Max-Level Comprehension – Face The Wall For 80 Years Chapter 5

Chapter 5 Five Ghosts Killing

One morning, after achieving Body Refinement Perfection, Li Qingshan stood up, his eyes were bright, and he was very surprised.

“The predecessor was a recognized genius in the Ascension Sect, but he also used the Body Refinement Realm for a month, and I only used it for one morning.”

“The roots are like a forest, too powerful. “

Li Qingshan said excitedly.

“And I’m still just sprouting, just emerging. I can only support the Body Refinement Realm. When these roots continue to grow, my realm can be improved again.” Li Qingshan looked at his body like a mountain forest. The root bone, said in surprise.

The ascension of his realm does not depend on penance, but on this huge root bone like a mountain.

The faster the root bone grows, the faster his realm rises.

“The cultivation realm starts from the body refinement, Innate, Grandmaster, Fishleap, Othershore, Venerable, Great Venerable, Saint!”

“The predecessor is the prince of the Great Yan Dynasty, the ascension gate eldest disciple, with outstanding talent, he achieved Fishleap Peak at the age of 18, and is known as being able to break through the threshold of the world and become a contemporary Saint.”

Li Qingshan thought silently.

In this world, since there was a great war three thousand years ago, so far, Saint has been absent.

Some people say that in that battle, Saint Grand Dao was hidden from the world.

Therefore, many Peak experts are stuck in the Great Venerable realm, unable to break free for a lifetime, and can only live for three thousand years before dying.

This is also the Great Sect, whether righteous path, Demon Sect, or Monster Race, are all looking for a genius who can break the shackles of the world and penetrate the Saint mark.

Li Qingshan is a genius nurtured by this generation of ascension, but unfortunately, his predecessor made a mistake.

“This is a world where culture prevails, Human World Dynasty, Top Sect, Inheritance Millennium Holy Land, Daomen, Buddhism, Demon Sect, Overseas Powers, Saibei Wilderness, Monster Race and Foreign Race, together to build a world of bizarre and motley.”

“The world outside is very dangerous, it is not as good as this Thinking Cliff.”

Li Qingshan looked at Thinking Cliff like a paradise, Very satisfied.

In the eyes of others, this place is like a purgatory, which can torture people crazy.

But in Li Qingshan’s eyes, this is the best cultivation place in the world.


With the cultivation, Li Qingshan’s life is more comfortable.

Next, he read books every day, cultivation Eternal Art, and nourished his bones.

At the same time, he learned all the cultivation techniques he had learned in the past six months, one after another. Even if he could not break through Innate Realm because of the new roots, these cultivation techniques could also improve himself and lay a solid foundation.

This process is a pleasure.

He has a shedding body, exchanging bones, and a gentleman like jade.

This day, he got up early to clean the Monument Forest.

In the past six months, he has wiped the stone tablets around the bamboo house, and now he has gradually penetrated.

He saw a ghostly picture on a stone tablet today.

“How come there is a stone tablet like a demon path in the ascension door?” Li Qingshan felt strange, and he watched it carefully.

It’s been a while!

[You watch carefully, stimulate the max-level comprehension, and comprehend the Five Ghosts Seeking Destiny Technique! ]

Li Qingshan blinked, Five Ghosts Seeking Destiny Technique, it sounded very brutal.

He did not continue wiping the stone tablet, but returned to the bamboo house and started the cultivation of Five Ghosts Seeking Destiny Technique.

Five Ghosts Seeking Destiny Technique is very good cultivation, Li Qingshan in the body, with True Qi and Yin Qi, condensed five groups of ghost baleful aura, and then carefully carved, gradually formed.

Until the dead of night, the moonlight hung high, and with a bang, the five groups of ghostly air exploded.

Five Ghosts Seeking Destiny Technique was a success.

Five Ghosts then appeared in front of Li Qingshan, tall, red-faced, fangs, fierce, and eager to kill.

They can be hidden in Li Qingshan’s shadow or in the dark, even if they are a few levels above them, they are not easy to find.

Their current strength has surpassed the Body Refinement Realm and reached the Innate level.

And, you can continue to improve.

Five Ghosts are fierce and aggressive, but in the face of Li Qingshan, they are very respectful.

They were waiting for Li Qingshan’s first order.

They are eager to kill.

They want to kill.

They should be in the bloody storm to improve their strength.

Under their expectations, Li Qingshan thought about it seriously and gave the first order.

“Clean up the surrounding of the bamboo house and the flowerbeds. There are also many dead branches and rotten leaves in the small bridge and flowing water, so go and clean them up.” Li Qingshan said.

“???” The vicious Five Ghosts went down on the spot, looking at Li Qingshan with a bewildered face.

They are born to kill.

They are war machines.

They should slay their masters and slay their enemies.

You let us clean up?

Master, did you say it wrong, or did we hear it wrong?

Five Ghosts, which was born, has nowhere to show its strength.

“The neighborhood hasn’t been cleaned for a while. It’s full of dust. It just so happened that you came here. From now on, we’ll clean it every few days.” Li Qingshan said with a smile.

Five Ghosts looked at Li Qingshan angrily.

The huge figures that are close to three meters are all like a child at the moment.

But Li Qingshan is the master.

His words belong to Supreme and cannot be refuted.

Five Ghosts had to restrain the baleful aura, then picked up the broom, rag, and bucket, and started cleaning the bamboo house all around.


Li Qingshan looked at them, smiled lightly, and said, “I’m facing the wall Thinking Cliff, and no one takes me seriously. Where is the enemy who needs your help?”

When you are a little transparent, that’s the point, no one will take you seriously, so naturally they won’t come to trouble you.

Five Ghosts clean rusty in the dark, huge, clumsy cleaning with those pocket brooms in their hands.

Li Qingshan is a quiet cultivator from Eternal Art.

He cultivates Eternal Art, nourishes the root bone, makes the root bone grow faster, and at a certain level, he can break through Innate Realm.

This night, True Qi from Eternal Art cultivation sprinkled on the roots and bones like a forest, making them grow up a little more.

Li Qingshan felt that he was only one step away from Innate Realm.

This step is far away, for Li Qingshan, it is very simple, and he is not in a hurry.


With Five Ghosts, Li Qingshan gave them all the hygiene.

Even when it comes to cooking, Li Qingshan tries to get Five Ghosts to do it.

The Five Ghosts, who were supposed to let the enemy become terror-stricken at the news, have now become Li Qingshan’s full-time nanny.

As for Li Qingshan himself, every day is to wipe the Monument Forest, closed-door cultivation Eternal Art, and practice various cultivation techniques to improve himself.

After three days and one night, Li Qingshan’s root bone grew three centimeters taller.

He broke through Innate Realm in his sleep.

And, soaring all the way, to the Innate Perfection Level.

Li Qingshan didn’t even know about the breakthrough in the dream. The second Tian Yi woke up early and was surprised to find that he had broken through.

However, Li Qingshan was not excited either. He broke through Innate, which was a matter of time.

As always, he lived a quiet life.

(End of this chapter)

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