’t sleep at his age.

He was thinking hard.

At last he came to a conclusion.

“I need to comprehend more Dao, comprehend more Dharma, enrich myself, and cut that sword in the near future!”

Li Qingshan’s eyes were firm, watching In the cloudy sky, he saw the moon.

While Li Qingshan was silently admiring the rain, the sound of a bell rang from the Ascension Mountain Gate.




Seven times in a row.

Li Qingshan frowned: “It knocked seven times, representing the fall of the Headmaster of the Ascension Gate.”

When he was a genius of the Ascension Gate, the original owner had this aspect in his memory. Knowledge.

“How could the master of Xiao Jiu, the Headmaster of the Ascension Gate, and the Feng Baiyu of the Great Venerable realm fall?” Li Qingshan murmured.

He was holding a teacup. Although he was curious, the Headmaster of the Ascension Gate didn’t communicate much with him.

So Li Qingshan just spread the Primordial Spirit Power to see what happened inside the ascension gate.


At this moment, the headmaster great hall of the ascension door.

A dozen elders all came and looked at the wind and white rain lying on the ground, looking pale, covered in blood, with anger on their faces.

“Who did this?”

“Who wounded Headmaster like this?”

“Has the killer caught it?”

“Hurry up and treat Headmaster.”

Your words and my words are noisy and the situation is chaotic.

“Quiet me down!” Suddenly, Law Enforcement Elder shouted angrily, his face was cold, he looked all around, his fierce eyes made everyone talking at once shut up.

The previous generation of Headmasters constantly used True Qi to enter Feng Baiyu’s body, trying to maintain his life.

Unfortunately, to no avail.

Feng Baiyu’s heart has been dug out, and his whole body is only relying on the strength of the Great Venerable level, barely hanging a sigh of relief.

He shook his head at his master, and shouted weakly: “Master, don’t bother…”

The previous generation of Headmaster was full of tears, crying and said: ” Who did it, such a heavy shot, tell me, I will avenge you for this old life.”

Although I have always looked down on Feng Baiyu’s cultivation innate talent, I think he is better than him. Not on my own wonderful Disciple Wu Shaobai.

After several decades, I have worked hard in the wind and rain, driving the giant ship of Ascension Gate, and marching hard in the rainstorm.

He proved that he lived up to the Master’s choice.

“Master, Disciple is not filial, and encountered bad guys on the way. Now time is running out. Now that all Elders are here, the next Headmaster of my ascension will be succeeded by Xiao Jiu.” Feng Baiyu has been hanging on the cultivation base The pain I endured in one breath was just to announce this.

Xiao Jiu looked at Feng Baiyu with tears in his eyes, and called out to Master sadly.

She didn’t expect Master’s last words before her death, which turned out to be a public announcement that she would inherit the position of Headmaster.

“I object!” Before Xiao Jiu could express his opinion, Elder immediately objected.

“I am also against it, how can a silly little girl be the Headmaster of my ascension door?”

“We are firmly against it, we are impossible to listen to such a silly little girl.”

At a time, several elders stood up to express their dissatisfaction.

The remaining Elders also looked at each other in blank dismay, completely didn’t expect Feng Baiyu to designate his own Disciple to take over before he died.

They felt that something was wrong, that Xiao Jiu was inexperienced and lacked the strength to lead the ascension door.

But they didn’t immediately jump out against it, but looked towards the two most important people in the ascension door.

Law Enforcement Elder and previous generation Headmaster.

Both of them are Great Venerable Nine Heavenly Layers realm and their opinions are very important.

Under everyone’s attention, Law Enforcement Elder did not say a word, but walked up to Xiao Jiu, bowed slightly, and said, “Law Enforcement Elder greets Headmaster.”

As soon as this statement came out, the whole hall was in an uproar.

The elders who took the lead in opposing it turned pale and looked at the Law Enforcement Elder absurdly.

He actually agreed! ! !

The previous generation Headmaster also walked in front of Xiao Jiu and bowed slightly: “Meet the new Headmaster.”

The two strongest Elders on the surface of the Ascension Gate on the surface, All recognized Xiao Jiu’s identity.

Other Elders who were watching also extinguished their thoughts, shouted to Xiao Jiu paid respect, “Meet the new Headmaster.”

Xiao Jiu looked towards his Master.

Feng Baiyu exhausted her last strength, lightly nodding.

Xiao Jiu’s face sank, and he said, “All Elders don’t need to be too polite. The most important thing now is to strictly guard the ascension door and prepare the funeral for the Master.”

Just after Xiao Jiu agreed , Feng Baiyu died with a smile on his face.

He was seriously injured and his heart had been plucked by others. He was hanging with True Qi all the time. He just wanted to see Xiao Jiu inherit the position of Headmaster of the Ascension Sect.

Now that he sees it, he has no regrets, as soon as True Qi leaked it, he passed away immediately.

In Feng Baiyu’s heart, Xiao Jiu, who owns Eternal Art and has a promising future, is the future of the ascension door, and no one else can.

It wasn’t just his idea, it was an idea shared by the Law Enforcement Elder and the previous generation of Headmasters.

As early as a few months ago, the three of them discussed that they would cultivate Xiao Jiu step by step and inherit the position of Headmaster.

Just didn’t expect, the time has advanced so quickly.

On Thinking Cliff, Li Qingshan’s Primordial Spirit saw what just happened.

He rubbed the teacup and said, “Xiao Jiu is still the Headmaster of the Ascension Sect!”

“Then is she going to let me out next?”

Li Qingshan suddenly thought of this question.

Well, a little serious.

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