Max-Level Comprehension – Face The Wall For 80 Years Chapter 52

Chapter 52 Immeasurable realm

A rain, a Heaven and Earth.

All cultivators in the entire Human World can sense that the world of three thousand years ago has returned.

The Old Ancestors of the Great Sects, the cultivators thousands of years ago, the geniuses at the end of their lives, breathe the Spiritual Qi of the New World to their heart’s content to improve themselves.

In the Heavenly Dao Sect, the Old Ancestor forbidden area, the Heavenly Dao Sect buried here has been trapped in the World Threshold for three thousand years, unable to break through, and the depressed Old Ancestor.

The tombs of geniuses stand.

Heavenly Dao Sect Old Ancestor, who has reached the end of his life, will come here, choose a grave for himself, and then try one last time to break the World Threshold.

Unsuccessful burial in place.

There is also the old leader of Heavenly Dao Sect, who, at the end of his life, buried himself in the grave.

In the dark and long coffin, Old Ancestor with Heavenly Dao Sect maintained his last breath and waited quietly for death.

To them, the Human World is unfair.

Those who were able to enter this mausoleum were geniuses before they were 100 years old. They had already broken through the Great Venerable Nine Heavenly Layers and entered the Peak of the world, but in the years to come, they were faced with a broken front. road.

Go ahead, body dies and Dao disappears.

Don’t go forward, live for thousands of years.

How sad?

Even a dozen Old Ancestors in Heavenly Dao Sect are trying their best to break through, but many people still have no confidence.

It’s just a matter of human resources.

But the rain last night and the wind blew, the world Grand Dao three thousand years ago, suddenly covered the Human World.

Heavenly Dao Sect Old Ancestor, who is breaking through, trembling with excitement, feeling the Spiritual Qi between Heaven and Earth to the extreme, breathing heavily, True Qi running crazily all over, they saw that The broken cultivation path was repaired by someone.

Those Old Ancestors who were lying in the coffins quietly waiting for death also opened their eyes in surprise, crawled out tremblingly, cheered in the rain, danced in the wind, and were excited. like child.

This wind and this rain have brought them as much as new students

β€œSaint Realm is within reach.” An old man was full of tears and wanted to reach out and touch it. Between Heaven and Earth’s Grand Dao, the Human World Grand Dao, which they loved and hated before, was extremely obscure, and now, like the beloved Goddess, he lifted the veil, lay on the bed, and let them perform.

The Saint Realm, which was far away in the sky, suddenly came to the front, and they could cross in with a little effort.

At this moment, no one thinks about anything else, everyone is trying to break through Saint Realm.

The entire cultivation world has become extremely peaceful because of Li Qingshan’s sword. Any disputes and wars will stop on this day.

Until someone breaks through Saint Realm.

Ascension door Thinking Cliff.

After cutting out one last night, Li Qingshan went to bed.

Early in the morning, the ascension door in the sky Purple Qi floated to three thousand miles, countless people cheering excitedly, chanting Headmaster wise.

Li Qingshan got up from the bed and took a closer look. It turned out that Xiao Jiu broke through Saint Realm in the rain last night.

Saint comes into the world, there is a natural phenomenon in the sky, Purple Qi mighty three thousand miles.

Everyone in the cultivation world knows this moment.

“Why didn’t I break through?” Li Qingshan, who saw this scene, fell into self-doubt.

After the sword was cut out last night, when Heaven and Earth Spiritual Qi descended, he had already successfully broken through Saint Realm.

But he doesn’t have the Heaven and Earth natural phenomenon, and the Purple Qi mighty three thousand miles.

After taking a brief shower, Li Qingshan came to the edge of Thinking Cliff, looking ahead, countless mountains and rivers, rolling white clouds, steaming clouds, thoughts move.

He stepped out directly and fell straight down from the edge of the cliff.

Fall into the depths of the sea of clouds.

The next second, a huge Kunpeng spread its wings and flew above the clouds.

This is Kunpeng Treasure Art.

Li Qingshan spent ten years, and finally improved the meridian and root bone of the whole body, and can incarnate Kunpeng, travel Nine Heavens.

Kunpeng has the fastest speed in the world. Now Li Qingshan can travel hundreds of miles in one minute. In one day, Three Famous Mountains and Five Sacred Mountains can travel to the Northern Sea and Mu Cangwu easily.

Flying freely in the clouds, Li Qingshan Divine Sense expanded Heaven and Earth, and he also discovered several other people, aged around 2,000 years old, who also broke through Saint Realm after Xiao Jiu.

They also have no Purple Qi mighty three thousand miles.

Seeing this scene, Li Qingshan was relieved.

Last night he smashed through the ancient great formation, and then he broke through. He was not comprehended by Heaven and Earth at all. Today Xiao Jiu is the first Saint, Heaven and Earth to break through after Li Qingshan. Feeling a little bit, the natural phenomenon burst out.

Following a breakthrough in Saint Realm, Purple Qi would not be the mighty three thousand miles.

Li Qingshan incarnated as Kunpeng, and after flying freely between Heaven and Earth for a while, he returned to Thinking Cliff.

He went on with his life.

The wind and rain outside have nothing to do with him.

Li Qingshan first went to the Book Collection Pavilion of the ascension door, took some books about Saint Realm and later, and studied them carefully.

What’s behind Saint Realm? Li Qingshan knew nothing.

Li Qingshan returned to Thinking Cliff with some books about the introduction of Saint Realm. Today, instead of wiping the stone tablet, he studied it seriously.

The whole bamboo house was cleaned very cleanly, untainted by even a speck of dust, the small bridges and flowing waters were full of Zen, and the water in the river was also very clean and clear, and the fish were swimming freely in it.

The flowers in the flowerbed not far away are also beautiful, fragrant, multi-colored, deep purples and brilliant reds.

The bamboo sea next door, roaring in the breeze, is full of emerald green.

Li Qingshan is white clothed together, with sword eyebrows and star eyes, handsome young official with a temperament like the breeze and bright moon, calm and collected sitting on the chair, full of aura.

It is already Li Qingshan of Saint Realm, standing at the highest point of this world.

But he is not proud, and he is not sure how difficult and dangerous the road will be, so he has always been humble and studied hard.

In the small courtyard in front of the bamboo house, Li Qingshan took out the tea set, brewed tea, washed the tea, and proceeded in an orderly manner.

After making a cup of tea, he opened a book.

Some knowledge about Saint Realm recorded in the book.

This kind of book has not been read for many years, and the Book Collection Pavilion is covered with dust. Li Qingshan watched it silently after opening it.

It took him a few books in a row to get to know Saint Realm a little.

“Saint Realm is a realm that distinguishes the gap between cultivators and ordinary mortals. Before Saint, cultivators could only be in the Human World. After Saint, cultivators are expected to spy on immortal’s traces.” Li Qingshan closed the book and muttered. muttering to himself.

He looked towards the distance, his mind was quiet, and he thought silently.

“Saint Realm is divided into several levels, namely Immeasurable, Paragon, Nirvana.”

“Immeasurable means Primordial Spirit Immeasurable, True Qi Immeasurable, and Dao Law Immeasurable.”

β€œAfter reaching the Immeasurable realm is Paragon. In Paragon Realm, the cultivator will Insights Heaven and Earth natural phenomenon, integrate the natural phenomenon into itself, and enter the last realm, Nirvana.”

“Nirvana realm represents the peak battle strength of the world. Above Nirvana, it should be to spy on immortal.”

Li Qingshan’s eyes were deep, thinking silently, and then his face became strange: “According to this The introduction in the book, Primordial Spirit Immeasurable, True Qi Immeasurable, and Dao Law Immeasurable, I seem to have reached it.”

Ten years of accumulation, as well as innate talent like a forest , plus max-level comprehension, after Li Qingshan’s breakthrough last night, he has already met all three requirements in the Immeasurable realm.

“It’s like saying that last night, I broke through Saint Realm and stepped directly into the Immeasurable level.” Li Qingshan figured out his battle strength at this moment.

“So I will continue to silently cultivate and reach Nirvana realm as soon as possible to see if I can spy on the immortal level.”

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