Max-Level Comprehension – Face The Wall For 80 Years Chapter 48

Chapter 48 Comprehend Inextinguishable Golden Body

After knowing Li Qingshan’s strength, Xiao Jiu was like a chicken blood, happy like a butterfly in a flower, surrounded by Keep talking with Li Qingshan chirp chirp twitter twitter.

The stress and irritability of this period of time, with Li Qingshan’s blow, disappeared without a trace.

Her big brother is the mysterious powerhouse.

Then there is no obstacle to her reforming the Ascension Gate.

It took a while for Xiao Jiu to regain his composure.

Drinking several sips of tea in a row and suppressing the joy and excitement in his heart, Xiao Jiu asked, “big brother, why didn’t you tell me earlier?”

Li Qingshan asked back: ” What good is it for me to say it earlier?”

Xiao Jiu blinked, speechless.

“If I don’t say it, no one will come to Thinking Cliff to disturb me, and I can continue to hide here and improve myself, why not?” Li Qingshan said casually.

“If you don’t say it, big brother, then I won’t say it either, so that no one will bother you on Thinking Cliff.” Xiao Jiu said.

Li Qingshan was satisfied and nodded, and told Xiao Jiu that on the one hand, it was to reassure her, and on the other hand, he hoped that Xiao Jiu would not break his current pace of life.

Xiao Jiu had been thinking about it all the time, and after he became Headmaster, he came to pardon Li Qingshan.

This disrupted Li Qingshan’s plans.

“Mysterious powerhouse of the Ascension Gate is my big brother. This time I reform the Ascension Gate. If the Law Enforcement Elder dares to object, you will give him a sword.” Xiao Jiu said with a laugh.

Li Qingshanu> nodded

and said, “You can show your cards with those Elders and say that you have the support of mypsterious powerhouse.”

Xiao Ji just wanted to be nodded, but suddenly thought of something, Asked: “big brother, you wouldn’t want to kill them, would you?”

Xiao Jiu just wanted them to support the reform, and didn’t want to kill these elders.

After all, these are the high-end battle strengths of the Ascension Gate. Once lost, the Ascension Gate will weaken a lot.

You can’t always trouble your big brother with everything, right?

Li Qingshan smiled slightly, and said, “I’m prudent, you can go to them for a showdown.” They showdown.

The reform of the ascension gate will be unstoppable.

At this moment, Xiao Jiu didn’t have any worries.

She came directly to the peak of the Law Enforcement Elder.

The Peak of Law Enforcement Elder. It is the second highest mountain in the ascendance gate second only to Headmaster great hall. The top of the mountain is covered with snow all the year round, and the trees on the mountainside are densely packed. The Disciple of Law Enforcement Elder this lineage is all on this mountain.

Law Enforcement Elder was quite surprised by the arrival of Xiao Jiu. Although it was a little unpleasant now, Law Enforcement Elder respectfully invited Xiao Jiu to come in.

“Headmaster came here, what is it?” asked the Law Enforcement Elder.

“Law Enforcement Elder, what are your thoughts on the reform of the ascension gate?” Xiao Jiu asked.

She didn’t show up as soon as she came up.

The Law Enforcement Elder took a deep breath and said: “I support the reform of the Ascension Gate, but everything has to be done step by step, and the Headmaster will make a drastic reform as soon as he arrives, directly facing us Elders. Reducing resources is something that old man disagrees with.”

β€œLaw Enforcement Elder also knows the inside story, 80% of the resources of the Ascension Sect are taken away by the elders every year, does that make sense?” Xiao Jiu face coldly said.

Law Enforcement Elder’s face remained unchanged, and said: “Ascension Gate Peak battle strength is these elders, what’s wrong with them taking 80% of resources? It has always been the case, Headmaster wanted to change the rules of his ancestors as soon as he took office, can you? Do you think it’s your own problem?”

“Peak battle strength can take away 80% of the resources?” Xiao Jiu laughed angrily.

“Of course, without us Elders, the Ascension Gate would have ceased to exist.” The Law Enforcement Elder nods.

“According to the Law Enforcement Elder, the stronger the person, the more resources. Should the mysterious powerhouse in the Ascension Gate take away the resources of the tenth floor?” Xiao Jiu coldly shouted .

The Xiao Jiu valiant and formidable looking at this moment has changed from the soft, weak, coquettish and cute look in Li Qingshan.

“Who knows where the mysterious powerhouse of the Ascension Gate is, the Headmaster doesn’t have to use him to prevaricate.” Law Enforcement Elder said impatiently.

“What if I told you that I found the mysterious powerhouse?” Xiao Jiu’s words were like a thunderbolt, and he woke up the Law Enforcement Elder.

Law Enforcement Elder stared at Xiao Jiu with wide eyes, shook his head and said, “Impossible, absolutely impossible.”

“For the past few months, I have opened the ascension door from the inside to the outside. I searched it three times, and found no trace, Headmaster, don’t talk nonsense here.” Law Enforcement Elder glared at Xiao Jiu.

“You don’t believe it?” Xiao Jiu sneered, then shouted: “Then I’ll let mysterious powerhouse slash you now!”

bang! ! !

Xiao Jiu’s voice landed. Thinking Cliff’s Li Qingshan, who was drinking tea, threw the tea into the sky, then flicks with the finger, a drop of water flew out, turned into a long sword, and directly in the ascension door shuttle.

Sword qi’s vertical and horizontal, grandiose, alarmed countless Disciples, and everyone was surprised to see the Great River Sword Qi driven by this drop of tea.

The Great River Sword Qi spun around in the ascension gate and struck directly on the peak of the Law Enforcement Elder.

bang! !

Afterwards, a mountain was cut off.

It rumbled under the shocked gaze of the Law Enforcement Elder.

“It turned out to be true!” Law Enforcement Elder said in shock, his body softened and he fell to the ground. Looking at Xiao Jiu, he felt deeply powerless.

“You won. From this moment on, no one in the Ascension Sect will oppose the reform.” Law Enforcement Elder said in a dejected manner.

Xiao Jiu raised his head, his snow-white neck was like a proud swan, he did not look at Law Enforcement Elder, but at the severed peak, with a smile, extremely proud.

It’s good to have a big brother.


With Li Qingshan’s move, the reform entanglement in the ascension has come to an end.

It ended with an overall victory for Xiao Jiu.

Then the vigorous reform of the ascension door kicked off.

Re-distribute resources, clean up the discordant phenomenon of Disciple inside the ascension gate, review the elders, and they must be punished severely. At the same time, the Hidden Scripture Pavilion is opened for Disciple to browse the cultivation.

In just half a month, Xiao Jiu made a series of plans.

The ascension door is being executed in an orderly manner.

As Law Enforcement Elder’s service softened, other Elders were dissatisfied and could not make a fuss.

There are so many elders who lived in the past, rely on age to show of age, and looked down on Xiao Jiu’s reforms and refused to obey.

Xiao Jiu directly asked the Law Enforcement Elder to come forward, abolish their cultivation base and root bones, and then imprisoned them in the original room.

It should have been distributed to Thinking Cliff, and like Li Qingshan, she lived a life of isolation from the outside world and no news.

But Xiao Jiu didn’t want people to disturb the cleaning of the big brother, and let them spend the rest of their lives in the original yard.

After the thunder method was implemented, other elders who were dissatisfied did not dare to move.

The ascension door as a whole swept away and became thriving.

During this time, Li Qingshan, who was silently observing on Thinking Cliff, was nodded with satisfaction when he saw this scene.

Xiao Jiu is worthy of coming out of the Imperial Family, her approach is swift and decisive, and her coquettish nature is as different as heaven and earth.

In her hands, the ascension door will definitely get better and better.

“Ascension door gets better, I won’t be disturbed. Staying in Thinking Cliff, I can continue to wipe the stone tablet with peace of mind, comprehend the cultivation technique, accumulate Grand Dao insights, and then wait for the opportunity to cut it out.

A sword.”

Li Qingshan went to the Million Monument Forest with satisfaction and continued to wipe the stone tablet.

[You wipe carefully, stimulate max-level comprehension, and realize Inextinguishable Golden Body! ]

(end of this chapter)

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