Max-Level Comprehension – Face The Wall For 80 Years Chapter 49

Chapter 49 Human World is actually a fairy?

Once again comprehend Buddhism cultivation technique, Inextinguishable Golden Body.

Li Qingshan closed his eyes and silently checked the cultivation way of Inextinguishable Golden Body.

Therefore, according to the old legend, after comprehend Dharma, the Buddha cultivated his own body, survived the sufferings of the world, and sharpened his golden body in the suffering, so that after he fell, the fleshy body would not be destroyed.

The later Buddhists created the cultivation technique of Inextinguishable Golden Body based on these status quo, until now.

Li Qingshan looked at the stone tablet in front of him with some doubts.

He did not immediately cultivate Inextinguishable Golden Body.

“The millions of Monument Forests on Thinking Cliff are rarely born within 3,000 years. Like what I understand now, they all existed 3,000 years ago. How many enemies did the Ascension Gate suppress at that time? Or punished many Young Sect Master insiders?” Li Qingshan has always had such doubts in his heart.

He is in Thinking Cliff comprehended Demon Sect cultivation technique, comprehended Buddhism cultivation technique, comprehended Taoist cultivation technique.

Each cultivation technique represents a once brilliant genius.

But their final destination is the Ascension door Thinking Cliff.

Li Qingshan couldn’t help but wonder, even if the Ascension Gate was the first in the righteous path three thousand years ago, how did he get the million-dollar Monument Forest?

“There are very few books about three thousand years ago in the Ascension Gate, and I don’t know if it was the mysterious powerhouse. When destroying the evidence, it was erased by the way.”

“Although The ascension gate has always said that its inheritance has never been cut off, but there are really few records about three thousand years ago.”

“The inside of the ascension gate can’t explain itself, where the million Monument Forest came from. “

Li Qingshan thought silently.

As he continued to comprehend, the more tyrannical the cultivation technique became, the more strange he felt.

The million-dollar Monument Forest ascension gate is definitely not simple.

At least not as the ascension door itself has always said, it is all the enemies of the ascension door or the Disciple.

But Li Qingshan has no evidence, so he cannot verify it.

He can only cultivate Inextinguishable Golden Body first.

Standing in front of this stone tablet, Li Qingshan wanted to turn around and leave and go back to the bamboo house.

But the next second, the stone tablet shook slightly.

Li Qingshan looked over immediately.

In front of his eyes, illusions are superimposed, like Zhuang Zhou Dreams of a Butterfly, seeing another world.

World in Monument.

Li Qingshan was surprised, didn’t expect Inextinguishable Golden Body’s stone tablet, also has World in Monument.

He focused and watched silently, not wanting to miss a single picture.

World in Monument, a huge Buddhist temple, hundreds of Buddha Ancestor statues, lifelike, radiating Buddha’s radiance.


A huge golden swastika emerged from the ground, and Li Qingshan accidentally stepped on the center of the swastika.

Suddenly, all the statues of Buddha Ancestor glared at each other, and the entire temple was dazzling with rays of light, which were illuminated by the rays of light emanating from the swastika.

ka ka ka ka ka.

At the same time, a strong sense of restraint came, Li Qingshan looked down, and saw a Sanskrit chain climbing out of the void, wrapping around Li Qingshan’s body, making him unable to move .

Li Qingshan was stuck in place.

This made Li Qingshan very puzzled. He had also entered World in Monument before, but such a thing had never happened.

Li Qingshan didn’t panic, although he was bound by the Sanskrit chain, unable to move, but he could feel that the statue of Buddha Ancestor, who was glaring all around, bound his Sanskrit chain, not against him, but It is for the Inextinguishable Golden Body he has realized.

This is the owner of this stone tablet.

The owner of the Inextinguishable Golden Body.

“Everything I’ve encountered now is what the owner of the Inextinguishable Golden Body has encountered before, but it’s just engraved on me in this World in Monument.”

Li Qingshan The mind is clear.

I don’t know how many years ago the picture, in this World in Monument, is truly restored.

β€œInextinguishable Sacred Buddha, why not willing to go to Dimensional Battlefield?”

A loud shouted, deafening, resounded in this temple.

Li Qingshan’s body was unable to move, he looked all around without speaking.

But, in the void, someone is talking.

“Does must pass Dimensional Battlefield to become immortal?”

This voice was soft, with a hint of doubt, under the gaze of Buddha Ancestor from all walks of life, asked.

“The immortal road is cut off, only Dimensional Battlefield can set foot in the immortal domain, you are a rising star of Buddhaism, you should go to Dimensional Battlefield instead of Buddhaism,” Buddha Ancestor’s roar still rumbled.

all around All the Buddha Ancestor statues once again changed their faces and surrounded Li Qingshan as if they were alive.

Angry Vajra King.

Li Qingshan watched all this calmly.

He understood, these monks were forcing the owner of the Inextinguishable Golden Body to go to a place called Dimensional Battlefield and enter the immortal domain.

“There is a fairy in this world!”

Li Qingshan’s vision was instantly opened.

Until now, on the road of cultivation, what he heard the most was Saint, but no one knew what realm would come after Saint.

Human World’s knowledge about this aspect has been wiped clean. After three thousand years, no one has been searching for what is behind it?

Everyone wants to break through World Threshold and enter Saint Realm.

Li Qingshan thought the same thing before.

It was only this time that I accidentally entered the World in Monument and re-enacted everything that the owner of the Inextinguishable Golden Body had experienced before I knew that this world was originally a fairy.

And the immortal road is cut off. If you want to enter the immortal domain, you must go to a place called Dimensional Battlefield.

Li Qingshan was just wondering, why didn’t the owner of the Inextinguishable Golden Body go?

“Enter Dimensional Battlefield, slaughter all sides, fight with blood and make a fairy road among thousands of people, what do you think? Why is it not worthwhile.”

“Why can’t I be Human? World becomes immortal?”

A voice of doubt sounded in the void.


The Buddhas were furious, and their voices sounded like a bell.

“You don’t go to the Dimensional Battlefield to compete for the rewards bestowed by immortal, I, the Great Thunder Sound Temple, are not everywhere?”

“Since time immemorial, many Bodhisattva Buddha Ancestor , with great perseverance and wisdom, to enter the Immortal World, I want to imitate the sages, why are you so angry?” In the void, the voice was still casually.

“You also know that since ancient times, after the immortal road was cut off, the Human World declined rapidly. Fortunately, Dimensional Battlefield existed, and various sects maintained Peak. As the Disciple of the Great Thunder Sound Temple, you Duty and responsibility to contribute to the continuation of the Great Thunder Sound Temple.”

At this moment all the Buddha Ancestor statues opened their mouths and rumbled.

“But I have already touched the Immortal Gate threshold, there is no need to go to the Dimensional Battlefield!” In the void, the owner of the Inextinguishable Golden Body said softly.

These words were extremely calm, but after they landed, it exploded inside the temple with a bang, like the bell of Arhat in the Temple of Clouds.

All the Buddha Ancestor statues took two steps back in surprise.

Look at Li Qingshan again.

Or the owner of the Inextinguishable Golden Body thousands of years ago, the Inextinguishable Sacred Buddha.

I saw a Twelve Grades Lotus at the foot of Li Qingshan. It bloomed slightly and was boundless, submerging all the surrounding Bodhisattva Buddha Ancestor like a big river.

β€œso I have heard!”

At this moment, behind Li Qingshan, the voice of the Inextinguishable Sacred Buddha no longer landed softly, but sounded like thunder. Inside, the Sanskrit chain was shattered directly.

Li Qingshan was free, and immediately looked back after landing.

In the temple, the wind is roaring, Twelve Grades Lotus is spinning lightly, on the lotus, there is an illusory shadow of the golden Buddha, the thumb and the index finger are twisted and fastened, the body is as motionless as a green mountain, and the Buddha is all over the body. Rhythm diffuses.

The instep of the Buddha’s feet is placed on the two legs, the soles of the feet are facing the sky, and he sits in meditation.

The Sanskrit chains that were broken just now were wrapped in the Buddha Ancestor illusory shadow at this moment.

All the statues of Buddha Ancestor around were shocked and fearful.

They looked at the Buddha Ancestor in the temple, no longer thought it was an illusory shadow, but the real Buddha Ancestor came into the world.

Inextinguishable Sacred Buddha, Human World enlightened, he is Tathagata, Tathagata is him.

Li Qingshan also looked in shock, what terrifying realm is this?

Suddenly, in the temple, the huge Tathagata Golden Body, extended the hand and picked it in the air, a golden flower appeared, and Buddha Ancestor smiled.


bang! ! ! !

In the next instant, all the statues of Buddha Ancestor exploded in the whole temple, and Li Qingshan’s body was impacted by huge energy on the verge of collapse.

The Tathagata Dharma Body of the Inextinguishable Sacred Buddha was as constant as a mountain in this shock and said to Li Qingshan: “Let the Human World become immortal!”

dong! !

Before Li Qingshan could answer, World in Monument suddenly collapsed, all illusions were disappeared like an illusion, and Li Qingshan’s consciousness returned to his body.

The moonlight is still the moonlight.

The stone tablet is still the same stone tablet.

The boy is still the same boy.

Inextinguishable Sacred Buddha, Buddha Ancestor Statue, Tathagata Golden Body, all disappeared like a dream.

Li Qingshan was shocked and sat down slowly.

This time when he entered World in Monument, what he saw was even more shocking than when he saw Jiuli Qiannian Sword God before.

“Finally, the Inextinguishable Sacred Buddha told me through the Tathagata Golden Body that he wanted to become an immortal from the Human World!” Li Qingshan smiled wryly.

He doesn’t even have the confidence to break through Saint Realm now, and is stuck in front of the World Threshold, what about the Immortal Realm world?

Not to mention, how many barriers have to be crossed from Saint Realm to Immortal Realm?

“But the experience of this time World in Monument also made me see the infinite potential of this world.” Li Qingshan looked brightly at Inextinguishable Sacred Buddha’s stone tablet.

He knew it very clearly at this moment.

The stone tablet of the Inextinguishable Sacred Buddha was definitely not suppressed here by the disciples of the Ascension.

This Human World has attained enlightenment and obtained the Inextinguishable Sacred Buddha of the Immortal. Even the monks of the Great Thunder Sound Temple could not restrain him. How could he be defeated by the people of the Ascension Gate and suppressed on the Thinking Cliff?

Think about it all impossible.

Even if the ascension gate was first under the heavens at that time.

“These stone tablets have different origins, and very few are suppressed by the ascension itself.” Li Qingshan came to a conclusion.

He took a deep breath and stood up slowly.

Under the moonlight, the teenager reached out and stroked the stone tablet of the Inextinguishable Sacred Buddha.

“Senior, if there is an opportunity, I will definitely become an immortal in the Human World.” Li Qingshan responded to the expectations of Tathagata Golden Body in World in Monument.

Then, with mixed emotions, he walked back to the bamboo house under the moonlight.

In front of the bamboo house, Small Fox looked at Li Qingshan’s mixed emotions and fluctuating breath.

Li Qingshan went back to the house and lit the incense, spread out the paper on the table, took a deep breath, and wrote a static word with his pen.

He needs to calm down.

Li Qingshan was hit a bit hard today. He wrote nine quiet words with his pen to soothe his beating heart.

“Don’t think about the Immortal Realm world, the top priority is to break through the world and enter the Saint level.” Li Qingshan warned himself.

In the second half of the night, Li Qingshan meditated cross-legged, silently cultivating Inextinguishable Golden Body.

Whether it’s Three Lifetimes Buddhist Scripture, Eternal Art, Heaven Severing Drawing Sword Technique, God’s Four Symbols, Inextinguishable Golden Body…

Li Qingshan has to keep up with these cultivation techniques. cultivation go down.

When cultivating the Inextinguishable Golden Body, Li Qingshan gradually discovered that the Three Lifetimes Buddhist Scripture can mobilize the operation of the Inextinguishable Golden Body.

This cultivation speed is several times faster than normal.

Li Qingshan is slowly improving himself, and has been cultivating from night to dawn.

On the second day, Li Qingshan came out of the bamboo house. While walking in the woods, Small Fox ran over and asked, “What happened to you last night?”

“Nothing, just I’m distracted, just take a rest.” Li Qingshan said while stroking Small Fox.

“I thought something happened to you.” Small Fox said worriedly.

“Nothing, I’m living in seclusion in this Thinking Cliff, I have no enemies, what’s the matter?” Li Qingshan shook his head.

“Then let’s start cultivation.” Small Fox took Li Qingshan with him.

Small Fox led by Li Qingshan, on the top of the mountain, among the sea of clouds, cultivated Taoism and practiced boxing to improve himself.

At night, Small Fox wanted to lie down in Li Qingshan’s arms to continue cultivation.

But here comes the long-lost Awei with new news.

Li Qingshan had no choice but to leave Small Fox behind, and in the pavilion, made a pot of tea and chatted with Awei.

“Sir, didn’t expect such a big change in the Ascension Gate during the time I disappeared.” Awei said with emotion.

The titular master Feng Baiyu was assassinated.

His good Senior Sister became the Headmaster of the ascension door, and made drastic reforms in the door.

Awei immediately heard the news and thought it was a prank and got it wrong.

But after careful investigation, it turned out to be true.

He immediately packed up and rushed back overnight.

“Did you go to worship Feng Baiyu when you came back this time?” Li Qingshan asked.

Awei said: “I went to worship him immediately when I came back. After all, he is my master. He accepted me into the Ascension door, don’t think about it, but he has treated me very well over the years. Good.”

Li Qingshanp nodded, poured a cup of tea and handed it to Awei.

“People die like lights go out, and I didn’t expect Heavenly Dao Sect to be so decisive that I shot him directly.” Li Qingshan said with a sigh.

As everyone knows, Feng Baiyu’s death is inseparable from Heavenly Dao Sect.

That is to say, the reform is going on inside the ascension door, Xiao Jiu can’t take time to avenge Feng Baiyu, this matter has been under pressure and has not erupted.

Awei took the tea, took a sip and said, “Sir, Heavenly Dao Sect has always kept a group of killers, these killers come from various ethnic groups, including Human Race, Monster Race, etc. I got the news that the person who assassinated the master at this time is Heavenly Dao Sect First Killer Raven.”

“Raven, is he very powerful?” Li Qingshan asked.

β€œGreat Venerable Nine Heavenly Layers!” Awei said solemnly.

“Are you sure you’ll kill him?” Li Qingshan said casually, taking a sip of tea.

To this day, Great Venerable Nine Heavenly Layers is with him, not worth mentioning.

Awei is a genius. Spiritual Qi leaked out before, and he seemed a little demented when he couldn’t control it.

Now that Li Qingshan has cured his Spiritual Qi leak, Awei’s strength has been improving.

At this moment, Awei has stepped into the Great Venerable realm.

“Sir, give me three more years and I will behead him.” Awei said solemnly.

Although he has stepped into the Great Venerable realm, he can’t deal with the expert of Oita Nine Heavenly Layers.

“I wrote nine quiet words just now, take it with you when you leave, go and kill this assassin named Raven, take his head, and go to your master’s grave to worship and console you. His spirit is in the sky,” Li Qingshan said.

Those nine still words were written by him when he watched the World in Monument of Inextinguishable Sacred Buddha and was distracted.

Nine words are more than enough to kill a Great Venerable Nine Heavenly Layers.

Awei stared at Li Qingshan: “Sir is so powerful?”

“Have you found out about Jiuli Qiannian Sword God?” Li Qingshan didn’t answer, he changed topic.

“No, about the battle three thousand years ago and various related things, it seems that they have been deliberately erased. There is no such news inside the Eternal Hate Demon Sect. If you want to know the truth, you must go to various A Sect with thousands of years of great inheritance, rummaging through boxes to find it.” Awei shook his head and said with regret.

“It’s okay if you don’t, it’s not too early for the moonlight, you can leave the ascension door and go to the assassin named Raven.” Li Qingshan got up and entered the bamboo house, and took out the nine pieces he just wrote down. Quiet word, handed to Awei.

Awei took a look and was shocked, as if he was sucked into this piece of paper, where he saw a majestic Tathagata Golden Body.

“Wake up!” Li Qingshan coldly shouted, helping Awei escape from the illusion.

These nine static characters contained only one percent of the vision that Li Qingshan saw, and they sucked Awei into it.

“Sir, with these nine words, I will definitely bring back Raven’s head.” Awei said loudly.

Li Qingshan> nods>: “I believe you, but you should fold the paper first, and don’t open it again.”

He went to Raven, the First Killer of Heavenly Dao Sect.

Li Qingshan continued to meditate on cultivation after he left.

He believed that Awei would return with Raven’s head.

This also counts as his contribution to the ascension door, which comforts Feng Baiyu’s spirit in the sky.

Although Feng Baiyu abolished his roots and his cultivation base.

But that’s when the Great Sects compete.

And the original owner did make a mistake.

He then took care of Xiao Jiu by making an all-out effort, just for this, Li Qingshan will also avenge him.

Now his Disciple Awei took the words written by Li Qingshan, went to kill Raven, and brought back his head, which can be considered to end the matter.

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